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Personal Branding Webinar Replay (Plus Special Announcement)

Yesterday I had a very interesting webinar about personal branding with Katie Freiling. The call lasted for over 2 hrs, and we covered some really powerful aspects of personal branding. Below is the […]


Confidence Building Techniques With Jay Jay The Illusionist

A couple of videos ago, I received a lot of feedback on how to be confident in front of the camera. So, I decided to ask a real expert to share some of […]


How To Optimise Your Blog For Search Engines – Full Series

I’ve just finished uploading all the videos for the interview I had with David Jenyns about how to optimize your blog for search engines. It was one of the clearest and most useful […]


Daniel Turner Take Two – How To Rapidly Create Online Video Products

Inside this second interview with Daniel Turner, he reveals some of his best product creation strategies when it comes to online video. There are some pretty good tips in here that I’ll definitely […]


Daniel Turner Interview – How He Used Video To Increase His Conversion Rate By 108%!

While I was at Ed Dale’s event a few weeks ago, I also had the opportunity to have a chat to Daniel Turner from, which he runs with his business partner Marc […]


Leslie Rohde Interview – How SEO Effects Your Online Video Marketing

Part 2 Inside today’s interview, I had the pleasure and honor of picking the brains of one of the world’s most respected leaders and thinkers on SEO, Leslie Rohde. Even though I’ve been […]


Online Video Success – Interview With Louis Jonathan From

Today I did a sneaky interview… It was actually meant to be an email interview, but as I do not like typing all that much, and prefer talking, I decided to just record […]