How To Get More Views On YouTube – My Top 5 Tips

Over the last few years, especially the last 12 months, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me how to get more views on YouTube.

Well, inside today’s video I reveal 5 of my biggest and most powerful tips for getting some seriously high views on YouTube.

In fact, these are some of the very same strategies I used to help me build over 18,000 subscribers to one of my email lists over the last 10 months – pretty powerful stuff.

And if you’d like to see how I did it in detail, just go here:

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Gideon Shalwick

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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  1. Hey Gideon,

    I really love your videos. Great info presented in simple ways. I’ll definetely build YouTube into my online strategies.

    I do have one question about YouTube vidoes though. If you offer a service to customers, can you advertise that service on YouTube? For example, can you say in your videos “Hey, I got this really cool service. Go here to check it out. I hope you’ll like it…blah-blah”? Are you allowed to do that, or will YouTube kick your sorry @ss out of their site if you try doing something like that?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Zsolt

      So far YouTube does not seem to mind commercial messages.

      But one never knows what they may do in the future.


  2. Lovely tips. The tag one is so simple. Why I didn’t think of that I don’t know. I really am going to start making more videos sooooooon!

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  4. [..YouTube..] You sounds like someone from Dice!

  5. [..YouTube..] greatt! thnxx man! :)

  6. [..YouTube..] Great advice. I knew about the first three, but not the last two. Thank you for sharing. I don’t subscribe to many channels, but your’s I’m going to subscribe to. :)

  7. [..YouTube..] @LarryCook333 Hey Larry – thanks for the vote of confidence! There are a whole heap more things you can do to help you get more views on YouTube… and to turn those views into money. I’m releasing a free report pretty soon about that – you can get it at my personal blog – listed on my YouTube channel…

  8. [..YouTube..] Thanks man

  9. [..YouTube..] the reason i searched 4 this is becouse i have over 100 vids
    and my most viewed vid have 2500 views in 1 and a half months
    and then i click on some other channel and have like 5 vids
    and mostly of the 5 vids are over 2000 views

    it kinda pisses me off

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  14. [..YouTube..] @arrafatter
    It does get annoying when people get lucky and get 1000s in like their first week ever

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    Please add me ans subscribe and i will do the same to you!

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  20. [..YouTube..] Out of all the tips i’ve seen yours and smpfilms are the best!

  21. [..YouTube..] @moreviews4u Thanks man – much appreciated! Make sure you subscribe to my channel cos I give A LOT more useful online video marketing tips on my channel.

    Gideon Shalwick

  22. [..YouTube..] Great Video, great tips, great video quality! Thanks so much for sharing, going to start applying some of those principals now.

  23. [..YouTube..] thanks for video man! and its this true that if U comment in a video you gone be get 1views and 1channel views????

  24. [..YouTube..] i really want views anyone reading this please help

  25. [..YouTube..] hay can u subscribe to me sir please

  26. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon. Thank you for these tips. They’re very helpful. You are a great speaker and are informative and concise.

  27. [..YouTube..] @veesvideo Hey Vee – thanks for going through the effort of leaving a thoughtful comment! I’m glad my info was useful to you!

  28. [..YouTube..] Its so sad how these pathetic losers are begging for these damn “subscribers”. Do you all get it? Doesn’t matter how many “subscribers” you all beg for….a majority of them are NOT going to watch your videos no matter how sucky or good they may be.
    There is no way of trying to increase your view count on this hellhole of a site.It’s all based on luck.
    Just look at all these freaking youtube partners…notice all the similarities. You have to be just like that. How sad.
    Just keep making vids.

  29. [..YouTube..] wow Gideon you’re hot .I see the wedding band but still you’re hot

  30. [..YouTube..] very nice video! my video views have been increasing a lot lately! thank you so much!

  31. [..YouTube..] @feverdeceiver Hey Daniel! Great stuff! Glad it’s all working out for you!

    YouTube is just SOOO much fun!

    Gideon Shalwick

  32. [..YouTube..] @AdamCartwrightMyLove Uhm… cool thanks! Yeah sorry I’m taken :)

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  34. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon,

    Great tips and yeah these are really your secrets! :) Thankfully I’m getting a bit on track on being viewed much better now since I started producing not only keyword-optimized title and description but also showing instructional videos which I saw “How-To” ones are really getting high demand on search.

    Thanks a lot man.

  35. [..YouTube..] @tyroneshum no problem Tyrone! Glad my little video helped out out!

    All the best!

    Gideon Shalwick

  36. [..YouTube..] this was useful, thank you very much for good advices! :) i think i got good videos but i dont have views, maybe now things will change, who knows…

  37. [..YouTube..] cool thanks

  38. [..YouTube..] ;( I still suck. 15 views in a few months……*sigh* I feel like I’m pretty much useless…I mean, sure, I can do a competition, but no one will see my video explaining the contest! All the others a follow, other than #5 but I don’t make videos of real life footage, I’m a SM64 Machinimist.

  39. [..YouTube..] thanks man

  40. [..YouTube..] I need someone to help me become a partner! Please GideonShalwick, help me. Im too young and I need a adult

  41. [..YouTube..] i know all this stuff already!

  42. [..YouTube..] thank you so much I have been looking at tuns of these videos for good advice

  43. [..YouTube..] /watch?v=1lCVTOjzxnM this shows you how its free easy and legit THIS IS HOW!!

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    watch my last video uploaded & leve comment 4 me
    bro’z for life

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  48. [..YouTube..] Those were some great tips, cheers ;)

  49. [..YouTube..] hi i really would love to get a few views but so far its been like i havent logd on. im a song writer and i have a song up and i looked it up to find nothin and gonna try your tips so fingers crossed.

  50. [..YouTube..] Well said. ive been trying to get more views for a while now and im hoping these few pointers will work! thanks!

  51. [..YouTube..] Hey Gideon, thanks a lot for these tips. I’m just starting out on youtube and i think your video will help me get some views.

  52. [..YouTube..] @choITSELF hey Derek and Steven – you’re very welcome!

    Let me know how you get on ok?

    Also make sure you sign up for my free newsletter on my personal blog – I’ll be releasing a lot of really useful stuff there very soon…

    Gideon Shalwick

  53. [..YouTube..] hey wat does the ? mark means..if its in your views

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  57. [..YouTube..] Thanks these were really great tips I got 5 veiws more veiws overnight ! that’s big for me because the video stayed at 5 views for the past few days (I just uploaded it) but after I tried your tips it now has 10 :)

  58. [..YouTube..] @WhoCaresAlisha Awesome stuff! Congrats!

    A river starts with one drop… likewise, millions of views start with only one!

    All the best!

    Gideon Shalwick

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  60. [..YouTube..] Thanks!

  61. [..YouTube..] Anyone want to trade subs???

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  63. [..YouTube..] awsoem video Gideon these are the basics of seo – but useful to know – how do you use comments , yourself, to get trafic ? do google/you tube count comments like in the bloodshphere ?

  64. [..YouTube..] Thanks alot men it really helped ;)

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  67. [..YouTube..] thanks man my video got 6 more views since i used ur tips 30 minutes ago

  68. [..YouTube..] these tips were great man. espically the last 2
    thanks alot

  69. [..YouTube..] Great ideas. Thanks for sharing…

  70. [..YouTube..] I really thank you for these tips . They helped me a lot , for 10-20 views now i have 50-100 thanks a lot !

  71. [..YouTube..] hey gideon thanks for the tips i am new on you tube and i hope to get allot of views

  72. [..YouTube..] Thanks! this was sssooooooo helpful I just changed all my video names and the tags and i hope it helps :)

  73. [..YouTube..] Being in I.T. I already knew this information, but still not getting hits. Good info for Newbies tho

  74. [..YouTube..] Thanks, Darlin! Those were excellent tips! I’m going to edit my video uploads right now. :) Thanks for taking the time to make this video!

  75. [..YouTube..] I took your advise, and then I searched up a tutorial video I made, I found it in the first page because of description and title tip!

  76. [..YouTube..] I changed my titles and tags but I still don’t get enough exposure. Is it the quality of my videos? Cool video I am going to check out your website.

  77. [..YouTube..] @phillipthai714 Hey Philip – It could be your content yes. The underlying principle here is that you provide great content to your viewers that they will want to spread to their friends.

    Gideon Shalwick

  78. [..YouTube..] I agree with all these tips, but I know (from my experience) that there’s one more tip to get you more subscribers. Its very simple. Basicly just dont get involved in arguments with youtube trolls. There are people who will hate every video and they will dislike it and they’ll also post bad comments on your videos. I say….just ignore these people. Be nice to everyone because people will more likely subscribe to nice person than some cocky person. That’s just my opinion though.

  79. [..YouTube..] @czeko92 Great point made – I agree with you :)

    Gideon Shalwick

  80. [..YouTube..] grt video

  81. [..YouTube..] thanks! these tips are really working!

  82. [..YouTube..] @czeko92 you said from my experience…….
    so i guess that you expert can u tell me plz what’s the best way to increase my views
    or the most important steps ?

  83. [..YouTube..] hey man i like your video and i did all your tips but i still have about 3 or 4 views and i uploaded the video about 4 or 5 days ,btw i upload i good videos with a good quality
    and the links is working really i dont know what to do

  84. [..YouTube..] Gideon, Solid tips here! Duly noted!

  85. [..YouTube..] i agree

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    Thank you

  87. [..YouTube..] Way to go Gideon! Love it!!

  88. [..YouTube..] @Come4Mess
    What I think is wrong, is that your videos isn’t emportent enuf. You need to make something people are searching for. I had the same problem long time ago. Now i get more viewers. I still don’t get many :-D

  89. [..YouTube..] Great advice.

  90. [..YouTube..] really good tips it helped a lot!!

  91. [..YouTube..] what if you have a make up collab channel and dont know what title to make it

  92. [..YouTube..] how much costs your microphone?

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    I don’t really know what to say so I guess this comment will be a #FAIL

    Not that i’m bitching or anything… Don’t worry, you look like a cool guy.

    Know what I mean?


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  101. [..YouTube..] Pisses me off that there are shity vids getting more views than mine. I feel like I’m an extremely underrated musician on YouTube and all I want is to share my talent. Ah so annoying.

  102. [..YouTube..] thanks for the tips and can you people give some shoutouts for me

  103. [..YouTube..] I sure wish I had started watching your YouTube videos a long time ago, but now
    is better than never. Again you are an outstanding teacher. Thanks

  104. [..YouTube..] nice video really it reaally helped me

  105. [..YouTube..] hey do you mind viewing my youtube page and vids and tell me what i can improve on to get more views…aswell as to be more known?…I put my vids over facebook as well as twitter :D

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  110. [..YouTube..] @czeko92 i feel i do that but i still dont have that many views wat else should i do ???

  111. [..YouTube..] i still think i need help …..i am doin everything that u said but still dont hav that many views wat should i do ?????

  112. [..YouTube..] you should also do all CAPS becuase then the title will pop out to other vids

  113. [..YouTube..] …i dont know what to put as a title i always do vlogs and stuff

  114. [..YouTube..] cool tips, but man do u have some tips for a brand new user cuz if some ppl search for a topic and they find my video with like 0 or 10 views they are most probably not to view it, thaks in advance

  115. [..YouTube..] i totally agree with you you also could upload a funny as video then give it a cool namee also you can send the link to all your friends on facebook or bebo or whatever and get them to chack it out adn if its good enough theyll pass it on to there mates and the circle goes on and on until you end up with thousands maybe even millions of hits on your video upload !!! comment on my page and my videos guys thanksss :D and let me know what you think of my videos dont be afraid to leave a comment :)

  116. [..YouTube..] Good info, i will try this. thanks a lot

  117. [..YouTube..] All of this is true, but a sad fact of youtube is that getting a popular video is still somewhat of a lottery unless you are an already established youtuber. The only people on youtube who can guarantee 1000s of views every video are people who have already built a large following. Anyone else is basically hoping that their videos will have the right tag or title that will put them in searches and related categories. The only sure fire way is to pay to promote your video, but most don’t want to.

  118. [..YouTube..] The interview idea is very clever, if you can prove yourself as a skilled and entertaining interviewer it would be the perfect way to befriend fellow YouTubers.

  119. [..YouTube..] Outstanding video Gideon! Thanks for sharing value-packed content.

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  131. [..YouTube..] Your tips make a lot of sense. I have made a few changes already. If you take action then change is inevitable. Thanks.

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    My team and I will begin implementing your wonderful ideas.

    To Your Good Health

    Dr. Faith

  134. [..YouTube..] Hey, Thanks for the tips, a couple I wasn’t doing. I will watch what I am doing from now on . I appreciate the video.

  135. [..YouTube..] i would love to get more views on youtube but everything i try never seems to work,

  136. [..YouTube..] Really good vid, But i have a really good title/tag/desrciption and everything and still not alot of views. Please tell me why?

  137. [..YouTube..] Hey man! Thanks for all your tips! :)
    I really can use them. But i got another question for you.
    How do i get inspiration to make video’s?
    I want to make cool movie’s and get much viewers with your tips.
    Can you help me?

    I will give you an subscribe because your video’s are awesome! :)

  138. [..YouTube..] I have good videos , but I still don’t have views. Check out my channel :)

  139. [..YouTube..] I totally agree with all these tips, but even when I do them I still don’t get any views :S. I mean I uploaded only one video so far. But it looks okay to me but for some reason I didn’t get many views even though the tags and the video name are things that people will want to search for :S

  140. [..YouTube..] i dont know why but every time i watch my video its gains 1 view pls tell me if that happened to you

  141. [..YouTube..] do you get more or less views on the weekend?

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  143. [..YouTube..] Very useful!
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  149. [..YouTube..] Awesome tips Gideon. I’m going to check out mismag’s site. I really like the Youbtube JV strategy. Great way to do that. Thanks!

  150. [..YouTube..] I think talking v chat would be fun.

  151. [..YouTube..] thnx it helped me…cool…im thinkin of doin a singing video it really helped me..:)

  152. [..YouTube..] Ok, Tip 5 can intervieuw you!

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  157. [..YouTube..] Love the accent. I am relatively a new “YouTuber” & find information like this helpful. Especially the whole making use of the description area. Thumbs up. Can I ask you something about the email list? Is that something on your website? Because I don’t see where you can do that on YouTube just like these lists people are talking about i.e. most discussed, ect… also where do you find how to give people stars? THX ?:^>

  158. [..YouTube..] @TammyFlores1 Hey Tammy – I talk about it more inside my FREE 92 page report on how to make money with online video – you can download your own copy here:

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  172. [..YouTube..] Hey Gideon,

    What wonderful content that you provided in this tutorial. The 5 points made sense and was delivered in a clear way. Excellent job. Just out of curiosity, how long does it typically take you to build 30 or 40 thousand views on your youtube channel? You also mentioned that you got 18 thousand contacts just from your youtube channel, right?

  173. [..YouTube..] @gregharris9000 Hey Greg – thank you for your kind words! How long it takes depends on a number of things, the number one most important thing being the quality of your content. For my channel where I do all my testing (freemagiclive), we’ve had around 4,000,000 views now in about 18 months. And built up an email list of around 30,000 from that. Also visit the website when you get there to see…

  174. Thanks for the video, all those tips helped me out a lot. I was wondering if you also use any software to get more views to your YouTube videos?

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