3 Deadly Mistakes Online Business Owners Make And How To Avoid Them

FREE Access To 10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid
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Daniel Scocco from Online Profits has just released his latest free report on online success. Inside my video above I talk about 3 of the 10 deadly mistakes that he’s identified that can prevent you from becoming successful online.

His report is called “10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid” and you can download it by clicking on the link below:

FREE Access To 10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid
(Affiliate Link)

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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54 Responses to 3 Deadly Mistakes Online Business Owners Make And How To Avoid Them

  1. [..YouTube..] Thx wery simple but useful tips :)

  2. Is Daniel Scocco also the blogger of the Dailyblogtips.com…?? I am really wanting to know the 10 Deadly Business Mistakes mentioned over the Ebook, I will try my best to Avoid it!!

  3. Bill

    I really liked the video, and as always this is good, down-to-earth information that is very beneficial. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the tips. Thanks for being there. You guys are good people.

  4. This is very basic stuff, but all these 3 dangerous things is what I always do.. Thank you for reminding me. Hope in 2010 I will be more focus and do one step at a time.

  5. Phil

    Thanks Gideon.. .timely remarks…have a great New Year!
    Best wishes,

  6. boxx88sambo

    Thx wery simple but useful tips :)

  7. ron

    Hey Gideon,
    Ya, I’ve been following Yaro and yourself since Dec 8th 2009. Very informative content, with powerful tips on how build a blog and start a home business. Way cool actually! Yes, I’m an absolute newbie when it comes to blogs and business. But do feel that with what I’ve learned so far, and will from you guys in the future. Is that one day soon, I’ll be able to launch my own business, with the confidence and knowledge needed to be successful out there online.

  8. john

    All that i want to say is THANK YOU

  9. Alan

    Great video and so true. Gideon when are you going to reopen your become a blogger program also I was wondering what is the difference between your program and Yaro. Thanks so much for your help also what other programs do you have to work online.

  10. Eddie Garcia

    I just wanted you to know that I have fallen prey to these mistakes myself since becoming a network marketer. I have since turned my focus back to my main business and things are really looking up. I know I will be able to solve problems others have in this area of their life and I plan on following through with the endeavor to the end. Thanks for the reminder my friend!

    Friends 4 Life!

  11. Amen brother! Your blog post hit the nail right on the head. This brings me to: This year I’m working on getting the books that I’ve written published. Starting with my first one Healing From Within. So unless you have something to offer me that has to do with writing I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on it. If you’re interested in looking at my stuff to see if any changes need to be made please let me know.

  12. What is your opinion of these “guru type” websites that want you to purchase some $39 or $49 dollars how-to package to make $100,000 per year?… They never provide proof of viability through full disclosure, a prospectus, or business plan. They never show a “gaap financial plan” or any king of business plan. Nor due they tell you the true costs involved. It’s my opinion all they want to due up sell you constantly to the next “big secret to success” which is nothing more than a sales ploy to get you to buy into the next “big secret to Success”. And in essence all it is,,…. is someone telling you how to sucker other’s the way you’ve been suckered!… WHAT SAY YOU GIDEON???

  13. Gideon,

    Your video provides a valuable service to all of us online who are in the process of building our respective businesses.

    Keep up the good work your are doing.


    Duane Spears

  14. Gideon,

    Great advice … find out what people want and then create a product and give it to them; what can be simpler than that?

    Looking forward to checking out the book and seeing what the other 7 tips are.


    Brian T. Edmondson

  15. What you said is so true. Those are three of my biggest problems. I am trying to run an online children’s writing software program. I am focusing in too many different directions. Do I worry about fixing small glitches or developing more interactive content? or adding features to what I’ve already done or creating more ways of writing or creating more ways to publish? So many questions? So many directions. And with all of this I’m not focused on one major target market. It’s not easy.

  16. Hello Gideon,
    Thank you for the video today. Not only should we look what we should do, but also what we shouldn’t do so that we have a successful business. I think you have the top three reasons why people fail.
    I like it when you are talking on video in person because it is more personal. It seems like you are more there with the person and getting familiar with you.
    I wish you a great year.

  17. Denise

    You are so right Gideon! Information overload for sure. With so many ideas, staying focused is a major issue for me. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will be checking out his report. It is frustrating to be overwhelmed and ending up all over the place. I want to get something substantial accomplished and it sounds like this will help me do just that. Thanks again.

  18. [..YouTube..] great tips

  19. Hi Gideon

    You are so right the three things – the most common mistakes people make online – me being one of them.

    Distractions – abound – online and in our other lives.

    Find a need, focus on finding a solution and putting the solution

    You would think something so easy to do – would not be so hard at
    times to do.

    Sometimes picking a starting point is the hardest part. Its like having thousands of words in hat, you reach in and pick out a selection.

    I also think people need to be interested or passionate about the
    product. Too often I see people try to create something quick to
    get money and they end up falling flat on their faces.

    Finishing – that takes dedication and discipline. Focus is so needed
    and challenging to keep. No impossible – look at the rewards of the finished

    I am over seeing a new challenge and only working on those things I am
    interested. That way I can get a better focus on what is needed and what is wanted.

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for informative video. I always enjoy watching them.

    All the best

    Susan Connors

  20. [..YouTube..] Critical tips. Thanks alot

  21. Gideon you rocked again. Thanks for such awesome information. Its really nice that you have provided such an vital info. with most of the useful tips. I have one querey regarding the sites which are promoting selling products. Could you provide some required info for promoting products ?

  22. As I’ve come to expect interesting, useful, no-hype info from you Gideon, the quality of your excellent ’10 Mistakes to Avoid’ video comes as no surprise. In fact, it exceeds my somewhat high expectations.

    Nonetheless, with 25 acres (10 hectares) to enhance, maintain and protect from bushfire and invasive weeds, a mountain of emails to get through each day, professional publications to read and contribute to, not to mention client consultations for garden design with native plants, I’m finding it hard to focus on upgrading my ancient website http://www.ilda.com.au to Web 2.0.

    My New Year resolution is to delegate essential ‘me too’ tasks and focus on my passion for communicating a landscape design ethic that unites aesthetics with sustainability and ecology.

    I’ll review my site regarding needs versus wants, ask site visitors something along the lines of ‘How may I help you?’, update content, trash the old site and publish the new asap.

    Thanks again Gideon, and Happy New Year to you and your readers

  23. great vid gideon, and right on the button…. focus is the key! as well as helping people….and THANK YOU 4 helping so many people!!

  24. [..YouTube..] Great job!

  25. I juz want to say thank you Gideon..

  26. [..YouTube..] Your 3 points you’ve highlighted Gideon are so very true – they’re make or break aspects of achieving the online dream. Downloading.. … .. NOW!!

  27. Thanks Gideon – I definitely wrote one report which was wasted. I knew it when I’d finished it and felt very uncomfortable when I went out to promote it. I’ve also been lured from the path on the search for Unicorns which distracted me from my core purpose. BUT thankfully I am a really good finisher and managed to get a book finished and published last year so 1 out of three ain’t bad! Will check out the full report. Thanks for sharing
    Happy new Year

  28. [..YouTube..] interesting information ! I like it so much . Thank you for sharing .

  29. kitfoxflyer

    great tips

  30. CommanderUTube

    Critical tips. Thanks alot

  31. [..YouTube..] having just started my project online I can definitely understand those points and am working on them daily. Thanks

  32. williamdouglasb

    Great job!

  33. nareik666

    Your 3 points you’ve highlighted Gideon are so very true – they’re make or break aspects of achieving the online dream. Downloading.. … .. NOW!!

  34. nutier

    interesting information ! I like it so much . Thank you for sharing .

  35. Downloaded the report as I believe in Danial’s work. He is truly passionate and hard worker.
    Thanks Gideon for this great video.

  36. dlevans1911

    having just started my project online I can definitely understand those points and am working on them daily. Thanks

  37. Gideon,

    That’s a great quick video that speaks volumes.

    I’m quite guilty to have made the first 2 mistakes a few times.

    I’m much better now at finding problems to solve and I also am MUCH better now at saying “no” to new courses, opportunities, partnerships and projects to focus on moving my business forward.

    Thanks for taking the time to bring a few important elements of success to the forefront.


  38. Travis

    Hey Gideon, I don’t know if you have a topic about being secure online but I think that some security tips for blogs would be a good topic for you to write about. I tried to search for some security information on Google and I couldn’t find anything that was really worth much. Just a suggestion though. Great blog and keep up the good work!

  39. [..YouTube..] You have a great presence, nice video

  40. nwmpro

    You have a great presence, nice video

  41. Thanks for the video,

    I have 10 Blogspots offering all kinds of solutions to all kinds of problems, like for example: helping select good books or cd’s, on my Music- and Movie Blogspots, offering ideas for making money online, offering ideas and insights conserning buidling business(es), on my Home Business Blogspot, and how to develope and maintain a Healthy Lifestyle on my
    Healthy Lifestyle Blogspot.

    So focussing is definitely a challenge!!! Only to only work on one or two Blogspots wouldn’t feel right to me, Nevertheless I do think that indeed it wouldn’t hurt to atleast attempt to find some kind of ‘central theme’ here
    to put my main focus on.

    Talking about focus, I have an interesting free report about Stock Photography on my Travel Blogspot.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Focussing – Inspiration,

  42. Ginny

    Thank You Gideon for another informative video. I am absolutely guilty of mistake #3 in my eagerness to learn all I could about online marketing. There are so many “gurus” out there and so much information to absorb. I would certainly advise any newbie to do one program at a time and not be distracted by all the fabulous, one-time-only, offers you’ll start receiving. I fell into a “Prospecting Funnel” and then went off in all directions…I now have alot of knowledge and no money, but am getting back on track in 2010. Focus, focus, focus!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Good stuff for getting back on track again Ginny – that’s the way to go!


  43. Hey Gideon,

    Awesome, awesome, awesome video! It’s personal and I totally relate to you. I’ve got to grab a copy of Daniel’s report to read the rest.

    I felt that what you said about focus is EXTREMELY important for any business owner. Since the launch of Mass Outsource last year, I’ve had numerous opportunities to do other things and I’ve had to turn them down so that I could focus on creating great video content for all the members in the program.

    Additionally, what you said about finding out what the market wants is crucial and I’ve found that most people are happy to share, as long as you give back in return.

    Great video and I saw in your most recent video the new Samsung flatscreen next to your Mac. Looks good!

    Talk soon. :)

  44. [..YouTube..] Helpful tips for anyone in business – not just online marketers.

  45. MarketingBeyondAds

    Helpful tips for anyone in business – not just online marketers.

  46. Thanks for the video. It’s a great reminder of things we already know or should know but get so side tracked we forget. We need a reminder often.

  47. [..YouTube..] Gideon, what type of video camera did you use in this video?

  48. theseedplanter

    Gideon, what type of video camera did you use in this video?

  49. antoniemcquire

    thanks for the business tips,.

  50. jenminnis968

    You did a good job with this, Thank you very much

  51. Those three points are very significant. Solving a problem should be the main focus of a site or blog. Solve a big problem and you’ll make big money.

  52. Nice Video and well said! They (your 3 points) are taken into account and I wish you good luck on your quest to enlighten foks that need or want to succeed online. Cheers :)

  53. iBpMuzix

    how can i access the report there is a error message when i click the link