How To Become Rich And Famous On YouTube

Towards the end of last year, I traveled all the way to Los Angeles to speak at the Blog World Expo LA event. It was a HUGE event with around 4,000 attendees, the biggest event of it’s kind in the world.

It was a really amazing experience, and I met some really fantastic people. And of course, among other things, I was given the opportunity to present my ideas during a one hour presentation on the topic of how to become rich and famous on YouTube (see video above).

The video is quite a bit longer than my normal videos, but I wanted to provide you with some GREAT value. Let me know below whether you like this kind of thing every now and then by leaving your comments and thoughts below…


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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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  1. Excellent video Gideon! I always enjoy watching your content!

  2. Hi Gideon,
    Your videos are awesome! I have learnt a great deal about making videos from your videos. I have started implementing the ideas. The strategies suggested in this video are very important to be a success on youtube. Thanks for sharing such great stuff.

  3. Great presentation Gideon.

    Just started using YouTube as a traffic generator and have already seen good results.

    A lot of the stuff I already knew from reading your blog, but there were some new strategies that I’m going to implement.

    Especially having a team in place to get the creation process running smoothly was a big help.

    Thanks Gideon.

  4. Pamela

    Thanks Gideon great presentation was very helpful. Yes, I would like to see more like this whenever you have it available to offer.

  5. Hey Gideon,

    I absolutely loved the layout you showed for your sales funnel. It really takes out the complicated stuff and making the process visual it’s very easy to understand and to hand out for hired people.

    Brilliant stuff, thank you! 😉


  6. Heather


  7. Congratulations Gideon – what an achievement. Hope it leads to some awesome opportunities for you and the people in attendance.

  8. Well Done I Wish I Was You  But MINECRAFT

  9. Awesome video, thanks very much for the tips!

  10. Well worth listening to and I have made a lot of notes. Great and good luck.

  11. Gideon, I really appreciate your flow charts. It helps me visualize how things are work together. Great video.

  12. Thanks Gideon.. Loving your work!

  13. Well done, Gideon. Very good presentation with lots of valuable information. Thanks for sharing your knowhow and experience.

  14. How cool was that ? Great job and thank you Gideon for this :-)

  15. Great work! I never knew about the uploading the txt files. You should maybe do some examples of that later on.

  16. Wow, This is really helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Just sit through the 68 minutes of the talk. Awesome stuff as always. Keep it up Gids!


  18. Hi Gideon another great video to add to the tool box. How come you are allowed an hours content to be uploaded?

    Totally agree there is only so much one person can do to achieve amazing results online. I am very much looking forward to growing and developing my team. Thanks again Gideon :)

  19. Edu DeAguiar

    Why go somewhere else? It’s ALL here!

  20. 68min O.O

  21. Subs in english or spanish plz

  22. Can’t watch the whole video right now but the first 10 minutes is already very interesting. I’ll watch later!

    Cheers Gideon!

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us, it was really helpful!! :) Good luck!

  24. Thanks Gideon – great video packed full of real value content.

  25. Loved it. Thanks Gideon, you always know exactly how to break it down to the most concise components. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to faithfully apply your strategies!

  26. great info. NellieBtv is a channel I plan to upload a lot of my old videos to.

  27. thanks for sharing this video and helpfull for every affiliate marketer.

  28. Great video! You made alot of great points!

  29. Thanks for posting this! And thanks for helping us all with the business of YouTube.

  30. Again.. it was GREAT! It looks like you have the good down, now it’s time for GREAT.

  31. Great video… Packed with helpful information.

    Thanks, Gideon!

  32. Gideon Shalwick

    My latest vid…

  33. [..YouTube..] Fantastic stuff here! And congratulations on getting this job 😉

  34. daniel

    Congratulations Gideon.
    Great video

  35. [..YouTube..] Gideon!!! sencillamente espectacular. Toda una clase de videomarketing para un canal de youtube.
    Gracias lo usaré como referencia para mis proyectos. Un abrazo!!!
    Thanks very much.

  36. [..YouTube..] very happy to watch best contents like this shared on youtube FREE. thanks for sharing. helps a lot in my study to explore YOUTUBE EDUCATION.

  37. Hi Gideon,
    Thanks for the great educational video. I got some good, not great ideas from it.
    For finding my ‘A’ Players I used in the Philippines. I’ve found they have the best ‘A’ Players available.

  38. [..YouTube..] Great, great vid Gideon .. couple of observations ..

    “Swimlanes” are a mechanism to classify flow charts (by users/systems) come from UML, a software modelling/design framework

    Your funnel is great, tho I don’t think there’s any problem with “turning off” subscribers because you end up weeding the buyers out from the freebie seekers, and the buyers are who you can help the most.

    Good stuff

  39. [..YouTube..] Great video Gideon. thanks for sharing and for all of this great info.
    Thank you…Thank you…Thank you.

  40. [..YouTube..] great video

  41. [..YouTube..] hello

  42. [..YouTube..] I am amazed that you were this transparent about what you do. Many marketers try to hide behind their veil of being a guru, but you just let it all out . I can’t believe you gave this out for free. If there were more people adding VALUABLE content on Youtube, it would be a better place.

    I can tell you are an educator. The last graphic was so simple, yet profound . . .like you…wait, you are not simple, just profound. You make the subject simple!

    You handled it ‘like a boss!’

  43. [..YouTube..] great video

  44. [..YouTube..] Great video Gideon! Delivered brilliantly :-)

  45. k.ali

    Gideon you don,t need the thanks from any one Because your work is higherI am poor but sucking to your scool I hope much for you(keskous.ali)

  46. [..YouTube..] Great content as usual, Gideon. One of your longest and definitely worth the time. Thanks for the information and guidance as always.

  47. [..YouTube..] the wheels are turning thanks for inspiration Gideon

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  51. [..YouTube..] Love the material…I watched it 2x. Thanks for sharing man. I really appreciate it. How’s life in the new office ?

  52. JMR

    Excellent conference !!

  53. Hi Gideon
    That was a really good video, you outlined the methods that you use and the reasons for using them!
    Very informative, thanks a lot – although it was over an hour long, it was time well spent.
    P.S. I’m still trying to edit my first videos, not finding it easy.

  54. Dawie

    Thanks Gideon
    A brilliant summary of the internet marketing process starting with video as the traffic driver.

  55. [..YouTube..] Very helpful information. Thanks

  56. [..YouTube..] Thanks for sharing this video Gideon, it was awesome and gave me a lot of clarity and ideas.

  57. [..YouTube..] Wow great video

  58. [..YouTube..] Thanks again Gideon, how/who do you supply your videos through when say a client wants to purchase? love the idea of S3 but cannot source how to do it online,If anyone has a link that would be great :-)

  59. [..YouTube..] Gideon,

    Thank you so much for presenting this information. These are all tools that I have but didn’t exactly know how to create a system for it. Now, I have a better idea of how to go about it and I have a goal.

    Any chance that you can create a video to get into further depth about creating competitions? That sounds like a great way to get people to participate and engage.


  60. Great Video Gideon…Once again! I love your material and will continue learning from you! Thanks so much!

  61. kellercoleman

    Gideon you have been a tremendous help to everyone! Thanks for sharing.

  62. FindingLivvey

    Amazing information thank you. I am so sick of wasting my time listening to talks where people don’t give you any real information, they just want you to buy something and then when you buy it, they still don’t give you the real story, they just try to up sell you again. I have been very frustrated because my video channel is being ignored and I would like it to change. Thanks

  63. SoulJuiceTV

    fabulous, simple, practical and powerful… as always, u rock gideon… thankyou! <3

  64. Gideon

    Great content as usual. I have been following your rapid video blogging guidelines and starting to implement lot of the strategies. Even going with the white background, very cool. Wrote my ebook and videos are coming. Thanks for the inspiration and great content.

    Any plans on doing another blogging mastermind course? I have an herbal products company and looking for an interactive and guided learning environment to take my business to the next level. Thanks.



  65. LeslieBradleyCH

    Thank You Gideon for this wonderful video, i’ve learnt so much from just watching this! Keep up the good work! 😀

  66. andruless

    Some really great information here. Thank you so much Gideon and props to your A-team.

  67. Hi Gideon,

    Thank you so much for presenting this information. These are all tools that I have but didn’t exactly know how to create a system for it. Now, I have a better idea of how to go about it and I have a goal.


  68. GregDiBrunoOnline


    This was fantastic. Your insight on YouTube is simply amazing. Great video, Gideon!

  69. jalani722

    hey i really want to become a famous rapper and i dont have any studio nor a good video taking stuff can any one help me plzz

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    how about you upload in HD

  71. I made it through and I’m glad I did, great tips and tricks on your Youtube strategy! Thanks

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  76. You always have great videos that really take out the guess work. I haven’t applied your techniques yet but I am sure they will work perfectly when I do.

  77. WinningWebVideo

    Gideon, you are on target that “B” players drive out “A” players. All you have to do is look at commercial television and radio today. The industries are managed by B players, people who’ve been around a long time for whatever reason with track records of killing audiences instead of increasing them. The A players who have track records no longer are in the business because the B players drove them out, either by lay off or voluntary.

  78. Elementz360

    Great presentation. I took notes! Learnt a lot, and will be implementing a lot of it on my channel!

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  80. thunderbolt1409

    Thanks Gideon

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  84. WOW I learned so much in this vid! Thank you Gideon! You really inspired me to up my effort and my videos on youtube! I knew it was a powerful tool, but I wasn’t quite aware of its magnitude and strength! I’m feeling some awesome changes coming in my business and soon! Keep the good stuff coming! ~Laura

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  86. Definitely hit the mark with the importance of having a strategy beyond just getting views. AS you said, many people are just leaving money on the table

  87. TheInternetRev

    Definitely hit the mark with the importance of having a strategy beyond just getting views. AS you said, many people are just leaving money on the table

  88. jplanejazz

    Great video, excellent content. Very useful. Thanks, Gideon.

  89. Hey Gideon,

    Another awesome video!

    I love the fact that you reveal your system. It makes so much sense. Like the “hedgehog” concept too.

    You mention you use thesis in your video. Is this still the case now or have you upgraded?

    I’ve been watching your content over the last few weeks on Youtube, and all of it has been amazing.

    Keep up the good work mate.

    Speak soon. Mo

    • Gideon Shalwick

      I now use a modified version of Canvas. Just changed recently…

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    Thank you so much Gideon… your truly the best at what you do! You are always spot on in your advice and truly insightful and informative! I think this is by far my favorite video of yours. The best of luck to you. :)

  109. GideonShalwick

    cheers :)

  110. GideonShalwick

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