Why Personal Branding Is Important

Today’s video is a little different. This is the first time that I have a guest video blogger on my blog. I believe though that this is a great first time because the information being shared is very valuable and timely.

Yes, Chris Ducker is in the house! Inside this video, the creator of ChrisDucker.com shares these important bits:

  • He reveals why he made the transition from a brand named blog to a personal domain name;
  • He explains why personal branding has never been more important than it is today;
  • He gives away his three top tips on how to manage personal branding the right way;
  • He shares why video is the number one ingredient in making sure that your personal brand is a massive success;
  • He tells about his secret for coming up with high quality videos.

I invite you to watch and learn how personal branding can benefit your business in a big way. And please leave your feedback and comments below.

And oh, what do you think about me having more guest video posts like this?

Talk soon!

Gideon Shalwick

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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64 Responses to Why Personal Branding Is Important

  1. Enochasek2145

    Wow amazing if u have the time check out my channel

  2. ipodtutorial99


  3. Mark Sawalha

    Great ideas for online branding! Thanks!

  4. Jim Shankle

    I think it’s good you sponsor others who have a unique perspective on a topic that’s one-off your positioning. Your endorsement enables important 3rd party validation. However, just don’t overdo it or you’ll be like most who get a following and then whore their reputations for a few affiliate bucks. I have come to admire and respect you so do not believe you will cross that line.

  5. JoshRimer

    As someone who has branded everything I do through my own name from the start, it’s great to hear what he has to say about it… I used to regret not doing it all under a more generic (and keyword rich) name, but it seems like I may have taken a smarter route after all! :-)

  6. MrForsund

    Good stuff! Including guest video bloggers is a great way to show the world how you have made an impact on them with your material. And, it also is a nice gesture to your followers.

  7. EasyFold007

    Gideon: Chris approached me: can I create a video for you …
    Chris: Gideon asked me to put together…
    So who asked who lolol…all joking aside…

    Good idea of having guests but I agree with one poster about overdoing it at the end because some people might just think it is all about affiliate kickbacks..

    Keep up the good work :)

  8. Matthew McDonald

    he is scary.

  9. Matthew McDonald

    Making affective videos and branding is nothing to do with intro’s and outros but about the trust that you build, meaning how are people feeling when they watch your video, PERIOD.

  10. keepingupwithashlyn

    This was great info! I follow both you and Chris on Twitter. I liked the tip about keeping all social media platforms consistent. He mentioned that he still doesnt quite understand Pinterest, but ohhh Pinterest is such a wonderful thing!! Thanks for the awesome video, Gideon!

  11. SoulJuiceTV

    right on, stick out, be distinctive, be real ….. JUICY

  12. Neil Sinclair

    Hi Gideon – well done on including Chris Ducker as a guest speaker…This is very abundant of you. I would suggest that when you do this you make sure that the speaker is talking about Information that has not already been covered by you, although I am only saying that because I have watched many of yours already. Clearly someone who has not seen your other videos would find this one – very informative.

  13. deanomac24

    this was interesting. ive used Splasheo for my intro on my youtube channel. they were great. even made some minor changes at no additional cost to me. THAT is great customer service in my opinion. i am going to be using them for my outro next as I have been waiting for that to launch. great video.

  14. WaffleVFX

    Amazing! Great!

  15. WoodToymaker

    Wow! This is great info. I loved it.

  16. VioTutorials

    man right a book on youtube

  17. VioTutorials


  18. Cheryl Cadzow

    Great idea Gideon. I enjoyed having a guest with good sound advice.

  19. AlexLeizerovich

    Nice video, I’d like to see more videos about how to know that I have good USP. or how create a strong USP. Also more tips on updated Video SEO tactics

  20. Frank Schwarz

    Nice Job Chris!

  21. InnerMindCreations

    yes use transistions!

  22. D'Arcy Mayo

    Yes, guest presenters with relevant ideas would be good.

    It’s nice to see a short and simple video that reinforces the basis while delivering useful tips from different perspective

  23. Gideon Shalwick

    write even?

  24. nat1971

    I didn’t get the FUNNY accent part ?

  25. KickstartersHQ

    Hey Gideon, personally I’m fine with guest posts if the info is as good and relevant as the original speaker that I chose to subscribe to. Too often though, I find that these things end up as not much more than mutual plugging with lower quality info. In this case, Chris’ talk was good, although the blatant Splasheo plug as one of the “tips” felt a bit excessive. Overall though, well worthwhile. Cheers

  26. KickstartersHQ

    By the way, might want to watch out for the video overlay in the bottom left corner going over the name introduction graphics at 1:53 and the transcript says “woof along”(?!) where he says “waffle on”.

  27. porcelainheart1000

    I’m a follower of Chris’s videos and I must say this is my newest personal favorite. Outsourcing is here to stay and this video certainly gave me clear points about the industry.

    And to Gideon, keep it up!

  28. Loise Weiner

    Just like guest blogging, guest “video-ing” is a win-win for both the host and the guest. It’s a strategy to attract new visitors, extend your reach and improve brand awareness.

  29. jerrylittlemars

    Read this! lol naw just kidding

  30. Brad Herder

    That was good. As long as there’s real info and not just a commercial for someone else, go for it! Thanks!

  31. legggggggggy

    Huge forehead!

  32. The31WomanVideos

    Yes, please continue. I enjoyed Chris!

  33. William Mathieson

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing

  34. Ron Hogue

    5:56 or so he references Gideon as his Video Yoda and does a “Hmmmm” with a good Yoda accent.

  35. InsaneReviews07

    Gideon PLEASE READ!!! really thinking about buying your Killer YouTube Strategies course but If I do will it help me get more views and Subscribers to my YouTube Channel?

  36. johnson ebedo

    Hello Gideon thanks so much for all the wonderful information’s you have been dishing out, you really are an inspiration to young Entrepreneurs.
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  37. gillan739

    Gideon would u mind giveing me a little message i would love to ask u a few questions

  38. Ameer Rosic

    I think this is one of the most crucial Tips one can take to achieve success in our world of overwhelming stimulants. By branding your name, you brand your personally identity and therefore can transfer that to any realm of trade. Great work Gideon, keep up the fantastic videos.

  39. Nycfashionista81

    Very helpful video! Thanks

  40. InsaneReviews07

    Hi Gideon how can I make a 6 figure income online

  41. InsaneReviews07

    PLEASE READ Hi Gideon I do a Movie Review channel and do really good content but cant get anyone to watch my videos Help please

  42. Durgeshwar Das

    Personal Branding is very much important. It makes a product or a person stand out from the crowd and communicate the added value they provide, that no one else can do exactly in the same way… This applies to people! Nice Video, Thanks!

  43. InsaneReviews07

    Gideon Please Answer These Questions about your Killer Youtube Strategies course
    1 what happens after I pay for the course what do I get when I pay for it
    2 Can I do this course at any time? do I get videos to watch when I buy the course?
    3 Will The Course help me Increase traffic to my YouTube channel and make a website or blog?
    Thanks for your support in advance

  44. Gideon Shalwick

    sure thing… here are my answers to your questions:
    1. After you pay, you get directed to a page where you can create your own member details. Then you can login to the course area, and watch all the videos immediately.
    2. Yes you can watch the videos at any time. You can even download them and watch them on any device of your choice whenever you want.
    3. The focus of the course is to help you get more views on youtube, more traffic to your site, and more optins to your newsletter on your site.

  45. InsaneReviews07

    Gideon Thank You So Much for answering my Questions Cheers

  46. Gideon Shalwick

    no probs!

  47. InsaneReviews07

    Gideon Just have 1 more question will the Course Help me create a website and be able to start up a Newsletter or Email list Really want to know how to do this

  48. Gideon Shalwick

    No, the course does not go into detail for that. To create your own website and email list, I recommend you go to becomeablogger . com – there are some free videos there showing you how to setup your website/blog and email newsletter…

  49. InsaneReviews07

    Thanks Again Gideon for all your great Support and Advice

  50. TommyGunnzDaBarberTV

    I like this it really kept my attention all the way through…

  51. lamakeupgirl

    The clip from Chris was awesome… I really liked the format of you both collaborating together in the video. I’d love to see more quest spots, that would make for interesting videos. Going to check his website out now.. thanks again for all your wonderful advice. :)

  52. MistaPlus

    Learning a bunch! Thanx!

  53. Alexander Kittilsen

    So true what you say about a consistance profile image. Grab a DSLR, shoot a decent photo – and stick with it. It’s like a personal logo. Do not change it. In the end of the day, people don’t really care how you look. Just that you’re recognizable across the different platforms. It’s basicly about maintaining your digital self. @akittilsen

  54. Donney Gundran

    thanks for the info!

  55. lrappen

    Hey Gideon,
    I stumbled upon your service/company/you through the audio podcast on Chris’s site from this week. I went to your site and the first impression was… unprofessional, especially because you have no consistent photos. However, I entered my email just to be able to download your free ebook (RapidVideoBlogging) and then unsubscribed again. Just out of curiosity I watched 1 of your videos and was surprised of the high quality content. This is the 3rd video I’m watching.

  56. lrappen

    I subscribed to your newsletter AGAIN and now have subscribed to your YT channel. However, I checked your different profiles (homepage, YT, twitter etc.) and found a lot of different photos of you. I’m writing this to let you know that you almost had me leave the “Gideon universe” again because of this (content isn’t everything). Sooo… take your own advice more seriously 😉
    I’m glad you placed your video on that one page so I was lured back in. I’m lookin forward to more!
    Hope this helps.

  57. Hi Gideon, Great to hear other perspectives. More guest speakers would be great!

  58. Martín Bonari

    Great tips Gideon! I’ve been using some of them without knowing what their importance was and now I realize how they can make a difference. Greetings from Argentina.

  59. Thank you for this video Chris – very helpful!

  60. Jim Jeffcoat

    Gideon: Video Blogging is new to me and I have researched the topic extensively. I have come to the conclusion that you are the mentor that I aspire to be. Keep up the great work and keep the awesome and valuable info coming.

  61. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Jim!

    Ah fantastic to hear – thanks for that! Drop me a line at support @ rapidvideoblogging . com if you wanna chat more…

  62. fabulouSport

    Indeed, however new platforms are coming out nearly daily, and it’s a constant adding and going back to modify the old ones, in the meantime other platforms have changed their setting and rules..it’s a good challenge! :) Anyway, very nice and useful video Chris and Gideon! We do videos about ski & outdoor sport lessons, tips, test & product reviews, & more in our channel. Could we mention yourself as one of our YouTube mentors? Thank you and congratulation for you fantastic work! Cheers, Fabo

  63. Aloha~ Thanks for the video! Very informative… but I am still not clear on why having a personal brand is more important. Chris says it is and that he is totally convinced, but why? Thanks for filling me in! Love!

  64. mainstreammemphis

    Nice info. Taking action now