How To Increase Your Views On YouTube In 2011

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About a year ago I created a video that shows you my 5 tips for getting more views on YouTube. During that time, I’ve received a whopping 99,562 views! So, I must have done something right!

Sure, it’s not in the millions, but it’s a pretty niche kinda of video targeted at a specific demographic.

In any case, today I have created an updated version with some extra tips to help you increase your views on YouTube.

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Talk soon!

Gideon Shalwick

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.


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  1. Alejandro - How To Get Views

    Great video Gid, love the mnemonica tips and the after effects video editing. Just plain kick ass!



  2. Very Nice Gideon. I like the defice you just gave. Have a great ONE!!
    Paul Butler

  3. Paul


    I enjoyed this video!
    How you packed the information, nice effects, the length of the vid!

    To the other tips: I believe, that the quality of the audio is more important then image quality. In most videos (talking head) it can be really annoying if you do not understand the content :)

    Thank You


  4. Gideon,
    Your videos always are amazing. Thank you for the teaching us some more cool things. I will start using DEFICE in my projects.

    Alll the best,


  5. If you can’t be funny … go friendly. Friendly always works to connect with an audience.

  6. [..YouTube..] first but no one cares! awesome video Gideon !

  7. [..YouTube..] wow this is a really cool video great job.

  8. [..YouTube..] “Spread-worthy”

    Sounds like something from a lost episode of Seinfeld.

  9. Claire


    Call yourself a video expert?

    Why are you wearing that ridiculous t-shirt? Presenting yourself as a walking billboard distracts from your core message. Dump the t-shirt (yes, I understand you probably paid some silly amount of money for it!), dress in fashionable but neutral tones, and let us focus on the message — not the stupid logo blazoned across your chest!!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      The t-shirt cost me $5. I guess it’s a matter of taste. Some like it, some dont.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hmmm… just thinking… maybe you are trying to be controversial with your comment? You got my attention, so my advice worked 😉


      • Hey the way I think about it is if you can relax and be yourself on a video, people will like to listen and hang around you. Love the shirt and the info lol.
        I can’t really talk about fashion though as my and daughters laugh at my clothing and fashion sense all the time

  10. [..YouTube..] @KnightOwl2006 lol! now that you mention it…

  11. [..YouTube..] @GideonShalwick Perhaps you’ll get even more hits with that in the title.

  12. [..YouTube..] @KnightOwl2006 totally tempted to test that – you are too clever!

  13. [..YouTube..] what do you use to edit…i like the titling

  14. [..YouTube..] Nailed it – your videos are looking awesome.
    As always the content is brilliant and I like the way you added the annotation to the video – click the video and you’ll be taken to the next video… very clever!

  15. [..YouTube..] BEST VIDEO.

  16. [..YouTube..] Awesome video as usual Gideon! Thanks for the tips!

  17. [..YouTube..] scratching my head over the ad that popped up over this. chainsaw offers. chainsaw. hmmmm.

  18. [..YouTube..] Great content as always Gideon, and I’m really liking the motion graphics throughout the video.

  19. [..YouTube..] Hey guys check out my channel and subscribe if you want :) thanks

  20. [..YouTube..] sorry but i think your new sound efx’s suck…

  21. [..YouTube..] I have to figure out how to get my Adsense back. I was a partner for 3 years. Adsense is Impossible.

  22. [..YouTube..] you deserve so much more views!

  23. [..YouTube..] wonderful! thanks

  24. [..YouTube..] Awesome) what soft are use for subtitles? Tell me pls)))

  25. [..YouTube..] thanks!

  26. [..YouTube..] The link is not working for me :(

  27. [..YouTube..] wat software/ programme did you use for this vid?? looks great

  28. [..YouTube..] hey Gideon the video on top doen’t have the link because when I click on it nothing happen. Anyway great video as usual!!

  29. [..YouTube..] @ghap4a have just added the annotation – sorry it did not seem to work the first time round, but should work again now…

  30. [..YouTube..] @svinehunden – funny.. i was just thinking how cool they were.. to each his/her own I suppose!

  31. [..YouTube..] Thanks a lot Gideon, I will check it now. Blessings!

  32. [..YouTube..] Awesome as usual Gideon. I am going to defice to do it!!
    Paul Butler

  33. [..YouTube..] Great tips thanks for sharing them.

  34. [..YouTube..] Defice..what an interesting word…I have never heard it before but the way you describe it makes complete sense to me. I am sure you will get a good increase in views this year Gideon. IF you do share the software you used I would love to know it as well.

  35. [..YouTube..] Beautiful editing! Are you using Sony Vegas? Pro? Really Nice lower third and other effects!

  36. [..YouTube..] 325 views?! That’s impossible. This should get like a million views. *Logs on to Twitters and tweets* Great job, man!

  37. [..YouTube..] @scarfulify I think YT freezes the initial views to around 300, until they are sure the views are coming from a legitimate place – so I am sure it will update soon’ish…

  38. [..YouTube..] @elitekoncept i think it draws the attention away from the topic and gets you thinking of the production. it should be the other way around. it’s just what i think ;))) and sorry for being so blunt :)

  39. Hi Gideon,
    Thanks for another helpful video. I have just started in the world or internet marketing and really appreciate the tips.


  40. [..YouTube..] Gideon your videos are so amazingly helpful and well done that inspires me every time I watch them!
    Thanks a lot for sharing you knowledge with us

  41. [..YouTube..] Love the quality of your videos. What software did you use to do the animations in this video? Great stuff!

  42. Eileen

    Great video but what kind of camera do you use? What software do you use to produce it, the grahics, etc.? Thank you.

  43. [..YouTube..] Ha ha – defice huh? I like shortcuts. Interesting thought to creating better vids. Thnx for keeping it fun

  44. [..YouTube..] I’ve gotten started on my DIFFERENT Video. Please Check out my INSPIRATIONAL Dance Video on my Channel! & Also Subscribe!! THANKS.

  45. [..YouTube..] Nice video, thumbs up and subscribe be sure to check my YouTube Channel out aswell!


  46. Mor

    Thanks Gideon, Great video!
    I love your videos very much you are true profetional.


  47. [..YouTube..] ” bad videos don’t go viral” rebecca blacks did

  48. Another home run y friend!

    Are all the slight of hand effects from your MAC software??

    All Good Wishes,

    PS. don’t fret over the pin-heads – I thought the tee-shirt was pretty cool!!

  49. [..YouTube..] Check out my videos, I have been doing weekly giveaways for the last 3 weeks, been working OK.

  50. @thedancecenter11 Good point. But that’s a different kind of bad really… perhaps it’s so bad it’s controversial? lol!

  51. My view count has been stuck on 699 all day, but I don’t want 699. I want 700 or more.

  52. @GideonShalwick yea lol

  53. i have one vidios that has 10 000 views and my other has just 100

  54. i’m doing most of the stuff you already mentioned
    Not getting where i want…

  55. /watch?v=qy623awiAxo

  56. team fortress 2

  57. Awesome Video Gideon. I just loved each and everything about this video. The info, graphics, video ans sound quality, your t-shirt, everything. It was just like watching a Hollywood video.

    You are really taking online to a new level Gideon. You seem to be raising bars when it comes to Video Experts. Love your Videos Gideon. Looking out for more.

    Prajwal Shinde

  58. What software did you use to edit this video???

  59. check this video out /watch?v=fxzMo5WI6I0

  60. this video has 2000 views, lol.

  61. I upload Synthesia videos of video game music. Just throwing that out there.

  62. @KneeOJustice my other channel is approaching 9 million views… see freemagiclive. This is just my teaching channel…

  63. [..YouTube..] hi guys please check my vids

  64. all you have to do is make sure the preview clip is of a chick half naked then title it XXX and you will get views

  65. Thanks Gideon, good info. and i loved the special effects. Video within a video, cool :)

  66. [..YouTube..] what video editor do you use?

  67. [..YouTube..] @theaceofskates Camtasia is good for picture in picture and also editing intro clips and audio. Im sure Gideon uses a high end product. You might have to mess around with the production quality with camtasia to get the good sound and picture. I did a little test video with camtasia on my channel if you want to check it out. Took about an hour to make up.

  68. [..YouTube..] @theaceofskates oh yeah, animoto is good too. Just google it and it will come up.

  69. An entertaining video helps increase viewers too..:)

  70. [..YouTube..] well i just made a funny video so i ignored the f from defice

  71. @KneeOJustice now 5 thousand

  72. Sir, Can you advertise my videos and my channel please!

  73. [..YouTube..] “Bad videos don’t go viral” Oh yeah, whose JUSTIN BEIBER! HAAA. Good video otherwise though. Nicely put together.

  74. [..YouTube..] This is a better way to get views – /watch?v=h5XFfOZyunc

  75. [..YouTube..] What program did you use to edit this video?

    Great job.

  76. [..YouTube..] @Shelklas My video editor used After Effects :)

  77. [..YouTube..] @KneeOJustice nope 6257 views ;P

  78. Total awesomeness!!! Great advice!

  79. @xhexnuk3r 7,110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  80. @GideonShalwick wut is it though? Lmao xP

  81. @PugaEntRDuktionZ no 7191!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  82. Actually, you are right, and putting a link on the video to a 1 part is always good, so people don’t have to search trough your big channel, because that is boring!

  83. great video very usefull thanks

  84. Nice work!! I go with the how-to vids myself :)

  85. sad utuber:- “why do i lost my views?? :(
    another utuber :-“because some people give half of the video to those FOOLISH intros “

  86. how did u get the video in video thingy at 3:41 its cool

  87. thanks – really good advice

  88. DEFICE. Great advise. Thank you Gideon.


  89. Very good advice and everything but I don’t have a credit card to pay those $97 so I clicked away… If only I was able to pay it cash instead, now I gotta spend almost $500 to get your RappidVideoBlogging next time when I do finally get my own credit card.

  90. bad videos do go viral has anyone seen rebecca blace friday has ove 30 million veiws and its horrible

  91. is the video editor u used free???

  92. lol you cut the video before the f, did you try a joke?

  93. Where are you located? What’s the best way to reach you?


  94. @KneeOJustice you mean 9219 views

  95. What editing software do you guys use?! Its amazing. I am guessing you using sony vegas

  96. this doesn’t work if no one wach my videos :((

  97. Thanks!

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  102. pretty groovy

  103. @GideonShalwick After effects isnt an editing programme. its a motion graphics etc programme.

  104. Pause at 0:09 hahaha Its funny and great video!!!

  105. @xBrokenScope lol – good one – not sure where I get my facial expressions from!

  106. @xLegitMinecrafters ah cool – thanks!

  107. @GideonShalwick just saying lol 😛

  108. press 6 and here the word and replay it after and after and after and after.. hahaha! so funny :)

  109. Five people have zero views on their videos :o)

    htt p://hackinghobbies.blogspot. com/


  111. I live the video effects in your video! awzm! u got 1 new subscriber ^^

  112. Great tips.. now I just need video ideas! lol.. my first video was just randomness.

  113. my videos are lonley

  114. Hey, My name is Maleek Stevens.
    I am 16 years old putting my music on youtube to try and get recognized. I need a little help though and im hopeing that you can help me out. I know a lot of people probably contacted you about music, but if you watch my videos i promise you WILL NOT REGRET IT.

  115. No one watches my videos :(


  117. It doesn’t exactly tell you anything

  118. no one watches my videos (

  119. @GideonShalwick
    After effects isn’t good for editing. Only for motion effects, I would recommend using Sony Vegas and importing your Sony Vegas project into after effects for the special effects. Sony Vegas is an excellent source for video editing. And good luck on your videos. 😉

  120. no ones watching my vids

  121. damn, the way u explain this stuff on a kind off relaxed way is realy amazing.. + the video editing = Im fan off yours !

  122. i found 00:18 realy funny

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  124. Thanks for the tips!

  125. What are you using for text effects?

  126. Lewis Howes

    How To Increase Your Views On YouTube In 2011 by +Gideon Shalwick

  127. Nathalie Lussier

    How To Increase Your Views On YouTube In 2011 by +Gideon Shalwick

  128. omg you spelled butter wrong

  129. Good Video, See that all you said there you did in that Video and I noticed. Good Video and if anyone says its bad, its not. – CamzJohnson

  130. @CamzJohnson Cheers Camz! I appreciate your support!

  131. Wow. I can make good quality Let’s Plays with sidebars, to keep attention from bad audio referred to as, “sevelev711’s voice.” Don’t know why its called that…

  132. dude how u make that little video in your video?

  133. This helped me soo much! Great video! Thank you!

  134. hey i like you dude your cool and mellow lol i will subscribe and learn thanks!

  135. Hell I was wondering how I could get more views for my videos. I do live music videos.

  136. amazing vid and great advice everybody should suscribe

  137. Good stuff mate!

  138. @JasonMoffatt Hey Jason – cheers for stopping by man! How’s Hollywood these days? Can I go and watch you in any feature films yet?

  139. @thedancecenter11 I swear to god when he said that i went to the comments to see if someone had posted the comment you have posted there. 😀

  140. Check out my channel! plz subscribe.

  141. What do you use to edit your videos?

  142. Cool Video man really helped me out

  143. Not trying to be a dick but I take it your not shooting for a lot of views yourself?

  144. @BurnThePope0514 it’s ok… your comment is nice compared to some other folks hehehe. Just to respond… it’s not always the number of views that count. Sometimes it’s more about the quality of views that are more important. Eg, if I have 100 millionaires watching a video of mine where I offer them something that they really like, it would be worth more to me that 10,000 people who don’t care about my content.

  145. Excellent video. Thanks for the tips.

  146. Is my video funny?

  147. WHY DOES EVERYONE DISLIKE MY VIDEOS? I dont see the problem with them.

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  151. fan not fane

  152. good video, i used to have at least 1000 or much more views on my videos but when i re uploaded them they suddenly get almost none views at all

  153. fail rebacca black was a bad video but look at her now!

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  155. I got distracted from all thoose moving aminations that i barley watched the video…

  156. where did you get that shirt

  157. O.o this video was uploaded the day i started this account

  158. I know what: GAMES!!!
    This is the only way to get more views…..

  159. Bad videos do go viral, just look at Rebecca Blacks Friday

  160. i cant even get 1000 views
    if u guys can thumb me up and check out my channel, i know no one will read or thumb or either check out my channel anyway.
    but thanks for reading ;(

  161. i spend ages making videos and no one watches them D:

  162. @bertieG9 Same……. :'(

  163. Have you considered doing audio-books? Your voice is hypnotic…..

  164. Pause at 0:10 exactly xD

  165. Bad videos don’t go viral?!? What about two girls one cup!!!

  166. i got epic videos and, whata… i dont even get 5 views!!

  167. Thumbs up if u closed right after he said business view

  168. I like this video, it’s informative and all, but it doesn’t seem to help much for people who make daily vlogs, like me. There’s not much that I could talk about that’s controversial or anything like that. The only people who watch my videos are people from my school, so I haven’t been getting many views.
    Thanks for all the tips that I can actually use though 😀

  169. Hey Gideon Great video. What did you use for the effects in this video?

  170. hey my views r low comments me and tell me how to get more views

  171. I subbed thanks for the help!

  172. i dont know if you can help me with this but i guss i’ll ask anyways: i had a really popular vid on youtube of my doing the cinnomon challenge (trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon) anyway, it was getting popular but then youtube flagged it as innapropriate!!! can you plz explain why it got flagged? thx 😀

  173. wait. wait. wait. bad videos dont go a long way???? then why did rebecca black get so popular


  175. hey there i will try out what you have told me in your video i have tried everything to get views i tried being different funny and interesting but watching your video i hope i get more views anyway im a fellow aussie too

  176. Im making my first stop motion movie! I think Im going to upload some more but I only have few views :(

  177. I wish I could get more views than what stupid videos get :(

  178. I know a couple of tips:

    Have a good username not like ryanbest463682578346

    Make playlists for all you similar videos

    Be consistent and upload frequently

  179. hey bro

  180. Good job mate! :)

  181. Really professional looking…at least you do what you are teaching. Thanks for posting it.

  182. @GideonShalwick Hey Gideon, how did you make the little TV screen at the start?


  183. 2:12 f stands for fuck thumbs up if u agree

  184. I think I have a great channel but hardly anyone watches and subscribe! I try to make all kinds of topics and put all kinds of tags but I still get very little views.. I’ve notice I got like 43,000 profile views or whatever but no one even subscribes still.. I don’t know what else to do!

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  189. Bonjour Gideon.
    You have a nice Channel !! I appreciate your Work, upu gives good Tips.
    I am agree with you, when you say be Different, SteveJob say also Think Different.
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  194. Can you please tell me how you did those text effects. Please.

  195. Hey, I can’t come up with any ideas… AND also what is the best video editing software?

  196. @Jeffrizel1986 kinda same happens to me… I guess success is totally random :/

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  198. Yeah, love your video quality and effects. Can you share with us what software did you use to create those side effects with the text and those graphics dissolving and turning into smoke/dust effects? Thank you, Gideon!

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  202. “bad videos don’t go viral” one word… “Friday” haha :)

  203. Bad video goes viral,only if its fake…..lolllllll.

  204. Good information, well presented!

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  223. what editing system do you use

  224. Great video Gideon! What editing software did you use for those text effects?

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  228. What do you use to edit?

  229. Hi Gideon, I have already started to to have great success after implementing your video tips. I believe I am ready to implement flying text in my videos. Could you guide me as to what software you used to make this flying text effect…THanks…

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  235. 0:37 Oh really? how did rebbecca get viral?

  236. Actually a lot of bad videos do go viral!

  237. dude there is a bug on your shirt!

  238. @JorbeSven you have to do a quiz

  239. Bad vids do go Viral. Ex. ‘Video says':”Cat food. yum.” ‘You say': “Odd” ‘You say': “Hey bro, get over here, check out this weird video of cat food!”

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  241. Gideon, I like you video. What software did you use to make it?

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  248. Hi Gideon
    Love your videos – i have a question – how do you add the little clips, effects, sounds, etc to your videos?

  249. Awesome Video as always Gideon !


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