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How To Increase Your Views On YouTube In 2011

FREE Access To My Rapid Video Blogging Report About a year ago I created a video that shows you my 5 tips for getting more views on YouTube. During that time, I’ve received […]


Rapid Video Blogging Report Finally Released!

Phew! Finally I’m able to release my long awaited Rapid Video Blogging report! People have been begging me to release it for ages now. And now you can finally get access to it […]


How To Solve Your Biggest Issue Online

Do you ever struggle with getting highly qualified traffic to your site? The kind of traffic that you can actually turn into paying customers that puts money into your pocket? If so, you’re […]


Why Your Videos Suck Most Of The Time And How You Can Fix Them

A while ago I sent out an email to my subscriber list and got a very interesting response back from an old friend. I was a little surprised at his response at first, […]


How I Make Money With Video Blogging – Video Interview

A few day’s I once again got asked to do a text based interview. And if you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know what I think about text based […]


Why It’s Important To Submit Videos Regularly To Your YouTube Channel

It’s no secret. YouTube is one of the best sources for generating A LOT of traffic back to your site! And there are some cool little things you can do that, over time, […]

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How To Make Sure People Watch Your Videos From Start To End Without Clicking Away!

I call this… “Management Of Expectations”… It’s a powerful concept that my first ever manager explained to me just after I got out of university. At the time I really did not fully […]


How To SEO Your Videos For Your Blog

I often get asked what the effect of just using online video is on your blog, and how that can effect your SEO rankings. For example, if you only have video content on […]


Daniel Turner Interview – How He Used Video To Increase His Conversion Rate By 108%!

While I was at Ed Dale’s event a few weeks ago, I also had the opportunity to have a chat to Daniel Turner from, which he runs with his business partner Marc […]