How To Get MORE VIEWS On YouTube – My #1 BIGGEST Tip

Inside today’s video I share my BIGGEST TIP for how to get more views on youtube!. This is something I’ve used over and over in the past to help me get amazing results.

What’s beautiful about this tactic, is that you can also use it with other things like Facebook, Twitter and even email database. Watch the video to find out more.

Gideon Shalwick

About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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  1. Gideon Shalwick

    How To Get More Views On YouTube – my biggest tip to help you get a TON
    more views on youtube fast!

  2. PranksSquad

    I’m definitely going to try this! Thanks again Gideon and keep up the great videos!

  3. Amid Yousef

    Love helping buddy, LIKED

  4. Kevin Johnson

    Great tip. Working on building my content.

  5. SoulJuiceTV

    superb info, thanks gideon

  6. mario medina

    Great video :)

  7. Kenneth Manesse Sr.

    Spot on Gideon … collaboration is a win-win!

  8. JDtheAmazzzing

    Thank you, man! I really appreciate the feedback and support. That’s great advice that I’ll be sure to look into. If you ever need a hand with anything music or video related, be sure to let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to help if I can :)

  9. keepingitrealawesome

    Great video and awesome tip!! To bad I don’t really know anybody on YouTube that’s popular

  10. iam Your Ex


  11. InsaneReviews07

    Hey Gideon thanks for the Tip have done this a few times with Bigger Channels Now i have done it with the Schmoes Know and Bobby Beck It has brought me in some good Subscribers but not a lot but will still keep doing it thanks again

  12. Bryan Krauss

    Thank you for the great advice.

  13. InsaneReviews07

    Hi I here to tell you that it does work I have done it with The Schmoes Know I have 200 Subscribers they have 50 K so just keep trying

  14. deanomac24

    Hey folks. I’m a vlogger. Check us out.

  15. SodaWolf1

    This should help me in a year.

  16. cameramanage

    Your videos are easy to watch from start to finish! They’re informative and well done! Thank you! Thumbs up!

  17. Mazon99

    Thanks Gideon, nice tip :)

  18. SahkanISR

    Just like wanting to be popular at school, trying to be friends with the most popular ones :)

  19. Angus McDonald

    Great ideas Gideon

  20. JaanaJ1

    Truest True 馃榾 Thank you Gideon

  21. Arnout Van den Bossche

    So no seo stuff with special titles, subtitles, keywords in description,… Etc?

  22. Gideon Shalwick

    that also helps… bit this one tip, when implemented well, can make a MASSIVE difference :) The game has changed.

  23. Arnout Van den Bossche

    Gideon, thx, you are fast! Only problem I am facing is that there are not many dutch spoken nich channels.

  24. Angus McDonald

    What if your best competition has only 5 subscribers?

  25. Gideon Shalwick

    Yes – that will all change in the near future as more people from other countries get on board. Now is the time to position yourself!

  26. Gideon Shalwick

    What’s your niche Angus?

  27. Angus McDonald

    I would prefer to discuss that offline if possible

  28. Alexandre Chaves

    As always, the best ! Again, your biggest fan from Brasil !

  29. kath luty

    great video! so true – collaboration is very powerful.

  30. Fraser Jack

    thanks Gideon, great advice.

  31. vincent Darras

    Thank you again Gideon, time to action now ! have fun !

  32. Sektor Seven G Channel

    Great advice! Thanks Gideon!

  33. Mark Hewitt

    Great tips Gideon! Thanks for sharing this great stuff with us.

  34. Buck Rogers

    As always Gideon I am learning from you, people don’t realize it’s what you do today that will change your tomorrows. Thanks

  35. Al Harji

    great advice as always. good strategy for win-win partnerships.

  36. Robert Wiesman

    Great advice from one of the best!

  37. japanvideophoto

    How do you know how times a PDF has been downloaded? Do you use a tracking code or something? I have a PDF, but I do not know how to track how many times it has been downloaded. Thanks for the great tip :)

  38. ThatDavinatorGuy

    Cool…always appreciate you tips Gideon….rock on!

  39. Danni Zaks

    Gideon – As always, great advice.

  40. Carole Seawert

    Thanks for the handy tips, Gideon. I’m seriously impressed that your PDF has been downloaded 40,000 times!!.

  41. Dario Cavada

    Gideox, thank you for those simply but powerful tips. I’ll try to do my best in finding what you are pointed. Just one question. We are in the “ocean” of entertainment and so what we can “offer” to other people in the same niche? Maybe we have to search not competitors, but publishers and or reviewers?

    Thank you!
    Merlino DreamLab

  42. Lisa K.

    Great video Gideon! Love your work, I always open all your emails and check out every video you post, they’ve helped me SO much with my business!

  43. Simon Deacon

    Thanks Gideon – great advice

  44. Boomdrumming

    Hi Gideon, Just want to say thanks for the content. Great ideas, always very well explained. You’ve got me thinking!

    Paul Houle

  45. Viditrainer

    Cool tip, Gideon. I need to start finding other South African business-orientated YouTubers.

  46. Jayshree Muralidharan

    Thanks Gideon…interesting tip.

  47. BroLumps


  48. Fancylooks

    It worked for me, I edited a presentation for a channel in exchange that she would recommend my channel in one of her videos, as she also has a crafts channel, and it worked, I usually get about 10 subscribers a day and for two days I got around 100 subscribers. It was not made like what you explain, but basically is the same idea.

  49. makesilverjewelry

    Thanks Gideon! Always great stuff! Would love to hear more about how you set up affiliates, the technic side. Do you use a specific site to help you with this? Thanks! -Laura

  50. makesilverjewelry

    *technical side*

  51. Pam Carruthers

    Inspirational, many thanks Gideon for sharing your know how!

  52. Susan Evans

    I have a pretty large following for the homeschooling niche. My only real competition is a homeschooling comedian. If I approach him, he might make fun of me. Ha!

  53. Marylou Tyler

    Thank you for sharing this video. It reminds me that I’m not a solo practitioner out there. There are others who share my passion and want to give their listeners opportunity to speak with experts, like me.

  54. Robert A拧enberger

    Thanks for all your advice which are very useful.

  55. Stan Dubin

    Good advice, Gideon. One could also target channels that reach out to a similar set of demographics. May not be the same niche, per se, but the same demographics would be a valuable connection to make.

  56. darkside456670

    To Gideon shalwick: how do you upload a video to another person.I am going to be doing clan videos but their scatters in my country

  57. WebsitesMadeSimple

    Great tip Gideon! It’s kind of like guest posting, but with video.

    I think sometimes it works better to find other channels that aren’t in your niche. For example, I teach people how to make websites and that niche is highly competitive.

    It might be hard to find someone in my direct niche who wants to collaborate. But I’ve found that a lot of indie writers want their own websites. So maybe I would try to find a channel in that niche to work with.

    Keep up the great work, love your stuff!

  58. darkside456670

    Thanks for the advice I’m sure I’ll use them

  59. Mark Geisler

    Great tip Gideon. You are in a select group of authorities that I look to for real actionable guidance in video creation. You walk the talk and when you talk, I listen. Thanks for your continued excellence in video marketing.

  60. John Skinner

    Thank You Gideon, For The Great Advice And Guidence, Much,Much Appriciated.

  61. Sifu Fernandez WingTchunDo

    yol Im questioning you on a few things,how can I upload someone elses vid form their channel without youtube’s automated copywright infringements coming into play?man Ive only got over 3000 subscribers…bit hard to collaborate in my field, they feel too threatened, have you ever come across that alot of people in your niche has a lot of followers but are more mercenaries than honest? what then..PS always like your vids case you answer me I think you know my email :)

  62. Graham Bray

    Hi Gideon, a really interesting idea, and one I’ve never considered before. I have two channels and havn’t done too badly with the number of views, but how can I increase the number of subscribers? I see that you’ve got a bucket full of subscibers but my channels are about 70 and 150 respectively. Any suggestions?

  63. Gregg Killpack

    Thanks again, Gideon, for another great video. I am building my investor education business in the stock market and I need to learn all I can about online advertising and promotion — because people definitely need to learn how to make more money in the stock market to enjoy a better retirement. MarketTimingUniversity-dot-com

  64. damir yarullin

    I love this video! you are AWESOME Gideon!

  65. Thomas McKay

    It’s a good one. I am passing it on to a special events chef to see if he can use a channel to help market his business.

  66. Kelly Cates

    You always provide really valuable information! No fluff here. Thank you!!!

  67. Pam Brossman

    Fab idea Gideon can’t wait to do a collaboration with you buddi :) Great idea!

  68. Dumitriu Gabi

    Amazing tip Gideon. As always you rock. I am in the Bitcoin and Litecoin niche and I am building the first romanian website on which you can buy and sell crypto currencies and change it directly in local romanian lei. I am also working on the structure of my weekly interviews with people that are already doing this and believe me, your tips and tricks are amazing because they are so simple and easy to implement.

  69. Tanya Marie

    Hi Gideon! Thanks for the awesome advice as usual. :)
    Sorry but could you help me.. I can’t seem to figure out “exactly” how to search by channel’s here on youtube? :/ Thanks again.

  70. Rob Hardie

    Hey Gideon – another great video! Great content that’s wise and helpful – thanks

  71. Octochut Ney

    But I don’t know anyone who has a lot of subscribers, so who

  72. Octochut Ney

    Sorry my computer fell of my lap, what do I do?

  73. Louis M. De Jesus

    Gideon Hi: Your contribution to the IM industry is just fantastic, your professionalism, your honesty and content. I have been following you since you started “Become A Blogger” awesome work, thank you…Louis

  74. Belligerent Gamezing

    Hey youtube peoples, check out me and Delta Thrace’s new Channel (Belligerent Gamezing). We play mostly indie games but there are others that make it into our queue with ridiculous commentary as well as some movie reviews. If you sub us we will definitely sub you back. Hope you enjoy.

  75. Joan Stewart

    Some neat tips, really appreciated thanks Gideon.

  76. Michael Victure

    Cheers, Mate

  77. PranksSquad

    I definitely will try! Thanks

  78. XxImXxXxlemonXx

    Pls subscribe at my channel

  79. Michelle Suslee

    Another great tip :) I’ve got a direction now and a person of interest in mind. Thanks!

  80. passionateaboutenglish

    Hi Gideon
    I really want to say a big thank you ~ I learnt so much from your youtube videos and rapidvideoblogging print out (and paid for something which I haven’t had time to digest yet) ~ I’ve got a huge project on the go ~ passionateaboutenglish dot com ~ (passionateaboutenglish on facebook and passionateaboutengl on youtube).
    If you watch passionateaboutenglish mini lesson #22 I give you a name check and recommend putting your name on youtube!!! I hope it’s up your street!

  81. Phil Squires

    And simply combine the two for double-the-howzit 馃槈

    Thanks – always love your content Gideon

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    Thank You Gideon! Exciting Stuff:D

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  88. Dennis Sievers

    Hello Gideon. Nice Tipps. I build next time my own channal up and this was a very good idea. I search now for partner they speak my language… German!

  89. AskMikePalumbo

    Great advice Gideon! Your videos are excellent! It takes time, but with hard work and your advice, I’ll get there! I’ll keep watching and learning.

  90. Andwea Castwo

    please check out my video and subscribe to my channel

  91. CM Chen

    Thanks for sharing your tip. Much appreciated!

  92. Joel Phua

    Thanks for this amazing tip! Could you make a video on how to get clear audio? How do you avoid background noise?

  93. Yaro Starak

    Thanks for the shout out G, and how nice of you to give the tip right at the start of the video – BOOM!

  94. LionReputationCoach

    Thanks for this very practical tip, Gideon.

  95. angiwren4

    This is great and makes total sense, thank you for sharing this with us :)

  96. SuccessWithCyndi

    Great advice! I love that you encouraged staying within your Niche and having something to offer before asking for help. Reciprocal relationships are always the best!

  97. BookCoverCafe

    Oh, oh, you boomed Yaro!

  98. BookCoverCafe

    Partnerships are incredibly powerful Gideon. Really dug the quick example too.

  99. omar brikaa

    whats clabirations sorry im 10 years old hahahah tell me

  100. omar brikaa

    eric wasnt watching you were talking to your self

  101. selfgrowthproject

    Thank you Gideon will certainly take on your advice. I ready your report and can definitely recommend checking it out.

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  105. Kamil Ali

    This tip is really good I believe . I was actually for a partner for my channel

  106. Monty Burn

    Hi Gideon, collaboration is of course another term for affiliate marketing. It’s proven so you’ve done a good job in spreading the “gospel”. It works if done properly.

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    Thanks Gideon good advice as always, will defo test out kind regards Simon

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    Great tips, Gideon!

  112. Zhanna Fomochkina

    Nice x

  113. Lynne Adams

    This is a great strategy. I also like to use a video response to videos that are similar to mine. Keep up the good work.

  114. George Donnelly

    Great stuff, Gideon, thank you. I’m learning a lot from you.

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  118. Melissa Perry

    Brilliant…as usual…thx for more great advice!

  119. Michael Gowans

    Awesome Gideon! I’ve been following you for a few years now and I’ve told a lot of people about you and I have referenced a lot of your videos. Thanks again! BTW I want to thank you for opening me up to this kind of profession I love it. Oh and your video… Looks very pro and very clean.

    Have a good one,


    “You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.”
    Alan Watts

  120. learnaccountingfast

    Hi Gideon another good tip . Your videos are always great hot little tips. I now have over 250 videos now on street smart business skills. This little tip will help me enormously.
    Keep up the great work.

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  129. Learnguitartunes

    What fantastic advice, I do think collaboration is the key, I have noticed some BIG players in my niche have recently collaborated. I think it is time for me to do the same and collaborate, also different niches could collaborate too I think, depends who of course but can work for both to attract a different/ new audience.

    I am very happy today because I just hit 1,000,000 views on my channel this morning, that was a nice surprise to come back to from a week on holiday. Thanks Gideon, Jack.

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    very good tip – two thing though, how to overcome the let’s say hesitation of the colleague to collaborate, how to find middle ground and put aside the competitiveness? and once you do that – and more importantly – how to come up with something new to film together when combined there are already over 200 videos already out there?! thanks, Leemore

  131. 诇讬诪讜专 讘谞专讜谉 诇讜讬 专驻诇拽住讜诇讜讙讬讛

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    I think I have to stalk you now :)

  145. Gideon Shalwick

    Irena! Great stuff! Welcome to my channel!

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    what camera are you using? It’s very clear. I have a cannon T3I but your quality looks so much better

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    Gideon …. I’ve been following your advice now for some weeks, after getting hooked by the wealth of knowledge that you have to offer on your many digital celluloid productions :) – I even just bought a lapel mike after following your advice. I must say that I have never seen such a high concentration of fantastic and entertaining info regarding Video marketing in one place!

  148. Carl Picot

    I also notice that you are a bit of an Eben Pagan fan just like myself. I am pretty new to all this, but after following you for just a few days, have completely changed the way I make videos – can’t wait for the next vid :)


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