NEW! My Latest Gear For Recording AMAZING Videos FAST!

Ok – I get pretty excited about gadgets.

Especially those kinds that help me be more productive and pump out content better than I have been able to before!

So, in today’s video, I show my latest setup for the gear and equipment I use for creating my videos.

Inside the video, I mention the following great tools I’ve discovered (and tested!)…

The New Microphone I Use

The Lead You Need For This Microphone

The iStabilizer Tripod That’s Featured Inside My Video

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Make sure you leave your comment ok? Love hearing from you.

Gideon Shalwick

Transcript Of Today’s Video

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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140 Responses to NEW! My Latest Gear For Recording AMAZING Videos FAST!

  1. Gideon Shalwick
  2. AAHReviews

    Have you heard about the smart lav from Røde… That might be another good solution.

  3. KimJCastleberry

    Nice new tools list Gideon! I’ve been using a universal spring loaded camera mount for about three years due to having androids that I use extensively.

    Are you placing the base end of the stabilizer against your abs/hip to achieve the stabilization or are you holding it at arms length which seems like it would actually be less stable.

  4. Joost Schuur

    How are you keeping the picture framed properly around your face? Is that practice, or are you using the front facing camera with the preview window, and thus getting a lower quality picture?

  5. Pete Larson

    Yes that is my question too! How do you know if you are properly framed up? Great video tips!

  6. Paul Hamon

    camera software looks like it’s doing a lot of anti-shake stabilizing…

  7. Ignorante de la Vida

    I really love your videos. I use your white background tips and a new microphone in my last video ^^ Thanks man

  8. Paul Taras Wolkowinski

    Good stuff Gideon, there will be certain presentations that will hugely benefit from this shooting mode. Have you tried GoPro yet?

  9. planBdeveloper

    Have you seen the SWIVL? check it out at swivl dot com they are coming out with a new version later this year!

  10. VioTutorials

    I m your fan

  11. Moneypenny

    Great stuff, Gideon! Can you also recommend a couple of wireless mic options for the IPhone? Thanks.

  12. tony adorno

    Great video but next time use a tripod so u can demo with both hands

  13. makesilverjewelry

    Great! Thanks for the awesome tool tips Gideon!

  14. tostoday

    Good stuff. By the way, I occasionally use your free splasheo outros. I usually do my editing in Linux. Thanks.

  15. Would love a photo of the whole setup with you holding it. The “in-situ” shot. Kind of felt that was missing from your video. You can add it to the blog post though. You almost gave it to us when you were on the beach – with your shadow.

    Can this mic also be used with a video or dSLR camera, or just for the iPhone?

  16. Hey Gideon, I just added these nifty devices to my Amazon Wish List. I’ll be getting an iPhone really soon too so this is going to come in very handy.

    I’m just wondering if the iStabilizer also holds regular hand-held cameras just like a Kodak Zi8 or a Flipcam and also, do you recommend getting several mics or are they sturdy enough?

    Cheers man and great view at the marina there! 😉


  17. Ann

    Brilliant, Gideon! I particularly love the monopod – I’ve been looking at the bigger ones, and this one is so much better.
    This equipment instantly appeals to me – so simple!

  18. Annabel Candy, Successful Blogging

    Hi Gideon,

    great to see you out and about. it definitely makes the video more fun. Love the gear, especially the phone holder so it can be clipped in a tripod.

    Might just have to get my sticky paws on one of those.

    Thnaks for sharing :)

  19. Great timing and info! Thanks, Gideon. I was just researching this for a client and had come up with no reasonably priced mic solution analogous to the AudioTechnica cheapie I use with an old Kodak Zi8 And the stability monopod was a bonus.

  20. Julie Olsen

    Which side of the iphone 5 did you use to shoot the video. Did you use the front side so you could see how the the camera is set up to shoot you in the frame? I have an iphone 4s and I’m thinking it would be nice to upgrade to an iphone 5 since I think you can shoot HD video from both sides of the phone . On the 4s I believe you can only shoot from the back so it would be harder to see how you are framed in the shot. By the way, Great video! I may have to buy a few of those items.

  21. Hey Gideon,

    Good stuff as usual. Quick question you may be able to solve… When I try to check out in amazon it keeps saying that goods cannot be shipped to address. It’s not the first time I’ve had the message. It’s quite frustrating and is probably the only reason I don’t use amazon at all.


  22. Thanks for such a great tip to simplify as well as get me out of my “video room” into the world. I’ve also got a 4S, so the front facing video is just VGA, but good enough for most internet and I’ll upgrade to the 5s in the Fall.

    I’ve never used the iphone for video, so just wondering if there’s a way to turn off the phone so it doesn’t ring in the middle of recording?


    • Eden

      Go to Settings>Flight Mode>On

      This will basically cut off all outside interference with other devices and signals.

  23. Great video Gideon, I was amazed at how stable it is, especially with you jogging.
    Well done.

  24. Adam King

    You can shoot from both sides on the 4S and 5, but you don’t want to. Always shoot from the back-facing camera because it’s the highest quality on both phones.

  25. Dave

    Have you checked out the Rode SmartLav? $60 and plugs into your iPhone. Add the $6 iPhone app and it would seem to be the perfect comment to a system like yours.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Just checking now… Do you know how long the cable is?

  26. Gabe Johansson

    I use the glif tripod adapter with a gorilla pod for a similar effect on my iPhone 4S. I’ve found the microphone to be good enough. Only issue is my front camera is VGA and not HD like the 5. Vlogging outside takes guts but it’s easy to get over when you do it often.

  27. Nice gadgets! Very useful for recording video.

  28. Robert Wiesman

    I own the entire collection of iStabilizer products and have been using them for some time. A year ago I purchased a a mic from I believe Audio Tech something like that and had to buy a seperate connector from KV connections. It is actually the same mic Jules mentions in the iPhone Video Hero course. I will be ordering this microphone as well. Thanks Gideon!

  29. Robert Wiesman

    Check out the bluetooth remote they have on iStabilizer site. You can start and stop recording and snap photos using a remote! So cool and cuts down on editing!

  30. That is some high tech equipment, kudos. Nice setup.

  31. Gideon Shalwick

    Ah cool! I remember seeing that! Yeah that would definitely be a great addition – will order it today!

  32. Gideon Shalwick

    Yeah the “Audio Technical Mic + KV connection” combo does work. But I found the KV connection a bit of a pain cos it’s quite big and heavy… and it’s one extra thing to have. Whereas with my latest solution, it’s nice and lite and simple.

  33. Gideon Shalwick

    Yeah – that is a bit of an issue with the front camera on the “non-iphone 5″ phones. I guess you have one of three options there. 1) Get a cameraman. 2) Use a mirror or something to show the back camera on your phone. 3) Just wing it with the back camera until you get a feel for being in the right spot. :)

  34. Gideon Shalwick

    I used the front side yes. I am on iphone 5 so that allows me to still record in HD (720p), which is “good enough”. Of course 1080p would be even better. But yeah, if you’re on iphone 4, the front camera is not so great – see my comment with Gabe Johansson…

  35. Gideon Shalwick

    Awesome to hear about you using the Splasheo outros! There are some cool products coming up soon! Keep watching…

  36. Gideon Shalwick

    It would have been so awesome if they made both cameras full HD! I guess we’ll have to wait till the next release!

  37. Gideon Shalwick

    No worries – you’re welcome! Great to see you’re still here Laura!

  38. Gideon Shalwick

    I did use a little tripod when I showed the mic. But for the iStabilizer, it was a little hard cos I had to stand back and fit it all in. But thanks for the tip – you are right!

    • I think I’m gonna have to get me one of iStabilizer’s. Thanks sharing what you use.

  39. Gideon Shalwick

    Oh awesome!

  40. Gideon Shalwick

    Yeah – they sent me a review copy a few months ago, but I did not get a chance to properly use it. Their new version looks really cool! Cant wait for it to come out!

  41. Gideon Shalwick

    Ah yeah for sure – my GoPro is on it’s way. Will be playing with it soon. You got one?

  42. Gideon Shalwick

    Ah how awesome is that!!! Great stuff!

  43. Gideon Shalwick

    Yeah I think so… the iStabilizer *does* have a nice stabilizing effect compared to just my hand too…

  44. Gideon Shalwick

    I use the front facing camera (the 720p one) on my iPhone 5. So, I can actually see myself while I record…

  45. Gideon Shalwick

    Yeah I am using the front facing camera on my iPhone 5. It’s still in 720p, which is a lower form of HD. Of course I would prefer 1080p full HD, but this is good enough for YouTube… for now!

  46. Hey G, great stuff mate! Always brilliant insights. You’re a great inspiration. Keep up the good work and the great content. All the best!

  47. Gideon Shalwick

    Just holding the iStabilizer in my hand, kinda close to my body, but not touching my body. I think holding it on my hip would make it worse, as every bump on the road would be transferred through my legs, through my hip, through my arm and right onto the camera hehehe! But to be honest, I have not tested that. Might give it a try…

  48. Gideon Shalwick

    Will check it out thanks! I do have a Rode lapel mic somewhere, but I could not get it to work with my iPhone…

  49. I appreciated the brief shot of your shadow on the beach, to see what someone looks like walking around with the setup.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hah! Yeah – that’s why I recorded at the marina where there are no people lol! Once I have been able to get rid of my ego, I will go to the beach where there are a lot of people, and I won’t mind looking slightly geeky!

  50. Gabe Johansson

    The front camera quality is high enough if I export in HD, and it’s better to sacrifice the quality to keep my face in the frame until I get a new camera lol

    I’m liking this style of video though! Looking forward to the next one!

  51. Nick Ellison

    Nice bit of kit for filming video of yourself on the go when you don’t have
    a camera man – via +Gideon Shalwick

  52. Larry Trocha

    Hi Gideon,
    I was on your web page where you have this video embedded.
    I noticed you have the video playing with a custom player.

    What software did you use to do that?

    Larry T

  53. Gideon Shalwick

    LeadPlayer – I’ll be doing a review on that soon… it’s pretty cool.

  54. Hans Gadamer

    Gideon, is your FREE Video Marketing Report updated or the same as the report you issued some 12(?) months ago?

  55. Anabel

    Great great great!!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!!

  56. Gideon Shalwick

    Still the same one. So no need to sign up again if you already have it… there are some small updates, but nothing major. Might do a major rehaul of it this year…

  57. Offen wondered how people made their videos without having others helping. Great info, thanks.

  58. Tyrone Shum
  59. InsaneReviews07

    Great video as always Gideon the stuff is quite affordable which is really nice thanks again

  60. Paul Taras Wolkowinski

    I have three GoPros, so that I can shoot three angles at once, they have a huge selection of settings to choose from. I’ll send you a video that I shot with them, you’ll see that the stability is good in movement. Edited with Screenflow.

  61. Larry Trocha

    Great! And thanks for all the info you provide.

  62. Paul Taras Wolkowinski

    I just send you a video via email shot with GoPro

  63. Gideon Shalwick

    Ok will check it out – thanks Paul!

  64. Cheryl Cadzow

    Well you can vlog and get fit. Looks like a nice place to be. I have just gone in the opposite direction to you. I am building my studio with a pro fluid head tripod and dolly and lights. I am making films as well as vlogging. Looks good for run and gun stuff tho.

  65. Gideon, on the iphone, do you use the standard camera or did you upload one of the better versions via apps? Did you change any settings on the camera for stability or did the iphone do it automatically? Also, have you seen the Swivl tool? They are coming out with an updated version this summer.

    • Viviann Napp

      What’s the swivel tool, Bob?

  66. Thank you for this one ! don’t hesitate to go in the mobility i will be your first fan !

    Did you already tested some Teradek transmiters or others ?

    have fun :)

  67. Robert Harper

    Great looking video Gideon. Can’t wait to see the next one. I have the mic you mentioned and loved it.

  68. Hans Gadamer

    Thanks, Gideon. You are the best!

  69. Hey Gideon – cool set up! I was wondering how you were keeping yourself in the frame all of the time. Are you using the front camera on the iPhone?

    • Ha…just saw that you answered this question much earlier on the comments. Thanks and never mind!

  70. Mary Tinat

    Hi, Gideon
    I am really surprised. A few days ago, I think you.I want to know that what you do.Now, I know.Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Good luck

  71. Colin Burr

    Hi Gideon thank you for always being on the edge with such great info.

  72. Bennetts Briefs

    Purchased all three! Thanks!

  73. Peter Brown

    Interesting video clip can we know the important things like how big is the file that you up loaded,,Was it filmed in 720p or 1080?,was it rendered before up loading if so what settings ?

  74. Guesstagain

    Thankyou so much Gideon for keeping me informed…I’m going to place an order for the istabilizer equipment and mic this week. Any affiliate link to use for you? :-) Is there much difference between the iphone 4s and iphone 5 in regards to video quality?

  75. Edwin Dueck

    This is great, I have been looking for something like this.

  76. gabaktech

    please can u make a video about how to use iphone 5 to make white background inside.
    it was great video i bought the mic and i ll get the i stabilizer hehe

  77. Jan

    Very shakey, unpleasant, and hard on the eyes.

    For professionalism, I’ll continue using a tripod.

  78. gabaktech

    how did u record urself? are u using the face camera or rear camera?
    how do u see ur self if u are aiming ok

  79. planBdeveloper

    What is the best or fastest way to get a video off your iphone onto YouTube?

  80. Kejen Kana

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  81. Ricardo Mendes

    Gideon as always another great video. Unfortunately I keep missing a lot of your videos as YT is not showing me when you upload a new video :(

  82. Justin

    Hey Gideon, love the new gear! Quick question: What do you use/How do you make the backgrounds and title text on your video preview thumbnails? For example, on this video it says “LATEST GEAR RECORDING AMAZING VIDEOS FAST” to the left of you head. Is this something that can be done inside ScreenFlow?

  83. Gigi Jacobs

    Peter, the nice thing about Iphone is that you can edit it in IMovie and you don’t have to worry about settings. Don’t ask me how as I’ve worked with Elements 9 and all they as for are settings all over and everytime you make a change you have to render it. I was bright but since a head injury I can’t remember all those settings anymore-with IMovie, it renders as you save it or up load to YouTube for you and in a few seconds. Also, 4 shoots in 720 and 4s and 5 shoot very similar: 1080p

  84. Gigi Jacobs

    There are a few other rigs out there for the Iphone or smartphone, but I think this fellow found the simplests and inexpensive way to do it all. You might want a $20 tripod but that’s about enough to most all. Some other over $150 dollar solutions have different lenses etc. but this does the trick and his choice of the EIM-003 is right on.

  85. Gigi Jacobs

    If you are happy with your video, it should end up on your camera roll. Select it and hit the icon “over or to” and 3 choices pop up: message, email, and YouTube. Hit YouTube and say goodbye as it’s on it’s way.

  86. Gigi Jacobs

    Get a $20 tripod too. Set up a white cloth background and go. You can buy fancier Iphone video holders and cases where you can hook up shot gun mics and lights, but he’s right: This is a inexpensive and great way to do it all.

  87. Gigi Jacobs

    Not significan’t. Difference is in Iphone 4 as it shoots 720p. The 4s and 5 are similar and you probably won’t notice the difference except they improved the HDR still shots and they might have made some small changes in quality but I doubt you’ll notice the difference between the two models you mentioned.

  88. Edwin Dueck

    This monopod I could have used it a few weeks ago at a wedding,where a tripod was in the way at best. There are places where you can do just fine with the iphone instead of the camera,tripod and lights if you just want to make a small video. I think this is the point here, so you really don’t need all the equipment.
    I know for myself there have been times when I could have used my iphone but my arm wasn’t long enough.

  89. TheMistea

    Amazon doesn’t ship two of the three to NZ. :(

  90. nourishyou23

    Very useful. Will be purchasing these this weekend!

  91. Wonderful Gideon!
    You always come with useful gadgets/toys that would make our videos much fun and professional!


  92. JustinTeohOfficial

    Wow, seriously can’t believe how stable it is and the sound is amazing! I’m trying to buy these from Amazon right now and it’s saying they don’t ship these items to Australia =( was wondering how you managed to get them sent over?

  93. boogabooster

    Another well done, informative video, Gideon, but the most important question is – where in Florida is this?!?! One of my main inspirations to build my ‘Internet Empire’ is to be able to live par of each year in sunny Florida (and away from the cold winters up north). Consider yourself fortunate to live there, my friend. . .

  94. Gideon Shalwick

    Sunshine Coast, Australia :)

  95. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Justin – check the equivalent post on my blog – others from Australia asked the same question, so I posted special links their in response to their questions…

  96. Gideon Shalwick

    Hmmm that’s a little weird! Not sure why it’s doing that. You’re subscribed right?

  97. Gideon Shalwick


  98. boogabooster

    Wow. Very nice scenery! Reminiscent of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. . . Makes for nice backgrounds to your videos. Just saying 😉

  99. Viviann Napp

    Just wondering about this pole and how self conscious you feel say when you walk into an establishment, walking down the street, and cycling.

  100. Thanks for this Gideon. I just got a HD iPhone and I started gearing up. There are plenty of tools that allow you to record good audio and use accessories like a tripod, or monopod.

    This is what I’m using.

  101. Mazon99

    Nice Video, good information :)

  102. Temoxopin

    This is great for newbies to the video marketing world like me. I’m using my iPhone 4 to record videos but I’m using the front camera because my hand shakes too much and can’t see my image to control it.

  103. Hieu Vu

    im curious too gideon

  104. youremakingme

    Hi Gideon. Based on your recommendation, I followed your (affiliate???) link, and picked up the mic. I went out and recorded 11 scenes yesterday and I’m actually shocked at how well the raw audio came out. Thanks a bunch.

  105. Gideon Shalwick

    Oh how AWESOME to hear! Yeah I really LOVE the new mic too! It’s fantastic!

    • Cheers from the other side of the world and thank you for all the fantastic and inspirational tips!
      As soon as my blog is ready to rock I’ m gonna start implementing videos, so I think I really need those devices, thanks for sharing!

  106. Don


    What is the I-Phone configuration to receive these videos and audio? This was very helpful Thank you

  107. Suzie Cooney

    Great to see you outdoors! Cool gear helped a lot! Aloha and

  108. edenthedjguy

    Totally love this mic! Got it after your recommendation. Unfortunately couldn’t go through you link because amazon doesn’t ship to my location!!! I now have a complete “mobile micro-production rig”…. Cheers Gids.

  109. Excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing. I’m also hooked on gadgets, always seem to need more.

  110. CarlKwan1

    Thanks for the awesome review of the mic, Gideon! Edutige will soon have it’s own English website up and running for people to buy directly if Amazon doesn’t ship to their location. I only know because after my review of the EIM-003, Edutige became my client :)

  111. RayTheVideoGuy

    Ironically, there is a guy in England that makes lapel mics that work with the iPhone. They are really good. No adapters, looks like a regular mic

  112. Gideon Shalwick

    Ah man – I think the guy in the office right next to me got one this week! Gonna test it later on…

  113. RayTheVideoGuy

    He sells them pretty cheap, too.

  114. soldwithvideo

    Cool recommendation, I’ll have to test it out based on everyone’s positive comments about it!

  115. Can you help me.

    With a Nexus 4 – is what you use in this blog compatible with that? Especially the microphone.

    Any help would be appreciated

  116. Pedro Henrique Marassi

    Very good video

  117. damir yarullin

    nice video. Just bought that iStabilizer ISTMP01 Smartphone Monopod. Prise is really good. wondering if I can plug my nikon d90 there lol have u tried to plug DSL GS?

  118. Jesse

    Hi Gideon,

    I’m looking to create some video blogs and have just come across your site. Do you use your iPhone predominantly or the Flip/Kodak as in a previous post. I,m not sure which to use and would welcome any advice. Thanks mate.
    Cheers, Jesse

  119. DeBorah Beatty

    Is there a mic for an Android phone? I don’t have an iPhone, but want to start videoblogging. Have not been able to find a digital camera that will allow an external mic yet. Any tips?

  120. Glen Wilson

    That is very very cool….I’m a gunna get me one of them.

  121. Dawnya Sasse

    What’s the name of it?

  122. RayTheVideoGuy

    The company is Micronic. Their site seems to be down, but if you search on ebay for ‘iphone lapel mic’, their page should show up.

  123. agentjucey

    can i use this on android?

  124. Got the iStabilizer and love it, though when I’m holding it in a stationary position, my body looks very still (because it is!), so thinking I might put it and my iPhone on a tripod with the iStabilizer mount for indoor work.

    So far I’ve been doing well with great sound quality without the mic and extension, so holding off on that expense until necessary.

    Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    Adam Sheck

  125. Jay Noggle

    Nice work Gideon! Great tip on the lav mic!

  126. Jay Noggle

    FYI, I did a video on mobile video setup using the iPhone 5 as well..

  127. shawnrevfit

    Hey Gideon someone may have asked this already in the comments earlier but I was wondering if the ext cord for the mic has to physically be in the iphone, that limits the distance you can be from the camera, right? Have you found any wireless mic options for the iphone?

  128. Maryjoy Cinense

    Thanks Gideon for sharing this with us, will buy them soon.

  129. B13ProPython

    hi Gideon. how do you get rid of the black bars when uploading a video from your iphone 5. cause I used an iphone 5 to record most of my videos and they have big black bars either side and you said you were using your iphone 5 and you have no black bars. any ideas on how to fix this?

  130. Karen Angustia

    Great video

  131. Alex Brune

    There is also the rode smartlav