Cool New Theme To Quickly Create Automatic Squeeze Pages

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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54 Responses to Cool New Theme To Quickly Create Automatic Squeeze Pages

  1. Gideon, this definitely looks like a painless way to create a squeeze page! I’m still fighting to get my just right in html. My question is: does the squeeze theme produce valid html code?

    • Hi Glenda, thank you for your question. The answer is not as strait forward as it may seem… WordPress itself does not produce valid HTML, however that does not mean that it is not cross-browser compatible. WordPress is cross-browser compatible and so is Squeeze Theme, which means that they look consistent in all browsers.

      • Gideon Shalwick

        Thanks Josh!

        I could not have answered better!


  2. Hi Gideon and thanks for posting this video! One thing to note is that we do have step-by-step video and written tutorials. So for anyone who has any questions about how to set Squeeze Theme up, just visit the Resource Center. :)

    Thanks again Gideon!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Josh

      Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know about the tutorials.

      I think when I created the above video, those tutorials were not available for me yet. But I will check them out now.

      Great service! Thanks!


  3. John

    I was a little disappointed that after signing up to their email list and receiving the PDF there was no access to the theme or even a price.

    I guess that means it is going to be expensive and I can expect a stream of emails? This kind of marketing seems to be what works, but it is still feels scammy in my opinion.

    • Hi John, if you go to the site now,, and you can find all about the product. The free ebook that we sent out contains lots of useful info about squeeze pages in general and about the importance of building an email list.
      This is absolutely the most valuable piece of marketing info we can give our clients… start building your email list now!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey John

      Out of all the internet marketers I know, the guys at are the least “spammy” in my opinion. And I’ve seen a lot of internet marketers.

      The guys at will surely look after you – they have an amazing track record and one of the best customer service around on the net.

      All the best!


  4. I just watched this and I even included a link on my blog to this page because I just posted an article asking everyone what they think of my new theme I set for my blog.

    I think it’s really cool how you can setup a theme so effortlessly nowadays without having to know all the complicated HTML and CSS and such. I myself know that stuff and have built my web site based on that, however, for those who want to share what information they have with the rest of us who do not want to learn that, it’s good that they are able to easily with a blog.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Thanks for the link love Eric – much appreciated!


      • Gideon,

        Not a problem at all. I am very new to blogging and I believe it’s a great way to share information and useful content.

        The more you know the better. The more you do with what you know, even better!


        • Gideon Shalwick

          So true!

          Thanks for the insights Eric!

          Talk soon!


  5. Thanks Gideon, for yet another useful feature. I’ll revisit and install once I’ve updated my website to Web 2.0.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Ok no probs Gordon – great to see you on here too!


  6. Hi Gideon , greetings from Auckland New Zealand
    Many thanks for a great video for squeeze pages, its very powerful and easy to use, i have joined the affiliate program also, and am about to add this video to my blog also as its so good for others to know about.

    PS i also enjoyed your become a blogger videos , that inspired me to start our own blog as the link above.

    Many thanks Regards Theo

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Theo

      Awesome stuff!

      Glad you enjoyed this video and also the Become A Blogger videos!

      Hows the weather in Auckland? I lived in Christchurch for 13 years – and I almost froze to death! hehehe…

      Talk soon!


      • Hi Gideon
        Its supposed to be spring time here in Auckland, been a bit cool up here also the last month, summer is coming, but its a bit late this year, may be the ice bergs down south are playing havic here ?

        Regards Theo

  7. Hi Gideon.
    This is a really cool way to create instant squeeze pages. I love the way you presented this video.:)

    Will like to hear more about this…

    Best Regards
    Umer Hayat

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Umer


      Make sure you check out the Squeeze Theme pages for more information – just click on the link right below my video.

      Talk soon!


  8. What about the emails you collect? Are they just presented with a list or how does this part of it work?
    How easy it is to start using these emails with aweber or something similar?

    • Hi there, the emails you collect are stored in Aweber! That way you can start marketing to those that opt-in immediately.
      Thanks for the questions.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Financial Jesus

      It’s actually really easy to use with Aweber – I simply copied and pasted my Aweber code in to the admin area once, and then it automatically uses that code whenever I create a new squeeze page.

      Pretty cool once it’s all set up.


  9. You didn’t tell us which was faster. Reading the instruction first or trial and error?

    • Gideon Shalwick



      Uhmmm… I have not read the instructions myself yet – I’m more the kind of guy who like’s to fiddle a bit. I guess it depends on how you learn best.

      Perhaps if I read the instructions first I would have found the initial setup easier :)


  10. Gideon – Looks like an interesting option for creating squeeze pages. I would like to know a couple of things…. It wasn’t clear if would create a new blog in Word Press for every squeeze page (multiple campaigns, various niches, etc) or if this one installation serves the creation and publications of several pages simultaneously?

    Also, I am curious if the copy and “Squeeze Theme” branding at the top of the page can be removed easily?

    It looks interesting as this is a place were many marketers get stuck, especially if they do there site creation on their own.

    Thank you for the information, I will check it out in more detail and look forward to your reply.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey James

      Here are some answers:

      1. As far as I can tell, you can create as many squeeze pages as you want with the one installation. What I’m not sure of, is whether you could brand each new squeeze page separately. But it may not be important to brand each new squeeze page separately in any case. Something you could do, is to just create a “vanilla” looking blog using the Squeeze Theme, and then customize each squeeze page with the text and video and images you use as part of it.

      2. Yes, you can easily remove the copy “Squeeze Theme” at the top. I haven’t fully figured it all out yet, but I was able to set it to a “text” header, which allowed me to use any text I wanted. You can also use your own header graphic if you want to, but it may need some customization. I’ve only played around with it for an hour so I have not figured out all the ins and outs yet.

      Talk soon!


  11. Hi Gideon & Yaro
    This is for Both of you, and others, i thought to drop this message here as its
    the easiset way to contact you with out going thru e-mail, as you
    are both busy people as i am.

    I see a lot of promotion of late from your news etc, on all manner
    of tools to use that can help us all grow , or build income and lists
    of people to help us gow income online.

    This is great info, for every one to learn from, now my question is
    aimed at people like my self and other beginners, who are trying to
    just make some xtra to get things done.

    I make a reasonable salary of 62,000 , sounds good, but after 35% tax
    its not so good, my wife also works 5 days as i do, and makes a smaller
    amount, this combined, only just covers the average house hold bills
    and sometimes it does not , depends on which month things happen, and
    with 2 children, you do have your hands in your pockets every day looking
    to squeeze out every cent you can find. I have now come to the conclusion
    that you now have to find extra income from the web, that is the only
    option, left , unless you want to work crazy hours, have no time, no family
    and no life, and pay more tax swapping more hours for $, a complete waste
    of time, as that is not the answer.
    And of course there are always the extras needed !, new car tyres, a visit
    to the dentist, school donations ! or projects, doctor visits the list
    goes on, where does it come from, some have to go on the waiting list.

    I have managed over the past few years from my small effort to earn
    enough to pay for my hosting & domain at godaddy cost $ 57 USA, pay for my
    nortons antivirus approx $70 NZ pay for a subscription to Success Magazine
    approx $40 US and pay for backup software smart sync pro & system mechanic
    to keep 6 year old PC in good order. Its not a lot of income from the web
    but it was hard work to get it, thru a couple of affiliate programs, i
    promote, and i have tried all sort to, bring in something extra.

    It would be great to get squeeze themes, or an aweber account to catch
    subscribers, but the $ are not there to pay for these services at the moment.

    I am trying to get my income the best way i can, if it does not come in
    i can’t, buy the tools i need to use online, simple as that.

    You guys have been online for a while now, where did you start ?
    and where do beginners make a start, i can imagine a lot of your
    readers, and subscribers are beginners, many will be long time income
    earners online, most of us i can imagine are not and only too keen
    to learn how , and a lot more with no spare income to get going, how
    do they make a start , to earn some extra to get going ?

    I am impressed with what you both have produced so far in helping
    us all online, but we need some bare bones very basic beginner stuff
    to help those just starting trying to escape the 9-5 or 6 or 9pm even.

    I have worked for over 30 years now, i started as a draughtsman, up thru
    design and cad for to many architects and design companies, including
    contract work, for more hours than i care to share.

    Its been an interesting fun & stressfull ride, all at the same time,
    but now i an trying to find a way out !, and leaving this industry is
    not an easy task, its hard to escape.

    How does the old saying go ! don’t leave your day job till !!!!

    I am glad i found you guys , and the very usefull websites and videos
    you have given us all, it all much apreciated information, and has
    helped me at least make a start on my blog.

    I like to promote good quality products and services, and have stuck to
    this, idea, doing my best to stay away from those websites that have tried
    to get you involved with useless ebooks, and junk, you know the type all
    long winded pages full of photos of people and lots of talk & hype.
    these are to be avoided, as a waste of your hard earned cash.

    We will start using more services as we earn, online, but mean time it
    has to be done the hard way, earn as you learn.

    mmm Now i have to visit the dentist ! and need new car tyres, where is
    that going to come from ??? put my thinking cap on…..

    Thanks for your valuable time.

    Theo :o) make it a great week…………..

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Theo

      Thank you for the well thought out response.

      If I could give you one piece of advice that has made a HUGE difference in the success of my online ventures, it’s that of being able to focus on only ONE thing at a time, until it’s finished.

      This goes for both daily tasks to also more longer term projects.

      I created a video for you that talk about this in some more detail here:

      Have you checked out the 31 Day Challenge with Ed Dale yet? It’s brilliant if you’re just getting started online – and of course it’s totally free!

      See here:

      Ok, I hope that helps!


      • Hello Gideon

        Many thanks for your reply appreciated.
        Its a lot of fun , trying different methods to bring in income from the web while providing others with things to read and do, thanks for your Video also , i will share it with others as well.

        Have a great week, and guess what ! its freezing again tonight, every one has pullovers on here at Auckland , spring has come and gone !
        Cheers Theo.

  12. Paul

    I’m curious, if you wanted to use Squeeze Theme to set up squeeze or sales pages, but your own theme for the rest of the blog, how might you go about doing that?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Paul

      You may have to install a separate WordPress installation if you want to preserve your existing theme. Something you could do is to install a new blog at where other is a folder where you can install a new WordPress blog and then use the Squeeze theme on it. That way you will still kinda keep your original domain name and your original theme, and you’ll also be able to generate squeeze pages using the Squeeze Theme inside the “other” folder.


  13. Paul – from my experience it is virtually impossible to set up more than one wordpress installation on the one hosting account and each theme needs a dedicated wordpress account. If you want a different look for your blog pages you could customize a template to use for category blog for example.

    Gideon – my concern is with AWeber – they charge money – a monthly fee most of us can’t afford when starting out – ditto to Leo’s comments. Praying that we make some money before spending money many of us should be hesitant about committing so much to a theme when there are cheaper one out there, free even, where we can do a similar thing at this.

    If this theme needs you to pay for AWeber monthly access fee to their email/newsletter optin service – then you have to add that cost to the cost of this theme and if you don’t spend that money then the theme is no better than others.

    You can get an email subscription service through Feedburner – can you insert that code into the form code field? You can then manually maintain an email list by exporting it to a spreadsheet and using it manually or adding it to a service with Aweber etc. that you eventually pay for.

    Can you use Mailchimp or someone else cheaper than AWeber?

    Are the guys at Unique Blog Design getting affiliate commissions for signing people up with AWeber? It all seems like a bit of pushy marketing for those that realise they need a service and they’d better go with the one that is recommended i.e. Aweber.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Somone

      Some comments…

      About setting up more than one WordPress installation on just one hosting account, it’s actually really easy if you use the 5 minute install process and install it into a newly created folder, for example at

      About Aweber…

      Yeah that’s a tough one. I know what you feel like. For my first year online I was subscribed to Aweber and I did not make much money. It was pretty tough going, but everyone told me that building a list using a good service like Aweber was essential for online success.

      I decided to bite the bullet, and I am now really glad that I did. I would not be able to run my online business if it was not for something like Aweber.

      I have not tested feebburner’s mail option with Squeeze Theme, but you should be able to get that information from the boys at

      And yes, I think they must be using an affiliate link for Aweber (haven’t checked though). But they would be silly not to use an affiliate link.

      Aweber is a great service, even though it costs money. But I think if you are serious about making money online, it’s important to invest in some essential tools. And something like Aweber would be one of them.

      I think if you only have 500 or less people on your list, Aweber is only about $20 per month. So, that’s less than a dollar a day.

      All the best!


      • Gideon,
        I have tried before to do multi installs of wordpress and the error spate back saying I couldn’t have more than one install. Now, I tried again using the folder set up you mention and wow, I can give away custom templates for different categories and just have additional theme installs with different css. Baia danke.
        I bit the bullet and bought Squeeze Theme and after a few teething problems – that the UBD guys assisted with – it is upa nd running nicely.
        You’re right – if you are serious about doing well, you have to invest a little and take a few calculated risks.

        • Gideon Shalwick


          Wow! I am very impressed!

          You actually took action! That means you’re already more than 50% there :)

          Wel gedaan :)

          Praat binne kort…


  14. [..YouTube..] sweet recommendation 5* I will be sure to share this squeeze page generator plugin :)
    Vincent Cameron

  15. VincentJCameron

    sweet recommendation 5* I will be sure to share this squeeze page generator plugin :)
    Vincent Cameron

  16. [..YouTube..] Gideon. Powerful theme. Thanks for the tip. I’m always buying new themes.

  17. Glen Woodfin

    Gideon. Powerful theme. Thanks for the tip. I’m always buying new themes.

  18. Hans

    Hi Gideon,

    Would you please be extra vigilant about telling us when you review or recommend a product with an accompanying link that you are an AFFILIATE of the product?

    Thanks for being completely transparent and willing to be in complete integrity with your loyal readers!


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Hans

      Sure thing – I will be doing that from now on… mainly adding something like “affiliate link” below the link or mentioning it somewhere else.

      Thanks for the reminder!


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  20. Strongbadunit2

    Download FlexSqueeze Free @ box . net/shared/jsobld1t5r

  21. It’s really something that can help internet marketers out their to increase their potential sales. Great that you’ve shared this video for us to know more about it.

  22. [..YouTube..] Gideon, Love your Demo,But there web site will not open??? Thanks,Jack . Any suggestions?????

  23. storts1

    Gideon, Love your Demo,But there web site will not open??? Thanks,Jack . Any suggestions?????

  24. I must admit that I am not really good at html codes. The theme create for this squeeze page looks really good. No need to change anything that can save you lots of time.

  25. Marvin

    This looks very interesting. As of the moment I am using OptimisePress. What do you think about it?

  26. Nice video theme reviews. I find it so cool and I want to follow it and do it myself. Please continue sharing more of your thoughts.

  27. reggupton

    Being a newbie @ WordPress, Can I add this squeeze page inside my Thesis theme video blog which looks surprisingly like yours?

  28. GideonShalwick

    Uhm… I don’t think you can Reg, since the Squeeze Page Theme is a different theme to that of Thesis. You may be able to install the two different themes on two different folders on the same domain though…

  29. reggupton

    Thanks for your prompt reply, Gideon.

    I will check with my tech guy.

  30. GoddessLuna23

    Where in Australia are you from?

  31. Nice and clean theme