Why Multitasking Is Evil – Insights Into Freedom Series, Part 7

Yes, multitasking is dangerous for the health of your business and career!

This is a very critical lesson that I’ve learned in my career while I was still working as an employee. As opposed to the common perception that multitasking can help you accomplish more, the opposite is true. It actually slows down your progress.

Inside this video, the seventh of my Insights Into Freedom video series, I deal with the counter-intuitive concept of multitasking. I explain how this whole “evil” thing can bring more harm than good to your life and business.

I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and experiences about this very important insight of multitasking. Kindly leave your comments before you go.

Talk soon!

Gideon Shalwick

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6 Responses to Why Multitasking Is Evil – Insights Into Freedom Series, Part 7

  1. Outsourcinglive

    This is a principle I learnt from you Gideon. Don’t multi-task and I saw how effective it was when I launched Mass Outsource Mastermind a couple years ago. I’ve got to get my team not to multi-task now… Thanks for this great video and thank your video editor for making it so interesting. Loving all the special effects.

  2. humanyoda

    What you are talking about is overhead that comes from what’s called context switching in Computer Science.

    I disagree with how you described multitasking. It’s not evil. Sometimes it necessary (not just in the kitchen). Multitasking allows other people to continue working on the same task you just paused working on. Multitasking does come with overhead, so one should consider that.

  3. LuckyLoveLovesYou

    This is a lesson I keep having to relearn. Thanks for slapping reality on my face Gideon. This is one my fav videos in the Internet ! Thank you for everything

  4. TheCodingUniverse

    Exactly! “The soul can know everything at once. The body, however, can only execute once at a time.” — Some book I forgot the name of.

  5. ShotCopy

    Multi-tasking is from the computer world. Computers multi-task – Humans not so much. I agree with your observation – mine was the same experience. Thanks for sharing your insight and delivery of topic prsentation. Gave me some insight on how this type of video is done – conversationally. Very informative.

  6. Jonathan Jobickson

    Eban Pagan’s mine too