Below is a collection of some of the interviews that people from all over the world have had with me. I’ve listed the links to each interview as apposed to the interview itself just to keep things simple and give credit to those people who interviewed me.

During these interviews, I normally get asked about how I do what I do online… that is, how I turn video views into cash. Often I reveal very powerful information that can save you a lot of time and headaches, thereby helping you shortcut the process towards success online.

If you’re interested in interviewing me as well for your audience, please get in touch with my assistant via support[at] and she’ll arrange a time appropriate for both of us.

Without further ado…in alphabetical order, here you go:

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6 Responses to Interviews

  1. Anita Levesque

    I would love to do a question and answer forum on my facebook fan page about your video blogging. I am trying to get more exposure with my fan page and think this would be a great idea. Thank you for your time and please e-mail me if you have time to do it.


  2. Hi Gideon
    I have watched a few of your videos recently, including the interview on Mojo Video Marketing; great content you are producing.
    I was wondering if I could have the opportunity of interviewing you?
    We are a UK based business focusing on video production for the web.
    We pioneered much of the technology behind video web presenters and continue to innovate in this area.
    However, you would be able to give our website visitors something different as you are a highly experienced video producer and marketer with experience of the whole process. Until now we have focused on creating high quality productions, which have been very successful but now are moving into offering a broader service so could greatly benefit from your knowledge too.
    If you could spare 30-40 minutes to do an interview then that would be very much appreciated.
    Am also a big fan of your home country – NZ too having spent 4 months traveling round a few years (in fact 12 now I think about it) ago.
    Have a great day

  3. Hey Gideon !

    My Name is Chris and I am working on a ebook and was wondering if I could get a quick 30 minute interview via skype ?
    If so, we will schedule a time!
    All the best , hoping for your reply , Chris.

    Thanks Again!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Chris

      Can you please email Cee at and fwd her your deets :)

      Please include audience type and size…


  4. talha

    Hi Admin,
    Sir i am media student, i am searching for some documentary interview lights, as i told you i am student so i need cheap lights. so i dont no to much about lights, so if you guide me a bit, i have to take some interviews of some professionals, so i need some good lights so i can make some good professional video result.
    I am in UK, so if you gave me some links from where i can buy.
    waiting for your positive response.