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Do THIS, Make More SALES!

Recently one of my subscribers asked me how you actually build trust using a video content marketing strategy.

It’s a fantastic question an inside today’s video I delve a lot deeper into this thing we call trust, and how you can use a video content marketing strategy to increase your sales success sweet spot.

It’s one of those things that, if you don’t have it, nothing else really matter in your life and in your business. It’s a little like your health – without it, nothing matters.

Gideon Shalwick

About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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28 Responses to Do THIS… Make MORE SALES!

  1. Gideon Shalwick

    My latest video on how to make more sales by increasing this one simple
    thing in your business… (using video)

  2. Alex Brune

    First to watch!

  3. David Hilton 3

    Thank you for that i need it that

  4. David Hilton 3


  5. oommen george

    Hi Gideon give me some tips to make better Physics( Educational) videos!
    Thanks for your tips.

  6. Julie Lewin

    Excellent video Gideon … I particularly like the point about the more
    trust you build the less strong you have to be in your offer. You’ve
    re-inspired me to get my videos done again :)

  7. Roxanne Dyer

    Yes! That makes so much sense, Gideon. Cheers, Roxanne

  8. Tanya M

    3:00 I feel like this is “exactly” what you do with us Gideon! That’s how
    I’ve come to know and “trust” your advice. Thru consistently offering up
    your wonderful tips and advice, thru your content. Please know your loyal
    viewers, appreciate you very, very much! :)

  9. Kary Youman

    Great video Gideon. I truly appreciate your insights. Thanks for sharing my

    Kary Youman

  10. boomerb44

    Thanks. My videos are just not getting views and I have all three of those.
    I just don’t know where I’m going wrong?

  11. Eric Reiss

    Hey, Gideon. Just wanted to say that I love your videos (and listening to
    you when you do podcasts on other people’s shows). Thank you for making
    this content.

  12. Rohe Energie - Vegane Ernährung & Mehr

    Very helpful! Thanks :-)

  13. Susan Paget

    Thank you so much +Gideon Shalwick – Seriously not trying to gush but it’s
    no small feat to lay out, in simple terms what trust means. You could’ve
    easily just let that sweet spot concept sit there and be subject to
    interpretation but that you broke it down gives a blueprint of how to
    consistently bring it and/or lift the game. I really appreciate it!

  14. Learnguitartunes

    Fantastic video thank you Gideon… My ‘Reliability’ has slipped a little
    over the last few months by not posting my usual weekly videos.. But I am
    back to business again in a week with more ‘reliable’ free guitar
    content… : )

    Videos like this one help me remind myself I need to keep focused,so thanks
    again Gideon.

  15. Richard Cohen

    Thanks. Very helpful. No rocket science, but a good reminder. Keeping
    things simple and clear, as you’ve done here, I think is also key. And
    build relationships, build relationships, build relationships (as in your
    replying to everyone’s comments).

  16. Juho Tunkelo

    Really good points, especially on authenticity… can be tough to hit that
    sweet spot, but with practice.. :)

  17. FunFamilyFitness

    Thanks Gideon. Reliability, meaning consistency, is the hardest part for
    me too. Working on it, thanks for reminding!

  18. Manualideas Fancylooks

    I think this sounds great but by knowing many YouTube channels since they
    were little 6 years ago and now are tremendously big, I see that the ones
    who don’t care about the audience, the ones who don’t answer questions or
    comments are getting the best results and are growing the most, and now
    have their own products they selll, it seems people like being treated
    badly. And this hasn’t got to do with them being so big they don’t have
    time to answer all the questions, they don’t answer even the first one they

  19. Lucien Moons

    A real great video on trust tx Gideon we will apply it…more:-)

  20. Peter Wickström

    Hi Gideon, Thanks for a great video! I have a question about how to get
    more people to sign up to my free video course. Get around 150 views now
    for my Youtube Channel Awesound TV, improving singers vocal skills. How do
    I get them to subscribe to my free course? I can see that the videos with
    interviews with celebrity vocal coaches get the most traffic, so I am
    planning more of these to create really good value. I am also thinking
    about posting videos where I sing to create trust. What else do you see
    here? Best/Peter

  21. Frank R Martinez

    Hello Gideon, thank you for all your exellent content/teaching.
    QUESTION: What’s the name of the type style you used in this “Make More
    Sales” video… Thanks.

  22. Scott Hart

    Seems logical, but it’s alarming how many folks have one or two of these
    attributes. It takes all 3! Thanks for another great video-

  23. EuniceFitness

    Great video! I’m just getting into making videos of my business and your
    information is quite timely.
    Thanks Gideon!

  24. Susan Evans

    Video is the perfect way to build trust because your audience can look into
    your eyes and see that you are real and genuine.

  25. Bandsaw Blades

    Great Continuous support and info, Thanks again Gideon…

  26. Athena Creamer

    I am rather new to posting videos, and your tips are well taken about trust
    and reliability, and ability. I don’t like my voice so I’ve been doing
    tutorials without it and maybe that is a mistake because it doesn’t show
    vulnerability. I have a degree in marketing so I am embarrassed to say I
    don’t have anything I’m selling, per se, but I am involved in many
    projects, none of which make much money. However, I was under the
    impression that if you have enough viewership, YouTube will pay you based
    upon CPM and CPI. When I make a video, it is disappointing that no matter
    what I do, my better videos can’t be monetized for some reason, so YouTube
    is advertising other products to me and my viewers instead.

  27. Terri Nicholson

    awesome stuff once again Gideon. thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.

  28. Miles Segers

    Love your video strategies Gideon!