The BEST Video Marketing Tool For Turning Traffic Into Hot New Leads And Buying Customers!

LeadPlayer Winners Announced PLUS A SUPER Cool Surprise!

It’s been a busy couple of days… but I am pleased to announce the two winners for the LeadPlayer competition!!!

Also, if you did not win, I still want to let you in on a “little” surprise that I KNOW you’ll just LOVE!

But first, let’s look at the winners…

Just to recap, the two winners will get:

  1. An unlimited licence to the LeadPlayer Software (Value: $147)
  2. A brand new HD webcam (Value: $130)

So, without further a do…

I want to congratulate Richard Griffiths from and Diane Potter from for winning LeadPlayer! (Check their comments below to see why they won!)

We’ll be contacting you with information on how to pick up your prizes.

Ok… now for that little surprise…

Access To LeadPlayer’s “One-Hour Video Blogging” Course

I am really passionate about sharing LeadPlayer because of the awesome benefits I’ve been able to receive from it already.

And I really want to help you get the same kind of benefit for your own online businesses too!

Which is why I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy of the LeadPlayer software!

But to give you some extra incentive, I’ve asked Clay if he had anything unique he could offer to people who purchase LeadPlayer after reading this post.

Well, Clay not only agreed, but he’s gone over the top and thrown in a really powerful bonus. This is a great for anyone into video content production

Clay has developed a video blogging course called “One-Hour Video Blogging”, that teaches you how to create a professionally edited video blog post… in 1 hour!

The “One Hour Video Blogging” course includes…

  • How to create a video bumper, easy fast and cost effectively
  • How to find and add music to your show
  • Exactly which equipment you should use (stuff you can afford!)
  • How to incorporate (and cut between) live action, screen capture, motion graphics, and presentation graphics for MAXIMUM ENGAGEMENT
  • How to create videos that get YouTube viewers – and website visitors! – to subscribe to your list
  • Plus some extra info about YouTube video optimisation, for good measure

Clay is giving this entire course away as a FREE bonus for anyone who joins the LeadPlayer family BEFORE midnight on Saturday, April 20, 2013.

That’s a pretty gracious offer from Clay, and I really think it will help you speed up your video content production in conjunction with LeadPlayer, which is becoming increasingly more important as the internet matures.


Okay… that about wraps this up!

Chat soon!




I’m going to be blunt with you in a few seconds – about something very important for your success online. But first…

Inside this post, I am going to cover 3 things:

  1. Being blunt with you about an important topic 😉
  2. Reviewing an amazing new plugin to help you grow your online business.
  3. Running a competition where we are giving away $554 in prizes – it’s SUPER easy to enter – details are below.

So, please keep reading to find out how YOU can be one of the lucky winners :)

Before I share more about that though… let’s get back to me being blunt with you…

“Getting traffic to your website is utterly meaningless!”

There! I said it!

Ok, so now let me explain why…

Traffic to your site really IS meaningless, UNLESS you know how to CONVERT that traffic into something useful. And “useful” in this context can mean anything ranging from more leads, more sales or more advertising income.

In short… MORE MONEY!

So, here’s the problem…

Most new fledgeling online business owners (and well seasononed ones too!) think that traffic to their new site will cure everything. Or they might think that getting more views on a place like YouTube will mean they become rich and famous! Well… perhaps famous… but not necessarily rich!

Those goals are not bad in and of themselves, but if that is where it all ends, you really will NOT succeed online. Period!

You see, to be able to succeed online, you only need two things (in it’s most barest and purest form):

  1. Targeted traffic and
  2. A method to convert that traffic into leads and sales

It’s THAT simple! (Not necessarily easy though lol!)

Of course you’ll need something to sell… like your own product or service, or some advertising. But the basics of it is that you need traffic, and you need a way to turn that traffic into something concrete… like money!


Over the last 6 years of operating my business online, I’ve seen a few things come and go. Some have been good, and some have been terrible.

But every now and then I see something that can really make a very big difference in my business.

When I spot something like this, I always first test it out before I get too excited about it.

And once it passes my requirements, I go full out and scale the heck out of this new thing to help grow my business as fast as possible.

One such new thing is a relatively new technology I’ve been testing out that has made conversions to leads and sales on my video blog SUPER easy and SUPER effective… oh and did I mention it all happens automatically once you’ve installed it? It’s cool and you’ll see why soon…

It’s a new technology called LeadPlayer.

It’s been developed by Clay Collins… someone who was introduced to me about a year ago by a really good friend. And boy… was I glad our paths crossed!

LeadPlayer is a revolution in and of itself. But there are a few important things you need to know about it before you get started with it.

The function of LeadPlayer is simple:

“To help you turn your website traffic into more leads and sales as QUICK and as EASY as possible using the powerful medium of online video.”

As I said earlier, I’ve now been testing this new technology for MONTHS! And I am pleased to say that it’s passed my strict tests in every possible way.

For example, here are the 5 most important criteria I use for adopting any new technology into my business:

  1. It HAS to be quick and easy to set up – CHECK!
  2. It HAS to be fun and easy to use – CHECK!
  3. It HAS to do what it says it will do – CHECK!
  4. It HAS to provide a fast return on investment – CHECK!
  5. It HAS to have a solid support team to answer all my difficult questions (and sometimes I can be real pain in the neck!) – CHECK!

Once a new tool reaches this level in my business, I feel comfortable telling other people about it.

And that’s what I’d like to do next…

What’s So Great About LeadPlayer?

The most obvious benefit of LeadPlayer is that it helps you INCREASE THE CONVERSION of traffic on your blog or website into new leads and sales, without doing ANYTHING extra – it’s all automated once you have it set up!

In other words… it makes your site KICK ASS… automatically!

LeadPlayer currently contributes around 44% of ALL the leads coming from my blog. In other words… my daily leads would be just about CUT IN HALF if it was not for LeadPlayer!

That’s one INSANE statistic!

Similarly, other folks around the net are getting great results from using LeadPlayer on their sites. Internet greats like Pat Flynn, Andrew Warner, James Schramko and a few others.

And I’ve just confirmed over a Skype chat with Clay Collins, that they’ve experienced similar results when they started using LeadPlayer on their own sites!

Getting more leads from software like this is already enough reason for me to use it in my business every day. But there are also a few other NEAT little features you may want to consider.

For example you can…

  • Create CLICKABLE call to action text inside your videos
  • Instantly direct your site traffic to ANY page of your choice (eg webinars, special promos, sales pages etc)
  • Use other people’s YouTube video’s to build your own audience (this is a really cool little feature!)
  • Make site wide announcements for important urgent events

And all of this comes with an amazingly simple backend admin area that is really easy to navigate. If you know how to click your mouse, you’re pretty well qualified to drive it like a PRO!

Here’s a quick example to show you how you can use it:


Note: I only realised afterwards that you only get one call to action per video. But the video shows nicely what it looks like don’t you think?

My Only Gripe With LeadPlayer!

If I could be picky for a second here, I would like to point out one little improvement the team at LeadPlayer could make to their software…

Even though their backend interface is super easy to operate, I’ve found it a little frustrating not being able to search for specific videos or to sort my videos by date or alphabet.

While this is not exactly a dealbreaker for 99% of the times I use it, it’s been a little annoying not being able to sort or search for a specific video.

Why do I need this feature though?

Well… sometimes I want to make changes to some specific videos. And since I have a TON of posts on my blog, it’s really useful to have a search or sorting function available to easily find and edit the LeadPlayer settings for that particular video.


From what I’ve seen so far from Clay and the LeadPlayer team, they are SUPER responsive to requests from customers, and they are continually working to improve the usability of the software, and making it even MORE AWESOME!

So, in the big picture, this little gripe of mine really pales into insignificance compared to the amazing benefits I can get from it. And who knows, this may even be the next feature they build into the software!

To see more details about LeadPlayer, click here.

Ok, so let’s talk about this competition thingee…

Here’s Your Chance To Win LeadPlayer PLUS An HD Video Camera

I’ve arranged with the people at LeadPlayer go give away two copies of LeadPlayer (and two HD video cameras) for FREE.

Here’s how it will work:

Two lucky winners are going to win an unlimited version of LeadPlayer AND a HD video camera.

All you have do is leave a comment below and answer the following question:

“Why is LeadPlayer™ the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video?”

Anyway, I hate to be the bad dude, but please, no hard luck stories or diatribes of why your life sucks, you’re broke and can’t afford it. . . but you’re hoping to win it . . . that isn’t what this contest is about.

I want to hear about action. I want to hear exactly how you’d use LeadPlayer™ with as many specifics as possible. And I want to hear how LeadPlayer™ will affect your business after you’ve implemented it.

The more specific you can make your comment, the better.

DEADLINE: You have until Thursday at 04:00PM Pacific (PST) to submit your entry. And the winners will be announced a couple of hours later on the same day.

(Note: If you’ve purchased LeadPlayer in the past, or if you buy it during this contest . . . AND you are selected as a “winner” Clay Collins at LeadPlayer will still send you the HD camera & send you a check for the cost of LeadPlayer).

Anyway, I will go through every single one of your responses and award the winners on Thursday. So keep an eye out on your inbox!

And if you win you’ll get the unlimited version of LeadPlayer and the all cool HD video camera!

Just leave your comment below… and who knows, you just might win!

Chat soon…


About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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278 Responses to The BEST Video Marketing Tool For Turning Traffic Into Hot New Leads And Buying Customers!

  1. Jay

    LeadPlayer™ is the perfect video player because it generates 44% of the leads and eventually converts that to sales.

    • claycollins

      Even though we get these kinds of statistics on a pretty frequent basis, they still blow me away. It makes our team excited about what we do.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yeah I was actually quite pleased after looking at the results – my team just kinda set it up a few months ago and we just let it ran. And to see such a dramatic result was totally awesome!

  2. Ian Mayman

    Hi Gideon, I am establishing an Amazon business developing products myself and possibly Amazon affiliate marketing. For at least one of these marketing strategies i aim to include video reviews and I will use Lead Player to include an ‘add to basket’ and/or an email subscription form. Technically it won’t improve my business because I’m just getting started and so I have nothing to compare it with, although I am sure it will have a very positive effect on my sales figures. Thank you.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Ah… but if you are starting from zero, any improvement (mathematically speaking), is an infinite improvement hehehe!

  3. Hello,
    I think that the Lead Player is the best tool to build my first list and increase my sales with video is, it makes every thing more organised and simple for a beginner. Being really effective is hard for any one in this industry, and this could solve the problem of “slow growth” of an organisation or an entrepreneur. I myself would consider buying this service. But since you are giving this away, I gotta wait.
    And the HD webacm, it drives me crazy all the time. I wish I had a better camera all the time. And I don’t even have a primary camera for my YouTube channel to start with. I still use my Logitech C270 720P webcam to produce videos. And If I get this I’d be better for me. coz I’m planning to launch soon. Manohar Media is all about news. Indian local news actually.
    And I’ve been really pleased with the mini course! I’d like to get the full course. Please help me get to that Shalwick.
    Any way, thanks for reading through this, hoping I win.

    Manohar M.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Manohar!

      I think having a better camera will certainly help you create better videos. It should make the whole process more fun and rewarding too, because you’ll be creating more beautiful productions for sure!

      Great stuff on your goals for – using video to deliver news is a powerful medium – especially on YouTube!

  4. I am starting another portion of my business in late June, early July, which will include screencast video production, YouTube channel account/video maintenance, etc. I have worked with a client who has LeadPlayer and I absolutely love it! This is on the top of my list when I build my new website for this part of my business because I know if I have this in place, I’ll be starting everything off right. LeadPlayer is a great way of generating qualified leads, leads that will want to use my services or want to purchase upcoming products. What I love about LeadPlayer is the ease of setting up the call to actions.

    My plan to start is to have one to two videos per month providing free information, free advice to build up interest and community. Once I have built a community, I will be able to determine by the analytics what my community is most interested in and make sure I have services and products that meet their needs. The other thing I will do is purchase the unlimited license, which will allow me to offer this as an add on service for my clients on their websites. (That is, if they don’t want to purchase this excellent software for themselves.) I do agree with you Gideon, it would be nice to be able to sort the videos by title, date, and I would actually add, keyword or category. Being able to assign at least one keyword or category to the video would greatly help in searching.

    I would love to win a full version of LeadPlayer. I love the information you provide Gideon and I’ll love you even more if I win the LeadPlayer; however, even if I don’t win it, it’s still on my list to get before the new site is live in late June early July. So, if I don’t win, darn it! If I do win, I love you! 😉

    Have a great day Gideon, and I hope to hear, “You’re the luck winner Naomi!” (A girl can dream!)

  5. “Why is LeadPlayer™ the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video?”

    Because Gideon Shalwick said so. Definitely! :)

    • I basically do everything Gideon tells me to do and it’s served me well online :-)

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hah thanks Rebekka! I notice you’re doing some cool stuff on your YouTube Channel too! Keep up the great work!

  6. LeadPlayer would be the perfect player for me, as it would give me an easier and even more interactive way to engage my viewers on my videos, leading them to my various mail-lists depending on the video topic and also providing a great follow-through to my site with articles/topics as discussed in my videos. I can imagine that by using LeadPlayer, I would see a huge increase in follow-throughs from video to post and vice versa. And I really also like that it is unbranded and seamless. I would totally love to win this, and it would be put to use right away!


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yeah, having an unbranded and clean video player for the videos on your blog makes such a big difference. I really like how Clay and his team have removed all clutter from their design to make it a really seamless integration!

  7. Hello Gideon,

    This is an excellent and informative post. Thank you for this valuable content. I would love to enter the contest, so I should tell you how Lead Player will benefit my website.

    Well, I actually have a blog. I am willing to invest in products that you have tested yourself because I do TRUST you. Anyway, Lead Player is the tool I need to build my list and sell my products because I believe I can’t go wrong with video. Based on the information you provided, Lead Player will definitely make the process more manageable.

    I have just launched my own weekly podcast show today. So, I have added an additional way to connect with my audience.

    Video is a media that I have not even used for my business. I suffer from “stage fright” but I understand I have to stretch my comfort zone. I want to be able to connect with my audience in a more visual way. Lead Player would be the perfect tool to build my community in a visual manner.

    I’m not a techie but I believe I can work Lead Player like a pro:)

    I appreciate you taking the time to read my rant. I thank you for helping me with the right education to producing valuable video content to my audience.

    To Your Success,

    Stacie Walker

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Stacie – yes, LeadPlayer works excellently on blogs – in fact I use it on ALL the videos on this very blog you are on now.

      About your “stage fright” thingee… don’t stress about it. We all go through that at the beginning. The key is to just get something up and watch yourself over and over to “get used” to yourself hehe.


  8. Because it allows to collect emails or ask for an sepecific call to action to the visitors of a website

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yup – those are the two main benefits of LeadPlayer – but I also LOVE the other more create applications you can use it for. For example, making a site wide announcement about a new webinar or limited time promotion. It’s beautiful for that kinda thing!

  9. Lead Player would be PERFECT for my business because I am listening to my market. Every time I am in public or speak with someone, they say, “You should speak or you should make videos because you have such a great personality, your cute, and very funny– not the typical doctor.” I kid you not. By making videos using Lead Player, I will not only be responding to my market’s kind request, I will be building my list and making a massive impact by spreading the message of hope well beyond maintaining symptoms yet using health as a tool to live life before retirement!! The sales will of course, help me to enjoy life before retirement as well 😉

    My biggest challenge was the quality of my videos. I didn’t need them to be perfect yet I wanted to make sure they would be impactful. A HD webcam would definitely help with that!

    Will I be answering your questions on my “Ask Dr Stacy” Weekly Video Series with Lead Player… we will see!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Dr Stacy! Wow – I think you are exactly the right person for video! You are an expert, and everyone tells you that you’d be great on video!

      I reckon you should give it a really good shot!

  10. I believe in website design, the fewer calls to action the better. This means not cluttering up your website with a 3d graphic, an opt in box, a button, and a video they need to watch. This combines all of those things into one and people LOVE to watch video! If you put your primary video with Lead Player towards the very top of every page on your site, make the video all about your free offer and how beneficial it will be, then you only have one area of focus for the visitor. This leaves your sidebar and your header area free from any of these traditional sign up forms. The sign up is almost a sneak attack that happens after they’ve watched the video and started to build a relationship with you.

    Another fantastic way to use this is to strategically talk in your video in such a way that you will tell them something of value, but right before doing so- they are shown the form. So you could say something like, “In just a minute I’m going to reveal X, but I go into even more detail in my free report explaining X, Y, and Z INSERT LEAD PLAYER HERE. Then tell X

    So in summation.

    1. keeps website clean of clutter, thus guiding the reader to where you want them to go.
    2. essentially hides the opt in form until someone has already started building a relationship with you via video
    3. strategically place the opt in as you’re talking about how much more info they will get in your free offer

    • Gideon Shalwick

      You are SPOT ON Diane!

      I totally agree with how LeadPlayer is keeping your site clean of clutter, and helping you provide your viewer with the best possible experience.

      Love it!

      • Holy pajamas I can’t believe I won! I’ve never won anything. :) More importantly Gideon Shalwick knows who I am. *blushing* I don’t know which is more exciting right now. This couldn’t have come at a better time, because after taking your video course (Gideon) I have created (on paper) an entire new funnel and site design and Lead Player with LOTS of videos were part of that strategy! I literally screamed so loud when reading that I’ve given myself a bit of a headache! Thank you so much, you completely made my month, Clay and Gideon!! Great content, great value, great community building and great leadership! Hugs!

        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hahah – congrats again Diane – it was a hard choice, but your comment was great!


        • Congrats Diane! Yay!

      • Congrats Diane – Great comment and lots of success!


    • Congratulations on your win Diane…

    • Congratulations Diane. After you get a chance to use LeadPlayer, maybe you can do a guest post for Gideon letting us know how you liked it. :)

      • Thanks everyone. Vera, I would love that :) Great idea. Of course it’s up to Gideon. Two weeks ago I was watching and reading everything he’d put out and now he knows who I am so this is quite the journey….

  11. Hi Gideon,
    My current website is not delivering the leads or customer detail that I require, so I am looking for a software program that can boost my customer experience and turn my videos to become more interactive.

    I teach guitar online, and to have interactive videos which keep my students on my site is crucial for business. I am looking for a software that can doubled my opt-ins, have other videos interactive with mine as an affiliate and boost the early stages of my business and help going forward.

    I also need to turn my old youtube videos into new sales, my business is young so I feel Lead Player would boost my business and allow me to operate professionally. I am building my membership site as we speak and to be able to use LeadPlayer for my guitar videos would be revolutionary in the way people learn guitar online.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Jack

      LeadPlayer should help for sure. There are so many cool things you can do with it!

      One of the reasons it works so well for me, is because I have a video on pretty much every single post on my blog. So, that means I have created an opportunity for people to optin on each and every post on my blog.


      • That is so clever, I can see how it would benefit and work quickly for business.

        Thank you for the reply too,


  12. Bernie Perry

    Hi Gideon,

    I have a different question to ask you: Is LeadPlayer more perfect than EasyVideo Suite? If yes, why?

    Oops, I guess that’s two questions? :-)

    Thanks … Bernie

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Bernie

      Great question!

      I actually use both! But for different reasons…

      – I use EVS for my product, promotional or membership (behind the scenes) kinda videos – all of these are normally NOT on my blog.

      – And I use LeadPlayer now for ALL the videos on this blog because of the simplicity of the tool, and the extra features that EVS does not offer me.

      Hope this helps!


      • Bernie Perry

        Hey Gideon,

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        One gripe I have about EVS is that none of the timeline events work if the video is being viewed in full screen.

        Alas I’ve discovered that’s true for LeadPlayer as well.


        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hmmm maybe this is a limitation that YouTube has on their videos. Clay would probably know the answer to this one. But I am sure that if it is possible to fix, the LeadPlayer team will already be on it!

          • Bernie Perry

            Actually, this occurs no matter where I host the video. The EVS guys say it’s an issue with Flash and that they are going to try to find a solution. Let me know if the LeadPlayer team beats them to the punch … I’ll be ready to sign on!

            • Gideon Shalwick

              Yeah this will be interesting to see whether anyone can find a cool solution. Flash is kinda going out of fashion these days hehe…

      • Where do you host your LeadPlayer videos? Would I be correct in assuming that your EVS videos are hosted on Amazon 3S?

        How are these folks headshots getting on here?

        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hey GB

          For EVS, yes… the videos are hosted on Amazon S3.

          For LeadPlayer… the videos are hosted on YouTube.

          For the headshots… if I remember right, you need to setup your profile here:

          • GB Crawford, Thank you so much for asking a question about the headshots! And thank you Gideon for answering it. I have been trying to figure it out for the past few weeks!

            • Gideon Shalwick

              Ah great to see you guys have heads now lol!


  13. Hi Gideon,
    Lead player is a great product. I have been looking for reviews about it in the past few days and it seems that it will get me more results.

    Here’s how.

    I am going to launch my upcoming blog after a month. “ToStartBlogging.Com”

    I want to start with a bang and all what I need is getting more subscribers. With Lead Player, I can get more subscribers by making video series about something, offer the first as free and you need to subscribe for other videos. Using lead player, I can make the box appear at the end of the video and I will be able to get more using this plugin.

    I am now doing a lot of guest posts to promote my blog, here are some of my posts:

    After I launch, I will be using videos more like Derek Halpern. Having a tool like this will help me look more professional and attract more leads from my videos.

    The best thing is the part of making the subscribe box appear in the middle of the video, this can also help me increase my leads.

    Having a lot of leads and then engaging with them will help me build successful community under my blog and will make me get sales for my future products.

    This is simply how using lead player can help me in my business. That’s why I’m sure having something like leadplayer along the way with me will help me get to the top sooner.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Ahmed – YES! I agree that LeadPlayer will help you achieve your goals – congrats on guest posts! That can really help grow your audience, especially at the beginning.

  14. hi Gideon
    I think LeadPlayer is perfectly named. I will use it to motivate me to create videos to sell my services and to small business owners. My blog is pretty boring right now and needs added spice, LeadPlayer is the perfect tool to do that as it allows you to add skip and buy now buttons at beginning, middle and end of videos, rather than trying to get people to buy at the end of video through your verbal instructions alone! This is exciting and will make a huge difference to the quality of my videos and the response rate from clients. heather

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Heather!

      Yes, and that’s one of the main reasons I love LeadPlayer so much – I can just set things up, and let it run.

      For example, when I started using LeadPlayer, I already had A LOT of videos on my blog (that were not using LeadPlayer). I then got my team to get ALL my videos to use LeadPlayer. Now, I am able to instantly chance a call to action on ALL my videos if I want to. Very powerful indeed!

  15. Don

    Hi Gideon. LeadPlayer™ is the perfect video player for building my list and increasing sales with video for two reasons: 1) I can actually have an opt-in box tied to my autoresponder in my videos (fantastic), and 2) I can put links to atricles/websites in the actual videos….another way to get leads and conversions. Thank you for sharing this exciting software product.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yes – both very powerful features Don! The one I’ve had best results for so far is with getting more optins. I do also use it for Calls To Action. But I think I can experiment some more in that area…

  16. This would be absolutely perfect for me because I’m in the midst of starting my first business & it’s based online. I’m selling sewing patterns to people who like to sew their own clothing. One thing that’s popular in the online sewing community is hosting a virtual sew along where you show your customers how to construct the garment as they sew along with you. Everyone just shows photos of the construction process, but I’d like to have video of it. These sew alongs also attract new customers, so having a call to action in every video would be perfect for converting new sales. Thanks a for this opportunity!

    • Mari, that’s an AWESOME online business to be in!!! Best of Luck to you…great niche!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Ah yeah – that would be really cool. It’s a PERFECT niche for using video! Great stuff Mari! Looking forward to seeing your succeed with your new business!

  17. I have multiple websites that I would be able to use Lead Player on. I’ve been using a lot of your products and techniques to drive massive traffic to all my sites and different projects. Lead Player is a must for me so now I can hopefully maximize all this traffic and get more conversions. Thanks Gideon! I can’t wait to win!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Awesome stuff Robert!

      Yeah – I’ved noticed that you are a MASSIVE action taker. So awesome to see. In fact, everyone who takes action on the stuff I teach get amazing results. And it’s always such a breath of fresh air to see people (like you) take massive action toward their online goals.

      Keep up the awesome work!

  18. Lead Player is simple to use and if you are planning to live your 100 days reason before you die it a must tool for every video marketer.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hah yeah – it’s definitely one of those MUST HAVE tools for video bloggers for sure!

  19. After viewing Gideon’s review, I think the important factor is the ability to have the viewer taker action immediately.
    All too often the person watching the video will click away before the CTA.
    I love creating videos but if I can’t generate leads and income what good is it financially?
    Seems like this tool- if it’s easy to use- would provide a big boost in both lead generation as well as lead conversion for my websites.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Nathan

      Yeah for sure – as you can see from my review, LeadPlayer has had a massive impact on my lead growth. At the end of the day, the higher your lead growth per day, the faster your business can grow!

  20. Jamie

    Two of the most attractive arguments for leveraging Lead Player beyond its extensive promotional and lead capture capabilities are the strong endorsements it gets from many renowned I.M giants and the fact that it is compatible with mobile devices. I have long searched for a player that is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems and for that very reason I would leverage Lead Player extensively. The world has gone mobile and mobioe friendliness is a necessity in order to survive over the long term.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Oh yeah – as marketers we simply CANNOT ignore mobile anymore. It’s a massive force to be reckoned with. And it’s only going to grow bigger and bigger. It’ll be really interesting to see what happens in the future also with ITV and similar devices.

  21. LeadPlayer™ is the perfect video player because it leads to a greater number of sales :)

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Not only sales, but also more leads. In fact using it for leads has been more effective for me on my blog. So far at least!

  22. I am working on building some video based training and will be using YouTube videos as part of the marketing of these products. A tool like LeadPlayer looks like it would be fantastic for building a list of leads.

    I especially like that it pauses the video when I clicked the link in the lower left for the free video clips and opened the new page in a new tab.

    This tool would allow me to have a great call to action within the videos I put together as well as other videos I embed from YouTube. I’m a little bit concerned that they don’t have support for S3 or other video sites since YouTube could ban someone and then they have no alternative way to use LeadPlayer. But it really looks like a wonderful tool at this point.

    As for the camera, I doubt I would go out and buy this camera, but I think it is probably better quality than my current “camcorder” and would work well in a studio setup or if I get into vlogging (gotta clean up the mess behind me before that happens 8=)

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Bill! It really is horses for courses.

      The way I use LeadPlayer is in conjunction with YouTube. I have my videos on YouTube for generating traffic to my site. And once people get to my site, I use LeadPlayer for getting more leads and sales.

      Something I do in any case is upload my videos to Amazon S3 as well. This serves as both a back up option, and also a way to get my videos into my iTunes feed.

  23. Why is LeadPlayer the perfect video player for building my list and increasing sales with video? Because Leadplayer times the call to action at the point of maximum psychological leverage. Leadplayer times the call to action to occur when people are already watching a video. When people are already engaged with my content, they have a greater incentive than otherwise to respond to the call to action. People naturally want to complete a video they have begin to watch. It’s a powerful human drive to want to complete a thought journey that has already been started. People’s natural desire to continue with the video therefore reduces their resistance to responding to the call to action. Consequently Leadplayer gets better results than alternative methods, because alternative methods don’t time the call to action at the point of maximum psychological leverage.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Richard! Excellent look at the psychological side of LeadPlayer. I totally agree with everything you’ve said! Really nice analysis.

      • Thanks Gideon. I’m glad to win LeadPlayer for my site. I’m sure it will be very helpful in building my list.

    • Congratulations Richard, enjoy your new products.


    • Congrats Richard – Always important to take note of the human psychology to be effective. Lots of success!


    • Well done Richard. Very well stated!
      What’s your business?
      PS – Now to find Dianne!! Where’s that search and sort facility when you need it most! :-)

      • Thanks Peter. My site is about spiritual intelligence. I produce courses for the public and for practitioners on the subject of spiritual intelligence. You will find my site here

    • Great Post Richard. Congratulations!

    • Congrats Richard. Checking out your website now. Incredibly interesting information.

  24. Your timing is perfect.

    I was toying with the idea of spending about $10k acquiring a list and then mailing them offline to get them to convert online, …, blah blah. Your timely advice to use LeadPlayer has tipped me over the edge never to return to out-dated strategies that cost heeps. Could I explain a bit more.

    I spoke with my new marketing consultant and tech guy today (his name is Jamie McKean) and I asked whether I should break out of my pattern of “throw money at it to solve it”. Jamie said that video was the best way to grow a list and we’d do that through promoting my new videos to my existing contact base in LinkedIN and YouTube.

    Now that I’ve told Jamie about LeadPlayer, and the 44% of all leads Gideon gets, I’m thinking that Jamie will quickly get comfortable with what Gideon is saying. High trust factor again. And if Jamie is cool with us using LeadPlayer, I’m sure he will recommend LeadPlayer to loads of other clients.

    And why that’s great is because the use of signup forms in videos will become more acceptable with more use, further increasing conversion rates of video watchers. It just gets better for everyone.

    And I’d like an HD video camera please.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Michael!

      Wow! Spending $10,000 on buying a list sounds a little bit insane. At least from my point of view LOL!

      And yes, new media today is an amazing way to help grow your business. Most of my traffic comes from organic free traffic. I’ve recently started experimenting with paid traffic. But my free organic traffic converts by far the best at the moment.

      It’s really excellent to see how you are embracing all this new stuff. Congratulations!

  25. cool …would be nice if lead player works for mobile and could imbed QR codes as well

    • It does absolutely work on mobile. On both Android and iOS devices. No problem.

      Warm regards,

      • Gideon Shalwick

        Yep! I can definitely vouch for that… It sure does work on my iPhone!

  26. Hi Gideon

    I.m just starting in the IM business and after much research decided that video was the most logical way to go . After looking at several products designed to maximize the video effect , I find that Lead player is miles ahead of anything else that I have found. I know that this will get me started several steps ahead of where any thing else out there. I hope to be one of the lucky winners so that I may launch my site this week end.
    Thanks for the Opportunity,

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Amos!

      Yes, I really like the fact that the team at LeadPlayer is so cutting edge. They really do a great job with updating the software and keeping it at the front of the cutting edge – I guess you could call it the bleeding edge LOL!

  27. Deb

    Oh my gosh…this is freakin’ cool! Really, really cool actually! Thank you sooooo much for this review Gideon. I’m just now building my website and platform and looking for efficient ways to list build and convert traffic so the timing couldn’t be better. I’m totally sold. Why this is the perfect video player for me – ease of use and brilliantly designed – no question about it. Thank you for the demo so I could really see it in action! Awesome work guys!!!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Deb!

      Yes, it really is VERY well designed. I really like the clean interface and how they’ve completely removed all clutter to get the job done. I think Clay and his team have done a marvellous job!

  28. Tony Blum

    Lead Player compels the viewer to enter their e-mail in order to continue viewing the video although I understand there is a function to allow the viewer to bypass that. So if your video grabs the viewers attention they will want to enter their email to see the rest of the video. You then follow that up with a second call to action later in the video to allow them to gain access immediately. Of course should they choose not to click, they will begin receiving e-mails to follow up and drip on them.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Tony!

      Your viewers can definitely continue watching the video by clicking on the little skip link at the bottom. That is a really cool feature that LeadPlayer has built in.

      I think you can also turn that option off if you wanted to. For example, in cases where you don’t actually want people to see the rest of the video unless they optin. But I quite like giving people the option to skip that step if they want to.

  29. This sounds like an awesome tool for my blog.

    Currently, less than 20% of my posts include a video, but those videos drive about 30-40% of my traffic.

    I’m pretty small time, but have gotten thousands of views on youtube.

    A tool like this could really leverage those views to add to my mailing list to open better communication around what videos my audience would like to see. As well as point people to the one product I do sell when it’s appropriate.

    Thanks for sharing your review on this plugin!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Mike!

      Wow! It seems like you need to create a lot more videos. All the posts on this blog are video posts. I think you can get a TON more traffic if you use more video posts on your site!

      And then of course more optins as well!

  30. Q: “Why is LeadPlayer™ the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video?”

    A: LeadPlayer is a perfect tool for building lists and increasing sales with video because:

    1. Is quick and easy to set up
    2. Is fun and easy to use
    3. Does exactly what it says will do
    4. Helps with FAST ROI
    5. Has solid and responsive support team

    And above all adds value to:

    – videos – as they look more professional,
    – creators – as it automates huge part of vlogers work
    – viewers – as it makes videos more entertaining

    If is simply FAB!

    • Although just starting up with video blogging this software would allow me to get it right from the start. Would definitely streamline the whole process of adding the vital calls to action and help with maintenance of them.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Jolanta. Nice summary of my post hehehe…

  31. Serendipitous!

    I have followed Gideon for several years and have always found his video posts entertaining and informative. This latest post came along as I was trying to open a new chapter in my internet marketing career. I have done exceedingly well in the past, but my antipathy, with Google and it’s constant ability to change the internet world without regard to the economic affects to those it chooses to swat down, and marketers that are unwilling to provide value for the investment made, has led to a much less actionable climate for myself in the IM industry.

    I love to keep active and have found the internet to be an easy way to stay involved and somewhat in touch with a very interesting and diverse group of people. I have a very few IM’ers that I still follow, Gideon being one of them. In this particular case, serendipity played a large roll. As I said I follow Gideon, and a few others, and more often than not if Gideon sends out an email to his list, I open it, and most likely, will watch whatever he does in his video posts.

    Recently I have been checking into how to get traffic without the direct aid of our friend Google. I came across the Empire Builders material and decided to follow them for a bit, which led to one of their contributors guest blog and then to a process with videos that seemed to me to have some possibilities. Then Gideon’s email of today came along with the LeadPlayer review.

    All I can say is, Kowabunga!

    This thing Rocks!

    Put it together with stuff at Empire Builders and Cliff Carrigan’s fast video process for getting traffic, and the ideas that Gideon presents in many of his videos and traffic and viola! Instant, sustainable, traffic. I realize I am still vulnerable to Google’s whims and flights of fancy in controlling the internet universe, because they own Youtube! Hopefully they are too busy controlling the search market internet to be able to do to much with YouTube for a while. :~}

    I see this process as a clear opportunity to a better track in internet marketing.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Donald!

      Fantastic to have you as a long time follower! I really respect that and am grateful that you’ve stayed with me!

      It’s very interesting how the Internet marketing industry has changed over the last six years that I’ve been online. It’s also good to see some great new people coming through and setting new standards and creating some awesomeness.

      I think at the core of it, if you keep on providing greater value to your audience, changes in Google and YouTube should only benefit you in the long run.

      Well done on your great progress!

  32. Anyone who has done any marketing at all knows the Call to Action (CTA) is extremely important. The problem Lead Player resolves so simply and easily is getting the CTA (whatever you choose that to be) to show up right inside the video where it cannot be missed and when it fits in the message of the video. The alternative is what happens 99% of the time- you spend a ton of time and/or money getting views to your video and they click off before the CTA because they have been conditioned to know it is coming and the automatic response is to avoid the CTA. Lead Player is a “killer” piece of software that isn’t just a good idea… It is ingenious and IT WORKS. It is a MUST for anyone wanting to increase conversions almost effortlessly.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Steve!

      I am PUMPED that LeadPlayer is also working out so well for you. I agree with everything you’ve said and I am looking forward to seeing all the great results for everyone else as well!

  33. Hi Gideon!

    I’ve been lurking here for quite some time, and I think your stuff is amazing. I’ve been practicing a lot of what you teach, and this week I happen to have finally debuted two new videos!

    I am a psychotherapist and am using videos to increase traffic and conversions on my therapy website. The goal: blog signups so that folks who maybe need therapy but can’t afford it, or aren’t ready to commit, can stay in touch with me and benefit from my stuff. Eventually I will develop more of a paid product there, but keeping in touch with clients who aren’t ready yet is HOW I will eventually get them to sign up for my product (in person services). Psychotherapy is a tough sell; it isn’t a sexy product. Anything that helps me encourage skiddish potential clients to stay in touch is a must have!

    The ACTION:
    So far I have: Used Splasheo (AWESOME!) animated intro and lower thirds for my free half hour “How to Be Your Own Therapist” video that I just completed and uploaded (yay!) as an incentive to sign up for my blog. I’ll be using Splasheo on all of my vlogs that I create.

    Followed your advice and set up a studio in my basement with some lights. I use the lapel mic, Sony Vegas, and several other techniques that rock and come straight from this blog. So far the reaction from the therapeutic community has been great. We therapists are generally a bunch of technophobes, so I’m really drawing attention and telling everyone where to get the goods. I’m working on streamlining my process as outlined in your free rapid video blogging guide as well.

    I regularly guest post. I am actively involved in the community. I moderate an active Google+ community for therapists. I’ve scraped together 230 FB “likes” and 915 Twitter followers. I design and maintain my own site. It hasn’t been easy. All the while, I work hard to ensure that my clinical skills and expertise are excellent, because I’m not just a blogger. I’m a clinician and part-time stay at home mom with a toddler. I’ve been at this for almost two years.

    Why LeadPlayer would be PERFECT for me:
    People in my niche are searching for a product that they are embarrassed about needing, so getting them to convert or be enthusiastic about following a psychotherapist hasn’t been easy. That’s just how it is in my field. I’m not unique. But I am hard-working, and I’m in a niche that isn’t over-saturated with vloggers already, so I’m drawing attention. I’d LOVE to get more conversions. Of course! It would mean that I could help more people who may read or watch my blog for YEARS before being ready to call me. I’d LOVE to also be able to teach others in my little niche how to get started using technology for online marketing. It’s not enough to use all the tools and create great looking videos. If I can’t convert, I don’t feel like I can really say that it’s working.

    My biggest dilemma in the therapy field is how to convert without seeming too salesy – we are “supposed” to be helpers, not obvious business people (even though we are-don’t get me started!). Something that would allow me to discreetly and efficiently put calls to action and signup forms in my stuff would be worth its weight in gold to me. I don’t want to distract the person from the overall purpose of my site – to have a helpful experience. Leadplayer sounds perfect for this.

    I’d also love to be able to direct people to specific pages within my site so that if they are watching a video on being a happier couple, they can see the couples therapy page link. How brilliant would that be? Lastly, when I have a product for sale or an event that I’m doing, being able to put that throughout my videos would be amazing. That would make my videos a living part of my message rather than a snapshot of what I had going on at that time. LeadPlayer is the perfect package for someone who wants to keep the focus on their video but have a one stop conversion shop. If LeadPlayer works for me I’ll tell everyone I know where to get it.

    I know this was long, and I don’t care, I’m just happy to share my gratitude about the tools I’ve been given so far. Regardless of whether I win, I’ll be vlogging and trying to spread help to my future clients and inspiration to my technophobic colleagues. We forget that all of this online marketing stuff can have profound impacts on people lives when they have access to things that truly help them. Thanks for all of the awesomeness Gideon!


    • Kat,

      Nicely, intelligently, put. I wish you all the success in your endeavor.


      • Thanks Donald, likewise to you as well with your projects! (If I knew what it was I could be more specific). :) Kat

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Kat!

      I really appreciate the wonderful comment you’ve written. I can tell that you’ve been working at this very hard. You’re definitely going in the right direction though!

      There is a ton of opportunity in your field and I can just see you doing really well with this. So I would encourage you to keep going for sure!

      I also love the extra insights of how you’d use LeadPlayer on your site – great ideas!


      • Thanks Gideon! I’m totally grinning right now, just at the sheer attention you pay to your comments and make sure that everyone feels welcomed and heard. Thanks for being a good blog-model! :) It can seem overwhelming sometimes, but then I look back at how far I and my site have come and feel very hopeful and supported. Making a whole half hour video with no script or retakes wouldn’t have been possible without all the tips from this community, so I’m very grateful. This is fun stuff.

    • Mary tinat

      hi Kat

      I am interested in your job and your website. congratulations. I’d like to do like you. you are pretty . I hope your dream come true and you find many customers . Be successful.

      Mary Tinat

  34. Marwan

    Thank you Gideon for this review. The video does a good job of showing us what Leadplayer does. I do think having more than 1 call to action per video could be helpful in certain situations.

    Still, Leadplayer looks like a great software that can get the viewers attention attacking the senses both visual and audible. I can clearly see where I need to click in order to join a list and It is easy to see right in front of me. You can also have a call to action that stops the video and requires that the viewer do something or skip it to continue. A great product.

    Even though it is great as it stands, I feel like there should be more, and I suspect there will be.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Marwan!

      If my previous experience is anything to go by there will be a lot of very cool updates coming for LeadPlayer. Since I started using it a few months ago they’ve updated it with some very cool new features. So I would imagine a lot of new things would be on their way already.

  35. Hi, Gideon!

    This contest couldn’t have come at a better time! Here’s why…

    I’m in a business with an urgent message & a relatively unheard of product/service. It’s important that this information is distributed widely to the right people, in a consistent, effective process, and I want to be certain these people are properly educated before we ever have a physical conversation. But, with SEC rules, it has to be communicated a certain way.

    Because I’m not considered the typical person delivering this type of news, I recognize how important it is to create connections & build relationships with people who I may otherwise NEVER encounter nor get to open this type of dialogue with….And, without a doubt, I realize there’s almost NO better way to do this than with video.

    Especially, with video that’s engaging, interactive, and gives and gets results.

    A few weeks ago I created my very first video message to invite people to a live event (You’re welcome to go see it…I would love your feedback for my first attempt). I was using what must be a comparable product, but it just didn’t deliver the type of results I wanted….In fact, after paying for traffic, it failed MISERABLY! The overlay at the end is awkward & it DIDN’T do the most important thing I was trying to accomplish….capture the email address of interested folks who resonate with my message!

    Right now I’m smack-dab in the middle of shooting & editing a host of videos (w/ a little Zi8) to create a digital relationship campaign that leads up to another Live Event in June. I’ll be launching this campaign in a couple of weeks through DM and Networking events to drive highly targeted traffic to my video landing pages. Using a tool like LeadPlayer to launch my campaign would be absolutely incredible! (I’d love to be able to share my results!)

    So…To answer your question…
    “Why is LeadPlayer™ the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video?”

    LeadPlayer seems to be the perfect tool for creating connections with people who directly respond to perfectly timed, compelling content, that helps lead them one step closer to building a lasting relationship with me.

    LeadPlayer’s backend also seems to be the perfect solution to uncover exactly what content and part of the content is most compelling, by learning what my audience is responding to and when.

    Right now, it’s more important that I’m speaking to the right, qualified, responsive people who are open to developing a relationship over time, than it is to have 1000’s of subscribers. And LeadPlayer looks like it’s just the “Easy Grease” I need to get & keep my new video engine running on intelligent autopilot!

    I sure do hope I win, because LeadPlayer looks like powerful, business-growing stuff! (And it wouldn’t hurt to have my future videos looking good with a new HD camera, either!hehehe:))

    Gideon, as always, I Appreciate Your Review.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Nikki!

      Looks like you’re at the start of a really amazing adventure!

      I know the pain of trying out tools that do not quite deliver the right results. But that’s why I have this blog. So that I can share my experiences with others and give you the shortcuts you need to get the results that you want.

      I’ve tested a TON of stuff. So I know very quickly when I see something that will work for me and for my audience. And LeadPlayer is one of those :)

  36. Many people, including marketers and business owners, are leery of using video. They have a variety of reasons for this. LeadPlayer will get many people OVER the hump because it gets the most important thing done for marketers and business owners: leads and sales.

    In other words, the fears that folks have about creating video: having the right video equipment, being in a video, the time it takes to make videos—all of these will become secondary when they see what it does.

    People tend to push through all kinds of barriers and challenges when they KNOW the outcome is worth it.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Stan!

      Yes I totally agree that people will push through anything to be able to get the results that they want.

      The beautiful thing about LeadPlayer for me is that I can just focus on creating amazing content and then slap on LeadPlayer to help me get more leads and more sales. Beautiful implementation.

  37. As a storyteller (novels, screenplays, short stories, etc.), I’ve found the tools to publish stories online are excellent. I can publish a novel on Amazon in just a few minutes.
    The problem is promoting those stories and developing a following of readers for future works.
    That’s where I think Lead Player could play an important role. I’m planning to transition my written blog to a video blog, utilizing YouTube and other social media to reach new readers. I’ll be offering tips on storytelling, reviews of stories, evaluations of writing tools, and interviews, as I seek to develop an email list of potential readers.
    Of course, I’ll also direct people to sites where they may purchase the books I write.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Clint!

      I think using YouTube for traffic and relationship building is one of the best things you can do as a storyteller.

      And then when people get to your site you can use LeadPlayer in conjunction with your YouTube videos. It can be an amazing tool to help you get more leads and sales for your novels, screenplays and short stories.

  38. Flexibility makes LeadPlayer the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video. You can make changes to all of your videos at once. If I want to make a change to the videos on my site using my current player, I have to edit each individual post. It is also super easy to use! Couple those facets with the ability to customize the appearance and functionality of YouTube videos and we have a video player that is head and shoulders above the rest. It is a WP plugin so I do not have to upload a PHP script to my site to make it work, which can be a real pain if the product is updated frequently. I am excited about LeadPlayer’s ability to use YouTube to host our membership area training videos on our JiuJitsuFamily website. We had thought about using unlisted YouTube videos to create members only videos but we were concerned that we might have the customers click through and leave our site. LeadPlayer can be configured to prevent that from happening. :)

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Tom!

      Yes from what I’ve seen from LeadPlayer it is really nice and flexible and I especially love how we can make changes to all your videos at once for those sitewide announcements. Announcing webinars, for example, would be an amazing application for this.

  39. After many hours listening to marketers and their “amazing” offers, I am finally learning to ignore most of it. I’ve found a few people that I trust because they deliver only the best, and offers that really help me.

    So… I pay attention to everything Gideon introduces, and every thing I have bought has helped me.

    I’m a teacher, and want to retire soon so I can devote my time to writing children’s books while helping parents teach their kids to read. Right now I’m creating all I can in my extra time.

    I’ve been making videos combining art and reading lessons, and my students love them. But my problem is getting the word out to parents. Lead Player will help me grab more of my visitors on YouTube and Facebook. I’m especially going to concentrate on Pinterest because that’s where the creative moms are.

    Yep, I’m just starting, but I’ve learned so much from Gideon, I think I can make a difference in education with videos and books that focus on the creative kid who may be having trouble learning to read. The videos will teach the kids, and the lead player messages will get the parents to my site!

    I’m planning on making trailers for the books I will write; so the Lead Player will be my primary tool for getting attention towards my books on Kindle!

    I’m going to buy Lead Player anyway, but I’d sure love to win it free! And the camera too…. How generous of you!

    Lucy Jennings

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Lucy!

      It’s always so nice to hear from you! You know, I think you are doing some great work there to help students with their reading progress.

      Our little girl (Lucy) will soon need to start learning how to read. So we might send her to your YouTube channel :)

    • Lucy your post caught my eye because I think we are in the same boat – helpers and healers with a message and a big trust in what the real pro’s say. You hit the nail on the head when you said you ignore everything but pay attention to Gideon without regret!

  40. Monya

    Every person on earth today has a specific purpose. We were all born not just to accomplish our own dreams but to impact and improve the lives of others. LeadPlayer™ is an amazing tool that will help me to fulfill my purpose and my passion to help people overcome the obstacles of daily life. My aim is to uplift, encourage and enrich the lives of as many people I can reach with different free video teachings I am currently working on. This will be a non-profit ministry venture.

    I know LeadPlayer™ was designed for increasing sales, but it will help me to enrich and heal the hearts of so many hurting in our world today. LeadPlayer™ will help me not only increase the number of people I can reach, but the consistency of influence I can bring to impact and improve people’s lives. It’s not just what we do, it is the consistency that makes the difference between success and failure. I believe LeadPlayer™ is the perfect way to achieve consistency which leads to success.

    PS* Gideon is an amazing teacher and I have been watching his video’s for a wile. Thanks Gideon for investing your time in helping me succeed. I think you have an accent similar to mine, it is a mix of “Suid Afrikaanse Engels” and American.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Monya!

      Is really great hearing from you! And even though I could not hear your voice, you have a nice accent 😉

      I think a great use of LeadPlayer would be to help you build your audience faster. And by that I mean a qualified database of followers. As in an email database!

      Once you have an email database like this you can really do magic.

      In the business world we use this database for making money. But in your world you may want to use it for all kinds of other types influence!

      All the best! I know you will ROCK it!

  41. Ian

    “Why is LeadPlayer™ the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video?”

    Because after all this time I’ve finally got a product to sell! I’ve had a string of successes and I’m getting few board games published. One of them even looks like it could be a MAJOR success. Whooohooo!

    But, more important than the game selling, I finally have a proof that my methods are solid. I want to spread the word that I’m not special, and that ANYONE can make great games. I want to teach people how to create a good and balanced game that has the potential to sell, how to interact with publishers, and how to get people to believe in you despite zero experience.

    It also doesn’t hurt that making games isn’t exactly a big money career and that I’m too broke to afford it. Being able to create more income streams from a lesson course or video blog would be a big help to that little flaw.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey great progress Ian!

      It takes guts and determination to make anything successful.

      Of course, if it’s built on something that you’re interested in and passionate about, that makes it a lot easier. But it still takes a lot of effort!

      Great to see you getting a string of successes!


  42. Great article Gideon. Lead Player is definately worth investigating further especially based on your great results

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Indeed Greg!

      It’s been pretty helpful for me. The setup was pretty straightforward. The most time consuming thing was to update all my previous videos on my blog. But now that they are all updated, it’s really easy to adjust and fine tune for great results!


  43. daniel peters

    I think its just an all around great tool that will absolutely help with leads , followers, subscribers, fans etc…but most importantly – “conversions” for anyone who uses it. IT simply cant -not help ! (double negative, lol) its clean , very effective , simple and easy to use and just an all around Game Changer to all video marketing entrepreneurs! Gotta love a tool of this stature! thanks Lead Player! thanks Clay and Gideon! Daniel

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Daniel!

      Oh yes totally – it simply cant not help hehe!

  44. Clint

    My oh my Gideon, what a perfect solution for collecting those leads. I like “kicking the tires” of a product before I consider it and am thankful that you did the tire kicking for me. I have a number of niche enterprises – I have my hands in a few YouTube channels, the Amazon Market, affiliate blogging, a news site and am starting a celebrity comment site. What an awesome addition to my sites, to be able to tell people what to do and lead them to click on through. Many of my videos are very informative, so for someone to fill in their info to see the rest would help in building my lists. Anyway, I have found that many of those “tire kickers” just need that nudge in the right direction and this would certainly give me a boost with my sites.

    I really like how I could make some sites far less sales like and just have a video to collect leads – what a perfect marriage – I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t like clicking on a video to see what it’s about, and then click through the video link.

    I like it.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Awesome stuff Clint!

      And yes, I did quite a bit of “tire kicking” for you already lol!

      I’ve also had quite a few good chats with Clay to help improve the software over the last few months.

      So, I guess I’ve just saved you a ton of time hehe…

      • Clint

        That is so good to hear Gideon. I’ve followed you quite avidly and fine your info to be quite intuitive. I’m still looking for a good compact video camera. I remember your reviews a while back but neither were available in Canada. Any other suggestions?


  45. Hello,

    LeadPlayer will be perfect for my new rebuild French website… It will complete all the new stuff I will put in it (Newsletter, Ecommerce) and help me increase visitors, subscribers and sales…. very easaly from what I saw in the video…

    Easy to implement and use… Good results 😉

    I will be very happy to be one of the first to useit on the French market.


    Eric – Ordisport

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Eric!

      Ah very cool! You’ll just ACE it in the French market for sure! I have some good friends over there who are doing really well in the IM space. Seems like there are lots of opportunity there!

  46. I just started my internet business a couple of months ago and I am just starting to see results. More traffic to my site, more video views, etc. I have been testing a couple of ways to turn my traffic into leads, but they haven’t been all that successful at the moment. It would be fantastic to have the opportunity to test out Leadplayer for myself and see exactly what everyone one is talking about. Will it be perfect for me? I’ll just have to test it and find out (something I’m learning to do now. Test, test, test). Why would it be the best for building my list and increasing my sales? Because I’m a visual person who teaches and connects with people in a visual way. Taking advantage of this strength with Leadplayer would be perfect. Thank you for the opportunity!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Domenica

      Will it be perfect for you?

      Great question… I am not sure if there really is anything perfect out there when it comes to software hehe! It seems more like it’s on a scale of “not useful” to “very useful”.

      One thing that’s pretty cool about LeadPlayer though is that it has a 30 Day Money Back guarantee. So that means you can actually test it on your site, check the results etc, and decide within 30 days whether you want to keep it or not.

      I guess that removes the risk of adopting a new technology quite a bit :)

  47. LeadPlayer is perfect for me to build my list and increasing sales because I know that when people see my videos on my blog, some are inspired & ready to take action, whether it be to get a product or sign up for my newsletter I know that I could be getting more leads if things were a lot more easy

    I run a fitness blog & Lead player will help, by having people land on my blog and watch a video, but instead of having to click an extra link to go to my squeeze page, they can do it right away inside the video & get valuable information to solve their health problem

    I know my videos are quality as people keep requesting that I make more, so I wanna keep supporting them, and also want to offer them a lot more value trough my newsletter & by making it super easy for them to sign up, I would be able to help more people get stronger & healthier

    I know that I can be helping more people out if I had an optin box inside my videos, as not everyone reads the text below them, so by making it easy for them to sign up I can provide value trough my newsletter or redirect them to a product that will help their needs

    Win or not, LeadPlayer is something I will get because I know the major impact it will have on my sign ups, income and ability to help others!

    Luis Carrillo

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Luis

      Great to see you doing so well online! And it’s fantastic news that your audience is requesting more content from you. That’s a strong sign that you’re on the right path.

      I’ve just checked out your site, and I reckon you’re in a great niche – lots of potential there with awesome implementation!

      Keep up the great work man!

  48. Interesting prizes. BTW, the link on your video just opened up another copy of the same page.

    I am evaluating a service called “Contest Domination” which sounds a bit similar to what you have here, but not geared toward video. I have found that videos seem to work very well for me, even though I’m not very good at it, and my equipment, while pretty good, is suboptimal. The 1080p webcam looks like something that would work better for what I do. (I don’t suppose it comes with a high quality microphone, does it? I need a better one, since I record myself playing my violin).

    The leadplayer software also looks quite a bit better than what I’m currently using. At this point, I’m starting to lose track of my videos (even though I don’t really have a huge number of them). Maybe the folks there will take your hint and make them easier to find… Fairly soon, I’m going to also need a bigger disk on which to store them (does leadplayer have anything that would help in this regard?). The main benefit that I can see with leadplayer is the ability to put a call to action link in the video (even though your links didn’t appear to work properly), and that is one thing I really need to use. Right now, I just put captions with my URL in it, and do a verbal call to action.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Howard

      I think you must be referring to the green and red annotation boxes I have inside the top video on this page? If so, those are meant for viewers on YouTube to direct them to this review page.

      The second video on this page illustrates the actual features of LeadPlayer though. So make sure you watch that one too :)


  49. This would be an awesome addition to building my online clothing business! I have been slowly starting to do blog tutorials on hairstyles for my blog, as I sell hair clips online, and I can see how this would increase my sales and opt in a lot! I also own a clothing business and can see how this would help that as well. My businesses are providing our full time income while my husband went back to college to finish his bachelors degree, and with five children at home I constantly have to work at the businesses to make sure they are growing enough to provide the income we need. I’ve been exploring some options for opt in and film, and this looks like the perfect solution. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Caroline!

      Wow! 5 children, your husband is back in college, and you’re running a fulltime online business! AMAZING!

      That is really impressive.

      I bet you know how to spend your time wisely and how to look for nice leverage points in everything you do.

      Keep up the awesome work!

  50. Gideon Shalwick
  51. Hello Gideon,

    I think LeadPlayer is the perfect video player for interent marketers beacuse it allows you to put “actions” to you’re video.

    In this way all the interaction with you’re list becomes more interactiv… and that’s the point to comunicate in the best way you’re message.

    To comunicate you’re message you have an big audtion. I think LeadPlayer is the best, helping with that.

    Thank You Doru!

    P.S The clasic optin box, are not so unicate like LeadPlayer. 😀

    • Gideon Shalwick

      True that Doru!

      There has been a rather big trend for “people in the know” to be using LeadPlayer. I guess I am a little late in telling my audience about it, but I like testing things out first normally before telling my audience about it :)

  52. Hello Gideon,

    My name is Quincy Scarborough from Ozark, Alabama.

    I am the owner of a video lead generation system for network marketers called
    My interest in LeadPlayer is to improve my system for my members. Currently I am using a Flash Player that plays my videos which are hosted on Amazon S3 account. In choosing my player I was initially going to use Easy Video Suite, but at the time it would not do want I wanted it to do for me. EVS has since came out with a new version and I am deciding between them and LeadPlayer for my business.

    i did not want people to watch a YouTube video then get distracted away from a my site and never optin. That is why I choose a player that would do want I needed at the time. EVS could not do that with their 1st version.My choice of player at the time made since but caused me issues of not playing on Apple products due to me choosing a Flash player.

    You see Gideon…I have a unique system and was one of the first people out there to do a hidden video squeeze page. Let me explain.

    Many viewers come to a website and see a optin form and just simply leave. they see the form and say to themselves…”Not again” With my system, I developed a iPad player layout that plays a exciting video and then redirects to the squeeze page and optin form. Viewers never saw the optin form initially and stay watching a engaging video , letting my Adobe AE HD productions do their magic and then optin to go to the main site for which my members can direct after a prospect optins.

    LeadPlayer can:solve a few issues for me.

    Save money by using YouTube instead of Amazon S3
    Have a stealth feel and get prospects to watch the video and
    not know if the site is a video squeeze page.
    Gideon that increase conversions automatically..
    Work with apple products
    Be responsive and work with all devices

    Last but not least get more leads for my members once I implement LeadPlayer into my system.

    So…by choosing me as a winner you will be changing many members lives not just my business.
    imagine…you can affect many people not just 2 winners.

    I will also be considering LeadPlayer on my new product that I will be launching soon.
    I’d tell you about it but I’d have to make you sign a non compete contract or just kill you. LOL

    Thank you for your challenge and I look forward to using LeadPlayer. As my mind has been made up.

    To Your Success,
    Quincy Scarborough

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Quincy!

      I use both LeadPlayer and EVS, each for quite a different purpose. Here is my basic setup:

      1. Use YouTube for getting traffic to my blog
      2. Use LeadPlayer on my blog to turn traffic into leads (mainly) and sometimes send people to sales pages
      3. Use EVS (plus Amazon S3) for promotional videos and also my member content videos, behind a paid members area.

      That’s pretty much it!

      I hope that clears things up a little for you!


  53. BlueFishGamingTV

    hey gideon yet another great video its cool tha i was the first comment any tips for growing my channem

  54. BlueFishGamingTV


  55. techtronicofficial

    Have to say, your course was amaizing! And I’d like to get more off of it

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Awesome stuff techtronicofficial! So glad to hear you liked it!

  56. Len Forsyth

    Hi Gideon

    Thanks for the great review of LeadPlayer. It looks like “must have” tool for anyone serious about builder a list and helping your subscriber base.

    I may may missed this but can I update existing videos or do I need to re-render and upload them again to YT?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Len

      You can basically take an existing video on YouTube (either your own or anyone elses), and use LeadPlayer to embed them on your own site.

      No need to re-render and upload videos to YouTube :)

  57. Len Forsyth

    Hi Again Gideon

    I have been looking for such a player – Can I ask how you feel this plugin compares with other big names such as EasyVideo player. Input from someone such as yourself would be really appreaciated before purchasing?

    As you are a user yourself it would be would be really good to hear what you felt it’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations were.

    Thanks and I would hope to hear more from you on this product.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Len

      I’ve just posted a similar reply to someone else as well… but here it is again for your convenience…

      I use both LeadPlayer and EVS (Easy Video Suite, the latest iteration of Easy Video Player), each for quite a different purpose. Here is my basic setup:

      1. Use YouTube for getting traffic to my blog
      2. Use LeadPlayer on my blog to turn traffic into leads (mainly) and sometimes send people to sales pages
      3. Use EVS (plus Amazon S3) for promotional videos and also my member content videos, behind a paid members area.

      That’s pretty much it!

      I hope that clears things up a little for you!


      • Len Forsyth

        Thanks ever so much for taking the trouble to repsond to my question :-)

        Your advice was really appreciated!


        Len Forsyth

  58. Hi Gideon!

    Just want to ask if Leadplayer works with Optimizepress?

    I think Leadplayer is supercool because I can now have more control over what my viewers would do. I can put an opt-in box at precisely the right moment. Just imagine the types of cliff-hangers that I can create in my videos now to capture more leads. I love this!

    Hope to hear from you regarding the Optimizepress thingy.

    Thank you for sharing this powerful player!


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Luke!

      I would be pretty surprised if LeadPlayer does not work with OptimizePress! But, if you wanted, you can take advantage of LeadPlayer’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to test it out with your own setup.

      Hope that helps! Clay might respond here too… but he’s travelling at the moment!

  59. scooby0225

    I’ve already purchased easy video player. So in my case, I don’t see the need for this one

    • Gideon Shalwick

      I think LeadPlayer is much more appropriate as a player on my blog for my YouTube videos. I only really use EVS for promotion videos as well as membership site videos behind a paid area.

  60. Hala


    I really enjoy your videos. I am currently majoring in Communications and Media, and minoring in Film. I love watching your videos. They are very educational, and they inspire me to continue to learn about filming and editing. Thank you again. :)

    • Gideon Shalwick

      You’re very welcome Hala! Thanks for being such a cool subscriber!

  61. Madisen

    Thanks to you I’ve been inspired to create video content to support my bestselling book, ‘limitLESS – 10 Energy Excelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential’. I’ve already tapped into Universal wisdom and downloaded 8 videos which I’m launching soon (thanks for the video on creating that Apple white background :)).

    I’m motivated to create the biggest ripple possible, with LeadPlayer I can connect with qualified prospects who are over mediocrity and ready to access their limitLESS life. As a marketer I understand the importance of metrics and sales funnel and LP provides the opportunity to boost both!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Madisen

      You said it best…

      “…the importance of metrics and sales funnels…”

      That’s where it’s at girl!


  62. Raj

    It is important to capture leads from various sources while building a blog. There are a few ways to this for text but not for videos. Leadplayer has two very important things-user interface that is easy to use, which means I will not dread every time I will think about using it and second- It has a very easy way for viewer to sign up. Easy of use and placement is very important to drive signups. Leadplayer has that figured out. I will be using on my blog, where I share what I know about my industry. I have been planning to expand to doing videos, where I will experiment and diversify the content using videos and this will give me a way of increasing signups through this medium.

    As far as the HD cam goes, well, one has to have great quality videos to do well in the video content space.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Raj

      5 years ago I would not have agreed with your last sentence. But today, it has become increasingly more important to create great quality video content on YouTube. There is much more competition nowadays (and also much bigger and more sophisticated audiences), which require us video content producers to pull up our socks a bit hehe…

  63. Hi Gideon

    Very informative video presentation. I noticed that all your recent videos are much bigger in size, and the camera focused close up on your head and shoulder, with a blur background. You seem like “coming out of the video”, sharp and focus. Did you use a portrait lens to shoot your video? the shallow depth of field really made the video look professional.

    What dimension did you record and render your video? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Yung

      I used my Canon 60D camera for this video and a 1:1.8 x 50mm lens, which allows me to get the nice depth of field picture.

      I recorded in Full HD (1920 x 1080) and rendered in HD (1280 x 720).

      And I used ScreenFlow for the editing and rendering.

  64. These are the top 10 ways we wil use LeadPlayer to improve our customer experience, AND grow our list:

    1. embed YouTube videos straight onto our site without all the yukky YouTube bits and bobs showing up everywhere. Now we can continue with our weekly vlogs but not have seepage back to YouTube
    2. easily embed and play unlisted YouTube videos in our membership portal
    3. use the power of YouTube but greedily keep lots of good stuff for ourselves – like, let YouTube pay hosting fees but let us benefit from keeping visitors on our site
    4. easily add optin boxes to our videos so people can subscribe straight from the video. No trying to find sign up boxes, or them putting it in the ‘too hard’ basket
    5. do lots of lovely customizing of buttons and thinks – unleash my inner creative geek!
    6. use the awesome LeadPlayer stats to understand how well customers engage with our videos so we can improve each time
    7. discover exactly where our customers are geographically, so we can further target our message
    8. easily and quickly set up videos and optins so I don’t spend hours frustratingly faffing around working things out
    9. use our videos to create leads AND make sales, cutting out many extra steps that are usually involved
    10. proudly show that even girls can be techy geeks, and can get excited about video software…!



    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Tora!!!

      Awesome top 10 list! LOVE it!

      I chuckled a bit at #10 – GREAT to see some more techy geek girls around 😉

      Did you enjoy the Product Launch Formula event?

      • Thanks Gideon. PLF was fantastic, loved it. Wish it was a wee bit closer to get to all awesome events in the US 😉

        • Gideon Shalwick

          Yeah I agree about the distance thing!

          Although, it’s quite a nice trip to the west coast of the States.

          You guys launching anything soon?


          • It’s a lovely trip to the west coast, that’s for sure!

            We did a launch in January, now we are looking at doing an evergreen system. I think evergreen is more suited to our audience :)

            • Gideon Shalwick

              Yeah, evergreen rocks if you can pull it off! I might have a video series about it some time in the future, as I am working on exactly that right now 😉

    • Werd up Tora! Techie geek girls unite! What’s your site?

    • Tora, your top 10 was in depth and complete with excellent points of interest and LeadPlayer capabilities. Plus you have great humor.

    • Hi Tora
      Thank you for that great list – if each is true, I’m buying! In fact I had no idea LeadPlayer could do all those things and I had still decided to buy (later)!

      Thanks again

      Peter Walls

  65. Hi Gideon, and thanks for this opportunity.

    LeadPlayer™ Rocks!. It is the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video because it combines the internet’s most powerful sales tools (lead capture pages, calls to action, and links to sales pages), with the most powerful communication tool of all…video!

    I recently created and launched WhoYa, an invitation only platform where business friends use a “videogram” to refer each other to their consumer friends. Here is how it works: Let’s say Gideon, that you have 2000 consumers on your email list, and you invite 5 of your best business friends each with 2000 consumers on their respective lists into the network. Each of you then record and upload a video where you tell an engaging story and offer discounts and specials relating to your product or service. Your video, along with photos and links to each of your 5 friends appears on your videogram which is then sent to your 1000 consumers. Each of your 5 friends also send their videogram to their lists of consumers thus increasing your exposure from your own list of 2000 to the combined list of 12,000. All via a warm market referral.

    We recently conducted a beta test and invited a core group of business owners to use the network. What we found is that although these business owners recognize the value of using video to promote their businesses, they are either unsure of what to say on their videos that will prompt a viewer to subscribe to their lists, or unsure how to encourage sales without sounding “salesy”. Thus, some of our existing members are procrastinating on creating and uploading their videos.

    I can and will solve this problem by implementing LeadPlayer™ on WhoYa. I can now show our members that they can simply be themselves and tell their great stories, while their videos become an all-in-one powerful marketing tool with the ability to capture leads and create calls to action!

    This is so cool! My goal is to provide small business owners and solo-preneurs a vehicle by which they can promote themselves while promoting their best business friends through the power of video. Now LeadPlayer™ has come along and provided me a comprehensive tool by which our members can grow and prosper. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Steve Gallegos
    Best Selling Author, Speaker, and CEO of WhoYa

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Oh now that is just an awesome use of LeadPlayer!

      Sounds like you’re onto something really powerful with WhoYa there Steve!

      How long have you been at it?

      • Thanks Gideon!

        WhoYa has been in development for several years, it has been fully self-funded and thus it has taken us a little longer to get to market, but we have arrived nonetheless. Like LeadPlayer has done with video, we have taken the best of FB, Linked-In and other similar sites to provide our members with a true business to consumer experience.

        I have just been watching some of the other videos on your site. Awesome stuff and very helpful tips. I wonder if I can persuade you to allow me to share your training videos on the WhoYa website to teach our members how to get the most out of the process?

        If you are interested, you have my email address!

        Thanks again Gideon, and goodnight!


        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hey Steve

          Re sharing my vids on your site – sure thing! Just grab the embed code from YouTube – it’s there for the sharing!


    • Hi Steve
      That’s exactly it – not having the confidence to proceed with online ideas leads to procrastinates more often than not. I love the idea of businesses using video to promote one another! Well done!
      Peter Walls

  66. Hi Gideon and Clay,

    I will be launching my blog in about 2 weeks, and plan to include video within the next 3 months. I live in a small city (ok, large country town) and need to reach out to attract clients further afield than my speaking engagements will allow. You see, prospective clients need to see and trust that I am both caring and competent.

    I am talented as a counsellor, coach, and presenter, but technologically-challenged to say the least. This is where LeadPlayer will save me – I can create videos with professionalism and ease, allowing me to highlight my competence while spending more time with people than screens.

    I plan to use my vblogs to educate prospective clients and ask them to view recordings of my presentations and coaching sessions, so that they get an experience of who I am and how I operate. It’s like meeting me and knowing me, even if we live far apart. From there I hope to attract clients to in-person or online coaching and counselling, or to the information products I am currently creating.

    Gets me excited just describing it…. Thanks for all your great information too. Gives me confidence!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Toni!

      Great to see your clear goals! I think you will hit them too!

      But why wait so long for the video thing?



    • Toni there are many great online resources for us counselors – do you know of them? My friend writes on practice building and blogging, and we have some cool google+ groups and other online networking groups – drop me a line and let’s chat! We need to get you blogging comfortably! I’d be lost without my therapy blogger friends, so connect with me, I’m serious.

  67. brandon randall

    wow awesome tips

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Cheers Brandon!

  68. I’ve been following Lead Player since Pat Flynn introduced me to it. I usually take a serious look at products when 3 credible players take an interest. Yara Starak and Gideon are now looking at it too. Therefore, I look forward to Gideons free copy to test it out!!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      hehe – good luck!

  69. CharlestonTopHomes

    I like the sectioning of the video. Our consumer culture doesn’t have the attention span for a 4+ minute video and the blending in of the logo makes it appear short and sweet. Well done.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hehe yeah. It’s silly how we now have to use all these little “gadgets” to help keep people’s attention. We are such a spoilt culture 😉

  70. OK Gideon, That sounds like an amazing deal! This would help me market an on line product that has been brewing for sometime! Not a new concept, a yoga DVD specifically for women from the courses I already run. I have been in business for some time now and as a single parent, things have been sometimes tricky however I am ready to take my business to another level! 44% conversion rate sound fantastic! Yes please!!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Kathleen!

      Ah the yoga niche – very nice! Lots of opportunity there for sure!

      Just about the 44% thing… I just want to make sure I made it clear – so… it’s not a 45% conversion rate. It’s 44% of ALL the optins I am getting on blog are coming from the optin forms inside LeadPlayer.

      Hope that clarifies it a bit :)

  71. Lead Player is useful because it will convert views into something useful, either leads or sales.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yup – totally!

  72. Angus

    LeadPlayer would easily increase my optins by70% as it is an effective method to attract attention of the viewer and call them to action with an inviting colour. Well done LeadPlayer

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Oh wow! 70% sounds pretty high! Would be fantastic to see your results!

  73. lamakeupgirl

    2:25 Hi Gideon, please answer. :) I’m sorta confused.. if I purchase Leadplayer, do these buttons and features “only” work on my embedded videos on my blog? For example will the ‘Clickable buttons” or link buttons appear on my videos from my regular youtube channel or be featured on my website/blog only? Hope this makes sense.. Thank you! I’m a huge fan of yours by the way! :)

  74. It funny because I noticed the plugin working on your blog and I was wondering “how did Gideon do this” and now I know.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hah – awesome stuff Andrea! I’m glad it’s all making sense now!

  75. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey lamakeupgirl!

    Those features will only work on your blog or website. Just like the example on show on my review page for LeadPlayer. YouTube does not allow any kind of modifications on the player on their site. They are kinda protective about that :)

  76. lamakeupgirl

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. lol thanks again so much for the speedy response. I appreciate your help as always. :)

  77. After 6 months of trying to decide if I wanted to do video, I finally made the decision.
    I had seen Pat Flynn talk about it a while back, but at the time I didn’t think it was the right choice, so I put it on my backburner.
    And then I see your post and I’m sold.
    [Thanks for the honest analysis of the product Gideon!]

    But after seeing your video, I’m sold.
    It’s obviously a solid product.

    I will use Lead Player to…

    1) Increase the conversion of content that I upload to youtube. [I don’t like pop-ups on sites asking you to subscribe (personal issue) but I think that this isn’t intrusive whatsoever].

    2) Motivate me to create videos. I’m just getting started. Knowing that my subscriber base could increase by 44% if I’m able to perform motivates me. If I can provide quality content, this is an excellent platform to ask folks for their information in exchange for more.

    3) Take over the world [or at least create a small army following in my niche].

    Thanks Gideon!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Re point 1 – yeah that is a really good point. I think LeadPlayer is sending me more optins now than the optins I am getting from PopUpDomination! Interesting… I am going to keep an eye on it…

  78. Ian

    Great post! Great tool!!! Congrats… I’ll try this on my next videos…



    • Gideon Shalwick

      Oh please do Ian! Would be great to hear about the results you get from it!

  79. Kenneth Or

    Hi Gideon, first just want to say I’m a huge fan and follower of yours. Thank you for introducing LeadPlayer and the chance to win some cool prizes. You always have helpful and insightful tips to share. And as always, you’ve out done yourself yet again!

    I’m a mobile marketer and a new entrepreneur. One of my main priorities for a new project is “user experience” or for video marketing it can also be “audience experience”. With LeadPlayer what I’d be able to potentially do is make it convenient to share links, plan a timely call-to-action according to known user behaviours and allow visitors to opt-in and input their contact info while watching my videos. And how big is it that both iphone and android is supported?!! That’s amazing…

    I believe LeadPlayer is the perfect video player for building lists and increasing sales because it has the potential to provide the viewer with an engaging experience and well planned in-video ads. Customers are savvy in today’s market, well thought out ideas and implementation makes your offer successful.

    Good luck to everyone, this is a great prize pack!


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Ken!

      The nicest thing I like about LeadPlayer is how non-hypey it is. It’s a real classy way of growing your audience and making more sales!

  80. Seth Flynor

    Hi Gideon

    Great Video !

    I have been considering pruchasing some Splasheo outro and I was wondering if this product would now supercede such call to actions outro as I could now speak & twirl instead of some graphic animation, Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Seth Flynor

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Seth!

      Great question!

      I think the two things (LeadPlayer and Splasheo Outros) serve quite different purposes…

      Splasheo Outros are mostly designed to help you get more “actions” from your viewers ON YouTube.

      LeadPlayer is designed to help you get more “actions” from your viewers on your blog or website.

      Similar function, but in two very different places :)


  81. Hi Gideon,

    Thanks for all of the great info you have available. I found you in a podcast interview, I don’t remember which one, but I’m convinced that I need to put my time and effort into making great videos. My website is almost completed but I want to start creating videos and have 100k subscribers. I know I can do this if I can get past my video challenges.

    I create and tell stories to children and I’ve found that my greatest strength is sitting in a room with a bunch of kids and having a live story telling session. I’m selling these as audiobooks, converting some into ebooks and have printed one bedtime story book.

    What would you suggest to be the best way to capture this? I suppose I could just put a camera from the kid’s perspective, facing me, or I could do two cameras, one on them and one on me. But in that scenario I’d have to learn how to edit the two video’s. I think I’m going to want to get the EasyVideo product, but I’m just not sure how to capture all of the interaction between the kids and me in that setting. I’m new to the video technical side of things.

    Thanks for being available!
    Scott Harpole
    My Dad’s Bedtime Stories

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Ah great questions Scott!

      First things first…

      If you want to have video footage of children on YouTube, you’ll first need to get written approval from their parents. Some people can get a little sensitive about this :)


      If you can get the approval of all the children’s parents, and they are ok with you submitting the videos to YouTube, it will be a pretty easy matter technically.

      Either get a pro video person to come and record it for you.

      Or, just set up two cameras on tripods that record at the same time. You can synchronise the footage from the two cameras by clapping loud 3 times at the beginning. Then during editing, you just match up the spikes from the claps. And then it’s just a matter of switching between the two tracks.

      There will be plenty of answers for this on YouTube as well :)

  82. This would be killer to try on the videos of young Hollywood Kids Talent YouTube artist we work with to help them build their fan clubs. We could also implement it into videos from our upcoming IP, SafetyBratZLIVE! Kids Empowering Kids through Entertainment. A cast of young YouTube stars will be producing daily videos for an empowering ‘video-trivia’ game that we’ll be launching giving away lot’s of awesome prizes! Young Talents are uploading videos to us and the camera would be cool to do webinars with the families and to broadcast live on our YT Channel. If the software is effective, we could massively distribute it to the thousands of young artist online. Thanks!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Some nice ideas there David!

  83. Hi Gideon,

    I run one of the fastest growing Personal Development blogs on the internet. I launched back in September 2012 and I’m actually now in the stages of setting up my Youtube channel and getting video on the site. This could not have been timed any more perfectly!

    I’ve been looking into how to convert viewers through video and LeadPlayer definitely seems to be the best in the market.

    LeadPlayer will enable me to grow my list more rapidly while also providing a more engaging experience for my viewers. Not only that, but the more leads I have in my list the wider reach I will have for sharing insights on personal development and also help drive sales for my premium products.

    To me, LeadPlayer just makes perfect sense because of it’s engaging nature.

    Here’s to a bigger list and more sales! :)


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Brendan!

      Oh yeah for sure! I am so glad you “get” the whole list building thing!

      And by combining great content on YouTube, with something like LeadPlayer on your site/blog, it’s an amazing recipe for success.

      All the best for your personal development site! Great work!

  84. Hello Gideon,
    My wife and I are just starting a coaching site to market our coaching model to the world and a big part of what we plan to do is based around videos to explain the model and concepts we want to teach. In a way this is fortuitous as we are just starting to film them Leadplayer looks like it could be what we are looking for to help us get true leads from people watching the videos. I really like the idea of inserting opt-in boxes/calls to action text inside my videos that can direct traffic to other pages of mine – especially sales or promotional pages.
    It looks very easy and this is a bonus for us as we aren’t the best with technology.
    Thank you for a great site!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey John!

      Ah yeah… if you’re not great with technology, LeadPlayer really is a breeze to use with your WordPress blog site. If you don’t have a WordPress blog setup, you can just head on over to – plenty of free resources there about that!

  85. Chris

    I have been in the private security field for nearly ten years. With all those years as a security officer, I have learned many tips to offer people who are concerned with personal, home, business, elderly…etc. safety. Also, I am a former victim of crime! I am currently getting my report and newsletters together, and this new tool would be of GREAT benefit! I like it.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Awesome stuff Chris! Sounds like you’re at the beginning of something really great!

      • Chris

        Well Gideon, I really hope it works so I can say one day in an interview with you, Yaro, or Leslie, that “I owe it all to Gideon”! : )
        You really have helped me a great deal, but as far as creating my videos, I still have to find a place where I can do that without being bothered…day or night.

  86. revolutionprod2010

    I’m not disregarding your plugin or any device that will drive traffic to your site, but nothing will fully convert to a sale without a quality product/service, original shareable content, and a strong web presence.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yes I totally agree with you. Everything start with creating amazing content for your target audience. Without that, nothing else really matters a great deal!

  87. Gideon, Clay, Tracy and Simon

    First of all, I want to comment to Gideon (you are everyone’s video hero); I have followed you since forever, way back. You have progressed and expanded and now are so very polished in your presentation and perfected your performance. You have evolved without getting lost or irrelevant. Your website and videos are clean, and possess visual and message clarity. They are exemplary in the components of technique and the technologies that you’ve so fluidly incorporated, such as:
    1) Thumb Nail image for the videos
    2) Intros and Outros (Adobe AE)
    3) Lower thirds, live bug and downstream keying of media with excellent transitions
    4) Clean and precise cinematography effects, such as depth of field, and inviting use of backdrops, close ups, and camera angles.
    5) Color combinations in clothing, environment and backdrops.
    6) Image link sharing within YouTube
    7) The complimentary partnerships you have strategically selected, not to mention, you stay away from the hype and personally possess a high degree of credibility on your own merits but also who you have chosen to align yourself with in the industry.
    Thank you for your work or passion.

    For the folks at LeadBright
    Wow, I am so thrilled that I just found you thanks to Gideon. and I am buying your products, LeadPlayer, and even LeadPage. But since it is not until next week, maybe I can save a buck. But seriously, the price for developers is nothing, really. I evaluate hundreds of products, and this is unquestionably a product, NO, a “Company” that is here to stay, and dominate. Mark my words, I am right, not conceited, but convinced and I speak from experience, not arrogance nor naivety. Your site rocks, it is clean and exemplary. Your copy reads well, not like Gideon s spelling errors (ha ha just teasing – hey, measure twice, cut once, right?) Now, your videos Clay, Whoa! You did it right, you included really nice sound engineering when you cut away from talking head video to your screencast and back (it looked edited, that’s why I said sound engineered – your audio levels were consistent) You made excellent use of the simple-to-produce web cam video, high quality mic & lapel mic for audio, and the cool transitions and timing, use of text, numbers, and examples really drive your videos effectiveness and relevancy through the roof – just fantastic, I could go on and on. You obviously know your stuff, and you all are so young. Very impressive group. I will be watching you, and hope to meet each of you in person in the next 6-12 months, Gideon too, for sure.

    “Why is LeadPlayer™ the perfect video player for building my list and increasing sales with video?”

    1) The LeadBright company behind the product is a team, not a one man show or outsourced project. I have the confidence in the present as well as future of my product and company relationship. I am seasoned, I’ve been around for a while (and the father of nine children with my wife of 29 years – that counts too), and some companies I can just predict their eventual outcome for worse, and also for good – now LeadBright, this company is impressive immediately, from top to bottom. They are not only here to stay, they are going to really make an impact even more than they already have, this is truly just the beginning.
    2) LeadPlayer delivers a unique attribute to my: a) video content, b) call outs, and c) call to action – Thus eliminating the need to unnecessarily clutter up valuable space on the web page. Visitors are driven impulsively directly to the video. I can dazzle them with authoritative quality content and convince them to take action, they have the evidence they need to take the next step – it’s the “show me – don’t tell me” principle in motion video action.
    3) Content management – like Gideon illustrates, you don’t think about how useful this is until you have dozens, and then hundreds of videos. Manageability is more than usefulness, it is effectiveness.
    4) The Graphical User Interface is clean, visually intuitive and appealing to the eye. Doesn’t require a manual to navigate and get up to speed.
    5) Simplified integration with leading complimentary products (such as email auto-responders and list segmentation, as well as other LeadBright products such as LeadPage, which is something you should go look at now, it will knock your socks off too)
    6) MY ACTION – Quality video production implementing basic techniques (like great audio, Super-“Branded” – not cheesy – Intros and Outros, lower thirds for clarity and professional appeal, live bug logo for branding, copyright protection and distinction, camera techniques with 3-point lighting, varying angle shots, depth of field, and cool transitions to/from screens of “video text” or just static text and screencast demos, and of course LeadPlayer features strategically placed throughout, but not overkill – see below “”trial / test closes”)

    This is great, because now I can visually demonstrate and convince using video and while in motion, creatively lead my site visitors interactively into the sales funnel one step at a time using LeadPlayer features to implement interactive “trial closes” and then by way of split testing the videos, fine tune my interactive LeadPlayer “1-2-3 trial close” strategies based off of the test baseline and split test results, and finally, interpret these metrics to optimize the videos effectiveness in conversions.
    7) Site visitors are attracted by the strategically placed message readily visible in the Thumbnail Image on the LeadPlayer video player screen – irresistibly inviting them to “click-to-play my LeadPlayer. The initial LeadPlayer video entertainingly escorts my visitors into their first decision to get more “value” for free. Now that they are a subscriber in my “list”, the following LeadPlayer Video page will in turn lead my new subscriber into the upsell 2nd offer page. I can then segment my list depending upon their selection (Yes, No, or Later), with this 3rd other Offer, Endless possibilities. I can build a highly responsive subscriber list, generate revenue, and even eventually lead my subscribers to my back end, higher ticket, higher value product offerings (that my clients grow to value and appreciate thanks to the impressiveness they experience through LeadPlayer’s interactive video features, and also LeadPage.

    I am sold. This really is great, and at a great price. I am a real person, this is not a paid endorsement. I just pay attention to the details.
    Thanks everyone.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Wow GB! I think I need to create another prize for “Most Comprehensive Comment” heheh!

      Thanks for your great feedback and insights!

      Much appreciated!

      • So sorry everyone –

        My intentions were simply trying to offer to your readers some strategies and techniques for creating quality video content and infusing LeadPlayer & LeadPage into them. Gideon, you teach and exemplify this very well. There is a lot that can be done, but requires balance, so that you don’t over do it either.

        I should have broke it down into 3 comments. 1) Kudos to You, 2) Kudos to the Leadbright folks, and then 3) My “Other”

        Cheers Gideon, it would be great to meet you some future day. Thanks again.

        • Gideon Shalwick

          Ah no need to apologise at all – I really LOVE your comment! I can tell you put a lot of effort into it, and I enjoyed reading every bit of it!

          Keep up the great work – and yes, if you’re over in Ausie land… come and say hi!


  88. Hi Gideon,

    Very helpful as usual. Question: when someone clicks on the link in the video, does it open in a separate page, or does it take me away from the video? I’ve found I don’t click on links in a video because I don’t want it to take me away before I’m finished watching it. Can you add in the text near the link that it will open in a separate page?

    Also, I like your lighting, the feeling of having eye contact, and your speaking (you vary your tone), however, I really don’t like your logo sound. It’s unpleasant to me and I find it jarring, at least the beginning of the sound, from the middle to the end is okay.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Karen

      About clicking on the links inside the videos… yes they open up in a NEW page. So that’s pretty cool.

      About my logo sound… thanks for the feedback!

  89. Gideon Shalwick

    yeah I totally agree – well said!

  90. Hey Gideon, Wow! what an opportunity. LeadPlayer for free and an HD webcam to boot. I will be able to create repair videos in progress, instructional videos on caring for consumer electronics, and capture the e-mail address of potential customers. We, my wife and I, are currently in the process of setting up a blog and are planning to incorporate a video blog. LeadPlayer will advance our efforts to build a list and while prospects watch we can even place discounts and sales right in front of them in the video. That would surely allow us to capture more sales. We are also creating a set of instructional products; booklets and articles to give away concerning the care of and extending the life of consumer electronics. LP will be a great vehicle to present these to our future customers. LeadPlayer will also be instrumental to the launch of a new project we are building, based on many of the techniques we have and are learning from you. While I shouldn’t put out all of the details in this forum, it does involve electronic media and information products. We will utilize this plug-in to provide an avenue for sharing the information we are developing for this launch; and, the tools available in LP will allow us to reach our goals substantially faster. Which in turn will allow us to increase our food ministry and help more of those in need. It is part of the new launch.

    LeadPlayer will play a vital role in:
    1. Our current online efforts to grow our business through capturing e-mail addresses and sharing the information we are creating related to electronics repair. We will increase our marketing while streamlining our efforts and therefore see an increase for every dollar invested.
    2. The launch of a new project. I believe that having this plug-in will allow this project to realize success from the start and grow leaps and bounds with just a 20% capture rate. I expect that it will be much higher thanks to the built-in features, ease of use, and the results experienced by you and others.

    God Bless.

  91. Jannie

    Hello Gideon

    Thanks for always sharing great products and help others to perfect what they do, with your guidance, of course:-)

    I am just getting started with a video site educating visitors how to overcome “mind obstacles” to take action and start a business. My goal is to help and train motivated people who lost high paying jobs to become online entrepreneurs. Create simple and easy to use online video courses to address customer needs and demands.

    How would I use LeadPlayer?
    1. I am just setting up and do not have a list yet. Use the opt in feature to grow my list as fast as possible.
    2. Use Calls to Action to direct viewers to my sales pages.
    3. I was wondering where to host membership videos. Now it seems it is possible to use YouTube for this too. Will save me money by not having to use Amazon S3.
    4. Analytics will help me to track visitor engagement and optimize wherever necessary.
    5. Customize the player for a simple and clean appearance.

    How will it affect my business?
    1. Although I am just starting, I am sure I will be able to grow my list faster with the powerful features of LeadPlayer.
    2. The player makes it easy to use and quick to implement – makes training easy.
    3. Simplify managing a large number of videos – the sorting functions will become more important (like you said).

    I will definitely use this product, regardless!



  92. LeadPlayer is an awesome tool for building your list and increasing sales using video with all of the well thought out features that are included.

    The inclusion of analytics is particularly useful for determining when viewers are checking out, thus allowing you to show your call to action just prior to their departure. I also appreciate that all the button and text links are customizable.

    Another big plus is the cost saving feature of using YouTube hosting – a nice plus for a limited budget. I also love the added ability to play “unlisted” YouTube videos on my membership sites – terrific. And reducing the possibility that visitors will leave your website and go directly to YouTube is also a biggy.

    I like the flexibility of being able to force an opt-in to continue viewing or not, as I see fit, and the integration with PayPal and a host of autoresponder services. In fact, all the customization options included make this highly useful, regardless of your preferences.

    All in all, for functionality, flexibility, and inclusion of primo features, LeadPlayer can’t be beat.

  93. Hi Gideon
    I plan to create a whole bunch more of singing videos. If you look at my website ( you’ll see that I’m a street busker/singer in Dublin, Ireland! I used to be an accountant but I’m OK now!

    I’ve thought of travelling the world but the draw of ‘online options’ keeps pulling me back! I love online technology. Always have! Travel on my own anyway, would be too damned lonely and is burdened with costs and fraught with risks that simply don’t exist online!

    I’ve had this idea for some time now, that I could travel online creating dozens of videos of songs that are already so popular on the street. I could I think, use LeadPlayer to create the same impulsive buying action I get on the street – people put money in my “hat” because they want to, they love my sound, I touch something in them and they respond by tipping my “hat”. No pressure sales! Just well placed Opt-Ins!

    Carefully timed and well placed Lead Player Opt-In Options in my singing videos could be just the ticket I need!

    PS – But I do have to say I agree wholeheartedly with your comment on the search and sort facilities (or lack of them). That would do my head in!

  94. “Why is LeadPlayer™ the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video?”

    Video is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate my various services to potential clients. While I am technically adept enough to set up videos on my website, the automatic redirects available in LeadPlayer really have the potential to ramp it up. Most of my customer base is not at all technically savvy, and even a simple instruction like “Click here after the video” could lose me leads.

    That slick back end will really save me time as well. Time I can better put to use working on my business.

  95. VioTutorials

    autopilot – cool..

  96. Gideon,

    I had previously purchased the LeadPlayer product from this page. Even prior to leaving a post here. Is it possible to still get the “One-Hour Video Blogging” explained above.


  97. Ron

    Hi Gideon :)

    Your sodding aweber webclient software stopped me getting the promised ‘surprise’ noted in your email.
    Saying I was “already subscribed”…. . . . .

    Durrrh !!! Well of COURSE I was – otherwise I’d never have got your original email today!

    Is this more webclient stupidity, at its usual worst? (I’ve been shafted by aweber before – grrrrh).
    Or is it deliberate filtering on your part.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Uhm… not sure what happened there Ron! Did you by any chance try to re-sign up to my newsletter from the popup? That’s probably what happened. Just close the popup next time. I’m actually considering completely removing it now that I have leadplayer!

  98. Congrats to the winners!!!

  99. Congratulations to Richard and Diane! Now I need to find your comments in the massive list below 8=)

  100. We need innovative products like this.

  101. Gideon, before I buy I have a question – the legal terms say that the cost covers one year of support and upgrades. Do you know what the cost is per year after that? Do you have to buy leadplayer every year? Thank you!

    • Kat, Looks like we’ve already answered this question for you over on our FaceBook page, so I think you’re all set now!

      • Yes, thank you! I just purchased, but I’m wondering how/where the one hour video is accessed? Thanks!!

  102. Hello Gideon, I purchased the player. How do i get my bonuses? Roman

    • Hi Roman! We’ve sent out an email to everyone containing your bonus, so if you haven’t received it, do contact our fantastic support team and they’ll help you out:


  103. Mary tinat

    hi Gideon

    I like your guide and all comments. They were interesting and useful. I ‘m glad to see you . keep smiling.

    Mary Tinat

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Thanks Mary!

  104. So I purchased Leadplayer today and so far so good. I had to ask a few questions beforehand that they promptly answered. One question I asked was whether the fee was yearly because it says in the terms that the fee covers only one year of updates. They have not yet determined the fee for continued support, but I should hope that it will be consistent with what you’d pay to upgrade other software (like 1/3 or 1/6 the price). I also had to get some tech reply about my theme and the compatibility there, and they were great.
    I already have my videos running on lead player. So far I LOVE being able to put my own thumbnail in. I can move my head out of the way of the play button so that I don’t look like I have a clown nose! I have a half hour video on how to be your own therapist that I had previously required folks to sign up for the blog to see. Now I just have a skippable call to action in there about a minute in. I think it’s much nicer and will get me signups without making me look like I care more about the signups than I do about sharing the information. After all, I’m a counselor and I don’t want to seem too salesy. Thanks for the review Gideon, I had to think hard about the investment but I trust your word, and I’m glad I did. Cheers.

    PS- a few hours after buying I got an email about the free video training, so just be patient and you’ll get it.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Kat!

      Excellent stuff! Yeah I can vouch for the customer support too. They really are great!

      So glad you’ve found LeadPlayer useful too!

      I also LOVE it!


  105. DcDoubleg123

    Do you know of any iPhone apps like that? Thanks:)

  106. Still checking comments?
    Just bought the LeadPlayer Unlimited – I suppose the bundled bonuses will be sent to me from you (Gideon) soon? I apologize, I haven’t read others comments that may already answered this question, we had a family health emergency (several this week) so I was inattentive to the posts. Looking forward to using LeadPlayer.

    From what I concluded, it is not a bad idea to actually have more than one player, so you can a) Have YouTube videos (hosted free) driving home your organic search engine leads, and then another player (like Easy Video Suite) b) Has AS3 hosted videos for your member site (and/or use LeadPlayer with unlisted YouTube videos here) and offers security.

    [Q] Can you tell me whether or not LeadPlayer can control the control features of the player? Like having “naked” videos on your site?
    [Q] Does LeadPlayer allow you to create a link that actually takes you to another website (not YouTube) from wherever the video is played from (YouTube site or even if embedded on another domain)?

    These are a couple of the feature sets I will be looking at first.

    Thanks again Gideon

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey GB

      Q1 – Not sure what you mean with “naked” videos? (it sounds good though hehe)

      Q2 – Adding links inside the videos only work on your own sites. YouTube has their own protocol and they don’t allow anyone to adjust it on YouTube. Not even LeadPlayer!

      Hope that helps!


  107. Louis Sorbi

    I’m late But can I still Order? How much is the Total cost in Full, Free Shipping, I hope?
    Please Act in a Timely Manner.
    Thanking Gideon In Advance,
    Sincerely, Lou.

    • I believe if you order it and it says $107 you are good to go, and $147 total for the Unlimited developers version.
      The link still works, I just tried it for you. What I don’t know is if you’ll receive the bonus offers Gideon has promoted.

      I am still waiting on this question – although I ordered in time, I haven’t heard back regarding how to obtain the bonuses yet.

      Good luck.

      • Gideon Shalwick

        Hey GB – have just sent you an email about it. Clay says instructions for the bonus is sent with the product email. But you can also contact their support team here:

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Louis Sorbi

      You can order LeadPlayer at any time. I am not sure about the bonus package though. You will need to ask the LeadPlayer team about that.

      The full licence version of LeadPlayer is $147. Hope that helps.

  108. mary tinat

    hi Gideon

    This is my new email address. please if you can send me your email to this address and also past address.

    You are very nice. and a great teacher . Thank you .

    talk soon

  109. Orlando Pena

    Great software information. I really like how you can put into your Blog.


    Great tip Gideon. As always :-)

  111. msfancyspecs

    Oh Hai! i need help, so my dad is really strict on what i put on youtube but ive tried making videos about what he’d be okay with, but it just didnt work out. How do i get past this feeling of being stuck? Please answer back. this is urgent

  112. Alexandre Chaves

    Hi Gideon, when are you going to upload new videos ? Appreciate your work and your inputs are precious. Keep up with this excelent work !!

  113. Yamirasu

    Hey Mr.Giddeon i really really like your videos and you don’t know how much you helped me for making my YouTube channel in 2014 .. i wanna it go viral ! so you really kinda help me a LOT .. but just simple question, i always wandered .. does the youtube partner program gives more money for the youtube partners than those who just monetize their videos without the partnership ?!! .. i’ll really be glad if u answered be .. thanks and keep up the good work, greetings from egypt :)

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  115. Frank Tornatore

    Gideon , thank you for your professionalism, I love what you do and I follow you all the time. keep up the good work!

  116. i think lead player is the best
    nice article

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  119. Brian Uribe



    $100K first year potential.

    No experience needed. Will train.


  120. Johan Wennermark

    Hi Gideon!

    I just LOVE your videos and I am learning so much. My dream is to start vlogging really soon, made some already here /jwennermark

    Thank you Gideon!

  121. Hi Gideon thank you for your review
    one functioanlity which i dont know if its included: CAN you switch OFF the option to let the user “CLICK to watch on youtube” ?

  122. JuliaFlores7390

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