Lesson 4 – How To Create Powerful Response Invoking Content

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Lesson 4 Mini Workbook

Pay attention to today’s lesson, because inside it, you will learn how to create powerful and response invoking content for your followers. To be able to help your videos go viral, you first need to understand how to create content that people would love to watch.

And inside today’s lesson, I break it down in easy to follow steps for you.

Make sure you download the Lesson 4 Mini Workbook, and go through the exercises.

Until next time…

Gideon Shalwick

Video Transcript

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73 Responses to Lesson 4 – How To Create Powerful Response Invoking Content

  1. Thanks for the great info., Gideon.

    What editing software did you use for the text and image animations in this video?

    • Pat

      Hey Agnelo,

      Gideon answered that question in lesson 2. Here’s the link


      For PC Users: Sony Vegas Studio HD
      For Mac Users: ScreenFlow

      • Scott Allen


        The text and image animations were done in Adobe After Effects.

        I own Sony Vegas and Screenflow. You can animate text and graphics in both, but not to this degree of sophistication. Adobe After Effects is required.

        Hope this helps.


        • Gideon Shalwick

          Hey Angelo, Pat and Scott

          Yeah my editor is using Adobe After Effects for these videos. But you can create some pretty nifty videos with just ScreenFlow. Here is an example:



          • I haven’t seen any mention of Camtasia??? Your thoughts?

            • Gideon Shalwick

              Camtasia works fine too – esp the latest version :)

  2. Hi Gideon!
    Well, again, great video, very interesting and helpful.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Still wondering how to do the text effect on my own?
    Any tips or recommandations you can give to do it by myself?

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Gideon
    Thanks for the continued lessons with GREAT content. I have been making a movie a day for the past 77 days part of a series i am putting on Face Book for eternity for my children. They have been inspired by Napoleon Hill. What I have done is read his material and made a series of flip charts on A4 hand drawn scanned them and then made a simple Keynote /imovie with music.
    I have had so much fun doing this and in fact the life lessons have now been ingrained in me.
    I have found this method teaching street smart business skills allowing me to create as much video content as I would ever need.

    In all practical and life skill books there are 3 things.
    Tips …idea
    Warnings…obvious don’t do this
    Keys..essential to succeed
    Once you separate these out it gives you the most simplistic approach to the lessons.
    So you can read draw and design any course on any given subject.
    That’s my tip for you my friend as you have given me so much.
    God Bless

    • Paul

      Hi Collin,

      your idea sounds good – but why do you hide the location, where we could find your videos ?!


      • Paul,
        I dont feel it is appropriate to promote my information on Gideons page. I casn be contacted at colinburr@learnaccountingfast.com I trust this doesn’t offend you Gideon.

      • Gideon Shalwick

        Hey Colin

        Thank you for the great tips!

        Great to hear about the videos you’ve been doing – great that you’ve done so many! That is awesome!


        • I agree with you Gideon adding a video on a regular basis is very valuable to your followers. I believe an email campaign based on PLF system say over a 12 week period to add value with each email. this can involve a soft call to action each time. i am exploring the thought of adding the email to face Book as well as making the email into a movie and posting this on you tube also. that means full leverage of your efforts from email to FB to Blog post and to you tube. this would give you maximum exposure with minimum effort. I do this by reading books and summarizing the books in a flip chart series designed to make the viewer think for the information maybe good but you need to think how you can apply the tips warnings and keys into your life. Most people watch and do nothing. information wont make you a $1,00,00 action will my question is what are you going to do now. Thanks for your great inspiring videos Gideon. I watch and read any email you send me.

  4. Awesome tips Gideon as usual! But how about tutorial effect?

  5. Hi Gideon,
    Thank you for excellent tutorial, as always. Everything is straight forward and easy to understand and as well ready to implement.

    I would like to have a question about the video transcript you are doing. Is this done manually or is there any kind of a software, which can help with that kind of procedure? I will be glad if I could have your answer on that.

    Thank you again for your time and effort in creating your content.

    Best regards from Poland,
    Robert Olinski

    • Gideon Shalwick

      The transcript gets done manually by my team Robert. But you can also use a service like http://www.WordsIntoProfits.com to get it done for you at a very reasonable price.

      You could try out something like the Dragon speech recognition software, but I think that may be a little tricky as it does not allow for punctuational etc…


  6. sam

    Amazing stuff Gideon. lovin’ the editing and all the great info!
    brilliant stuff.

  7. Awesome content as always, thanks Gideon

  8. hi Gidweon,

    i have my own spot on youtube but still don’t have strong traffic, how do you advise me to get more traffic?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Ah… that is the topic of the next video in the series ranya!

      Coming soon…


  9. Once again thanks for a great informative video, I’ve picked up some great tips along the way now and the work books are also a great idea too and make me actually work through them and try and make something of video marketing….

    Cheers now!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Great stuff Wayne – glad the workbooks are proving useful cos it’s taken me quite a bit of extra work to get them done for you…

      Keep up the great work!


  10. You are the man, Gideon. Thank you for taking time to provide this powerful information! Blessings to the family!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Thanks Cory! Great to see you hangin’ around here!

  11. GB

    Hi Gideon…great video. Thanks for doing such a thorough job!
    Question: did you shoot this video using the Canon 60D? If so, do you normally have to do adjust your exposure in the manual setting? I have a Nikon that doesn’t allow for manual exposure and after tweaking white balance, using plenty of light, etc…the videos still lack a crisp white look. I concluded that it must be due to the auto exposure. Can you confirm if this sounds right to you? I’m stuck! I’m considering the Canon 60D to allow for manual exposure. Thanks so much!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      That could be the issue yes GB – I am recording with the 60D for these videos yes.

      Have you tried playing around with the exposure settings during editing? Sometimes that can fix the issue as well kind of.


    • GB

      Thanks Gideon. I did try adjusting it in the editing software but it required too much adjustment, resulting some noise. I can’t imagine it is anything else other than the exposure settings. I tried everything and made myself crazy over it. Not sure what else I could be missing. thanks again.

      • @GB – You can set up virtually all film, digital cameras and video cameras to compensate the exposure when shooting so that you don’t have to do too much tweaking in editing.

        Look for exposure compensation in the index of your owner’s manual, or look for the +/- button on your camera. If you find your videos are under exposed (this typically happens when shooting on white backgrounds) then try setting the exposure compensation to +1 or +2. This will ADD light when you’re shooting. Do some tests and see how it goes.

  12. fas

    Awesome stuff, again very well shot done.

  13. Make it happen Wednesday??!!

    Today /just after the latest Google update/ all my YT channels get PR 5
    just by following RVB rapport and course and just like described somewhere in RVB !!

    Something I’ve never achieved with my static sites.
    So I couldn’t help bragging about.
    http://www.youtube.com/user/LekarzMedycynyPracy – my business channel

    user/GABINET1964 – personal channel about my city

    user/kursantwroclaw – The channel I’m in charge of

    • Gideon Shalwick

      That is brilliant news Darek! Congratulations!

  14. This was a GREAT help to me, Gideon, thank you. I’ve been struggling with a few things on how to put together my videos and this will help me a ton! Most of my vids will be Education/ tutorials- and I really like your SEE point. I’m gonna use that 😉

    • Gideon Shalwick


  15. Amazing video Gideon. One thing I like the most in your videos is that you break complicated things in simple chunks and explain it in a very easy to follow process that helps us to take action immediately.

    Thank you once again for such a great quality video.

  16. Steve


    Bots crawl your transcripts as attachments? I read we should have the transcript in full text form on the site to get good SEO lovin’?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Yeah that seems to be the case Steve! At least on YouTube if no-where else.

      Eg, do a search on YouTube for the phrase “piet beukman” – you will see my video comes up as the first result. But when you look at the video, you will notice that the phrase “piet beukman” is nowhere to be found in the title, description or tags… it’s only in the transcript.

      Who knows where this will lead in the future, so you might as well start doing it :)


  17. Gideon,
    another great video! Just waiting my friend — to get my hands on the rapid video blogging full course..

    I hope it comes at the end of this video series.

  18. Gideon,
    I ‘ve watched the majority of video you have put out there and this is the best one yet. Love the white background and clean popups.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Thanks Bill! I’ve put a lot of effort into this series – glad you’re liking it!

      Lots more coming up…


      • Hey Gideon,

        Your movies are inspiring! I love the method of using the transcription of the video as a blog post! I think that, combined with seo, is pure genius for creating and spreading great content. I just wonder, wouldn’t having the transcription on your blog and on youtube be a duplicate content issue? It is the exact same thing as what is said in the video. Isn’t that duplicating content? I am just asking because I want to implement this on my own website and had this concern.

        Also, when you upload to iTunes, do you upload just the video or do you upload a podcast of the video, or both?

        Thanks again for the fantastic videos!

  19. Hi Gideon,
    Baboon Syndrome

    I’m suffering from Baboon Syndrome on my YouTube video’s.
    My problem is that with all my videos the still shots or starting frame that’s on my channel for each video are just frightening I just look like a Demented Baboon. I’m ugly enough without YouTube’s help. Examples on my YouTube – http://youtu.be/_-gmAhTQ-80 . I know of the 3 frame choice in the editing section of YouTube but when they are all dreadful! I suppose it may be a case of it is what it is and you cannot change it.
    But I did think It was worth asking.

    Just as a matter of interest I spent 4 months writing and researching, keyword researching on a site that’s now been up 180 days but with this homeless one I followed you the best I could, Though no reasearch or keyword tools used and I have had 25% of the others sites traffic amount in about 18 days using video and FB. It has poorly written diary type posts and is doing far better than my other keyword targeted site.

    I only used windows live movie maker and a free Mov to Flv converter as I dont have any spare money.
     Quite bizarrely some of my stuff on the homeless site and YouTube is also now on the first page of google and I have no clue, as, to the why or the how.

    Ian UK

    • Hi Gideon
      Stupidly, I forgot to say thank for doing this series I am really enjoying learning from you, you’re a great teacher.

      Ian UK

  20. Thanks for all the helpful information. I look forward to lesson #5.

  21. wowee, absolute killer content once again …. thank u gideon, u r impeccably inspiring!

  22. Hi Gideon,
    I recently got locked out of my old YouTube account. I immediately reviewed some of your videos as to what the best approach would be. I decided to launch a new YouTube Channel. Based on your lessons it was the right thing to do. I decided to launch it with an uplifting U2 video – no sales- just some good old GenX inspiration.
    Thanks for all the great lessons.

  23. Gideon,
    Is this the last in the series? I thought you said there would be 7 of them…please confirm…thx

  24. I like the SEE concept. All your video demonstrate the concepts that you teach.

  25. Gideon,
    You talk about copywriting your material for YouTube. What does this mean exactly?

  26. Great tips here Gideon. I made an educational video today and stuck to the S-E-E principles and it worked very well. I always sort of did this naturally, but I think I kept my video lesson more on track and shorter by consciously using S-E-E. People have shorter and shorter attention spans, not to mention bandwidth! Thanks again!

  27. Hai Gideon,
    It is a huge revealation for me on how to structure the content of the programme. I did subscribe for your full course and realised that the free stuff video runs much faster. Is it because of the jw player or have you started using a new player? Is a player important when you play the video on you tube? Raghu

  28. Bob

    Thanks Gideon as a newbie always great info

  29. Hello Gideon,
    Thank you again for all the videos. It’s so informative.

    Can you tell me how you make a transcript of your video? By hand or with software?

    Anyway, thank you again.

    Cedric from France

  30. rick lund

    I have gotten into mobile marketing. We can build mobile websites for businesses and some people would still like to use video on their mobile website. The problem is that flash doesn’t sow on iphones and other phones seem to take a long time to download. Is there a way to say put a you tube clip to download quickly on a mobile website? Can they be split into small snippets that download quickly and the other clips download behind them and it seems seamless in watching a video? A short download time and quick load and play. Or is there a program that would handle that process?


  31. hello gideon,
    am a goog follower of your lessons, but the problem is that an new to this blogging thing, i dont’t know where and how to start.
    i think i missed your first lessons on how to creat blogs. I want to creat 3 like i learnt in the roadmad to bloggin but don’t know how, please i need your help.
    thank you a lot sir.

  32. NORAH


  33. NORAH

    hi gideon, plesae i need lesson three of become a blogger, and all the lessons on rapid video blogging please i don’t have any of them, i would be so much grateful

  34. We need your help…….Pastor Eric Johnson

  35. Narender

    Hi Gideon
    Thanks for the continued lessons with GREAT content.Everything is straight forward and easy to understand and as well ready to implement.

  36. Hey Gideon, great video series. I just discovered you last weekend and I’m a little obsessed with you (not in a creepy way!).

    I’m wondering about duplicate content. Popping your videos on YouTube and embedding on your blog are cool with Google for SEO purposes?

    Thanks so much and keep ’em coming!

  37. Johnson

    Thanks for the wonderful video. Where can I buy the kind of remote control you are using. I think it will be very helpful


  38. Hi Gideon!
    I just found you and love your tutorials, thank-you for such great information. I’m so inspired by everything you post and have already started implementing your awesome ideas. I hope I can upgrade and do the full course soon 😉


  39. Hi Gideon,
    I am loving your free videos so far, I love your youtube channel. can you tell me how you get the header across the top and how you get the optin box there as well.

    Thanks Margot

  40. Hello Gideon,

    Thanks for this lesson. I think, since I’m teaching people how to arrange music for various instrumental settings, the best category for me is “Education”.

    With friendly greetings,

  41. Nice video Gideon!!! Thank you very match for your tips!
    CHECK ALSO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Djkiller1807 (there you can learn everything about tecnology,how-to,e.t.c.) http://www.youtube.com/user/djkiller1807?feature=guide

  42. Jon

    many thanks, very useful!

  43. Thank you for making all of this information available. i am enjoying learning with you!

  44. Hi. In your workflow at SEO stage you mentioned iTunes, could you tell me what is the point of iTunes here? Can you upload your videos there or is there other reason? thanks, Sebastian.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      iTunes gives you access to a totally new audience that may not be on YouTube.

  45. Santiago

    Who do you use for your VA?

  46. Rebecca

    Great resource! What video editing program do you use for these mini lessons? Final Cut Pro?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      my video guy uses Adobe After Effects – but for my own quick vids, I just use ScreenFlow on Mac.

  47. Thanks so much for all you’re doing! Fabulous info and very self-empowering. Love your accent too! (I was born in Cape Town – loooooooong time ago!)

  48. Mark

    Gideon – I purchased a Zi8. It leaves a hum or buzz when I record…with or without A/C and with or without an external microphone. Kodak says firmware 1.06 clears that problem, but that’s what I already have on the camera. Did you run into this problem? – Mark

  49. Regards Gideon. Thanks for sharing your interesting information. Tuto course I know that, I recommend to start being a professional video marketing. I follow your videos and although I do not speak English, I understand and use. Thanks and see you soon!

    PD: (I speak spanish)