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How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

It was a fun video create for today’s one… Inside I talk about a really powerful aha moment I had when reading Jonah Berger’s latest book called Contagious. It’s a fantastic read and […]


The Next Game Changer In Online Video Marketing?

You are about to hear two great things from me to blast off an amazing New Year! One, I have stumbled upon an amazing new product that I think might be the next […]


How To Make Your Videos Look Professional INSTANTLY!

Making my videos look professional instantly is no longer an issue for me. I’ve figured out an easy, fast and cost effective way to do it. I just apply a secret little trick […]


FREE Video Clips That Boost Your YouTube Channel!

At, there are special outros that you can add to your videos which have CTAs (calls to action) that persuade people to act — automatically!


The Power Of Reciprocity In Online Video Marketing

Law Of Reciprocity — What is it? And how can you apply it to your online video marketing efforts? Inside today’s video, which is the first of the series on Persuasion Strategies, I […]


Video Persuasion Techniques – How To Get People To Do Stuff For You!

No matter what kind of videos you create, the bottom line is essentially to get people to take action — download your stuff, buy your product, subscribe to your YouTube channel, like your […]


How To Become Famous On YouTube

Inside, I reveal powerful secrets on how to become famous on YouTube. I talk about the “magic strategies” that will help you multiply your results; the exact same strategies that I use for […]


How To Join The YouTube Partner Program

The news is out – You can now instantly become a YouTube Partner! You can read the official YouTube announcement here: YouTube Just Got Even Better This means that as a YouTuber, you […]


How To Become Rich And Famous On YouTube

Towards the end of last year, I traveled all the way to Los Angeles to speak at the Blog World Expo LA event. It was a HUGE event with around 4,000 attendees, the […]


Have Dinner With Me In Los Angeles? I’m Paying!

Join Me At Blog World Expo Los Angeles My Top Business Book For 2011 Recently Derek Halpern from Social Triggers recommended I read a book called Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. Of course […]