Lesson 6 – How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

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No video marketing course is complete without a section on making your videos go viral! So, inside today’s lesson, you’ll learn all about viral theory – how to “engineer” your videos to go viral!

Viral Video Theory is one of the most interesting and exciting topics I’ve researched and tested, mainly because of the massive promise for potential that it holds. Just imagine if you could get one of your videos to go totally viral on YouTube. You could literally become an overnight sensation. And if you’ve been setting up your Video Domination Hub the way I’ve been teaching you to do, you’ll be well set for international success and possibly worldwide stardom!

I know you will enjoy and love today’s video. Once again, make sure you implement today’s lessons inside your own videos, and start seeing the results for yourself. And remember, even though you may not get a million views on your video, it may still go viral within your niche to help you dominate even further!

Here’s to your viral video success!

Gideon Shalwick

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40 Responses to Lesson 6 – How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

  1. Rock on Gideon. I love the way you explain this stuff.
    Nealon Hightower,
    Six Simple Truths to Fat Release;

  2. Great analogy with viral videos and viruses. Could you place a link to your video you mentioned in this video? Thanks. This series has been very informative.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Ok – have just added the link inside the Resource Box…


  3. Hey Gideon, I actually really loved the stat about the fact only 10% get more than 1500 views. Helps to really keep this in perspective because it is easy to think that something with a couple thousands views isn’t significant…clearly it is and as you said, it means more because it is within YOUR niche.

  4. I liked how you used viewing stats in a realistic way. It reminds us to focus on our niche. Gideon will you be showing how to create those annotations and active links within the video?

  5. Richard

    Great series of videos. I love the way the words appear on the screen. What software does that?

  6. I’ve often thought about engineering a viral video from drawing something dressed as Mr T to doing something equally crazy, but my fear is people might think I’m a nutter lol! But it would be good to experiment with a viral video campaign of some sort…I only have one video that’s reached over 40,000 views in a year, so I think it’s possible.

    Also with my kind of channel, I have got a few drawing requests which sometimes turn into videos that get a fair few views. I guess it’s just a time to change direction and see what other things I could do on my channel.

    Cheers for the great video series and workbooks Gideon!, look forward to the last video course!

    Cheers now!

  7. Hello Gideon,
    Always you surprise us ( Specially ME 😉 ).. It’s really great video……
    I’m following the series from the first one, so please don’t delay publishing the next video. Thanks for you effort

  8. Easton

    Great stuff gideon. I am currently working on my videos to make them go viral.

  9. Wow Gideon,
    I am impressed. How did you do the animation and floating graphics? What a professional looking video presentation!

    I’m hooked!

  10. We are going to follow your ideas what you do for sure. Video is one of the best ways to reach a large audience. You also are correct that the mobile web is the next big thing.

    Vincent Malatrait

  11. My FAVORITE part of this video … “spreadworthiness”

    I make up words all the time too! =)

    You’re a great leader & teacher Gideon!! I’ve learned a lot from you!

  12. Hey Gideon!
    Tremendously valuable information from you, as always. You’ve given me lots of ideas to help boost my views. Thanks. Looking forward to your next video…

  13. Solid info in these lessons, Gideon. Video is proving to be the most difficult aspects of marketing that I am finding. However, your instructions certainly are guiding me through it. Thanks.

  14. Hi Gideon absolutely wonderful videos & content your delivery is so easy & pleasant to understand i look forward to receiving emails & video tips from you,thanks very much for your help

  15. Great Info Gideon. I have had one video go semi-viral and it counts for 50% of all my video views on YT. I think the key to that videos success was that the content addressed a key problem area for the viewers in my niche, so you are 100% correct about the content. I have also optimised the heck out of the keywords to a point where the title isn’t even that readable anymore yet the video just gets busier and busier : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYZWDEmLR90

  16. Hey Gideon ,

    You explain everything so EASY . YOU rock .!!!
    II want to do my Online Business via VIDEO MARKIETING

    I do have a Youtube channel for Watersports niche.

    Would i need to open another CHANNEL because I am now want to put a URL of my Health Website in my video.
    So would do i need to open up a another CHANNEL on Youtube since I am now talking about my Health Niche?

  17. Gideon, thank you for your video! Great content and easy to understan and apply!
    What video editing software do you use?

  18. fas

    Gideon, can you tell me how do you make that intro? The logo rotating and all? Thanks

  19. Gideon, I especially admire the way you insert animated titles etc. in your videos.
    Can you please give us a clou as to how you are doing this? I am a MAC-user and I am not aware of any standard tool that would allow to do this.
    Thank you!

  20. elider

    Great video and content, thanks. http://Www.TrashoutTraining.com

  21. Hello Gideon,

    After watching this mini course yesterday, I thought about how I can make a viral video in my niche – which is flamenco dancing. This is what I came up with today http://youtu.be/N518VPniiXk

    Lets see if it works.

    Now if anybody wants to give the video a little “push” – like Gideon calls it, I would be forever grateful.

  22. Hi Gideon, as always your videos are awesome, I love your little virus analogy :)

  23. How is it that on several pages of those lessons you seem to have exactly the same number of facebook likes and tweets?

  24. Rod

    Great video again Gideon, You have inspired me, now I just want to get out there and try your ideas. I see how your white background makes it easy for your graphics to be seen easily. That adds a lot of value to what you are talking about.

  25. Hi Gideon, as always your videos are awesome, I love your style and your succes.

    I made this short video. Please rate it and comment it. I try to make it VIRAL this video. Please help me with that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqRpKbtNhIM

  26. Hi gideon, I’ve tried to make my video go viral using information I saw from one of the other guru’s in the internet marketing niche. This video of yours has been very informative. I’m sure my video would have gotten ten thousand views in a week, had I watch this video of yours before I created my youtube video titled (How to make a million dollars x 100 – Your first $100 million dollars) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-pdLdBqa4g

  27. good points but for some beginners i think you are hyping them up too much….news channels? unlikely

  28. Hi Gideon,

    Good Video. I think though when you want your video to go viral the engineered way you need some or may be quite a lot of experience. First of all you need to have a quite big following already on all these other medias like facebook and tweeter. However your idea is definitely usable. You need some patience since you have to plan this carefully.

    With best regards,

    • I totally agree

      Patience is a the KEY. I have slowly built up a reputable fan base of people starting from scratch but this way in the long run for me I know when uploading a video it reaches people in my niche, same for when I email my youtube contacts, they are my niche audience, they WANT my video, this is the KEY to it all.

      It has taken me 6 months to get 300,000 views from having only 20 videos on my channel but it was well worth the hard work.

      I have to say, Gideons free eBook did help me allot back in the day when I first started out. But what I also found helpful for me was that I worked out allot of stuff my self by REALLY taking note of my competitors in my niche, and then when I read what I was doing off my own back in Gideons report, it really helped and reassured me I was doing the right thing.

  29. Nice video Gideon!!! Thank you very match for your tips!
    CHECK ALSO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Djkiller1807 (there you can learn everything about tecnology,how-to,e.t.c.) http://www.youtube.com/user/djkiller1807?feature=guide

  30. Gideon you are awesome…such a great teacher. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Gideon you are awesome–thanks!

  32. Just wanted to say thanks for your demystification. I have a video that’s over an hour long on You-Tube right now, the introduction to my series “How to Thrive With Autism”. A friend taped it, and while it’s serving the purpose, I know it can be done better, though the views have been rising steadily since it was put up end of January. I knew I needed to do more, but this is all so new to me. I feel like I have enough information to just start, and want you to know that if and when I have the opportunity to study with you, I would definitely choose to. I feel very blessed by the simple and straight-forward coaching you have provided here. Much appreciation.

  33. Hey Gideon,

    Firstly I wanted to say your collection of videos have been great, I have watched all 6 now and thoroughly enjoyed all. I was even looking forward to your emails letting me know of your next one in the series, and believe me that doesn’t happen often when I get excited about videos.

    I wanted to get your opinion on something I have recently discovered, you talked about ‘Engineering’ views and I thought this was a fantastic tip for people who want quick discovery within their niche but gaining views off the back of other peoples facebook and twitter posts.

    I have recently stumbled across a website called http://www.fiverr.com, I am sure lots of people know this already. But there are lots of people offering youtuber’s a package which costs no more than $5 and with that you get – thousands of REAL views, hundreds of real likes, and a certain amount of subscribers and comments with it.

    I know these are all ‘fake’ views and likes and wont help to build up a realistic view on how well your video is really doing, but for anyone who is new to youtube this allows them to very quickly have their video on page one of their niche search results and for hardly any major cost at all. Once they receive these ‘fake’ views they will then start to receive ‘real’ views because their video will become more visible to their niche.

    What are your thoughts on these types of video boosting methods, are they safe and would you recommend them for anyone wanting a LARGE ‘kick start’ to their youtube journey.



    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Jack

      I would stay clear of ANY fake views whatsoever. One just does not know what “real views” mean exactly when people advertise that as a service. I know of some pretty prominent YouTubers who got their accounts terminated because they used a service that promised “real views”, and of course it turns out the views were not real.

      In general, the best course of action is to play by YouTube (and Google’s) rules – they are much bigger than any one of us :)

      Create amazing content.
      Constantly build relationships with your audience.
      Constantly build relationships with other bigger youtubers.

      That’s my 2c worth 😉

  34. Parmis Tinat

    Hello! I liked these lessons so much .I live in Iran and I can’t check YouTube easily but I’ll try to use your ideas. They are very useful and interesting. I’m sorry that before don’t leave a massage for you but i always read comments and they were really interesting .You are a good teacher. thank you very much.

  35. Mark

    These tips are comparable to saying “Make millions through direct mail by finding a great product, offering it at a low price, write great copy and use a targeted list.” Okay. That’s not advice, that’s stating the obvious.

  36. Hello Gideon,

    Nice job again ! I will definitly show you my first video !… now i have watch all your videos, i can t not try !


  37. Gideon are you around. I wanted to thank you for all the helpful knowledge You have

    provided for everybody here on the net….

    With your help and all of your great knowledge in the last 30 days I have been able to


    over 30 of them. I’ve really had to work hard but I am uploading one right know. If one will

    take to note, we really do have to listen to find that niche, so I listened to the net..

    Thank you so much

    To world piece