Bamboo Stylus For iPad – Review

I’ve stumbled upon a very cool gadget that has helped increase my personal and business productivity. This tool is a perfect companion for my iPad and is the best one I’ve seen so far.

I am talking about the Bamboo Stylus For iPad. Inside this video, I’ve done a quick review of this amazing product for you to see the fantastic job it is doing for me and how it may be useful for you too.

If you liked it, you can get this gadget through my Amazon affiliate links:
Bamboo Stylus For iPad
Bamboo Stylus 3-Pack Nib Set

Do you think the Bamboo Stylus For Ipad is cool? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Talk soon!

Gideon Shalwick

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38 Responses to Bamboo Stylus For iPad – Review

  1. FadedFocusFotography

    Wow, only 2 views…

  2. GideonShalwick

    hehe – it’s only been uploaded for about 2 minutes 😉

  3. Hey Gideon, have you tried the Livescribe Pen? The technology behind it is amazing!

  4. Hyperchiller

    Hey Gideon, have you tried the Livescribe Pen? The technology behind it is amazing!

  5. Bluekillion

    3 Pack Nib Set $24.99 – Ouch!

  6. [..YouTube..] I like that app! I don’t have an iPad, but I can definitely see how it can improve productivity! Oh, and more videos more often would be awesome, Gideon! :)

  7. elaria1

    Thanks for the suggestion, nice idea. Really looking forward to seeing the upcoming video where you explain how you displayed your live ipad screen as part of the video!! Thanks!!

  8. largeview

    Like the new gadget format. Appreciate that.

  9. radicalaccounting

    Awesome. I like that you don’t repeat yourself, get right to the point, yeah!

  10. Neuhrer

    What app is that Gideon used in the video?

  11. exitnc

    what app are you using?

  12. Droecrest

    I have a Targus stylus. It cost me $19 in JB HiFi. It has a hole in the top so you can tie it to your bag and a Clip to secure it in your shirt pocket like a pen. It is great for drawing on my Asus Tablet and my Telstra phone. Works on most things. I am a Digital artist.

  13. can i use this on my blog ?

  14. Mohamed Abou-Alfotouh

    can i use this on my blog ?

  15. GideonShalwick

    of course! just grab the embed code and put it on your site!

  16. comedix

    You made me discover something I needed for a long time. It’s already ordered

  17. TheFreeMindGuy

    Have you tried Adobe Ideas? Great app for drawing and whiteboarding. Has ayers so you can put an image as a base layer then change opacity to help use as a guide for drawing.

  18. gabakusa

    you should use some white cloth for your desktop so the white background will be the same like the desktop

  19. thunderbolt1409

    Gideon you had a nice hair cut earlier…. this hair makes me difficult to concentrate on what your saying and please alternate your white background, its difficult to look into bright light background after a long day of work at the computer…. Even youtube has changed their background color due to this reason….you may be losing a percentage of your audience due to these issues…. Something you might want to consider… otherwise, a good video…. keep up the good work…cheers!!

  20. [..YouTube..] Bamboo paper

  21. techrevolution20

    Bamboo paper

  22. andrew sosa

    this bamboo stylus sucks eggs

  23. Guest

    Have you tried the TruGlide stylus sold by LYNKtec? In my opinion, after trying several different styluses, the TruGlide is the clear winner! It has a microfiber tip that just works so much better than any other stylus I’ve tried. And the really nice part about it is… You don’t have to worry about buying replacement nibs in a few months! :)

  24. TheRichardArte

  25. cozmosmashzu

    Can I use artrage or photoshop on an ipad? I have a bamboo tablet that works great, but I have to plug it into my laptop, so its not very portable.

  26. ps3dubbs

    Mind mapper focusser is great lol great review

  27. Karen Ellis

    Love your productivity tips~ ! thanks.

  28. sven hutchinson

    Hi Gideon, I have this app (and just bought the stylus from your link) the picture on my laptop however looks fuzzy. How were you able to fix the aspect ratio for your screencast?

  29. iiMoNsTaZZii1

    what app are you using

  30. Axemurder000

    New Zeland?

  31. Axemurder000


  32. Jen D.

    What’s the app?

  33. fatma makki

    What is the app

  34. Javier Chichil

    Hi Gideon: Thanks for the video, I am a one on one teacher and just bought my ipad and my bamboo stylus. I have been looking for a way to connect two ipads, mine and that of my students with a blank cambas where I can write and she can see, or the other way around, but have not found a way to connect. I have tried several ways: Teamviewer, Skype, nearpod and airdash, and nothing let us interact as if we were working on the same ipad.

    Any insights you can provide? Thanks in advance.

  35. Javier Chichil

    I think the app shown on the video is bamboo paper.

  36. Javier Chichil

    I think the app shown on the video is bamboo paper.

  37. Javier Chichil

    I think the app shown on the video is bamboo paper.

  38. Clint Silverhorn

    That is Awesome, thanks for the info!