How To Market Like A Millionaire

Today’s video features Pam Brossman, the Founder of, a chock-full resource website for smart women entrepreneurs.

Here are three great reasons why you should watch Pam’s video:

1. She talks about the top eight ways that entrepreneurs are successfully growing their businesses. Pam has done a fair amount of research on this and reveals how you can get access to her book, Marketing for SheExperts.

2. Pam talks about a unique opportunity to make a global impact by supporting a great cause – watch the video to find out which cause she’s talking about.

3. Her video uses a professional and catchy intro created by a new company called Splasheo. See for yourself how this funky little intro animation impacts her presentation as a whole. You too can get your own video intros, outro’s and lower thirds professionally created – just visit

Watch the video now and, go grab a copy of her book at Marketing For SheExperts!

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