Which Camera Is Best For Rapid Video Blogging?

I’ve had this question maybe a thousand times: “Which camera is the best camera?

And it’s always kinda hard to give a straight answer.

The thing is, there are simply SO many different cameras out there, and each one of them pretty much has it’s own purpose. For example, some cameras are more appropriate for TV, while others are more appropriate for personal home videos. Etc, etc, etc…

So, today I talk about two fantastic little cameras that do a GREAT job *for their intended purpose*! It’s the Kodak Zi8 Vs Flip!

Maybe you’ve had some experience with one or both of these two cameras and you can share some of your ideas with the rest of us?

Looking forward to hear from you!

Stay visible!

Gideon Shalwick

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310 Responses to Which Camera Is Best For Rapid Video Blogging?

  1. [..YouTube..] great vid 😀

  2. [..YouTube..] nice =)) how can i find you you on Facebook?

  3. [..YouTube..] wot about prices?????????

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Good point – both cameras area around A$200 to A$250.

      But I am sure you can pick them up for a lot cheaper from Amazon or Ebay perhaps.


  4. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon,
    Thanks for the great review. 2 thins that I would like to mention is a) with the Kodak Zi8, you don;t need to use the USB port to dowlnload your files. Downloading is easily accomplished by simply plugging your HD card into a card reader which you can get free when you buy certain HD cards. Secondly, I I use Sony Vegas 10 for editing and have not experienced any problems integrating the two. All in all your videos are very informative and the type camera is just a personal choice.

    • Hi can you please advise re the Sony Vegas 10 for editing, is that something separate to purchase, is it a pro gramme. Just investigating which camera to buy, many thanks

      • Gideon Shalwick

        Hi Bev

        I normally recommend Sony Vegas Studio HD – this is a software program that you use on your PC for editing your videos.

        If you’re on a Mac, you can either use iMovie or ScreenFlow.


  5. [..YouTube..] did you receive any of these products free in return for doing this video?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Nope – I just like providing value to my audience, because I know that value will be returned to me at some point in the future :)


  6. [..YouTube..] Thanks for your general views on that both cameras. Whatever, O do agree with your principle point on Vlog is much important nowadays.

  7. [..YouTube..] @mantic59 nope! just doing it for the love of it 😉

  8. [..YouTube..] Nice review Gideon ! I also use Sony Vegas, so the Flip ultra HD would be best for me too….Say, how’s business ?

  9. Nice vid Gideon. I got the ZI8 and loooove it.

  10. very informative! Thanks Gideon

  11. I just bought the Kodak and I think it beats the Flip hands down! The only downside is that you always have to hold it or use a tripod, where as the flip can stand on its own.

    Everything else is better on the Kodak IMO

  12. Greetings Gideon,

    Which camera did you use to create this review video?


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Hrvoje

      I used a camera that I would not recommend for beginners because it has a pretty steep learning curve and is a lot more complicated to operate than cameras like the Flip Ultra HD and the Kodak Zi8.

      But the camera I used was the Canon T2i 550D (Rebel) with a 1.8 50mm lens (that’s how I got the fuzzy background.

      The camera is also not as affordable as the Flip and the Kodak.

      It has some other drawbacks too – for example, it can only record for 12 minutes max.

      But if you have the money, the patience and can handle the 12 minute limit, it can work really well.

      And for the sound, I used an Edirol voice recorder and an external lapel microphone.


      • Weird, my personal details cannot save automatically in comment column, I have to key-in everytime, unlike others’ WordPress

        So, u mean every 12minutes you have to start a new clip and then merge them together?

        • Gideon Shalwick


      • Aftab

        Is there any other way to get around the 12 min recording besides having to stop.

        Also, if I may ask how much did you buy the 550 for?



        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hey AFTAB

          There is no way of getting around the 12 min recording limit that I am aware of. But for short YouTube videos this is not an issue for me. Even for longer videos, I just make sure I use breaks often. And when you have a remote control, this is achieved really easy, because you just press stop, and start again. And then you just add it all during editing. Pretty seamless

          And I got my T2i for around $1,500 (Australian) which included 2 kit lenses.


          • Stan

            Consider a “tether” (firewire cable) to send the vdo directly to your hard drive from the Canon.

            Shooting/syncing wild sound with a digital recorder is easy and provides better audio than an on-camera mic.
            I recommend a SONY ICD-BX700 which has an efficient user interface similar to the Flip Ultra HD.

            BTW: Your lighting is excellent. People forget how important the lighting is. You have a nice backlight/hairlight to separate you from the background in addition to a shallow depth-of-field.

      • joseph

        hey, i have a canon t2i rebel, and just got a kodak zi8. I love the canon for photography, but which do you suggest for video quality.

  13. Hey Gideon!

    Good work.

    What’s the camera you’re using for this actual video? Are you using an external mic – and if so, which?



    • Gideon Shalwick

      See my reply above to Hrvoje…

  14. Hi Gideon, one question here:

    What camera you use to record this video itself? I find it very clear even I extend it to play full screen.

    Besides, you produce into what format? Is it mp4?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey kiatic

      See my reply to Hrvoje above…


  15. I like the flip with the ease of use and that is why I bought one a week ago. I haven’t found the best way to upload to YouTube, but I am using the flip software. Once it is done uploading and processing then I am changing all of the fields for the video.

    I have a windows 7 computer that I installed Live Movie Maker and a MAC with IMOVIE HD. I am still experimenting on what to use.

    Thanks Greg Ellison

  16. Many people complain about Flip Ultra HD battery problems. What is your experience?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      For the shorter videos that I create for YouTube, it’s no issue at all for me. And besides, you can use normal AA batteries of your rechargeable ones are kaput!



    Hi Gideon, and thanks for this review.
    The obvious question:
    which camera do you use for videos like the one I have just watched?

    I seem to remember you use a Canon or Nikon or am I wrong?
    I am not an expert of digital stuff nor computers but I think that if one is serious about blogging professionally and uses videos, they should go for very good quality at some stage. I saw many comparative test footage with the the two cameras but they are no more than ok. These two machines you’ve reviewed could be a great way to start and practice but then quality should dictate the choice. I think if spending 3 times more gives you, say, AT LEAST 3 times better quality (I know, difficult to quantify, but it is just an example), it is worth going for it. And believe me, I’m not rich at all, but those good quality videos in your blog will be there to stay and will make a difference that in the long term will pay off dividends. Just my opinion and still very undecided which one to choose.

    Kind regards

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Daniele

      See my reply to Hrvoje above…


  18. Don’t see a lot of reviews in the comments. I’m not too familiar with the Kodak camera, but I do own the Flip Ultra… It’s a good camera, for the imagery, and if you upload directly to YouTube, it recognizes the files as being HD. The audio is good, but if you are more than 2 feet away from the camera, then you know the audio isn’t going to be of professional grade, so depending on what you use the camera for, it may not be appropriate.

    Since I’m at work, I actually haven’t seen your video, yet, but, I know the Zi8 has an external jack for audio, and that is priceless for seemingly professional audio (if you use it correctly)…

    Good stuff, good stuff here, I’m enjoying it very much…


  19. Thanks Gideon…I would say that having the external microphone plug in is a huge bonus for the Kodak.
    It’s one of the rare model out there offering that handy feature.
    I think this is something a newbie would rather have, versus recording the sound separately?
    And Sound for me is almost as important as the image in a video. You might have crappy image sometimes, but if the sound is good, it comes across properly with professionalism.

    Thanks again! Keep on the great work!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Good point Christian

      I agree about being able to plug in a microphone being easier for newbies.

      But it’s not a bad skill to develop to be able to record the audio separately in any case.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  20. Hey Gideon,

    Great review of two great looking cameras.

    I have a question though – how do you rate the quality of the iPhone 4 for online HD video?


  21. Hi Gideon, one thing you didnt touch one,and i bought the Kodak,with all the accesories,extra battery,down to the car charger, all under 150.dollars on sale at amazon,,But that also included the REMOTE CONTROL,, i was ready to go flip,but no car charger,and if you forget and stop n a 7-11 and the AA batteries,You need to take a 2nd Mortage!!!!!!!!,not like a Home depot or walmart,, But the remote sold me!!!!!!!! and the flip would of been 30 bucks more,no external Mike, !!!!!! Remote,and Both charging,anf rhe 3 year waretee,and hard carring case,Kodak really stepped up to the plate!!!!! Thanks for all the great Tips!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Flip had me till the remote!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!,Jack

  22. Hey Gideon: Thanks for the great review! Thought I’d add my 2-cents since I’ve had a Kodak Zi8 for about a month now, and I’m actually using it as part of your Rapid Video Blogging Program (which, by the way, is an awesome program).

    First off, I totally agree with some of the downsides of the Kodak Zi8 you mentioned, especially that it doesn’t use off-the-shelf batteries. However, one reason I purchased the camera (and this is simply a difference in how you and I use it) was because it took an SD card. I find it easier to pull out the card and insert it into my card reader to copy over clips, and in the field (for family movies), it’s nice having an extra chip in my pocket if I’m shooting 1080p and run out of space.

    Also, I’m using Sony Vegas Pro 8.1 (haven’t upgraded to 9.0 yet), and have no issues in pulling in the native MOV files that come from the camera. Perhaps it’s because I also have Quicktime Pro installed??? Not sure…

    Anyway, I’m very happy with the Zi8, but frankly, what I took away from your review was that both cameras get the job done, and are really very similar.

    Finally… let me mention one issue I have, and ask if the Flip HD also has issues with this. In SOME of my videos, taken indoor with inexpensive lighting (hard ware store pan lights), I’ve noticed that when I start the camera and then enter the scene to record a “rapid blog”, the Automatic Face Detection feature will find my face, and change the exposure. That’s fine, but when I turn my head, it must “re-find” something else in the scene, and the exposure darkens briefly, and then brightens up again. In turning the AFD off, the exposure tends to be “over-exposed” unless I really play with the lights.

    I’ve done different things with the lights to help compensate for this, but it does cause issues. Does the Flip HD have any similar issues that you have seen?

    Thanks Gideon… again, for anyone who hasn’t taken any of his programs, you’re missing out!!!!

  23. [..YouTube..] I have wondered about these two cameras for a while. thanks!!!

  24. Great review Gideon, you definitely provide a lot of value in this review. Definitely answers the question of which cameras to use. Do you use multiple cameras in this shoot?

  25. Hi Gideon,
    When recording your audio separately how do you sync the audio and video tracks accurately?. I’ve tried to do this but it seems extremly fiddly compared to using an external microphone in the first place.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      If you have the right tools and software, it’s actually really easy.

      Yes, it does require a bit of extra work, but the end result can be really good.

      But yes, of course, if you can just use a microphone that’s plugged in, that does make it a lot easier.


  26. Gideon uses a Canon 550D DSLR for many of his videos. The DSLR’s lenses provide excellent control over depth of field giving sharp focus on the person with the soft out-of-focus background. It also has an external mic input and an 18mp sensor and FullHD recording. In simple terms…quality (and it shows).

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Good summary of what I’m using Bernard.

      I’d like to add also that the Canon T2i 550D, while a fantastic camera, take quite a bit of getting used to. It’s definitely note a camera for beginners. That’s what make the Flip Ultra HD and Kodak Zi8 cameras such great cameras for people just starting out – so easy to use!

      Gideon Shalwick

  27. The latest version (10) of Vegas Movie Studio DOES process Zi8 files without converting them. My guess is that the next version of Sony Vegas Pro will too.

    For me, the deal-breaker on these cameras is the external mic jack on the Zi8. It’s also nice to have the option of additional memory cards. The Zi8 also has image stabilization; however, since I only use the camera on a tripod for blog videos, either camera would work for me.

    Thanks for the great review!


  28. Hey Gideon,

    I own the Kodak Zi8. It’s a great camera for the price, but needs a lot of light to produce really sharp images. Testing it indoor I have found that the video looked a little blurry after uploading to youtube. Switching to HD mode in the youtube player did help to sharpen up the picture a bit.

    Having an external mic jack is a great plus. I bought an inexpensive clip-on mic, the Audio-Technica ATR 3350. Sound quality is good, however it only records in mono, meaning that sound only comes from one speaker when watching the recorded video. The cure for this is to use an editting software that can duplicate channels or create a mono audio output (I use Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate for this). Or you can by a cheap stereo to mono jack adapter.


    All in all, great little cam, perfect for starting video blogging, just don’t expect crystal clear images especially in a less lit environment.

  29. Hey Gideon,

    Great video. I have a Flip ULTRA HD and love it for all the reasons recommended. The battery life is a drawback, but as you pointed out can be remedied easily.

    A bigger quality issue was with the audio, as many of your viewers have mentioned. My fix for this is a Sony ICD-UX71 voice recorder (under $75) and your choice of lapel mics (I use a Sony stereo condenser mic)…. works great when synced together.

    all the best… Chris

  30. [..YouTube..] Thanks for the review!

  31. Hey Gideon,

    I have de Flip Mino HD and really I enjoy the simplicity and the power of this camera.
    For quick video to upload on Internet, it’s the top.
    I didn’t test it outside yet but I think that it’s unusual to exceed one hour for a film!


  32. Hi Gideon

    Thanks for the link to this video, really appreciate it. Two new questions 1. what did you use to film this video the flip? 2. How do you achieve the low aprature (blurry background) look? Is that done with the camera or with the editing software?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Jesse – please see my response to Hrvoje earlier…


  33. Hi Gideon,

    The two cameras are great, personally I have used the Flip before (am an ex owner), however, I changed over to using a Sony Bloggie a little bit ago and havent turned back.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on this camera? Have you had the chance to use one?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      No I have not used the Sony Bloggy yet, although I’ve heard some good reviews about it.

      My only concern is that it’s Sony, and since I’m on Mac, they don’t go together too well.

      But if you’re on PC, then its probably not an issue at all… especially using something like Sony Vegas for editing.


  34. [..YouTube..] I started off with the regular (non HD) Flip camera. They are much less expensive since the HD version came out. I use a RCA digital voice recorder I paid less than $40 for. It has a microphone input, records in wave format, and has a pop out USB connection. It’s a step down from what you have but you can still upload in HD with a couple editing tricks.

  35. I think the Kodak is the BEST videocamera. That being said, I ended up with a refurbished Sony Webbie, because it’s the ONLY one that lets you see how you’re framed in the video! It has a viewing screen that “flips” while the others don’t. Wish they did.

    Any advice on how to be a “one-man” show with the other cameras?


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Use a big mirror behind the camera so you can see the viewfinder?

      I’ve tested this inside the bathroom (hehehe) and it seems to work rather well.

      Also, whenever you can get a remote control… that’s a good idea. Makes life a lot easier.


  36. Mark Mobley

    I am doing your Video Course (Great Material!!) and ran into the same problem with videos from my Zi8 converting to Sony Vegas. But found a couple of fixes on the net. The thing is that the Zi8 is ding well in the reviews compared to other cameras. Plus I like the mic jack which lowers initial investment. But we will see.

  37. [..YouTube..] Nice comparison, Gideon.

    I’m glad that you finally released RVB when you did, since I’d just gotten a cheap RCA voice recorder anyway and your method of syncing them up has *vastly* improved the sound quality on my videos. Add in some of your recording and setup tips from the course and all is well.

    I’m still using my flip mino (HD came out a week after I purchased it) but I was chatting with a friend last week that’s a sound engineer and he’s going to lend me his mino HD to try out.

  38. Frank

    Hey Gideon, nice review.
    What camera did you use for the review video?


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Frank – see my reply to Hrvoje above…

  39. Nice review Gideon.

    I have the Flip HD myself and have found it super simple to use and great quality; the only feature I wish it had is the external mike socket.

  40. Mel

    My website partner and I record a weekly podcast from our separate locations. We use Skype to talk to each other and webcams to record ourselves. We’re always looking for ways to increase our production quality and have been considering testing with our Flips. What has us stumped, however, is how to communicate via Skype while recording the video on an external camera. What are we overlooking?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Mel

      Unfortunately you can’t turn the Flip into a webcam – that would have been a pretty cool feature.

      Maybe Flip will release a version that can actually do this. But for now, you are stuck with cameras that can stream audio (like all webcams for example).


  41. Do you know if there’s a remote control available for the Flip?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Not that I am aware of Vegan Diaries! But that would have been a really cool thing to have!


  42. Barbara

    Thanks for your review. I really enjoyed it.
    I recently purchased the Kodak Zi8 and I absolutely love it. I think it is a lot better than the Flip camera, because of the following
    – it has a remote controller
    – fantastic image stabilisation so you can record in the car
    – ability to connect an external microphone, which is great as you don’t have to fiddle with recording your voice separately
    – you can take the SD card out and put it directly into your computer or TV card slot
    – great camera for holidays as it is small but you can record upto 10 hrs of HD video (as it has removable SD card) so you don’t have to worry about transferring your clips onto some storage device
    – you can recorded in 720 HD not only at 30 fps but also at 60fps which is really good for fast moving objects like sport, kids playing etc
    – it has ability to record in 1080 which is true HD
    – I bought a spare battery for $5 on ebay that works perfectly
    – it’s got a car charger
    – small foldable table-top tripod was included for standing it up
    – paid AUD$230 (excluding the SDHC card) which is a steal for such a versatile little camera
    By the way I absolutely loved your Rapid Video Blogging Report!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Here’s a review of the zi8 with tests in dark lighting, with motion, an external mic and so on.


  44. Susan

    Very educational Gideon. This video has started to give me some focus in purchasing a new camera. Thanks 1,000,000

  45. I personally like the Creative Vado better than Zi or Flip. It has audio in and much better picture (good skin tone balance in high and low light situations). Also has an underwater case accessory which is just plain fun.

    • I agree with you Thom. I have the Vado HD Generation 1 and just love it. It has amazing video quality and it also great in low light conditions.

  46. Lekker Bru!

    Great review Gideon…You share awesome information! I love the quality of the video on this page as well. Planning to implement much more video in the future and I really appreciate the editing suggestions from the previous reports!


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Geen probleem :)

  47. Widodo


    Thanks for the informative video. I am not an expert in audio video equipment but very enthusiastic to keep up with the digital technology development. How about Sony bloggie? Have you or anyone in the forum had an experience with it? Sony Bloggie CM5 looks interesting with swivel LCD but unfortunately record only mono audio.

    I also notice that you said you use Roland voice recorder which costs 500 bucks. Why not just buy an HD vid cam like Sony HDR CX110 as well which cost less than 500 bucks? Just my 2 cents ….

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Widodo

      Ryan T Malone commented about the Sony Bloggie above – check it out…

      I use the voice recorder because it gives me extra flexibility especially during action shots where there is a lot of movement.

      And the I don’t like using the bigger cameras as much because they are so “slow” compared to smaller cams like the Flip and Kodak.



    Guys, do you agree that kodak should employ Jack Connors FULL TIME??See his post n.21, AWESOME!!

    • Daniele, Thank You for the Compliment, But I have a Great Boss,(ME),LOL, Just call it like i see em, one thing i did forget to add that ive been playing,is the remote, as ive read,is only supposed to work from one side,NOPE!, works on either side of the camera!,with makes it even BETTER!,,Thanks again, If this economy doesnt pick up,sure,Ill take the job,and Im not lieing,
      about the camera,or the economy!,Jack

  49. I use an Olympus stylus tough for my hd videos and love it…plus, it can go underwater (very cool for my travel pieces)…only complaint is the battery runs out so quickly.

  50. [..YouTube..] @ericsurf6 Hey Eric – business is going GREAT! Actually, I was thinking about you the other day… and that you might enjoy my latest report (Rapid Video Blogging) – it could help leverage your following on YouTube tremendously and help you make quite a bit more money in the process. Have you met up with Jay Jay yet?

  51. Andy Iskandar

    Hey Gideon,

    Thanks for the post. I do have one question about resources though.

    Where did you get the template for your pop-over opt-in form? Or did you get it specially made for you?


    Be More,
    Andy Iskandar

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Andy

      I use Michael Dunlop’s Popup Domination Plugin – it really rocks! Has helped me increase my optins A LOT!

      You can get it here:


      (Affiliate Link)

      Also make sure you read my Rapid Video Blogging report where I explain why you should use it. You can get a free copy of my report here:



  52. Dan

    Hi Gideon and all,

    I wish this came out sooner because I pulled the trigger and bought the Flip HD on Amazon right after your first video. Would have been nice to check out the Kodak; yes, the lack of a microphone jack concerns me but we’ll see.
    One thing about the Flip I noticed is that, due to its design it’s easy to smudge the lens when handling it, especially if you take it out of its carrying case so be careful not to do this.

  53. khan00716

    nice =)) how can i find you you on Facebook?

  54. Hi Gideon,
    I use a Zoom Q3 which has a 3 point mount on the base, High quality stereo sound recording (Selectable), uses AA batteries either rechargeable or alkaline, has an SD card slot, a built in USB cable and comes complete with editing and sharing software. You can record your video and within minutes it will be uploaded to Youtube. It actually records in MP4 format but if you use “Any Video Converter” available as freeware, you can convert it to almost anything. The trouble I have and I suspect others do to is, if you post it on a remote server for viewing on your own website in order to give you quick download/viewing speed when your connection is not that fast (Like most of rural UK), you have to convert it to FLV or another compressed format so really it does not matter what quality you record at originally, by the time the viewing public see it, it’s lost some quality.
    Like others have asked, I would like to know what this video was recorded using but also software, format, storage solution and whether the part time blogger with limited time and resource could match your high quality.

  55. Hey Gideon

    How about an entry level camera that has a flip screen so that you can see yourself while making your videos.

    Any preferences? Or you don’t really find it a useful feature when it’s just you and the camera (no extra camera person)


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yeah, the Flip Ultra HD and Kodak Zi8 would have ROCKED even more if they had the a flip screen as well.

      I’m currently looking at getting a little diy “periscope” made so that I can actually see the viewfinder from the opposite angle.

      I just notice the Canon has brought on a DSLR (similar to my T2i) that has a flip screen. But that’s really not entry level.

      I can’t actually think of any nice entry level video cameras with a flip screen!

      Hmmm… market opportunity spotted!


  56. Thanks Gideon! I use the Flip and really like it, just wish it had an external mic because sometimes when I shoot outdoors it’s hard to hear me over the background noise or because I’m far away (I shoot fitness vids so often need my whole body!).

    may have to check out the Kodak simply to plug in a mic!

  57. mantic59

    did you receive any of these products free in return for doing this video?

  58. Ericsurf6

    Nice review Gideon ! I also use Sony Vegas, so the Flip ultra HD would be
    best for me too….Say, how’s business ?

  59. And now, just to make our decision a little harder, along comes JVC with a very cool new camera. It seems to have all the necessary features, plus I really like the idea of the touchscreen controls. It’s not available until August 27, but hopefully we’ll hear more about it soon.

    There are a few short videos on it here: http://budurl.com/Picsio

    • Bill. The JVC Picsio GC-FM-2 Pocket VC looks nice but I don’t think it has a connection to an external microphone.

      • You’re probably right Barbara, simply because they don’t mention it in the specs — I would think that would be something worth listing. HOWEVER…

        I did notice that the waterproof version (http://budurl.com/PicsioWP), which is an extra US$20, also includes an “MP3 audio recorder”, but I’m not sure exactly how that is featured.

        In the product summary it says:
        “There’s a stereo microphone that can be used to record audio as mp3 files.”

        I would THINK that means a plug-in microphone, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  60. FenderGibsonWashburn

    I started off with the regular (non HD) Flip camera. They are much less
    expensive since the HD version came out. I use a RCA digital voice recorder
    I paid less than $40 for. It has a microphone input, records in wave
    format, and has a pop out USB connection. It’s a step down from what you
    have but you can still upload in HD with a couple editing tricks.

  61. [..YouTube..] I love Kodak Zi8 and I preferred to buy it instead Ultra Flip HD.

  62. Great video and very valid commentary… Also I think the new Creative Vado can be a worthy contender in this category, perhaps?

    I’d like your opinion on one other thing though, perhaps in a future video. What do you think of using cell phones to capture video? Some of these phones are carrying optics and memory and other tech quite on par with these Flip type cameras… The upcoming Nokia N8 and N9 (with promised 720p HD video) especially could be quite good for on the go type of filming, at least.

    What do you reckon? Are mobile phone cameras good for anything? :)

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Juho

      To be honest, I think something like the iPhone 4 has the potential to wipe out the need for even the Flip Ultra HD and Kodak Zi8.

      But I am still waiting for my iPhone 4 to arrive to do some proper testing.

      And about the Creative Vado – I really liked the Generation 3 one – had some really nice features, and it worked pretty well with my tests!

      Yaro uses one of those now…


  63. Mike R

    Great presentation Gideon. And informative. It was really a big help.
    A side note: I’m sure someone of influence will be contacting you to become a spokes person for a great product in the near future!
    Keep up the good work.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      LOL! Now that would be interesting!


  64. Hi all,
    The Kodak was my first video camera and it’s nice if you want a simple mobile HD camera. I also bought it because of the rare mic input. It works fine with proper lighting and a tripod indoors but now I only use it for outdoor shots. The format is great, like a mobile phone. For more serious work I use a Canon HF200, which also has a mic input. I’m really satisfied with that camera, check out my website to check out the result. A cheap condenser mic works fine, no need for any fancy voice recorder and the sync procedure.

    • Aftab

      Hi Fredrik,

      Just had a look at your site. Have you used the Kodak or the Canon for your opening video?

      Also did you use a mic because the sound is very clear.



  65. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon, I bought myself a Kodak ZI8 for that very fact that it had a mic input. I was ready to upgrade to a second, better quality camera but found it difficult to located one with a mic input, and the one’s that did were super expensive. After reading your rapid video blogging report where you use a digital recorder to capture your voice, then sync it to the video, that was the best tip I have seen like….forever.

    Keep up the good tips mate. I hope your course is going real well.


  66. Hi Gideon,

    Great video. I personally use and like the Creative Vado HD and it definitely compares well with the Zi8 and the Flip HD.

    For those who are interested, I recently put together a short video at the Canadian Auto Show where I film the same scene with my Blackberry Curve 8900, Sony Cybershot Digital Camera, and my Creative Vado HD pocket camera…the results are very interesting:



  67. Wow 50000 subscribers!!! Keep it up!

    Ps. I was number 50000 😉

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Congrats Johannes! And thanks for being my 50,000th subscriber!


  68. For me, the microphone jack was the deciding factor. I got the Kodak.
    I got a wired lav mic and and 8GB SD card and now have a great system for making YouTube videos for less than $150 US. You may be able to find a cheap tabletop tripod at a dollar store to hold it for those that don’t have any tripod. For lights, I got 3-4 clamp-on lights and some daylight compact florescent bulbs at a local hardware store.
    Not a big investment and now I have the ability to start making videos. Still learning as I use it.

  69. I have the Zi8 and think it is a great, little camera. One thing to keep in mind with this camera – the file format you’re shooting in is .mov. I have tried to work with these files in Vegas Movie Studio, but the files don’t play nice with VMS. Either you get the video but not the audio, or vice versa. But the .mov files can be edited in Adobe Premiere Elements 8, which is what I use. In fact, I’ve found it easier to work with Elements than it is to work with VMS, in general. VMS may be slightly more robust, but you can do a lot with Elements.

    • Hi Ken,

      Try installing the FFDSHOW free codecs from http://www.ffdshow.info and that should most likely address the missing video issue in Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

      For those who haven’t used Vegas Movie Studio HD before, it is an excellent and affordable (around $45 – and comes with a 30 day free trial) video editing package from Sony. I’ve put together a video tutorial a while back that covers the basic features of movie studio…my favourite feature is the ability to upload directly to YouTube after you’re done your editing:



  70. Is Its available in Asian Countries Gideon , i am mostly used my Handycam while I am going to make any video to publish it

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Should be Tej – or copies of it at least!

      Otherwise, try something like Amazon? (if you can access it of course!)


  71. Gideon,

    Thanks for all the help on videos. You’re amazing. I’ve started using ScreenFlow and love it for my desktop stuff. One problem, though, when I hook up a camera to it and make the “video” part full screen during editing, the video is pixeled. What to do? If I use a flipcamera, then I can’t upload it into screenflow. So, what camera do you recommend that will have high enough resolution so the video won’t be grainy when I take the video that Screenflow is recording from and make THAT video full screen (over the desktop) during the editing stage of Screenflow?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Matthew

      I teach this inside my Rapid Video Blogging course… it’s a little technical to just explain with text here.


      It definitely is very possible to make your videos look great with the Flip and Screenflow.

      Have you read my Rapid Video Blogging report yet? I list a couple of examples where I used this solution and the result was pretty much AWESOME! You can download my report for free here:



      • Thanks, Gideon! I’ll read it today!! ~ I finally figured out how to import a video from the Flip Camera into Screenflow, but when I exported it so that I could make a DVD with it on iDVD, the quality was disgusting.

        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hey Matthew

          Ok great!

          For DVD quality videos, you’ll need to make sure you use different export settings. You’ll need to export them to much higher quality than for the web.


          • Ahah! And for an amateur, do you have suggestions as to what those settings might be?

            • Gideon Shalwick

              I would say at least 1,280×720 pixels (720p) or even 1,920×1,080 pixels (1080i/1080p) for the dimensions of the video. (Although for the flip, just the 1,280×720 pixels would be better I think).

              And either PAL DV or NTSC DV for the export setting, depending on where you live.

              Give that a go…


              • Thanks Gideon, I’ll give that a try and let you know how it goes! You’re the man!

  72. I use Zi8 for my video blogging. It easy to use and always ready to go.

  73. [..YouTube..] I modified my Zi8 to attach a stepdown ring take a 39mm lens. The Zi8 wins hands down in the zi8 vs FlipHD.

  74. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon, great review – covered all the bases. What are your thoughts on the Iphone 4? Also, I don’t have an RCA voice recorder but do have a recorder adapter for my ipod – which I guess is another option (although it eats up battery!)

  75. [..YouTube..] Wonderful review, I just bought a flip one 720 and I really love it ;D

  76. What are you using to create the video for this info on which camera to use?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Misty

      See my response to Hrvoje earlier…


  77. [..YouTube..] ¿cual es mas barata en españa?

  78. Guachapeli

    ¿cual es mas barata en españa?

  79. What a great dialogue we’ve got going on here about these wonderful 2 cameras. I am impressed with both cameras. I own and use both cameras. I also own and use a variety of other cameras all for different purposes. You really hit the nail on the head when you said the ZI-8 and the Flip are best for ‘rapid’ videos for the web. That is exactly what I use them for, my web vids, tips of the day, etc. I tend to pull out the FlipCam much more often from my pocket because of its ease of use. But… when I know I need good clean audio I plug in my external mic.

  80. [..YouTube..] Hi nice review! I’m a student filmmaker just about to start film school! I already own a decent camera for “PROPER” filmmaking but am looking for a new small camera for little videos like behind the scenes and that kind of thing. Untill your review i have been in favour of the ZI8 but after your review i’m not so sure. I do think though that the bad points about the ZI8 don’t really play much of a negative to me and i definitely prefer having the audio out jack. Thanks for the good review.

  81. Wendy

    They Kodak Zi10 will be released September 20th


  82. Will Pareja

    Hey Gideon:
    Good stuff. Recently joined your list and have been watching some of your vids. I scoured your website, but couldn’t find anything related to the use of external mics and integration w/ videos. Most likely, I wasn’t searching right. Forgive me for posting on this thread so late.

    From Chicago,
    Will Pareja

  83. Well, you’re pulling in a few hot commenters yourself:) It’s fab. Obviously you’re da man for video (tho I was in that chat on a Fri arvo with Darren where you were admiring his 2 camera set up!) Can’t wait to sort out my book and start a bit of vid blogging. Lovely to meet you last night and see you in the flesh so to speak:)

  84. [..YouTube..] you might want to hold off buying the zi8!

    The Kodak Playtouch comes out this month, all the same features but bigger screen, one stop brighter and a headphone jack!

  85. [..YouTube..] MOV is limited to what programs you can edit in. I’ve been using CyberLink which has a pretty neat program Power Director 8. Lots of neat tricks.

  86. Tammy Flores

    MOV is limited to what programs you can edit in. I’ve been using CyberLink
    which has a pretty neat program Power Director 8. Lots of neat tricks.

  87. Mark

    Hi Gideon,

    I was wondering how you did the blurry looking background in this video with a video camera? I’ve seen others do this same effect with a DSLR camera and adjusting the aperture, etc..

    Are you using a DSLR for this type effect? If so, which model?

    Thanks very much,


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yup – DSLR camera with a nifty fifty lens – pretty easy once you have the right equipment :)


  88. [..YouTube..] Gideon – What camera and audio setup did you use to film this video? Looks like an SLR video I like the depth of field and high quality audio!

  89. [..YouTube..] @bradbeckett i second that

  90. [..YouTube..] Haha, I like how you say “Z” like “Zed” :). Great review too. Very professional and high quality!

  91. TheMatt7000

    Haha, I like how you say “Z” like “Zed” :). Great review too. Very
    professional and high quality!

  92. codekennar

    Hi Gideon!! Help!

    I have a Zi8 and I’m shooting a reality show pilot. I want to shoot the very best Video and Audio with it that can be used as “broadcast” quality for a small cable network. Is this possible? Especially with the Audio plug in? What exactly do you recommend I purchase for the audio part (mics, mixer, etc). I need to record with at least two mics in a scene or a boom-type device. I know this is a lot to ask, but can you tell me what to get and will it be good enough for a cable tv network? Thanks!!!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hmmm. I think think if you want to shoot broadcast quality video for TV, you may need a broadcast quality video camera for TV. The Zi8 will do an ok job, but it will never be as good as the broadcast video cameras.

      In saying that though, you can get some pretty darn good results with just the Zi8 or the Flip Ultra HD, especially when you consider how affordable they are. And when you use my solution for the sound, or something similar, the end result can be really beautiful.

      Have you downloaded my report yet? I reveal what I use there…



  93. [..YouTube..] This was the best camera review i have seen on YouTube ever! Thanks! And i just wanted to say that converting MOV files is one of the worst decisions i’ve ever made. You loose 25% quality always and it always darkens the image. Thought i’d let you all in on that. Can’t wait to get my Flip Ultra!

  94. [..YouTube..] i have got the kodak and i have to say u would have to be an idiot to not be able to figure out what stuff does… it has five buttons and took me like two minutes in the crar

  95. TheArizonaExperience

    i have got the kodak and i have to say u would have to be an idiot to not
    be able to figure out what stuff does… it has five buttons and took me
    like two minutes in the crar

  96. [..YouTube..] @JayHyphenMichael Sounds like you will be doing a lot more converting. The Flip Ultra saves files as mp4.

  97. [..YouTube..] I am a video professional and have owned both a Kodak ZI6 and a Flip Ultra HD. I will make your decision easy. DON’T BUY THE FLIP!

    It is an expensive piece of shit. Most editing programs can’t edit mp4. Also, the flip customer service is worthless. Also, most people, myself included, have problems with the battery.

    Don’t buy the Flip.

  98. [..YouTube..] hehe he said zed. =3

  99. [..YouTube..] Very helpful…thanks!

  100. [..YouTube..] Question – Do you need any class of SD card for the HD video files for uploading them onto your computer?

  101. Keith Gilmore

    Question – Do you need any class of SD card for the HD video files for
    uploading them onto your computer?

  102. [..YouTube..] the only thing that i love with kodak zi8 is that, it has an external mic port. hmm?

    disadv of zi8: the batteries, vid file format
    dsadv of flip ultra: the port for external mic, 8gb max of memory.

    is there any other camcorder u can suggest that has external mic port?

    —thnx for the reviews—

  103. [..YouTube..] @wilsvlog The new Flip has a port where you can plug things into. For example, you can plug in the Mikey from Blue Microphones which then allows you to plug in an external mic. Really cool – I am getting one soon!

    Gideon Shalwick

  104. [..YouTube..] @GideonShalwick wat model is that?

  105. [..YouTube..] Do you know any other digital camera or point and shoot camera with an exteral mic jack, that shoots in HD?

    Help plz!!

  106. [..YouTube..] @rockin4shred The Vado from Creative (3rd generation) is pretty good too – has an ext mic jack and some other nice features, and the quality is pretty good too. Similar price range…

    Gideon Shalwick

  107. Gideon Shalwick

    @rockin4shred The Vado from Creative (3rd generation) is pretty good too –
    has an ext mic jack and some other nice features, and the quality is pretty
    good too. Similar price range… Gideon Shalwick

  108. [..YouTube..] Great review, extremely helpful. I’m going with the flip. Thanks

  109. Shane D.

    Can the Kodak Zi8 upload to youtube, without killing the quality, because I was reading youtube does not like .mov files. For simply youtube purposes, is the Flip or Zi8 going to give me better output? Thanks!

  110. [..YouTube..] @poolboyinla A “video professional”? LOL. Go back to cleaning pools and sucking cock.

  111. David

    Hi. I have a few questions about the lenses of the cameras. In a review a read elsewhere of the zi8, the reviewer said the zi8 could not focus from 15″ to 39″. In addition, I saw the specs of the Flip that said it can focus from 1.5m to infinity. 1.5m = 59″ which is almost five feet. Does that mean the Flip can’t focus on anything that is less than five feet away? That doesn’t sound right to me. I have been leaning towards buying the zi8 but have been considering the Flip if the Flip because, like I said, the Kodak can’t focus on anything between 15″ and 39″ Anyway, I’m still a bit confused so I’d like to know from you what you think about this issue. Thanks a lot!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi David

      Basically… in general with cameras, the more you pay, the better camera you get!

      With the Flip and Kodak cameras, while they are great, they do come with their own limitations.

      I have not had any focus issues with the Flip as you described. What I always recommend is if you can go into the shop and test out the camera that you are researching, that always helps – just to make sure it does what you want it to do.


  112. [..YouTube..] For my own Opinion Kodak Zi8 win 😀

  113. Thanks for inviting me to comment. Indeed it is a very nice video. I used to own a Flip HD (first generation) but the software comes with it really screws up my PC. I think it was a bug that always corrupts some of the files. It ends up I sold it and replace with another camcorder. I never use Kodak but from what you share, I think I’ll go for Kodak for one very important reason – the external jack for stereo microphone. I think buying a good recorder for Flip can be a pain (in terms of costs).

  114. [..YouTube..] @satancouldkillyounow ur making fun of poolboyinla’s name? Ur name is for cutters and anorexics! Go get a life loser!

  115. [..YouTube..] Also I searched his name and he has a video “fishing for hummers” with almost a million views so go back to worshipping Satan

  116. Hey Gideon,

    I just read your rapid blogging report. It’s awesome. I learned so much from it. Especially about the you tube channel.

    Quick question:

    (1) Like you, I have a mac. I’m just launching a video blog. What’s the default recording in the kodak zi8? I mean there are 2 -3 options in there. 1080, 720?

    (2) Do you think this theme is good for video blogging: http://www.wpzoom.com/themes/videozoom/?

    Best regards,
    Anesh, Dubai

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Anesh

      For YouTube, I just normally record in 720p. But as broadband improves around the world, the larger settings will become more and more popular. But for my purposes, 720p is just fine.

      I am on my iphone now so can’t check out the theme… but as long as the theme allows you to display your videos well, there should not be any issues.

      Of course, I do recommend the Thesis theme – there is a link inside my report – because of it’s superior SEO capabilities.


  117. [..YouTube..] Quite unrelated question:
    How do you make your camcorder to focus on your face, and not on the background?
    Is it a feature of your camcorder? Or is it a specific kind of lens for a specific focal point?
    I am using a Canon Vixia HF-S100 to record some tutorial videos, and I want to have the same effect.

  118. [..YouTube..] @myok1234 You need the right camcorder and lens. The one I used for this shoot was the Canon T2i 55D (Rebel) with a 50mm 1:1.8 lens. That gives you that nice depth of field look.

    Gideon Shalwick

  119. [..YouTube..] wat did u use to video tape this video

  120. [..YouTube..] what did you use to record this video?

  121. miguemonkeytrejo

    what did you use to record this video?

  122. [..YouTube..] This is a ridiculous review. The reviewer’s opinion on the cameras seems biased to the point where it could be considered trolling. Having more options than four buttons can be “confusing?” Many of the categories were clearly weighed in the direction of the Flip camera even when the Kodak was clearly better. This removed all credibility and made him look like a dumbass.

  123. [..YouTube..] @unspecialfish you are right – I am biased :) – although, there is nothing in it for me, the Flip is really just what I like to use personally. I’ve tried the Kodak, but it’s not as nice to use (for me). But I am sure others will disagree… as is expected. Thanks for your input though.

    Gideon Shalwick

  124. unspecialfish

    This is a ridiculous review. The reviewer’s opinion on the cameras seems
    biased to the point where it could be considered trolling. Having more
    options than four buttons can be “confusing?” Many of the categories were
    clearly weighed in the direction of the Flip camera even when the Kodak was
    clearly better. This removed all credibility and made him look like a

  125. [..YouTube..] this guy really loves the flip..I think the kodak is soo much better.

  126. Gideon Shalwick

    @unspecialfish you are right – I am biased :) – although, there is nothing
    in it for me, the Flip is really just what I like to use personally. I’ve
    tried the Kodak, but it’s not as nice to use (for me). But I am sure others
    will disagree… as is expected. Thanks for your input though. Gideon

  127. [..YouTube..] which one has better image stabilization?

  128. hoosier9009

    this guy really loves the flip..I think the kodak is soo much better.

  129. [..YouTube..] @TheMaddenBeast The Flip Ultra HD – especially the new version that has just come out…

    Gideon Shalwick

  130. [..YouTube..] @hoosier9009 lol – it depends on what you’re using it for. Technically, I think the Kodak is better yes, but for simplicity, I really like the Flip Ultra HD :)

    Gideon Shalwick

  131. Gideon Shalwick

    @hoosier9009 lol – it depends on what you’re using it for. Technically, I
    think the Kodak is better yes, but for simplicity, I really like the Flip
    Ultra HD :) Gideon Shalwick

  132. George

    Very nice comparison of two great products. While you prefer the Flip HD, you use a separate recording device for audio. That would be a BIG drawback to me because you need to sync the lip movements with the sound in editing, which is not easy to do, unless you have some trick up your sleeve that you haven’t told us about.

    Would put together a short video on how you sync the audio and video?

  133. [..YouTube..] how would u compare the two in price.

  134. [..YouTube..] If mine will stay on the tripod 99% of the time would the older model have a better picture? Seems like the reviews mostly say the new model compresses the file a lot more to get the 60fps and image stabilization. The reviews on youtube show the new one doesn’t do as well in low light but not a concern. I’m buying a 3rd gen ultra hd or old one soon.
    I was thinking the Kodak but they seem to show red as orange on the videos I’ve watched on youtube anyway.

  135. RawAs Fuhq

    how would u compare the two in price.

  136. Hello Gideon, I’m glad I found your blog! I was doing a search for remote controls for the Flip when I came across your site. I too went with the Flip Ultra HD for many of the reasons you bring up your review. I was lucky enough to find one on Craiglist, brand new still in the box for $120.

    I wanted a decent camera for recording personal videos and other short videos and the webcam I have just looked terrible after compression. The Flip works great and having it produce to MP4 was critical. I use Easy Video Player and Camtasia 7 and this makes my life SO much easier.

    Before I was using a Panasonic digital camera and it too saved to the smart card in .mov format. What a pain! I had to convert the video first to another format just to work with it and the audio was always out of sync with the video when I would upload it.

    Thanks for a great blog and I’m looking forward to reading your Rapid Video Blogging report. Keep up the great job!


  137. Hi Gideon,

    First of all – wow. You have the most detailed info in your free videos – thank you for sharing!

    One question for you … do you use a video monitor while you record? You seem like you do because you are always looking right into the camera and seem like you have pretty good control over your facial expressions.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      I just talk from the heart 😉


  138. Jason

    Cute. :0)
    so … are you just staring at the camera lense? Or do you have a screen you’re looking while you’re “talking from the heart”?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Jason

      I look straight into the lens of the camera.

      When I was just getting started, I used to use a teleprompter, but that made me feel a bit like a robot. Then I switched over to just a mindmap overview of what I wanted to talk about, printed it out and stuck it right below the camera for reference.

      But more often than not these days, before I record the video, I will get very clear on what I want to say, and then I just “talk from the heart” and see what happens. Sometimes I have to record it more than once to get the essence of the message right :)


  139. Jason

    Thanks for that!

    You are a very unique person – you offer great info for free and you answer techie questions.

    Most ‘Gurus’ I’ve noticed only respond to “you are so amazing – I want to be like you” type of comments. ;0)

    Keep up the good work – and thanks again for sharing.

  140. Lynne

    Thanks, I was unsure which to buy for my 10 year old for christmas, but I liked the idea of the Flip. It sounds like it would be the best buy for her after watching your blog

    Thanks again


  141. [..YouTube..] I have the Kodak Zi8 already. Which mic do you recommend for it?

  142. [..YouTube..] Well with kodak you got the option to record longer footage, that’s usually a big plus for most people so kodak should of gotten the win, you got me a bit confuse when you said ultrahd won that round, but yea flip ultra hd is more easy to use and are very good for beginners!

  143. [..YouTube..] Thanx I am trying to decide if the Kodak is worth buying since it is on sale for only 100 bucks!!

  144. [..YouTube..] @GideonShalwick which one is the new version of the flip called

  145. [..YouTube..] Not taking into account external mics, what is better for straight up sound quality?

  146. [..YouTube..] Come an.. The Kodak Zi8 is really easy to use! 😛

  147. TonyMainProduction

    Come an.. The Kodak Zi8 is really easy to use! 😛

  148. [..YouTube..] @unspecialfish I totally agree with you. This was a very biased review and he clearly works for Cisco. The Kodak is a more superior camera to the Flip by a long margin. The funniest part was how he preferred the limited Flip with its limited storage capacity. haha Yeah ok buddy, we believe you lol

  149. [..YouTube..] Nice comparison. A few points though. You said that the Zi8 was a bit more complicated. The Flip had 4 buttons but the Kodak only has 5 and when you power on, it only asks what resolution to film at. I think you were a little bit biased there. Also, regarding batteries, you can get a second battery pack and an external charger, or what I just got, the “Revive solar battery pack”. Holds an extra charge and if you’re really stuck can charge your battery by solar. It was $30 on Amazon. Good review!

  150. [..YouTube..] Most of these reviewers make no comparisons of the ZOOM levels. The Flip zoom is weak.

  151. [..YouTube..] Nice review, you’re a natural at product reviews! Though as a Zi8 user, I was confused as to why you prefer the flip when it seemed to win most of the categories and took me 10 minutes to figure out. I was just given a Flip cam so I’ll be able to make my own comparison too.

    At 4:33 you said flip but didn’t you mean to say the Zi8 was bettter in that category?

    Look and feel is subjective but important. The battery issue is legit. The Zi8 is now $100!!! I bought a second one.

  152. i made a newsletter cause of you…i use all ur tips from the pdf

  153. [..YouTube..] this sucks. the kodak is thinner and easier to drop? what the hell? and oh yeah the flip wins bc it only can hold 8gb to the camrea when the kodak can hold up to 32gb on sd card when the card doesnt make the camrea more difficult to use. and oh a whopping 1 or 2 more buttons make it so much harder to use! obviously just like the flip camrea

    • Arjun Narain

      He is absolutely right about the dropping part.

      Reason being if you are in an outdoor location it DOES matter to have a sturdy camera with a solid hand grip which the flip offers.

      As far as the SD card is concerned, The Kodak offers 32 gigs all right but that is an external component as there can be several problems of optimization and sometimes even reading problems. Since a SD card is something you buy yourself, some SD cards also require separate softwares to run thus complicating the whole thing up.

      As far as your point about buttons is concerned. The review is made concerning the average user. Some people (or rather most people) might not have a problem with the buttons and some will. Since the category was ease of use so the Flip wins.
      It was a comparative statement not a retort that the kodak isn’t easy to use.

      And yes, at the end Gideon did say that the both are more or less the same.

  154. [..YouTube..] Nice work Gideon! You’re quite the natural on camera. But I agree with some of the sentiments stated here about the love for the flip.
    Btw, what did you film this with?

  155. Hi Gideon, Loved your video on the camera comparisons – so-o-oo useful! I would like to know if you can video yourself easily. I am currently using an Ipod camera, and it is difficult to line it up to get me in the picture. Also it cannot be put on a tripod so has to be held in the hand, and that means very closeup!!
    Do the cameras you reviewed have a swivel screen so you can see what part of your face is on the screen?
    Thanks again, Joan

  156. So you record audio seperately when using the Canon, but what about when using the Zi8? What about plugging a field mixer to the Zi8 – are there any issues?
    I own a Zi8 and use it for all my videos, even though I could shoot with my Pentax Kx, and I have dabbled with recording audio seperately but just cannot get the audio synched properly with Power Director. Is it easy to synch the audio with Sony Vegas Studio HD?

  157. [..YouTube..] @GideonShalwick
    i like ur review and think that you are not biased about the product

  158. 1434utalha

    @GideonShalwick i like ur review and think that you are not biased about
    the product

  159. [..YouTube..] I would have loved for you to go into the extra features the Kodak has. I don’t like the zoom on Flip or that it doesn’t have a light. Does the Kodak?

  160. Arjun Narain

    Hey Gideon,

    Good review. But one point you never discussed pricing of the cameras. Mind giving an insight into that, Otherwise awesome review.

    Coming to the format issue. That’s quite basic, The Kodak records in a .mov format which is a apple quicktime movie. Not only does it have format issues with Vegas it also has rendering issues, A quicktime movie is not so comfortable sitting on a PC, However on a mac it”s a charm. So the flip is more universal recording in a .mp4 format.

    One more thing to note is that the .mp4 format can be uploaded directly onto websites while the .mov format has issues (personal experience).

    Otherwise performance wise both are a jewel and yes , Gideon the final render quality in nearly the same.

    Arjun Narain

  161. LP

    Hi Gideon….As per your video you mentioned using some form of power microphone to plug into your external voice recorder…where can I pick up a power microphone and what exactly is a power microphone?

    Thank you for such awesome content!!!

  162. [..YouTube..] how much did the flip pay you ?

  163. ejtiprost

    how much did the flip pay you ?

  164. [..YouTube..] great review!
    I was looking for a HD camera myself for you tube video’s.
    You helped me allot, thanx.
    Keep up the good work.


  165. [..YouTube..] Is it still worth buying the Zi8 now or are there newer “good value” pocket cancorders out today?

  166. Kiasko

    Is it still worth buying the Zi8 now or are there newer “good value” pocket
    cancorders out today?

  167. [..YouTube..] @basketball16468,
    The new version of the Flip UltraHD has the same name: Flip UltraHD. To make sure you are getting the newest version, you have to look for “3rd generation” or U32120B (U32120W for the white version).

  168. [..YouTube..] what camera ur using in this video to record it.

  169. [..YouTube..] @lovesubscribers I used a Canon T2i for this one. But if you look at my older videos, I just used the Flip Ultra HD. The Canon T2i or other similar DSLR cameras are awesome, but they also do have their drawbacks. Eg, HUGE learning curve, more expensive than Flip or Kodak, and they only record for about 12 min max at a time. So, it’s not a beginner type of video camera :)

  170. [..YouTube..] @Kiasko Zi8 still great, but apparently the new Kodak is even better – I have not tested it though so I cant say for sure.

  171. [..YouTube..] @ejtiprost Flip paid me nothing. But maybe they should have, given all the flack I am getting for having them as my personal preference lol!

  172. Gideon Shalwick

    @ejtiprost Flip paid me nothing. But maybe they should have, given all the
    flack I am getting for having them as my personal preference lol!

  173. Hey Gideon
    Cheers for the tip on the separate recording device, I use Kodak playsport because I like to film around water a lot. Being that I have already dropped my JVC 835 in the water, the waterproof option for me is a necessity!

  174. Will

    Gideon – press on – flack will come – bless those that curse you pray for those that dispitfully use you.

  175. [..YouTube..] Do any of them allow you to get a blurry background?

  176. does it a have good focus on up close things? like good macro

  177. flip all the way!!!!

  178. what’s the price comparison?

  179. I have Sony Vegas 10 . The ZI-8 Works fine .But the MOV format is a really pain . !

  180. The Zi8 wins for me.

    The only problem is the sound with a mono mic. (stereo not appropriate for single voice recording) which only records on one side (left).

    I get hiss and noise on the other channle (right) which is easy to remove but an unnecessary step in the process.

    I’m working on a solution….

    And with the Flip….the most annoying thing is the recharge problem which seems to happen to 1,000s of people! It’s ALL OVER Flip forums on the net!

  181. do you know a ood converter, so i can convert zi8 files onto sony vegas? :] please reply!

  182. The Zi8 works fine on Sony Vegas Pro. Zi8 has 720 60P which gives better recording quality and slow motion capability plus it has 1080P. It also has Macro mode where the flip cameras do not. I do like the flips feel and flat bottom better and it is simpler to use but because of the vastly better functionality and ability of the Zi8 I think it is not much of a contest as the Zi8 is just better.

  183. Lifeintakes

    The Zi8 works fine on Sony Vegas Pro. Zi8 has 720 60P which gives better
    recording quality and slow motion capability plus it has 1080P. It also has
    Macro mode where the flip cameras do not. I do like the flips feel and flat
    bottom better and it is simpler to use but because of the vastly better
    functionality and ability of the Zi8 I think it is not much of a contest as
    the Zi8 is just better.

  184. My friend got a flip and kinda topped the digital camera we used. Then I bought the Zi8(hadnt heard of it yet) but it seemed to me like the Kodak is better, he was right about the Flip being able to stand up. But the microphone option is awesome! To me the Kodak is better for making longer more important videos, but the Flip would be good for just vlogging or making a quick fun video.

  185. [..YouTube..] The macro on the flip just got is horrible

  186. LOL!!!! HE PAYS $500 BUCKS EXTRA JUST FOR BETTER SOUND, WHEN U CAN PAY $30 FOR AN EXTERNAL MIC WITH THE ZI8…. That alone seperates the 2 cameras. Thanks for the review!!!

  187. [..YouTube..] Whats the battery life for both?

  188. I think for the built in MIC’s the Flip has better audio. Some Kodak Zi8 have bad mics with buzzing sound. Not all Kodak Zi8 have this problem but a lot of them do.

  189. mp4podcastDOTcom

    I think for the built in MIC’s the Flip has better audio. Some Kodak Zi8
    have bad mics with buzzing sound. Not all Kodak Zi8 have this problem but a
    lot of them do.

  190. [..YouTube..] Why is it that all the videos on youtube that were recorded with a Kodak Zi8 Camera. Are all really slow. They take FOREVER to load. Even when they are at 360p they take forever. But all other videos on youtube load just fine. What Is Up. Like if you pay attention to it. All the Kodak Zi8 Camera videos take a long time to load. Which makes myself wonder if I should but this camera. People wouldnt want to wait for a video to load. So people wouldnt watch my videos. Why Is This Like This.

  191. [..YouTube..] what about the ultra hd 3rd gen for sound is it better now

  192. hey great video!!!
    i was wondering is the flip company out of business..
    i’ve had 3 or 4 people tell me that, i was just wondering
    because i really like it but im not sure if its out of business
    that would kinda suck if it was because that would mean
    they wouldn’t be making any new accessories.. that would be
    the only down fall….but people told me the kodak is awesome too soo,
    im now thinking about getting that:)

  193. [..YouTube..] @unspecialfish
    No. His review gave us his opinion.
    If someone could not sort out opinion and reasons given, then that person has a ‘credibility’ problem.
    No one is ‘dumbass.’

  194. [..YouTube..] wich camera is best for the thing i use them for (check my channel)?

  195. Jelmer Gunnink

    wich camera is best for the thing i use them for (check my channel)?

  196. [..YouTube..] wich is better? kodak zi8 or playsport zx3?

  197. [..YouTube..] hrx which lens did you use on your t2i?

  198. [..YouTube..] Can someone tell me how he got the background to be kind of blurry but he looks perffect… thanks!

  199. [..YouTube..] Why would you perfer AA batteries?? … You would spend so much money on buying more and replacing them.

  200. michellescorner

    Why would you perfer AA batteries?? … You would spend so much money on
    buying more and replacing them.

  201. [..YouTube..] Hey Michelle – rechargeable AA batteries work out quite cheaply :)

  202. Gideon Shalwick

    @michellescorner Hey Michelle – rechargeable AA batteries work out quite
    cheaply :)

  203. [..YouTube..] what about price?

  204. A great comparison. I was just looking at Best Buy for the Kodak but they didn’t have one so I stuck with the more well known camera, the flip. SO far I am liking it. It is perfect for collecting testimonials for my off line moving business and recording simple moving tip videos. So all in all, I enjoyed your video and its comparison and I am glad I stuck to the Flip.

  205. Hi Gideon,

    I’ve read every comment on here and watched your video. I’ve read other independent review sites and also relevant CNET and Consumer Reports / videos on these cams (and more cams of course) prior. I’d like your opinion of “the best” vlogging camera for conditions comprised of the following factors:
    1. Outdoor interviews in NYC (aka: LOUD background noise; interviewing a few people at-random, obviously no lighting control, stabilization MIGHT be a factor, but we don’t expect people to be moving more than “swaying” while being interviewed);
    2. Indoor product reviews/interviews (aka: fast-moving subject matter will NOT be an issue, where as, the ability to zoom “close-up” on products/details/people, and receive good audio via device –without separate audio recording device– IS a factor)

    I assume that the overall “top cameras” in-play for this discussion/use, are still the following(?):
    Kodak Zi8 (or newer ? “Zi10″?)
    Kodak Playsport
    iPhone 4 (iPhone 5?)
    Flip Ultra HD
    Creative Vado

    Please advise. Thank you!
    PS: I downloaded your FREE book and I’m having my video-editor guys review it now – I’m sure they’ll find it useful! (I will make certain to read it myself, while traveling, over the weekend). :-)


  206. [..YouTube..] He has A Canon It Naturally Does That It focuses in more on you face and what not

  207. [..YouTube..] sony bloggie touch all the way

  208. TheCopperhound84

    @hoosier9009 sony bloggie touch all the way

  209. Any updates on current models? Which one do you recommend? Thanks!

  210. [..YouTube..] the price is better with the flip camera

  211. Kevin McCrackin

    Great review but I like the Zi8 but the review you have done here is great.

  212. [..YouTube..] How do you edit videos? Someone please tell me

  213. [..YouTube..] how can i switch from kodak zi8 mov files to wmv files

  214. WombatVlogs

    What are you filming THIS video with?

  215. Shadowarrio1e

    How is it its only 360p but looks badass

  216. ElementFreerunning

    what are the advantages of a DSLR like the Cannon 60D over the Flip?

  217. [..YouTube..] What should I do when my Kodak doesn’t work? I need to hold the power button all the time…

  218. What should I do when my Kodak doesn’t work? I need to hold the power button all the time…

  219. SpiritJaivyn

    What should I do when my Kodak doesn’t work? I need to hold the power button all the time…

  220. ch33kster

    I have both cameras that I used for my wedding video. The detail the Kodak picks up compared to the Flip is far more superior especially on close up. The Flip just cant focus that well on definition.


    mone my griped abput thrzi8 is when you get to the end of a scene it stops is that because it alls does stills??I asume mst will burn it in a disk like most mis the s]optical s\zeem and ,e the special efects the yellow leaves in the fall become a priiity blue

  222. esmuvinaros

    Could you tell me if both record more than 30min continuisly or it stops. I need for record concerts.
    Thanks for your help.

  223. esmuvinaros

    How long can created xi8 a video without cuts, 60 min. 90min dipending of the card. Or only 30 minutes as many others cameras.

  224. ILostTobin

    Just thought I would let you know: Sony Vegas will read these files, as long as you have Quicktime installed on your computer (giving you the codecs that are required).

    I also feel like the audio wasn’t stressed enough. That is what REALLY sold the Zi8 for me. These tips are for people with a small budget, and so recommending that you buy an external voice recorder dosen’t make a lot of sense. I was able to pick up a good Sony stereo mic for under $5 and drastically improve the sound.

  225. karaiskara

    Hey Gideon, I love your videos!!! I do have a question, for artist or singers which camera is suggested?

  226. Erxbear

    Hello. I accidently dropped my Sony Bloggie in water and it won’t turn on.
    What do I do?
    I connected it to my computer to charge and the orange light turns on but the camera STILL won’t turn on. Help me? My dad will be furious if he finds out I broke it. ;(

  227. pcfix411

    Having to make an extra step to edit in vegas knocks the kodak down a notch.

  228. DaVirusKick

    i prefer the ZI8. Great for holidays

  229. DaVirusKick

    i prefer the ZI8. Great for holidays

  230. passionguitar666

    hey gideonshalwick! how do you do to blur your bacjround and make yourself in evidence ? please anwser me ive been searching for months!:)

  231. tomstrat1

    Answered all my questions. Thank you so much for your Video :-)

  232. crazykenbei

    you edit the kodak files in windows live movie maker with ease i might add.

  233. crazykenbei

    you can edit the kodak files in windows live movie maker with ease i might add.

  234. wilhelmschmidt34

    If you buy AA batteries from Amazon/Costco/Sam’s it works out to be almost the same in the end. Try it. I really don’t think the camera quality matters a great deal, I think that it’s more about marketing and how you market your video. It’s also about the software, this software was the biggest help that I came across in 3 years of IM :

  235. TheNinjaGameplay

    What camera did you use to record this video?

  236. FlyAcapella

    Kodak is just trying to make money that way. Shame.

  237. Kodak all the way…. peeps

  238. topgrain

    Good review. Very thorough. I also have the Flip and love it. I am disappointed that Cisco has discontinued it, which means support and accessories for it will diminish and eventually disappear. I do want to note that the very latest Flip Ultra HD can run on 3 AAA size batteries in lieu of the propriety battery pack.

  239. garu8193

    OMG,…ridiculous review !!! your definately in the extreme minority,…. hey gideon the zi8 has better low light recording,….1080p,…. better battery,….sd card rules over internal memory,.only pocket cam on the market with mic jack, also you forgot to mention that the zi8 can be operated with a remote control !!! unlike the flip,

  240. MasQjunx

    I think it was a gr8 review Gideon… im a kodak guy myself… but don’t worry about the haters on here.. every time you mentioned your own preference you said, “You may have a different opinion, which is fine…” when these guys have their own preference, they call you a “Dumbass”… so that just reflects on their immaturity and inability to create their own review.. so thanks.. I know a lot more about the Flip now… keep ’em coming…

  241. DazeHub

    Kodak Zi8 Wins!!!!

  242. daniel7am

    gday, i don’t think the Zi8 is still sold now, I’m looking for a cheap pocket video with external mic jack, any ideas?

  243. culionfilo

    Hi, I have a question for you, can I use these cam as a webcam on mac? I am a musician and I want to start giving guitar lessons online

  244. southernexposure123

    Is the flip/zi8 ok for outdoor shooting or is it better to use an actual small camcorder? I want to shoot simple demonstrations at distances of 5 ft to 20 ft and still be able to get details with closeups and loud audio. Thanks for the reply.

  245. Willie Lopez

    Had the Zi8 2 years ago & just decided to die together with my videos of our Florida vacation, sucks…..

  246. Anthony Flores

    what camera did you use for this video?? i want something like this !! help !! Good quality. how many pixels??

  247. DreamBoulevard

    Any of the new point and shoot cameras has great video quality. Check out the superzooms. I have a Lumix FZ200 but a used FZ150 will do a great Job. Ive had a Canon SX30, give it a miss, but a used sx40 will record great videos or the sx 50 if you want new. I got the FZ200 because is can use an external mic. I bought my dad a Sony HX200v also great for recording like this but it doesnt have an external mic. Also any of the budget DSLR’s with at least HD720 will do a great job.

  248. MrIsaacman987

    great vid

  249. georgi nikolov

    dude, you’re teaching us about what camera to use and your video doesn’t even offer anything above 360p. wtf

  250. MacPherson100000

    Is this the newest version? I’ve read about the Vi6 and the Vi8.

  251. Barbiee Twinzz

    PERFECT this is what my god sister and some youtubers use this is what i needed thankss 😀

  252. Janet Lancaster

    Hi Gideon
    What is the next generation Kodak camera after the Zi8? Thank you.

  253. Remi Goodchilli



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