How To Create Short But Powerful Video Clips For Your Website

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Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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39 Responses to How To Create Short But Powerful Video Clips For Your Website

  1. Interesting Gideon, the Zeigarnik Effect is something I hadn’t heard of before. Do you have examples in your previous video where you’ve used it?

  2. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Joel

    We use the Zeigarnik Effect in most our videos on

    Also, watch programs like “Desperate Housewives” and “House” and “Lost” to get the full effect of what it’s like when done well :)

    Have fun!


    • Thanks so much. Great little video and really timely for me. I am just in the process of creating a powerpoint for web.

  3. Gideon, the Zeigarnik Effect is something I’ve never heard of either!

    So what was the Zeigarnik Effect in this video?

    Oh…it was you didn’t tell us much about the Zeigarnik Effect!

    I get it!


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Andrew


      Very true… maybe I should have created some more mystery at the front – hehehe.

      But actually, just by introducing the topics like I did, that opens up the loop, cos it tells people what’s coming up (proof that it worked is that you got to the end of the video where I talk about the Zeigarnik effect – hehehe).

      If I wanted to strengthen the intro, I could have made it all secretive and fun stuff like that :)

      For example – instead of just saying… “First, I’ll tell you what equipment you’ll need” I could have said something like… “First, I’ll reveal 3 secret pieces of equipment you’ll need – If you don’t have this exact same equipment, your videos will fail…” or something nice and dramatic 😉 – you get the idea.

      Then at the end to open up the loop again, I could have said something like… “Inside the next video, I’ll reveal a secret strategy that will help you make your videos look as crisp and clear as ever – this is something not many people know about, and you’ll just LOVE it when you see it!” Or something similar like that.

      All good fun!


  4. Thanks Gideon for the tips.

    I have Camstasia installed and started to shoot some videos but I have few issues:

    1 – There is little noise in the recording, is that Microphone problem? What is your recommendation for Microphone brand?

    2 – I will upload the videos to YouTube, should I create 10min. episodes or there is a trick?

    Thank You!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Mohammed Al-Taee

      Thanks for your questions. Here are some of my answers:

      1. The noise could be coming from anywhere – it could be your computer (like it’s fan), or it could becoming from your mic, or it could be coming from your surroundings (other noise and possibly electromagnetic interference). My suggestion is that you try to eliminate things. For example, see if you can borrow a mic from a friend and see if that makes a difference. Or try it on a different computer using the same mic. Or try and do it in a different location. My best recommendation yet is to just get a Mac. I recommended 2 mic’s in the video – just watch it again – I’ve also added the links to each of the microphone pages below the video.

      2. Not sure I understand your question about YouTube. But I’m assuming you’re asking how to get videos on there that are longer than 10 minutes? If so, there are two ways. One, you could just split your videos up into different parts (eg part 1 and part 2 etc). Or Two, you can try to become a partner, which then allows you to add videos of any length. But it’s quite challenge to become a partner.


      Gideon Shalwick

      • Thanks Gideon,

        The Microphone brands are not available here in middle-east but it seems very good.

        I will try your tips and will back with questions or share the video to get your opinion.

  5. Hey Gideon,

    Nice little video again.

    As a psychologist, I have known about the Zeigarnik-effect. In fact, I had to learn it for my one of the major psychology exams back in university. Fun stuff. :)

    Anyway, you are right Gideon. The Zeigarnik-effect can be very powerful. As you said you can learn about how to use it right by watching popular TV series.

    The important thing is to leave your visitor with something to guess about. That’s what happens when you watch one of those TV series. At the end of each episode, when you are introduced to an unresolved drama, you’ll start guessing and wondering. You go like “I bet it was her old boyfriend she saw in the dark” or “I wonder if the killer will catch him” …whatever, you get the picture. It’s very important that the person gets involved with your stuff mentally.

    Unresolved issue creates psychological tension. Psychological tension is not a good state to be in, so the person tries to resolve the issue. For example, she’ll make sure she sets apart some time to watch the next episode of “Lost” or whatever. Or your next video.

    For this to work, your subject needs to be interested in your stuff of course. If she doesn’t want your stuff in the first place…well, you know that…you can’t talk them into wanting your stuff. But if they are quality prospects than the Zeigarnik-effect can work sooo well when executed correctly (like, make them guess and think about your stuff until your next video comes on air).

    All the best,


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Zsolt

      Nice addition to the video! Very nicely explained.

      I like the “keep them guessing” thing at the end. I will definitely keep that in mind for my next videos.

      So true.

      Thanks again!

      Gideon Shalwick

  6. Hi Gideon, I am new to this blogging thing but following your excellent video’s I now have a web site set up and running with WordPress; nothing on there as yet but following your Roadmap ebook I am taking the time to make sure I have some good content. A lot of my content will be in the form of music or video but my last attempt to view a file from my server which I had already uploaded meant that as a browser, I had to connect securely with my user name and password which obviously the public will not know. You alluded to linking stuff from your own server in this video so have you done any instructions on this process? If not maybe you could point me somewhere please?

  7. Maggie

    I love that idea, I hate it when they do that on TV, cliff-hangers, especially over the (long) Xmas break!
    So I’ll be sure to use that too! LOL

    Okay, Got the Mac – Got Screenflow, how about doing a video on editing the Screenflow movie Gideon? You could do it in several parts, with cliff-hangers in the right places!

    I’ve had a few tries, but it’s not going as well as I would like it to be. I want them to be as good as yours……. and the bar is set high there!

    Thanks again, great stuff,

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Maggie

      The more you work at it, the more tricks you will learn, and the better you will get at it.

      Also have a look at ScreenFlow’s site – they have some pretty cool tutorials there for free. That’s how I got started with it.

      Talk soon!

      Gideon Shalwick

  8. Hi Gideon
    The microphones you refer to are USB powered. Straightforward to plug into the computer to create a webinar, for example, using the computer’s built-in camera. (I use a Mac, of course)
    But what about if you want to put an external mic on portable camera, to film an event? I have a Canon Legria HFS10, which has an external mic jack. Any mic recommendations or advice?
    Your material is really timely and valuable to help launch my internet aspirations!
    Thank you

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Andrew

      I just use a really cheap little mic on my camera – it cost around $30, but it does a really good job. In fact, it does a better job than a $120 Sony mic that I got that I though would be better for some reason.

      It really depends a lot on your camera and the kind of microphones you can plug into it.

      But from what I understand, Senheiser is one of the leading microphone brands around. Maybe worth checking out!

      Gideon Shalwick

      • Maggie

        So was that the Zeigarnik Effect in action Gideon? What’s the $30 mike you’ve got?

        I’m buying a camera this weekend, I was thinking to get the Canon Legria HF200 HD – feeling insecure, do you know it? Can’t afford a high end camera, but will have to do some very challenging filming. I plan to do a few tutorials that involve soldering with a flame, very intense light. Any pointers?


        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hey Maggie

          You may need some kind of a filter for your camera if you’re going to film very bright light.

          I have not done that before, so you may need to do some more of your own research.

          Talk soon!


  9. Colin

    You are the Video king. Keep up the great work. I am loving your becomeablogger/premium program. It is the best I have ever seen. You are a phenomenal teacher.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Thanks Colin!

      You ROCK!

      Gideon Shalwick

  10. Hello Gideon,

    First of all, thank you and Yaro for answering my questions during the teleconference call. You guys rule! :)

    I know you’re on Mac and use Screenflow, but if by any chance you’re familiar with Camtasia too, could you please tell us what settings to use for exporting the video that later will be uploaded to YouTube?

    I use Screenr most of the time, but for some videos I’ll need to capture my webcam too and Screenr can’t do it. I played around with Camtasia a little, but the results were not of good quality (the video was not crisp and clear). So if you could enlighten us about how to export videos so that they look great on YouTube, I’d really appreciate that.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Zsolt

      Unfortunately I have not used my PC for about a year now – it’s stacked away somewhere in the basement :(

      But try adjusting some of these values if you can:

      The bit rate of the video – 1000 mbps is the minimum that you want

      The frame rate – 25-30 frames per second is standard for online.

      Compression type – Camtasia should give you different formats to export to – try different types and see what kind of results you get.

      HUGE TIP: When testing things like this, just export a small part of the video (like 30 seconds) – that will save you HEAPS of time!

      And finally, does this help at all?

      Talk soon!


  11. Nice work on the Zeigarnik Effect.
    I hadn’t heard of that before, but it’s definitely around and glad I can now attribute a name to it.
    Nicely presented vid too, easy to remember info, and the timing is not too short/too long, but made it’s point.


  12. Hello Gideon, great info that I use right now.

    I was referred this to a friend

    Its a video service that can allow you to interview your web cam conversations and post them in your blogs quickly.

    • Gideon Shalwick


      Thanks Kantis – will check it out!


  13. Hi Gideon,

    I love your work. Your videos are very crisp and clear.

    I have recently joined Yaro’s BlogMastermind and MembershipSiteMastermind programme. You both make things very easy and simple. I think I am in safe hands.

    I will appreciate if you can show in detail about Video Editing.

    Want to connect and learn more from you, Gideon.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Dr Sudeep Shroff

      Great to get in touch with you!

      Just stay subscribed to this blog – I am planning a lot of really cool video posts coming up – about online video marketing in particular.

      Talk soon!


  14. Hi Gideon, I’ve checked out and it looks very cool but I always worry about using 3rd party apps in case they plaster my videos with ads in the future or go bust!

    I see that they give you a ‘download MP4′ option, so would uploading that file to my Amazon S3 account be an option to answer my concerns (i.e. I’d have control over the video) and would that work with the Flash Video plugin for WordPress you mention elsewhere on this site?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Good point Clive

      That’s a worry that I have as well.

      That’s why, more recently I am moving back to ScreenFlow and YouTube, because ScreenFlow now has a nice upload to YouTube feature. So, even though my videos are on YouTube, I also have them on my computer for long keeping.

      Yes, you could upload the mp4 file from screenr to your amazon s3 account, but I am not sure whether it would work with the Flash Video Player plugin – worth a try though!

      All the best!


      • Yes! MP4 files such as downloaded from Screenr are recognised by the Flash Player plugin – from files in a folder on my domain, so I will now upload them to Amazon and, hopefully, that’s my concerns solved.

  15. Jarvis


    I have been fan for your blog and information.

    I want to learn more of how to make video, do you still have your program to show people how to make good quality vido and training video?

    Do you create your video from home or you have special setting for record and making video ?

    thank you

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Jarvis

      Check out – some nice free vids there showing you all about getting your first video online.

      I create all my videos from home :)

      Talk soon!


  16. Gideon,

    Thanks for this information.

    The software looks very good. I checked out their website and I am going to start using it.

    Thanks again.


    Duane Spears

  17. brian

    great site…….screenr works great but is camtasia studio the only screen capture software that allows you to blur your screen. i was hoping i could find something that included that function but didnt cost as much as camtasia. is didnt seem like the version allowed blurring either


    • Gideon Shalwick

      No too sure Brian – I only use ScreenFlow on my Mac now. It may be best to consult the Camtasia website for their latest features. Maybe send them an email?


  18. I don’t know is if this is relavent but I’m only 12 and I don’t understand all this stuff (I’m writing a book series and I want to make a short preview of a movie for the first book to put on site) can you give me some sort of advice to understand all of this and some for making my preview?


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