Lesson 5 – Secret Growth Strategies To Put Your Results On Steroids!

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Today is one of the most powerful lessons out of all the lessons inside this mini course. It’s all about the “magic” strategies that will help you multiply your results. Refer back to the Rapid Video Blogging report to review the original formula again, and you’ll see how the growth strategies will help you take your Video Domination Hub to the next level!

There are a bunch more strategies that you can use to grow your Video Domination Hub, but these first ones will help kick start the process for you.

Inside the next lesson, I’ll teach you all about making your videos go viral… one of my favorite topics!

Talk soon!

Gideon Shalwick

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39 Responses to Lesson 5 – Secret Growth Strategies To Put Your Results On Steroids!

  1. Is it allowed to embed this video on my blog /of course with a link to that site/ ?
    Just to spread message across to my local audience??

  2. Many thanks Gideon, for shareing such excellent content with us.

    Your videos are always of good quality.

    Lookforward to the next vid.


    • Carol

      Hi Gideon,

      Thanks for the wonderful videos. Question: Do you feel it’s necessary to buy a ‘theme’ for a blog, if I can post relevant photos that go with the novel I’m writing? I guess I don’t see the reason for using someone else’s theme.


  3. Greetings Gideon
    Very good job, very professional!
    And those are excellent tips to share.

  4. Like always Gideon you rock!!

    Are you doing the text graphics in Screenflow?

    Looks good man!

    • I was going to ask a similar question…

      Gideon, did you use Sony Vegas to edit this video?

      Awesome job, as always. Thanks for sharing your info.

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  5. Much of what you are talking about here is the same principle as non-video activities like article marketing. The same underlying principles work in every area online it seems. It is nice to have you sharing the implementation of them for video.

    I do have one question. You mentioned Tube Mogul (but no link) which is something I should look into. But why would you keep YouTube separate from that? Wouldn’t it streamline the process of getting the videos distributed?

  6. Just doing some research on TubeMogul and it appears that they have quite recently switched their focus to advertising rather than syndicating content. Tech Crunch has an article about it http://techcrunch.com/2011/04/12/tubemogul-video-advertising/

    From the looks of the TubeMogul site itself it seems that they’ve left the video syndication arena behind.

  7. Hey Gideon,

    These techniques to increase views to my videos are really coming in handy. They are not new to me but thanks to you and this series I have a solid reference guide for growing my list with online video!

    Looking forward to the next video!
    -Gabriel Johansson

  8. Great strategies as usual, Gideon.The tip about providing value is the guiding principle I will follow as I write articles or film videos. Thanks!

  9. Hello Gideon,
    It’s very professional tip to share… Thanks for your effort and we’re waiting more…

  10. Gideon,
    You’re the best. I discovered you a while back on Annabel Candy’s blog. I take notes as I listen to you.
    My question regarding your information is in the description part. I just hired a web-designer for my Gutsy Living blog and would like to know if the WordPress SEO package where you write your title, description and tags should have the http://soniamarsh.com in the first part of my description, with the title I used for my blog post and a Google search to try to find what most people would search for. Right now I’ve left the description part “empty,” as I have over 300 blog posts to convert from blogger (my previous blog) to WordPress with over 750 tags and trying to make SEO friendly. I know you talk about YouTube, but doesn’t this apply to your blog too? Also, I tried to follow your advice on making videos, (http://soniamarsh.com/2011/07/how-i-made-my-blog-welcome-video.html) and the first one my husband filmed with a Sony F3, and when he converted to YouTube, it looked worse that my Flip Camera video #2. I am practicing and learning and followed the white background and lighting on my video # 2, but then it looked very blue. Also why does my YouTube start photo look like crap even tough I selected one of the 3 selections they offer? I need to start over and get a more relaxed professional video.Thanks Gideon, love to learn from you. Sonia.

  11. Awesome as usual. What you are sharing will surely help others greatly. All they must do is “Do It” and get started now, today!!. Video on YouTube, Video Mails with embedded advertisement (affiliate advertisement), it all works. The hardest thing for people to do is to actually “get started” with all of this. If most only knew the actual potential here and how easy it will become to make money and grow your list. I do a lot of video mails and place the links everywhere. With embedding affiliate links, banners, etc., conversions are plentiful and consistent. Everyone, just jump right in, as Gideon says, and “Do It” today! There is no reason not to do it today. Even if all you have is a cam on your computer, the excuse not to start today is eliminated. Great work, Gideon, as always. Keep it coming.

  12. again THANK YOU …. like it has been sed… YOU ROCK

  13. Hi Gideon,

    Love your videos, always high quality.

    Also interesting to see how you run your blog, gives me ideas for mine.


  14. Thank you Gideon! Great and simple as always!

  15. As seeing your videos i really get inspired by your ideas, and looking to build more videos for my business thanks.

  16. Eddy

    Hi Gideon,
    Another great video as usual.
    Can I ask you what software you use to create your video intro and your animations?
    Very professional.

    Thank you,

  17. Maria Fernandez


    Thanks a lot. It’s really inspiring.

    One thing I have great difficulty with is following my script in front of the camera in a natural way. My eyes keep moving around. I noticed that you don’t do that. You look natural. Can you perhaps take a picture of what your recording setup looks like? Where do you place the transcript? Which software do you use to scroll it down? I feel that cracking this issue would greatly improve the quality of my videos.

    Thanks again!

  18. your videos, are very helpful

  19. Gideon you are a great teacher.

  20. Hey good stuff Gideon, as usual.
    Please tell everyone who wants to buy popup domination plugin that if they try to close the ‘offer’ window, they will get an offer for $10 less than the special price! that’s $39.19 Australian, folks. XX

  21. Just want to say Gideon, think you are quite terrific as a teacher. Your videos are packed with useful tips, and you combine expertise with humanity…

    Be great to have your videos in every classroom, globally – reckon you could teach anything! Thank-you.

  22. Hi Gideon,

    Once again, amazing content – thank you so much!

    1 Question about this video: you mentioned in your first strategy (how to increase views on youtube), that your 7th step was to ‘get people to embed your videos on their sites’ – how do you do this? Do you mean just to simply ask people?

    Would be great if you could clarify this if you have time.

    Thanks heaps in advance,

  23. Hi Gideon. Very inspiring and the more I watch you the more I think ….I can do that. After all, it’s just a practice/confidence thing ….and having the right T-Shirt! 😉

  24. Real Help full gideon and for any one who sees this comments could you please check TheHLMBoss which is my utube channel thanx.

  25. I am still trying to get wordpress into my existing site. I have inmotion as a web host and am learning their instructions. I have videos on youtube and set up a channel but I cannot find the videos in youtube search engine and have to link to them from my site. Once I can get word press installed, then i will try to set up Eweber. This video left me more optimistic I can increase the hits to my web site.
    I have a studio, green screen and prompter so it is realitively easy to knock out videos. I have Adobe Premiere as part of the Adobe Master collection so I can practically do anything I can imagine with the video. Thanks.

  26. Hello,

    Thanks for the 5th lesson. This lesson is one of the best ones. Excellent tips. I’m already using a SEO plugin on my blog and write all the information about my post in the designated areas. So the same rules applies for video blogging then.

    With friendly greetings,

  27. Nice video Gideon!!! Thank you very match for your tips!
    CHECK ALSO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Djkiller1807 (there you can learn everything about tecnology,how-to,e.t.c.) http://www.youtube.com/user/djkiller1807?feature=guide

  28. Excellent presentation Gideon! The Auto Responder is a very good tool to use if one wants to be more successful in video blogging.

  29. Justin

    Nice video Gideon!!! Thank you very mutch for your tips!
    CHECK ALSO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ValvexFTW (there you can learn everything about mini weapons,how-to,e.t.c.) http://www.youtube.com/user/ValvexFTW

  30. Hey! Thanks for all good help and info! I’m just wondering what kind of editing program you or your video guy uses for all the nice titles, boxes and motion graphics you use in your videos. Is it put on after in a video editing program or maybe in Keynote or something like it or is it made in super heavy After Effects(while I don’t think since it’s so slow).

    Would be cool to know just what program he uses since to be fast is essential and making these nice titles and stuff can take some time to do and implement if you don’t have pre-made in a program like Keynote for example.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Marcus

      The team at http://www.splasheo.com created them for me. They use Adobe After Effects. So, I just basically use those clips in my ScreenFlow program – makes it really SUPER fast to make my videos look pro. In this video I show how I use it: http://gideonshalwick.com/splasheo-instant-professional-videos/


      • Yes, I’ve watched it and sorry for not being more specific. But I was referring more to the small ones that are unique for every video, where for example you might say: “And these three steps are Speed, Power, Content” and as you say it, those 3 words comes as text with nice animation to it next to you.

        Therefore, you have to make these one uniquely for every video since you almost never say exactly the same thing. Hope you understand and that you have an answer on how you do it. I do it myself for now which is easy and good but takes some time of course to fix, write, render and implement in the video.


  31. How do you do this with a budget of 0 a month? any ideas?

  32. Hi Gideon,

    Just a quick question? Relating to tags for videos.

    I use apostrophe’s for my tags, for example – ‘how to play guitar’ ‘guitar lesson’ etc etc.

    Do you think commas are better to use than apostrophe’s?



    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hi Jack

      I think the deal is that you use commas when you’re uploading your videos. But once it’s uploaded you have to use inverted commas. It seems to convert to inverted commas in any case, even if you use commas at the upload stage.