Lesson 7 – How To Make Money From Video Blogging

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Finally! You’re at the lucky last video inside this mini course!

As you’ll see, the concepts inside today’s video is pretty straight forward. If you’ve following all the previous lessons, you should be well set up to easily monetize what you’ve been creating here.

The monetization part is really the easiest part out of everything. The challenge is to first get “everything” done before you can enter the monetization phase. It’s like that with any other business – you first need to invest time and resources up front before you can start making a decent income from it. Once you pull it off though, there is a pretty amazing reward.

If you’ve enjoyed this mini course, please leave your comment below and say so! And also mention any other information you’d like to learn about…

Until the next video!

Gideon Shalwick

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71 Responses to Lesson 7 – How To Make Money From Video Blogging

  1. Grant

    50%?? Decent commission rate there! I’ve only ever come across 10% and 12% usually. Must be dealing with the wrong people :)

    • You are dealing with the wrong people. I’m into 2 aff. programs where I get 50%. It means a 125 US dollars commission in one case and a 130 US dollars commission in the other. A decent rate I guess.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Grant – for digital products, 50% commissions is the standard. Often it even goes up to 70% and I have even seen cases where the product owner gives 100% commission.

      Of course the reason why commissions can be so high with digital products, is because they hardly have any reproduction costs.


      • Grant

        Hi Gideon/Tortue,

        I’m usually dealing with sports merchandise or equipment websites, so your point about the reproduction costs is a key one. Unfortunately in my niche, there aren’t too many digital products, which is perhaps why I’ve come across such low commissions.

        Based on that, I’m totally turned off affiliate stuff. Luckily I have the second step here, on site advertising, sorted.

        Quick question – why would someone ever give away 100% though?


        • Hi Grant,
          I think sometime there is much more money to make with a “continuity” program.
          So an affiliate might receive a 100% commission to acquire a new client but the merchant will make a lot more selling services and subscription to the new client.
          If for example the commission is 100 dollars to acquire a new client and if the merchant can make 20 dollars in subscription and service per month on average on a client for the next 3 years the math. are quickly made.

          • Grant

            That makes sense, thanks. Paying for the lead in other words.

          • Grant, I’ve got a program for sports that pays 50% of a $297 sale and it’s digital. It’s for youth sports.

  2. Thank you Gideon!

  3. fas

    Excellent tips there Gideon. So how long does it take to break even?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey fas

      Breaking even depends on a lot of factors:

      1. What niche you are in (some niches are better than others)
      2. How much you invest initially
      3. How well you implement the strategies
      4. How much effort you put into the whole thing
      5. How good your marketing is and whether what you offer is aligned with what people want, and they are also willing to pay you for it

      For each person it’s different. So it’s really hard to make a generalization about how long it takes to break even.


  4. Gideon, you are a classy guy.
    I like watching ALL your videos… Honestly.
    Of course it helps that you are a master at the craft of screen presentation
    Your content selection is fabulous and your work is enjoyable to view.
    May God Bless you my friend

  5. Gideon,

    You’re a real asset to the video blogging community. Thanks for the mini course. I’m subscribed to you on YouTube and will certainly become a buying customer. Thank you for RapidVideoBlogging. Awesome content. It has helped me get my video blog off the ground with action steps, not just fluff and theory.

    The biggest thing you’ve really done to set yourself apart is being transparent about money you’ve made, traffic you drive, and your following size. That makes it real and quantifiable for those you teach and sell to. Thanks for all the hard work!

  6. Gideon,
    This 7 part course has been amazing. You have shown us soooooo much info that if we TAKE ACTION on, could start us making some $$$. I thank you sir.

  7. Thanks Gideon. You are the best when it comes to video marketing.My progress has been a bit slow. You are a real inspritation. God Bless….John

  8. Chris Turner

    I have watched all of your min-course videos…great stuff. Thanks for sharing these greats ideas. Very inspiring.

    • In my ebook the ppcorest call (and other activity numbers) numbers Toby quotes were approximate numbers I used when I was working a desk in the mid 1990′s in Sydney. In my ebook they are used as an example to populate my model, they are not, necessarily, recommendations for today’s recruiter. In my ebook I make it clear that each recruiter needs to create a success model that works for them in their market. I do not advocate a one-size-fits-all approach to building a successful desk in recruitment.Regardless of job boards or anything else the fact remains that to be a successful recruiter you need to establish relationships and nothing is faster at doing that than getting on the telephone. I have NEVER heard of any recruiter building a successful desk by hanging out their shingle and having clients and candidates just walk through the door (or call up).Successful recruiter in ANY ERA have become successful by building effective relationships. Using the telephone, appropriately and effectively will always be part of that process. They way in which these calls are made separates the true recruitment consultant from the cold-calling body shopper.

  9. Thank you, Gideon!

    I’ve really enjoyed this video miniseries you’ve given us. The the most important point you make in this video is to TAKE ACTION. I’ve found that I am guilty of reading books, watching videos, reading blogs, etc. for MONTHS before pulling the trigger to do something. I think I let the unknown (ok, let’s call it fear) keep me from moving forward. It seems that many smart and talented people are not willing to venture out and try something new because of fear of failure, uncertainty in what steps to take, or maybe just a lack of self confidence. Whatever the reason, I believe it is holding people back and keeping them from greater things.

    I don’t think you can over emphasize taking action. Continue to remind us at the end of each lesson to get out there and do something. You might even run a contest to have people create video blogs, post a new series, or create a new product. This would motivate others who are waiting for a nudge to take the next step.

    I would also request that you provide lessons on planning and/or goal setting. I’ve found that when I set a deadline, I’m far more likely to achieve it than if I merely think, “I’ll get around to it.” I also forget that I can conquer a seemingly insurmountable task if I just break it up into small enough bites.

    Thanks again for sharing with us, Gideon. You truly are a gifted teacher. I’ll be following you for years to come.

    Wishing you continued success,

  10. Hey Gideon,
    An affiliate program/s is the best way to start a blog because it it is the easiest route to make money. Then when you start having more traffic, then you can advertise other company’s products and services with a sponsorship program/s. Some companies don’t even know what an affiliate program is when I contact them and just want to sponsor my blog because it is easier for them to manage. It has taken me awhile to figure this out and I found this out by joining a company called Prosper,Inc from Utah, USA on how to monetize my blog better. What you said in the video confirms what I’ve learned from Prosper,Inc. Sometimes when you hear something from more than one source, it makes it a fact more.
    I thank you for your videos and I’ve learned a lot even though I don’t video myself. It is always educational watching you.

  11. fabulous as usual… succint, clear and motivating …… its very cool to see you do so well gideon… i love how u really DO biz with soul. bless :: devii

  12. Thank you, Gideon. I always seem to take so much away, from your videos. I haven’t implemented anything yet. Instead I watched the series over two days and read through the documentation (workbooks and transcriptions).

    I’ve been seriously thinking about the details of my next move toward the taking my blogging to the next level. I have a lot of uncompleted ideas and must set up a strategy to moving on them.

    I love the work you are doing to help the rest of us. It is appreciated more than you know.

    Wynn Currie

  13. ben

    Thanks Gideon, I’ve been following your email list for quite sometime now and have always been interested in video and film making.

    I always tend to get stuck for words when I am filming and need to look on to a script man you are so fluent. I guess it is just a matter of practice makes perfect …

    looking forward to more great videos from you


  14. Thanks Gideon,
    As ever, the money is in the list. No list – no money! I’ve just read a good tip on creating a list with facebook pages inside niches, using free prize offers from Clickbank to attract readers. As well as the occasional paying affiliate sale, the list can be used for video blogging.
    Many thanks for an interesting and informative course.

  15. Hello Gideon,

    Thank you for these useful video lessons. I have certainly picked up a few useful tips in the process. I have a question about ClickBank. I had a look at their website and even created an account. However, everything that I saw there seemed a bit iffy. Like “make your private parts larger” type products. How do you find things on ClickBank that don’t fall under that category.

  16. your videos are overally descriptive edit them shorter.

  17. Hi Gideon. Thanks for sharing a great content in this mini course. Have seen all the videos and loved them. I understand that you are based in Brisbane. How often do you do live speaking? Would you be open to speaking to a group of people interested in public speaking, presenting and online business building? Thanks and enjoy your day. Rado Trenciansky at Public Speaking Secrets Revealed Group Brisbane. http://www.meetup.com/Public-Speaking-Secrets-Revealed

  18. Loved the mini-course! Your email would always be the first that I would open. So can you go deeper into what you meant when you said it takes a lot more ‘science’ and thought process into product creation?

    I’m an affiliate with a fitness company, but I’m really starting to find my passion in creating products of my own to serve others. What do you think?

  19. Linda

    Hi Gideon
    Thanks for sharing the mini course. I’ve been on your list for a while now. All the information you share is really great and the videos are so professionally done. You’ve given me the needed basics as I’m just beginning. I’m looking forward to more great information and videos. Thanks again.

  20. James Hamilton

    Excellent content, well delivered. As someone who sometimes teaches MBA courses – respect! By way of a modest thank you, I venture to offer three possibilities.

    1) SMBs: You are focusing on video blogging and individual entrepreneurs. Consider the larger market of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). For you to offer them video sales support would not be much of a stretch. My inclination would be to start with local companies that had products/services you really believed in. Offer your services on the basis of a) committment fee and b) percentage of gross sales resulting from your input. You can bill either on a cost per lead, cost per close, or combined basis.

    2) Start-ups: Your goal would be to get more of a corporate track record than the magical company, as fun and charming as it may be. After you have a SMB client portfolio, you could consider targeting funded start-ups – ones backed by VCs and private equity firms with serious money. Again, you offer your video sales support services for a future percentage of revenues, looking to negotiate IPO equity kickers down the road.

    In this case, you would be looking to offer the service over selected VC and private equity firms, so that you have a multiplier effect. At that point having a full blown SEO expert (possibly off-shore, e.g. in India) as part of the team probably makes sense.

    3) I suspect you already know one another, but on the off-chance you do not, someone to consider a strategic alliance might be Sean D’Souza out of Auckland, New Zealand, cf. http://www.psychotactics.com. Yours and his degrees of freedom? Goodness of fit? No idea.

    Regards and with appreciation,

    P.S. A start-up I am involved in may go down a video road. Whether that will be a meandering path through quiet woods or joining the noisy rushhour on the six lane YouTube superhighway remains to be seen.

  21. Thanks so much!

  22. Anselmo Marrero

    I love your teaching ways, Thank you so much. I would like an course about niches decisions or how can we find a real best niches? No the same like Google keyword tools, or noble samurai, because both working well but we can`t known where are the real people with product`s hungry. This is the key to start an successfully online business and the best way to implement this strategies.
    I will waiting for your future`s training and good luck.
    Anselmo Marrero

  23. I have really enjoyed your online course. I cant believe that you were giving it for free? I am sure I will make money one day from blogging and will donate some dollars to you!
    Which software do you use to create moving titles and effects? they are really good.

  24. I enjoyed the videos which have given me ideas regarding the marketing of my accommodation site.

    Thank you.

  25. Thanks Gideon, I have learned so much from this series, I will order more stuff from you. God bless and Im going to implement what i learned.

  26. Gideon

    I’m a fledgling affiliate, flying solo, feeling like a punching bag. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your presentations, and watched each one more than once.

    I am promoting products I feel passionate about. I’m an older guy, not in the know about social media, and so YouTube, FB, TW etc are my current challenge. I will ride the coattails of friends that understand that stuff, including my six married kids.

    My strategy is focused on beginning in affiliate marketing, hoping to leverage my blog followers in the future.
    Step 1 – pick my product (as you said) but I had to go with my 5 favorites
    Step 2 – build my sales tool/channel – web site
    Step 3 – drive traffic.

    This week is social media week. That will finish off my website. Then I will begin the all-out traffic blitz.

    Oh, and I will add my first “sitting at my desk in the office” video – probably tomorrow. But when I get a few dollars together I will definitely copy your studio.

    I’ve already got a couple of blogs going, with ideas for more. Next I’ve got to figure out how to capture the visitor info. Take a look if you can – http://www.blogoncoupons.com and http://www.machmarket.com.

    Thanks again very deeply for your explanations. They really helped me make sense of this whole new world I’ve only known for a few weeks now.

    Best regard,
    Grant Sharp
    Atlanta, GA

  27. I love the entire series. Thanks so much for all the help. I recently got my own website online and did it all myself with the help of some of your other free videos. You are one of the very few honest and straight forward people on the internet. Thanks again you are awesome.

  28. Hi Gideon,
    Thanks for this great course, I’ve learned so much from you. You might remember we talked by email through our YouTube Channels in December when I was getting my “video domination hub” set up. I’m proud to say it’s live and already making me money!

    You were the inspiration for helping me come up with this idea, so I am a case study for your Rapid Video Blogging Success. It all started with the free report I downloaded from you. Thank you!

    I hope you’ll take a look at my site: http://TheBloomChannel.com and let me know what you think. I’ll keep you posted on my success.

  29. Tarry Quint

    Hi Gideon,

    Awesome video! Love the content and the professionalism in all your videos. What editing software to you use for the awesome slideshow/text animation in this video? Your the best!

  30. Hi Gideon

    Just two words : Thank you

  31. Fotis G

    Gideon all 7 courses where awesome!! Thank you very much!!! I want to be member of rapid video blogging. I believe i will make it soon. Thax again!!

  32. I really apreciate you mini course…

    Will try to implant all this…..


    fantastic quality video….

  33. Thank you for your video Gideon!!

  34. Alexandre

    The best mini-course of Video. What software do you use for the special effects, that apear on your side. They are great. Keep doing cool stuff. Congratulations.

  35. melanie arulampalam

    really enjoyed watching all your lessons. it has been eye opener for me .
    thank you so much . since i am new , will have to start from basics before
    i go to the third level.

    looking forward for new updates and am following you closely

  36. Naveed Anjum

    Hey Gideon,
    Your Video is amazing and I learn new ideas your Videos, it’s very good for every one so Keep it up and wish you good luck

  37. Great mini-course…the tips are very useful.

  38. Marcella

    awesome!!! Thanks so much! I am looking forward to starting my first blog with all the great information you provided! :-)

  39. Thank you for all your tutorial. I have learn alot looking forward to more free info.

  40. steve

    Thanks for the video. It might be better to leave the box for commenting above, it can get you more comments!

  41. Alberto

    Congratulations! I have found these series very good.

    Thinking about the youtube Spanish successes, sometimes they seem to use a few techniques, but they seem to break a lot of them too. It seems that the main factors in their success are two:

    1-They are very good talking to the camera. They have charisma or something like this.

    2-They give some useful tips or they are very entertaining. The content.

    If you have this charisma (even if you are ugly) and you give good content, you only need a few marketing strategies or technical skills, and you will succeed. I am not sure, but I think it is truth.

    These two points are the ones I would like to learn about because I think are th most important by far. If you use everything (marketing and technical) but you don’t have charisma, you will fail in this video experience. In fact, it is not that easy because the charisma you need it is not the same if you are in a comedian niche or in a health niche.

    I think there isn’t enough information about this even paying.

    What do you think about this?

  42. Ian

    Great series, awesome content, thanks Ian

  43. hey , fantastic!!!! i really enjoyed it!!! and its great for our business just starting in spanish. !!!

  44. Dom

    gideon i love you man,i mean i love you man.i’m so poor but been searching how to make money online for a year and never took the first step…gotta say, you inspire me.i wish you were my brother.your the guy who’s gonna make me take the first step into blogging one day …peace

    Dom from montreal

  45. Hello Gideon

    I have been receiving your videos by e-mail and have learned alot from You, Thanks a lot for this valuable information. I have followed your advise and I have placed my videos at the top of youtube, I will implement this in Spanish for my new blog since I am located in Mexico.

    thanks a lot

    Med Toledo

  46. Gideon, just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed this seven-part series. I used to teach at the college level and what I enjoyed the most was your conversational style. It’s something I want to master at my website and hope you will visit it someday. It’s only a few days old as I write but already am getting feedback from areas and people I never dreamed of hearing from!

  47. wolfdaddy1974

    Great Series Gideon! There was allot of great information, and it’s going to help me do what I need to do. Thanks so much for everything!

  48. Hi Gideon,

    Thanks a lot for the 7 part mini video course. It gave me all the basics of setting up my own video blog or site. Yes, it is very important to build up a following first. But I think that’s with everything in the internet world. I just started my site 2 months ago, so I’m still in the stage of learning how to attract traffic. However we keep contact and may be later I will participate in one your courses.

    With friendly greetings,

  49. I have seen all your videos!!!Thank you very much for your tips.
    Check also my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/djkiller1807?feature=guide (there you can find videos about tecnology,how-to,e.t.c.)

  50. Candice

    Thanks Gideon for sharing, things are much clearer now.
    God bless!

  51. Jon

    Thanks for all the hard work producing these videos, Gideon! Great info as always!

  52. Patrik

    Hi, thanks for the fantastic knowledge,
    So generous with your knowledge and a super teacher.
    Great concept, thank you very much

  53. Thanks SO much, Gideon. Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Thanks for making them free. Also, you have a great personality!

  54. Thanks Gideon for this generous free series..no hype no ‘BUY NOW’-‘THIS OFFER WON’T LAST’ crap, notwithstanding you are in biz to make money, I regard you as an honest gentleman of the teaching industry.
    You inspired me to get a simple slideshow video on my home page, the ‘Movie’ comes later!
    Thanks again

  55. Great Info; great delivery. Many thanks Gideon

  56. please that software you use to post photos and notes to your videos thanks for your help

  57. I have enjoyed these courses immensely, and wish to review them at a later date many times as a continuing reference on how to do business correctly. remind me if there is a url where these will be archived for us?



  58. Ok – that was totally worthwhile. I have to believe when I can watch your lessons, put them into action & want to share them with my entrepreneurial friends, you know what you’re talking about. Sweet! I’ll stay tuned for more! Excited to get rolling and feeling MUCH more informed now. Thanks!

  59. Herschel

    Thank you Gideon for a well done and content rich mini course.

    I’m very interested in continuing to learn from your examples and looking forward to
    being a successful student of your course materials.

    Blessings upon you!


  60. Hi Gideon, I have been following you now for a short while and this also led me to Lesley at BecomeaBlogger. You are both very powerful people. I am just implementing my blog page this week. I have had several problems, and have left msgs on BAB, but no answer as yet. Firstly if I switch to a Thesis blog as you suggest, do I still need to set up RSS (my site says it’s there but I don’t know, 2010). If i join Aweber do I still need to do part 10 on BAB or will it just get over ridden with Aweber. My site also has a widget for Askimet..Do I still need to add the code, or just do it exactly the same as BAB.
    Hopefully within 2 weeks I will have joined your program, and purchased a new camera (dropped ours), so then I can make a full start.
    I am really needing guidance here.
    I have also had problems setting text in my Awards page, No problem in my Who is Page, maybe because I am needing to tab across. Also I don’t have a public page on filezilla to transfer across to but my internet guy says just use the one out of wordpress?
    I know this is a lot to ask but any info here would be really great.
    You do an absolutely fantastic job
    Have a beautiful evening

  61. grant s

    Hi Gideon, Thank you for such an insightful well presented mini course. I have loved every minute of it and especially the workbooks .
    I am a professional trainer and what you have supplied and for free is just outstanding.

    Well done and thank you so much

    Grant S

  62. Thank you for this mini-course. It was EXCELLENT. For me, it is moving forward with my Podcast and Video Blog.
    I already have vids up on YouTube and Vimeo, but now it is time for me to build my brand as a writing, make
    that connection with my market audience to start selling those books I have written and now in the Amazon, Nook,
    and KOBO store.

    Thank you again for these vids, it will be a great help.

    Frederick Fichman

  63. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I look forward to working with you in the future.