How To Make Your Videos Look More Professional – The Steve Jobs Way…

Sometimes it’s just nice to create some great looking videos. Like the kind of videos that Apple creates – yeah those ones with the beautiful pure white backgrounds with superb clarity! Somehow, having a nice clear and clean white background just makes your video look so much more professional.

Today’s video shows how to pull it off on a reasonably affordable budget. I show you what I use, and then I also talk about some other even more affordable options.

It’s just proof once again that you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on setting up your own studio to be able to create professional looking videos.

Another great benefit of having a clear white background is that it removes clutter, and “opens up” more space for you to add other stuff into. For example, whenever you want to make a point, you can easily pop up some text on the white background. Or you could even have pretty pictures pop up on the background. Either way, whatever you put on the background stands out a lot more and provides for a lot more professional look.

The bottom line is that the more professional your videos look, the better chance you have of influencing your audience. The point of all this “professional” stuff is not to create editing that will “wow” people, but more to remove any distractions, and thereby creating laser focus on your message.

Then, all that is left, is to make sure your actual content is compelling! But that’s a topic for another video…

Staying visible…

Gideon Shalwick

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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  1. [..YouTube..] i cant seem to see where the video ends and the youtube page starts ;(

  2. [..YouTube..] Good to see your another Canon 60D user Gideon, I use the same. Thats some pretty heavy depth of field, I guessing a 1.4 50mm?

    For anyone wanting to get some good lighting for cheap.. outdoor flood lights using florescent bulbs works great for me. $10 light and $10 bulb. Just make sure you get 5200k colour temperature to avoid a yellow or blue tint.

  3. [..YouTube..] Very well done Gideon, what are the measurements on your diagram please?

  4. [..YouTube..] lol its just simple set up…
    seems like its so complicated :DDD
    anyways, keep up~

  5. [..YouTube..] Gideon thanks for always bringing something useful and smart to us!
    I love your audio set up!

  6. [..YouTube..] Thanks Gideon! I always wondered about the white background. Now I know! I was thinking about purchasing a Canon. Glad you shared the camera you’re using. Take care!

  7. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideo, Could you make a video on what mic’s you use? And maybe go over what is the best and affordable Clip on mic, Thanks!

  8. [..YouTube..] great video… thanks

  9. I have learned so much from this site-Thanks.

    This is another cool trick I will use!

  10. Hi Gideon

    The one thing that lets me down with my green / white screening is the lighting.

    Great lights and even coverage of the light is the key.

    Time for me to buy some new fluro lights rather than spotlights from Bunnings.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Better lights do make a nice difference Aaron – definitely worth it in the long run. I got mine from Dragon Lighting.

  11. Thanks I have always wanted to know how people like Katie Frieling get those bright nice looking videos. This is great. I guess it needs some good investment but it is a one time payment that will repay for itself.

  12. Ken

    Nice, informative video as always, Gideon.

    For the lights that you are using in the video, which ones are they specifically? I know you said they aren’t cheap, but I’m OK with spending a few bucks if need be. Also, did you buy them online or locally?

  13. [..YouTube..] nice tips! Personally I like using green screen for flexibility. check out my channel uploads, or search “Halo Reach weekly Challenge” for my weekly show!

  14. [..YouTube..] Nice work Gideon, I’m going to refer my viewers back to this in an upcoming video.

  15. Excellent video! I’ve ran into problems with white, black or green screens that are clothe. They always seem to show the creases (wife makes me fold’em up after a shoot).

    Where do you recommend I buy the white screen? And, what should I expect to pay



    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Shane

      If you have a camera where you can adjust the depth of field, or the ISO, you can easily blur or over expose the background so that the creases disappear.


  16. Good work Gideon – this gives me another reason to clean up the garage. I would think you could easily get the same type of lights on eBay – there is always plenty of camera gear there.

  17. [..YouTube..] this is what im looking for

  18. [..YouTube..] will imovie have this software capability

  19. [..YouTube..] Suggestion for using regular florescent lights is to place a gel (filter) over the lights to further diffuse them. Florescent lights for home/office use tend to have a slightly green or blue hue. Using a filter, like tracing paper, can get rid of this hue and reduce the need for post-production colour correction.

  20. Thanks! Very nicely done!
    You inspired me to buy lights for my Kodak Zi8 Video shoots

    For $155 at Amazon including shipping I got:
    2-45w Full Spectrum Fluorescent screw in bulbs
    1-65w Full Spectrum Fluorescent screw in bulb
    2-tripod stands
    2-5/8″ mount switched bulb holders with built in umbrella holder
    3-10.5inch aluminum clip on lamp sockets with reflectors and power cord
    1-umbrella, translucent shoot through white
    Poor-Boy approach, but should work!
    (I have the paint, Kilz Primer is very white)

    Bob Jordan Dallas, TX

  21. Hi Gideon
    As usual, you make everything so simple to do. Thanks for sharing

  22. [..YouTube..] @georgiahoosier thank you! that’s very kind of you! Always appreciate your support Neil!

  23. [..YouTube..] @stavyros yes it does – click on the gear thingee, and then select “video adjustments” and you can change the brightness of the video clip there. But the better you can record the video, the easier it will be during editing!

  24. paul

    you refer to flicker,

    it’s something to be wary of, I bought some softbox lights with daylight screw in long life bulbs they cause flicker on the kodak zi8 but not on the flip, must be to do with the frame rate or something?


    • Gideon Shalwick

      It can also have something to do with the power supply of your country. For example, the Flip is designed for the USA where I think the power frequency is 60Hz – and over here in Australia it’s 50Hz (maybe vice versa), but the point it that it can cause a flicker for sure. But frame rate may also have something to do with it.

      Once you start getting more pro level cameras, it deals well with those kinda issues.


  25. fas

    Cant we directly use a white background? Like say a white wall or a chart paper.

    Also cant you just edit the video in some software. I mean if you want a moving car with white back ground then what?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yes you can use whatever is white – it does not have to be fancy stuff. I think as long as it’s non-reflective and white you should be fine.

      Not sure I understand your second question…

  26. Thanks for a great tip

  27. I do something similar with a black background. Instead of a white backdrop, I use a black bedsheet behind me, a backlight to shine on the back of my head to make sure that there’s a separation between myself and the background, and two lights to shine on the front of me. Changing the brightness just a tiny bit to the dark end makes the black sheets disappear and have a completely black background.

  28. [..YouTube..] Totally awesome video Gideon. I’ve always admired your very clean videos and suspected you would have found a simple way to do it instead of using green screens. How lucky we are you have shared such a top tip.Thanks heaps.

  29. Pretty cool Gideon
    How did you set up the I-Tunes link in your social media button cluster-top right?

  30. [..YouTube..] Cool as always good content.



  31. Hi Gideon, great tutorial, thank you.

    Question: Like you mentioned in the video, those lights you’re using are a bit expensive. Which ones might you suggest which are lower in price?


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey John

      Some other lights you could try are just normal household fluorescent lights. They will be a lot cheaper, but depending on the camera you’re using, there may be an issue with flicker.

      If that does not work, you could try halogen lights. Normally they are cheaper than the pro fluorescent lights, but you can even go as cheap as getting some construction halogen lights from your local hardware store…


  32. Excellent tip. Makes the videos so much more appealing than a cluttered background!

  33. Thanks Gideon for this great tip

  34. Thanks as always Gideon, your tips are great as always, and this one I think just tops it all, thanks for sharing this, it’s amazing!

  35. [..YouTube..] @GideonShalwick thank you so much i will post my results as a video response when im done

  36. [..YouTube..] @stavyros Cool – looking forward to your results!

  37. Always making it look easy! Thanks for all the insight, maybe now ill step it up a notch with my videos…

    Thanks JP

  38. Hi Gideon,
    Great tips! Could you leave links to the exact lights and equipment that you mentioned.

    Also, the camera you mentioned, Cannon 60D, how does it compare to the rebel 2ti

  39. Gideon,

    We primarily use the Kodak Zi8 with 3 softbox lights. I’m going to head into the “studio” this weekend and give this a try, and if not enough brightness we may need to invest in some new lighting.

    Great stuff on your part as usual.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Nice David – please report back your results as I am sure many others would like to know as well!


  40. Great tips.

    What kind of audio recorder and mic are you using? Still the ones listed at your resource page ?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      For this one I used my new Sony wireless mic.

      Model number: UTX-B2

      It was around $700 though, so not a very cheap option. But you can get similar quality with the Audio Technica wired mic for around 30 bucks!


  41. Gideon, wonderful post (yet again). Just to piggyback on what Jamee mentioned earlier – I’ve also used the construction lights from Home Depot and they work quite well. But, instead of using gels (which can melt or burn) I simply white-balanced the camera against the bright white wall. Takes just 10 seconds and the videos come out spot on.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Nice – great alternative, and also a bit safer :) Thanks Jay!

  42. Nice video Gideon – thank you. Where can I get the lights you use to illuminate the background white screen?

  43. Never mind – I see you’ve answered that questions in an earlier comment. Sorry I didn’t catch it the first time through.

  44. Gideon,

    Super tips!

    Question: Is the purpose for the lights directed toward the screen behind you so that the background will then show the greatest amount of contrast? (So later you can do the least amount of editing.)

    Thank you – Theresa

    • Gideon Shalwick

      That’s correct Theresa! When the background is nice and bright, most cameras over expose it, which means it turns to pure white. I’ve even been able to do this on cream colored walls with enough light!


      • Thank you for your reply. I’m excited to play around with this technique!

        Have a super day! – Theresa

  45. Wendy

    Great video and info. It look very professional. What were you using for the diagramming the setup? Is that part of Screenflow too?

  46. Peter

    Thanks Gideon, I really likes your videos.
    I enjoyed meeting with you in San Diego.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Peter – it was amazing to finally meet you face to face! Sorry we could not catch up for longer, but perhaps next time over there we can have a more in depth chat!

      All the best!


  47. Awesome tips in there gideon, good to meet you at ed’s going pro event…

  48. Great advice. I’ll put it to use in my next video shooting, thanks!!

  49. awesome work as usual Gideon, ty

  50. Kate

    you always provide valuable stuff.
    I did learn something from this video and be inspired.
    Thank you.

  51. It’s a pretty good setup. $400 per light, seems a bit high for starters. I think you might be standing too close to the background as there seems to be a bit too much flare falling on you from the background. Controlling flare is the issue with this kind of setup.

    Flagging the lights (using black cards or sheets) would help or just stepping forward a bit could do it too.

    Auto setup, on the camera for studio lighting is going to give you unpredictable results when you move around. Use Manual.

  52. that seems so expansive

  53. Bruce

    Gideon, thanks for sharing your techniques!
    I took your suggestion and researched white backgrounds – muslin, paper, vinyl… Found a solution that I’m going to try. It’s 5×7 Vinyl for $27.95 + $11.95 shipping from B&H. Here’s the link:
    Also available from for same price.
    This size should work for fine for video blogging, with the benefit that it can be easily rolled up, it doesn’t need to be ironed (like muslin), it doesn’t wrinkle (like paper), and it’s easily cleaned. I’m going to fold back the top edge and tape it, so I can slide a hanging rod through it. Just another possibility for those looking for a white background solution.!

  54. This is nice…easier than I would have thought. I understand that doing a black infinity background is even easier. Do you know how or have a video on doing it in black? I think it may be a little different…or is it done the same way? Great Vlog

  55. Hey Gideon
    Great video info as always. Thanks for keeping on, keeping it simple and achievable

  56. The main idea when creating a white background in to over expose the screen with light so the camera will see only the white color.

    Also because the white color is glowing you need to take some distance from the screen itself.

    Backlighing your self will help too.

  57. More fantastic content as always Gideon. This is exactly the type of education people need to be able to increase the professionalism of their videos. With 90% of the content of the web predicted to be video by 2013, great content delivered in well shot and well lit videos will stand out from the crowd.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Great point about video content taking over Paul! So true! Just watched your video on your home page – looks really fantastic!

  58. Hey Gideon, I think Dragon Image lighting must have gotten some trade from your video because the lights are now $600 not $400, or did you use the Light Pro 2 bank? Ta V.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Verity

      The smaller ones are around 400 yes. I think there may be some discount as well if you go for kit sets.

      So, I have two sets – 2 x 4 bank and also 2 x 2 bank.


  59. Just a follow up question, the light you have in front of you, is that a 4 bank with a filter over it or a different type of light all together? Thanks, i love the look and would like to get it right If I’m going to spend the money!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Verity

      Yes, it’s a 4 bank with a diffuser cloth in front of it, just to make the light and shadows a bit less harsh on my face. It comes with the lights. You could also swap the 2 and 4 bank lights – eg use the 4 banks to light up the background, and the 2 banks to light up the subject…


  60. Hi Gideon

    Thanks for the tips, I already have two lights I used for photography so I only need get a video camera. Can a small flip camera do the trick?

    Keep the videos coming are they are always full of useful down to earth advice.


  61. LaDonna Coy

    Once again Gideon you’re offering excellent insights, ideas and practical solutions. I haven’t done much video … yet … but now totally inspired.

  62. Hello Gideon,

    Great tip. Wondered how they did that. Over expose the background with lights close to the background. Makes sense.

    Thanks much,

  63. Very cool all white “apple commercial” effect… and really cost effective!!

  64. Gideon,

    The most important benefit from white background is the attention. A user has nothing to distract and this results in getting users or viewers attention easily.

    This is why professionals use white backgrounds.


  65. Hey Gideon,
    What would it take to seduce you into working with me….
    Your stuff is so incredible!

  66. Hi Gideon,
    As usual you give FAR more than you receive! Thanks for the confirmation of how to use the White b.g. — Sure wish there was a way to do higher res video emails!
    All the Best,

  67. [..YouTube..] @drjoannamartin no seduction necessary Jo! hehehe… what do you have in mind?

  68. Thanks Gideon, very excited, I’m gonna make a movie!!
    What I love about yours so much is that the background doesn’t have that fake looking fuzzy haze around you like you get with green screens sometimes. It’s so crisp. Ahhh.

  69. Thats a cool trick! I’ve always wondered how this was done, I’ve never really researched it but I just figured you had to use a green screen. Very simple, I like it.

  70. LaDonna Coy


    Thank you for making it all so doable. Spent time this week pulling together some of the details and getting ready to give this a go. I’ve been reading with interest all the comments about the lighting and appreciate the ideas and your supporting comments.

    Could you describe the difference in how you would set up differently for a black background as opposed to a white background? I’d like to have some flexibility and saw an interesting comment from Blaine about it. If I understand it right it appears the set up would be reversed from the set up for the white background. Any advice beyond what Blaine has offered?

  71. I’ve being “following” you for quite some time now.

    I just wanted to say that you are great to watch, great to learn from, great content, always with more expensive and cheaper options. Your work is fantastic!

    Thank you for all you do!


  72. Wow I’m blown away, so simple yet so effective. I’ve been looking into what the best equipment is for creating these crystal clear videos and now here’s the answer. Totally gonna get my bum in gear and start making some videos!

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips,

    All the best,
    Robert Kendray

  73. Greg

    While the white background looks great Gideon, do you have any advice regarding a how to get a professional looking BLACK background…like Eben P. uses?

  74. I had almost forgotten videos because of the expensive lighting and microphone equipment. I’d love to get more into going forward and this really helps. MAN that white looks amazing!

    Thanks for the tips.


  75. Awesome and very useful video Gideon!

  76. Jim Craig

    Another great one in the series of “Gids Vids” 😉 Gideon, thanks brilliant, useful and easy to use as ever.

    A quick question on distances. How far do you stand in front of the screen? How far is the camera from you? And same for the lights? I’ve opted for cheaper (and probably not so good) soft boxes with screw in fluorescent lights so I need to do a bit more fiddling.

    Thanks and best wishes
    – Jim

  77. Jim Craig

    Thanks TheCuso, do you mean I have the light pointing away from me, towards the camera to be reflected back? Apols if this is a dumb question. I tried all manner of different lamp directions, combinations and heights. None bouncing back towards me though.

    – Jim

  78. You should use a reflector on the other side of the camera to bounce the light into the left side of your face.

  79. Gideon,


    Even a non-techie person like me (I’m not a very good at video stuff) could understand everything you explained :)

  80. @exitnc I picked up a piece of black fleece on close out at our nearby JoAnn’s fabric store…put some grommets into the fabric and hooks near the top of the wall so I can hang it up when I am ready to film it looks great, but I have to count to 10 before I shoot with my Kodak zi8 so the color settle down and be more consistent.

  81. I have a black muslin but it sort of looks like a black muslin in the video. You can see the wrinkles and everything. Does not have that even solid look. I started to just think that you would shoot with green screen and plug in black or white but you get the clean look with white by using the ISO? Does it work the same with black? Would love to see you shoot one with black. Both are cool and depending what your doing the white seems sort of “artsy-fartsy” and thats great depending on your indus

  82. Gideon,

    When shooting video by yourself with a DSLR, how do you setup your focus?

    I’ve bought a new Nikon D5100 and the autofocus is driving me nuts! It zooms in and out while shooting and the results are pretty poor. If I turn autofocus off, I often get blurry, out of focus results. When working by yourself, you can’t really see how sharp you appear on the LCD screen–especially 8 feet away.

    I’ve thought that maybe putting the camera in manual mode and changing the f-stop would help. In other words, trying to increase the depth-of-field so my focus zone would be a little larger. Consumer grade camcorders usually appear in focus but even the background is sharp. I want the depth-of-field look but I got to tell ya, I’m about to send this puppy back. It’s great for pictures but for self-videos, it’s a real challenge.

    Can you share any advice before my return window closes? Thanks.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Scott.

      I actually use a remote control when I record my videos. So what I do is, set up everything perfectly, get myself in position with my remote control, hit the focus button on the remote, and then hit the record button on the remote. So, the camera doesn’t actually autofocus while I’m recording. It is set to whatever focus point I had when I focused it using my remote control. If you have another person that can be behind the camera for you they can adjust the focus manually to make sure that you are always in focus. But I know this is not always possible to have another person there.

      Increasing the depth of field zone would be a good idea as well since that will give you a little bit more leeway to make sure that you are in focus. I use Canon 60D for my videos now and I absolutely love it. It’s not for everyone, but once you get the hang of it you can truly create beautiful videos. It seems to be quite well tailored for creating beautiful videos (as well as taking or some photos of course).

      All the best…


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  84. Hi Gideon, what is the brand and the watt of your lights? Thanks for the great video!

  85. Ironically, this video only has 6000 views.

  86. @Aweois Why do you think it’s ironic?

  87. @TheCuso yeah good idea!

  88. Great video. Thanks for the tips. I’ll be sure to get them incorporated into my future videos.

  89. This is great for porn videos!(jkjk)

  90. Awesome, thank you!

  91. You reply fast, thanks for the tips!

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  93. [..YouTube..] How do you add the pics to the video?What edditing software do you work with?

  94. You say it is quite affordable but those lights must be very expensive? Great video by the way, looking forward to more.

  95. 4:47 looks like a baseball feild

  96. Camera,Lights, all need to be changed for me . :(

  97. @GideonShalwick i love this video i will try it thx

  98. Hi Gideon,

    I was seeing some reviews on the canon 60d and I saw a video where the canon 60d makes a weird noise when autofocusing. Does your camera also do that noise? Because it is a big turn of. I want o buy it because you use one on your videos but if it makes that noise I’m going to have to choose another model. can you please clarify that? Thanks

  99. @TheMariomiguel I have not had any issues with my 60D yet – but I have also heard about that issue. I think, if I remember right, Canon has fixed that with their latest firmware update. But I’m not sure.

  100. Hi Gideon,

    Thank you so much for your answer. I’ll buy it then and then I’ll see how it performs.

  101. @GideonShalwick hello ,i just got the nikon d5100 its a great video camera the only thing i cant adjust in video is the exposure ,will this pose any problems down the road especially if im doing white backgrounds ?
    i love the videos ,try doing more video ones .

  102. Hi there, i am going to buy lights to do that kind of video. Could you help me? What do you think? Would this one be the right one?

    Thanks a lot

  103. Gideon,

    I really like the look of your video with the white behind you. It is so much more professional than that majority of videos we are seeing on line.

    I look forward to being able to do this myself. The main thing that I hate about doing a video with me in it is everyone seeing all the stuff around me. Even if everything is nice looking, clean and tidy, I feel that it is very distracting to the viewer.

    That is what I am most impresses with your videos on the white background, there is nothing to distract me when I am watching it.

    Thanks for the great information.

    Dee Ann Rice

  104. I have a 550d.. But it’s hard because I’ve not autofocus…

  105. @karinzio you just need a remote control and then you can do it too.

  106. @karinzio Thank you thank you so so much!
    You’re very kind!


  107. What kind of lavalier mic are you using?

  108. Hi there Gideon

    would you mind to help me here?

    Where did you bought your light sets? I would like to buy the right one… i have got this one but they don’t seems to be that bright… (

    Could you help me please?

    What you think about this one?
    and where could i buy the one you use?


  109. @karinzio Not trying to troll. Just trying to help a fellow youtuber. When you hit reply next to your name it just sends the message to yourself. Go next to his name and hit reply. Hope I helped. =]

  110. Your tips are really useful, i’ve learned a lot ,thank you so much. would you please tell me which video should i watch if i want to get more viewers,comment on youtube ,or if i want to get 500 viewers or 1000 viewers,what should i do ? thank you in advance.

  111. how do you get a picture in the conner of your video

  112. @moranmaster its using something called PIP which is picture in picture drop me a line on what editinig software you use and i might be able to help you!

  113. @techbannana i use windows movie maker

  114. @GideonShalwick hey i tried to download the yt sub magnet but the link dead can you help

  115. @6minutetutorials you will have to ask Alejandro at HowToGetViews d0tc0m – he creates and distributes it…

  116. Thanks Gideon thank you for sharing this.

    I wanted to know what you are using to draw the setup. Also I wanted to know how you edit the videos specially shifting from camera to screen recording.

  117. Questions…..Is your audio fed directly into the camera or is it synced somehow in post production? Also, what size lens do you use on your 60D and T2i? *thanks for creating such fabulous vids* :)

  118. I’m buying these lights and the backgrounds to make my videos look more professional. But there’s one thing I’m still having trouble deciding on and that’s the camera. I’m trying to decide whether I should get the Canon EOS 60d or the Canon Vixia hf g10. Could you help me out on deciding which camera is best?

  119. is it possible to make a video like this with a ipod 4th gen camera?

  120. how do you render your videos? my recording is good but it doesn’t look good like yours in 360p

  121. @SnapTimePro I have my render settings on my blog GideonShalwick(.)com/online-video-export-settings/ – that should help you out :)

  122. @MCcam2 you could certainly give it a shot and create a video reply to this video so we can all see the results :)

  123. Excellent video, thank you!

  124. @SnapTimePro Hey if your screen recording or sometimes with camera you can use windows movie maker to make it 1080p hope this helps

  125. @SnapTimePro or u can try to use camtasia u can bye it for 300$ or get it from torrent

  126. i didnt understand a word he said

  127. thank you for a exellent and very usefull presentation!
    let me leave you a little somthing in your inbox
    pls dont share it with just anyone :)

  128. @MCcam2 lol i make my videos with an ipod touch 4 come to my chanell and you will see

  129. @Geralt998 But it isnot as clear as this guys video buddy

  130. @MCcam2 i know

  131. yea som of us doesent have money

  132. Thanks you’ve helped me a lot! I’m going to start posting videos now that i know how to do it!

  133. @GideonShalwick can you tell me the exact name of the place where you got the white scrfeen

  134. Hi , nice video i just want to ask something.. how do you make a cool intro?? you know like yours maybe! .

  135. Thanks for the instructive video on how to set up your studio. I am loving it.

    Without reading all 87 comments (you may have already answered my question) what lights are you using specifically? Brand and model please.

    You are an inspiration to many, Gideon.

  136. On the professional lights are only like 100 something I might invest in this..we’ll see

  137. I learned how make money online at howtoebooks . info

  138. Ole ole, ok I want more videos like these!

  139. whats a good camcorder for shooting highish quality videos, thats less than $300?? any suggestions?? thanks 😀

  140. @squashdudes Kodak Zi8

  141. @mrjoshfryer yeah that should work - just use a non-reflective paint…

  142. Gideon, Thank you for all the information! Excellent videos. I was looking for something else and stumbled upon one of your videos. Now I’m hooked. I’ve watched 3 of your videos so far! I wished I’d found this video 5 months ago!!! Lol

  143. Hi Gideon, your video’s audio quality is awesome! Please tell me what clip mic you use! Thanks alot!!

  144. 6 people don’t like the way he says garage

  145. Thanks for the help! I was able to get free drinks out of a vending machine by fallowing the guide at howtoebooks . info

  146. @MCcam2 yeah but you cant use a tripod :( Thats usually how I make mine.

  147. @squashdudes The panasonic lumix is like $199 and I use it to make HD videos. :)

  148. another easy way of doing this, all you do is finish a video upload it then go onto edit annotations, add annotation, note, write nothing, get the corners drag it so it stretches all the way so it covers the screen final step fill it with white hoooray!!!

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  242. [..YouTube..] I downloaded your report and really enjoyed it. I have a question. How can you keep up with coments and questions? I mean, you have so much exposure and views and you most be getting a lot and if you are busy creating content. What is your advise? Do you hire someone or is there a service out there?

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