Lesson 3 – How To Set Up Your Video Domination Hub

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Tools For Setting Up Your Video Domination Hub

Plugins That You’ll Need

*Please note that some or all of the above links are affiliate links to products that I recommend you use and often use myself – please perform your own additional research to make sure you make the right purchase for your own situation.

In today’s lesson you will start taking a bit more serious action towards you dominating your niche online using the Rapid Video Blogging system.

Make sure you follow all the steps, and set up your own Video Domination Hub exactly the way I explain. I’ve tested this model to death now, and have used it successfully in a few niches already.

All you have to do, is follow my simple steps, and get your own Video Domination Hub installed. Once you’ve got it up and running, you are ready to rock on to the next lesson in the series. If the whole tech thing is breaking your head, find a technical person to help you out. You really don’t want to get stuck on this step. Just get help if you get stuck.

Make sure you download the workbook for today’s lesson – I give you more details there for getting it all done.

Until next time…

Gideon Shalwick

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  1. Thanks again.

    Can you speak about how to earn money with videos in youtube (no as a partner)?

    I don’t see this video in youtube,

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Oh yeah for sure! I will be covering this in detail inside Lesson 7, coming up shortly…

      The money from the partner program is minuscule in comparison to the other kinds of money you could make with this method…


  2. Thanks for the great video Gideon.

    Nice tips about optimization. A quick question. While tagging on the “settings” tab, why do you put like “” instead of just ?

    I think Fiverr is also a very affordable place to get a quick, good looking and pro background image. The tough thing is you cant preview the designs before accepting. However 5$ is still very small considering 300$.

    Another general question. Do you memorize the script you want to deliver? Or do you just have any reading mechanism to look and read while you shoot videos?

    When you mention YouTube owns the videos, Darren’s case comes to my mind. His channel was blocked even though he delivered quality contents. So it’s absolutely essential that we own our own hub.

    You are absolutely right about Mailchimp not allowing affiliates. I have personally contacted their support and got a reply saying that they are more of a “newsletter” type of service.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Adarsh

      Your first question: Not sure I understand…

      Your second question: I don’t use scripts for my videos no. Just an outline at the most that I place either in front of me somewhere, or right below the lens of the camera. Mindmaps in particular are very useful for me for this kind of application.

      And about Darren’s situation, not sure if you’ve seen it, but I created a video about it here that answers some questions for everyone:



    • Anthony

      Hi Gideon,
      loving your insights into creating my own videos and really getting alot of great tips. I’m really looking forward to getting started, so keep it coming please.
      I saw that you did a survey out to your list and for the life of me I cannot find where it was, I was wondering if you would let me have a copy of your questions as I want to do a survey to my clients and just wanted some pointers with the types of questions.
      Would really appreciate that.

  3. excellent, explained very simply and easy to follow. I am setting up one of these right now and these lessons are very helpful, great system for modeling

  4. Very Nice Video Gideon. Your production values have come a long way from just a year ago!

  5. Gideon,

    Great videos, thank you for sharing excellent tips.

    As you mentioned that you don’t own YouTube channel.

    By embedding YouTube videos onto your blog, can you save videos in case something happen to your YouTube channel?

    I guess you can only save your videos if you are hosting it your self.

    Correct me if I am wrong.



  6. Great video Gideon. Thank you.

    Aside from the awesome content, how are you making those incredible fly-in graphics in your video? What software are you using.

    Your videos have reached such an amazing level of professionalism. I want to go there too!


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Curt

      It’s my new video editor who is doing all the magic now – he uses Adobe After Effects – it’s not something I am particularly good at!


  7. Hi Gideon,
    Again, very interesting mini course. Can´t wait the next one!!
    I’m still wondering how I can do those wonderful effects (with text and pictures)?
    Thank you !!!
    Lili N.

  8. Thanks so much for the info. I can’t wait for the next video!!!!

  9. Sully

    Nice video Gideon.

    Could you list the plugins you talked about?

  10. Vin larios

    Hi Gideon, Exelente video I personally love the insights of your work, you are very simple when you talk, this whole process is easy, and you make it look pretty easy too.


  11. L

    Thanks Gideon, as always great content and helpful information. Yes, I’m going to fix my YouTube channel. The backgrounds they give you look horrible. Thanks for the advise for changing that. Take care Lillian

  12. I recommend Namecheap and WordPress too.

  13. Steve Novotny

    Your new video editing is killing me. What’s your guy doing it with? I’m assuming Final Cut. Can you talk to us about it.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Steve

      He’s use Adobe After Effects. Not sure if you can use just Final Cut – you may need some other bits of software as well to make it look that cool.

      But if you are desperate for special effects like that, I recommend you find someone else to help you with it (like I have), unless you really want to learn how to do it yourself!



  14. Peter


    Yes, I am also wondering about the issue with embedding the video from YouTube. If something happens, as you pointed out earlier in your video, then wouldn’t that link be broken? Wouldn’t it better to host your own videos such as on Amazon S3 in case there is a problem with YouTube?

  15. Great information Gideon we have a affiliate site so I do not know how we can use some of your information. We have 14 video up so far (ProSportMerchandise.com video channel name) we hope to have 70 by the end of the week. I will get started on the video blog .
    Thanks for the information.
    Rich Hamilton

  16. Hi Gideon
    I’m from the UK, I’m just loving your training video’s and I’m experimenting with your training coupled with Yaro’s blogging training.

    Though I am finding myself in the most trying situation and hardship.

    I do believe that I am also in the right place.

    One thing I have found in my posistion is that there is hope and great potential if I look for it.

    How can looming homelessness possibly offer hope.

    I guess it’s all in the way you view it.

    I really quite excited knowing that even though homelessness looms I can still blog about it whether anyone will find it remotely interesting is another thing.

    but I am hoping using your tactics I’ll be able to rectify my situation.

    Thank you for producing an answer to my problem.


  17. Rodolfo

    Gracias por este video tan importante y util para mi negocio

  18. Scott Allen

    @ Steve Novotny

    In the comments to a previous video in this series, Gideon was asked how the text effects were done. He shrugged his shoulders and said the editing was done by someone else. Obviously he wants people to think that videos of this quality can be produced with Screenflow and a Flip Mino. That cost him some credibility points with me.

    I know Screenflow inside out, and I can tell you that those effects are NOT done in Screenflow or in Camtasia Studio for that matter. My guess would be Adobe After Effects, which costs $500+ and has a very steep learning curve.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Scott – not really a fair comment from you :(

      I do mention on several occasions inside comments of my other videos that I now use a professional editor who uses Adobe After Effects.

      I’ve just been asked SOOO many times about it previously, that I’ve kinda given up on providing detailed answers. If you go through my videos on my YouTube channel, you will see evidence of this. In good time, I may respond to some comments in this mini course too, but I only have that much time in a day :)

      To answer your concern more specifically, when I was getting started (like many people are who sign up for this mini course), I was simply using ScreenFlow and it’s text effects. I used this for the first few years of doing online video marketing and got some amazing results with it. It’s only in the last few months that I’ve started using a professional editor to help me take my videos to the next level.

      It’s true that you can’t do fancy effects with ScreenFlow as in my latest videos, but you can still do some pretty cool things with ScreenFlow nonetheless.

      Once you graduate to higher levels, you can start thinking about getting a professional editor too to help you get those amazing effects.

      Even if I did use Adobe After effects myself, I think it would certainly not be a good idea to teach it here for beginners. Most people would just give up before they even get started.


      • Scott Allen

        Hi Gideon,

        On reflection, my comment was harsh and I apologize.

        I just think it would be better if you limited the effects in these promotional videos to what can be accomplished in Screenflow. You are leading up to a launch, and Screenflow is the Mac product you recommend to your target market (i.e. beginning video bloggers). As you said: you “got some amazing results with it “, so it is hardly limiting.

        I am all in favor of outsourcing to a VA, and there are plenty who have expertise in Screenflow.

        Imagine if you said: “The videos in this series were all edited and produced in Screenflow using the techniques I will teach you on this course.”

        Wow, Gideon, I would be reaching for my credit card to enrol!

        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hey Scott

          No worries – no hard feelings.

          I know what you’re saying though, and in fact that is what I used to do when I launched Rapid Video Blogging in August last year. But things have moved on a bit now, and I want to talk about other alternatives for people as well.

          Thanks again for your feedback – I do appreciate the honesty!


  19. Hey Gideon
    I’m surprised about a comment above I think you did mention going with what you can afford or free services quit a bit through the video’s.

    I’ve posted a video on my homeless blog and used windows movie make i’ll be getting the cheap Sony one about $80 or so.

    One thing I think that is very valuable, is to actually try to produce a video as you learn a great deal by doing more than just reading or watching.

    By your standards mine is not that good but I did learn a bit by just recording, saving a video, converting if to flv. and putting on YouTube and then on my site.

    3 hrs doing beats weeks of learning theory hands down.

    I was wondering I know what you are doing here is a free thing but how about having a newbie competition just using the free things that you mentioned or similar free things.

    Have a small prize for the winner/s a free report or something or 10 minute advice but everyone who enters gets a mention or link on your site as a way to encourage us.

    Just thinking out loud.

    I’m so pleased that You did this.

    Ian in his car in 25 days .

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Ian

      Great idea about the competition – I will definitely consider it!


  20. FANTASTIC VIDEO!! THIS LESSON ROCKS!! Thanks for sharing – I am a big believer in everything you said! x Kat

  21. Another excellent video Gideon!!!! Still awaiting for you to open up the video training course again.

    1) Are you going to offer the course again, for the link in the free report states that the training is now closed?

    2) if so, what is the ETA for you to be offering it again?

    I look forward to your response and more great videos.

    Thank you


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Bowe

      Yes I will definitely offer the course again – that’s for sure!

      I’m just not quite sure when exactly though…

      But I will keep you and everyone else posted via my newsletter, so make sure you stay subscribed…


  22. Hi Gideon

    Thanks for sharing these lessons.

    A couple questions though. If YouTube does pull the plug on your channel at some point, what would you do to get the videos hosted on your own site? I’m assuming that you’ll still have copies of every video you create archived somewhere safe 8=)

    How would you go about pulling in traffic at that point?

    Would you recommend posting your videos to multiple video sites or just stick with YouTube?


  23. laura lee waldorf

    Please put me on you email list I love your information.

  24. Great video Gideon, I am learning fast, not as good as you but I am working hard on it, must change my video content around as I am local SEO guy too, so I have mixed content on two channels lol, strange I have seen anylitics playing up with keyword traffic for one business landing on the wrong site, strange I hadn’t thought of the mixed content on youtube channel, this will need to be sorted out.

    Thank you again fabulous content and you are becoming a legend
    John Robbins

  25. gees louise gideon you SO ROCK!

  26. Great video. Do you have lesson where you mention the tools you are using to get the effects you got in this video?

  27. Hello Gideon,

    How did you create that “Global” Facebook Like button in the right hand column of your blog? I have tried the facebook plugin you suggest here in the resource box and it just places a facebook like button with each individual post…but I would like to setup mine like yours so it is global and shows in the column of every page instead. Is that easy to do?

    – Richard

  28. Anthony

    Hi Gideon,
    loving your insights into creating my own videos and really getting alot of great tips. I’m really looking forward to getting started, so keep it coming please.
    I saw that you did a survey out to your list and for the life of me I cannot find where it was, I was wondering if you would let me have a copy of your questions as I want to do a survey to my clients and just wanted some pointers with the types of questions.
    Would really appreciate that.

  29. Silvia

    Hi Gideon,
    Great videos! Excellent quality!
    Can you tell us where you host your videos if you’re not using YouTube. Are you doing it with HostGator or Amazon S3?

    Also, I like that we have a choice below to be notified of follow-up comments via e-mail. Not too many people offer this choice. This is very convenient. Can you reveal how you did this or what plug in you used? Thank you:)

  30. What a wonderful video, thanks for sharing that informatino, quite powerful.

  31. Hi I am moving from the very sceptical but open minded to it my be possible in a controlled way. Have read your Rapid Video Blogging, my head if full and I’m looking forward to the next lesson.

  32. How do does the e-mail autoresponder work? The video is pretty cool. And can my website work beside the blog?

  33. Helle there,
    i just discovered your site as an accident.. pretty nice work!
    I have a small film production company… any suggestions for youtubing
    and or blogging… I mean, of course it can be done.. but what do you
    think will help to attract viewers, spread the word of possible projects,
    in order to either get followers, and possible investors… and well,
    simply put; TO GET KNOWN…

    I believe in one of your videos you suggested to set up the Youtube
    account in a way, that after a person sees my clip, there is no other
    related or similar video playing, since that could take the interest away from what
    I have to offer… in other words my clip is the only one to see…

    I don’t want to just think of film production, but to expand the
    possibilities to a wider window of possibilities: like multimidea
    producing… putting together not just my films, or commercials.. but
    my photos, interviews… be more plastic when it comes to possibilities,
    plastic meaning open and flexible…

    thank you mate!!

    gabriel, NY USA

    Most important

  34. great video

  35. Cordial saludo Gideon!!!
    No hablo inglés (I don´t speak english)
    No obstante, he seguido juicioso tu mini curso y está
    estupendo. Gracias por todos los consejos que a través
    de cada video nos haces llegar.
    Gracias nuevamente y adelante!!!

  36. Cedric

    I watch a lot of your video and it’s magic for me.

    I’m learning so much about you. Thank you very much.

    I have a question : On your youtube Chanel, on the top of your site there is a clickable banner with your book. How did you do that ? Do you have a special youtube site ?

    Please just keep going it’s a gold mine stuff you provide. Thanks again.

    Cedric From France

  37. I have enjoyed your videos thus far, They have been very informative. As for the mailing list, blogger.com offers the option of signing ten email addresses to your blog mailing list when you first begin and having people sign on to a mailing list for blog updates aftewards. Is this a good thing?

  38. Gideon
    Thanks for your outline lessons. Sorry to be a newbe but my question is what is an auto responder and what does it do?

    Best wishes

  39. Fotis

    Another super video!

  40. Fotis

    Nice and helpfull!

  41. Orapin

    Hi Gideon

    They are amazing mini VDO thanks. I have watched your VDO for now and when I have more confident then I will get it going for sure. I have created my own website already with Brain Host. It is something to do with Microlites. I’m hoping to build and teach people from all over the world and use it as my hobby too, how to fly Microlites. I’m building 2 in 1 runway in my garden Car and Microlite; that is 7×300 meters long. I ‘m gathering information about this youtube VDO for my website, but not in hurry as I have other things to do as well business wise.

    You are very generous to sharing all of these with us for free of charge.

    I have made some home VDO before, that was through movie maker on a small camera just for fun!!!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.


  42. Excellent video, Gideon. You are very personable and have a gift in simplifying a process that can be very intimidating. Keep up the excellent work.

  43. Good Morning, Gideon —

    And best wishes for a magnificently joyful holiday.

    I have watched every video you have created, and they have been incredibly helpful in helping a total newcomer to Internet blogging/marketing. As I was watching your video today, I suddenly realized what had bothered me on others. Your shirt! Each time I tried to look at your face, more specifically your eyes — which are beautiful — my attention was distracted by the very large graphic on your shirt. Same when you showed the graphics on the left — your shirt kept competing for attention. The content is so valuable I kept forcing my attention elsewhere and bottom line, that is what is important. So please do not consider this a criticism, simply an observation as food for thought for someone who is making a fabulous contribution to the Internet community.

  44. steve

    Thanks for all the plugins and tips, may God Bless you and your business…. It would be great if you can put together a mini video or paid course on wordpress, video editing and seo …or if not send us links for some good programs …thanks a ton mate !

  45. Hi Gideon,
    Is there away to delete old videos off of you tube channel. I have some starter videos that are pretty bad.

    Let me know.


  46. ian

    another top video. Been nosey, what is the thing in your hand? looks like i-phone?

    This video series has given me great idea, now see how you make money from the “free” video course by the links given below (taking all affiliate) it’s now in my business model, thanks again, video quality is awesome

  47. Johnson Ajayi

    Thanks so much. I have truly being your follower on you tube and I must say ( I think i should be calling you ” Video Marketing Daddy,” how does that sound? lol!), you have not disappointed me. I will be looking forward to see the next mini course.

  48. Blair

    I love you Gideon. You are so fricking smart!

  49. Marica

    Hi Gideon. Fantastic video! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us newbies!

    Is there any particular reason why you recommend a blog (as opposed to a website) for embedding your videos on? Just asking because I already have an information site (not a WordPress blog) and I was thinking that maybe I could embed my videos on it? Does it make any difference?

    Or is it better to start a new blog just for videos?

    Thanks again for all the useful info you’re providing.

  50. Lena

    Thanks for this great content, Gideon. Really, really helpful and practical.

  51. Hi Gideon,

    Great tips. Especially the tip that you don’t own anything on your own “youtube channel”.
    I didn’t know this. So somewhere in the future I will have to set up a second video blog and email responder, in order to be noticed.

    With friendly greetings,

  52. Nice video Gideon!!! Thank you very match for your tips!
    CHECK ALSO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Djkiller1807 (there you can learn everything about tecnology,how-to,e.t.c.) http://www.youtube.com/user/djkiller1807?feature=guide

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Oh oops – Ok I will add them in tomorrow – although they are all listed inside the Rapid Video Blogging free report that you should have access to by now. If not, go grab it here:



    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Sully

      My designer has just added the links to the plugins, inside the resource box below the video…


  53. Excellent series. You are a real natural at speaking on camera and developing training material. I look forward to the rest of the course. Thank you.

  54. mark

    Hi Gideon.I have left two or maybe three messages and I am waiting on a reply,I appreciate that you are a busy man but all I am wanting to know is how to add your outro videos unto my own videos on youtube.

  55. Gideon, I have a four-month old blog on Blogger (custom domain) that is turning into something of an authority in its niche and I want to take it to the next level with video content, more visual content (infographics) and e-mail marketing. I’m totally happy with the service I’m getting from Blogger but I also know WordPress very well (many other websites I own are on that platform). I kind of keep it spread across technologies for variety.

    But my Blogger blog has the largest commercial potential and I see lots of demand for informative content, including video. Would you recommend moving it to WP asap to claim ownership? I don’t feel particularly at risk using Google technologies and can’t quite understand what people mean by “anything can happen”. As if good old Google had a secret plan of devouring the world come December 2012 or something.

    What do you think?

  56. Hello Gideon
    Thanks for the excellent videos! A quick query – is it OK to use my existing WordPress website as the video-blog? Or will that affect the load speed of what is already on the website … It seems to make more sense to use the same one but I don’t want to compromise the usability of what I have already.

    Kindest regards

  57. Hi Gideon,

    Love your videos, thank you! Just wanted to tell you that instead of paying for an expensive YouTube background, Fiverr offers them for $5. I’m using a free wallpaper for my YouTube background. All you need to do is go to Google Images and then type in the word of the topic you’re interested in and then ‘wallpaper.’ The one I’m using on my channel was found by entering “butterfly wallpaper” (with brackets). I also get great photos entering “fantasy wallpaper” or “nature wallpaper.” Size needs to be about 1600×1200 or thereabouts. Hope this helps.

    Dr. Cha~zay

  58. Great video Gidon, thanks for all the wonderful tips. Not sure how to apply to my web business. I make handcrafted cremation urns. http://www.moodwood.com. Any ideas?

  59. Thank you Gideon..
    You are opening my mind up so much with the value of video, you certainly are a great authority.
    Best Wishes

  60. Gideon,

    Obviously YouTube has changed some things since your recorded this. Is it still possible to optimize your YouTube channel with “type” and “tags?”

    Also, what do you use for cue cards in your videos?



    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yup a few things have changed, but the basic same principles still apply :)

      Tags DEFINITELY still apply, but it’s just ONE of MANY things you can do to help optimize your channel and videos.

      Cue cards? Normally just a piece of paper in my hand. Not a big fan of teleprompters.


  61. Another excellent video Gideon but one of the comments here worried me.

    It’s all about what would happen to any videos we have embedded on our blog (and we have many of them) if our account at YouTube was ever terminated.

    I appreciate the link you gave that covered what to do if our YouTube account was ever terminated so am I right in assuming that if this ever happened then any videos we had embedded on our blog would no longer work. Have I got this right?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yes you have it right Amnuai – but if you just follow my advice you should be sweet. My main advice for YouTube and Google is… “Play by their rules. Don’t do anything dodgy. Provide extreme value.”

      You can always also upload your videos to a site like vimeo at the same time as a backup.


  62. Liz

    Thanks for the great lessons, Gideon!

    Question: How to do accomplish your motion graphics inside the video?

    I’m referring specifically to the inset window that changes to illustrate a new concept as you teach your lesson. (Sometimes it’s a still photo.)

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!

  63. Tim

    Hi Gideon,

    I was going to install the Flash Media Player plugin but the link to the plugin page had the following warning –

    ‘This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.’

    Would you still recommend installing the plugin or would do you have another recommendation?


  64. Hi Gideon,

    Excellent content! I already have a WordPress website and so far have just published articles on the blog section of the site.

    For the Video Blog, you are talking about posting my videos to the blog section of the website I already have, right? You’re not talking about creating a separate site just for my videos, are you?

    Thank you for the extremely helpful content!


    • Gideon Shalwick


  65. Hi Gideon,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I am extremely grateful for this.

    Could you assist me with the following question please:

    I am considering writing a book about my subject area and then working towards getting it published – that way I would have a product that my followers could buy once I have built my online reputation and the trust of people. What do you think of this idea? Perhaps I would be better off creating video courses instead of writing a book? Or perhaps I could do both? My goal is to help as many people as possible to improve their lives – and of course I want to become financially abundant in the process.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you,