Lesson 1 – How To Find Your Sweet Spot (Or Your Niche) On YouTube

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Good To Great by Jim Collins

Your Life Your Legacy by Roger Hamilton

Lesson 1 Workbook

One of the hardest things to get right online is selecting the right niche. If you get this wrong, you could spend a frustrating amount of time going in the wrong direction, only to find out too late that the niche you selected may never be a successful one.

Luckily, there are a few key ideas you can use to help select your perfect niche on YouTube – your absolute “sweet spot” on Youtube.

Today’s video exactly deals with this issue. I see it as the MOST important step, and the most crucial to get right. Once you get this first step right, everything else becomes SO much easier, and your progress is SO much faster.

Trust me. I have done this a few times now. I know what it feels like to select the wrong niche and to waste a lot of time while trying to make it a success.

But armed with today’s information, you’ll be in a much better position to prevent the silly mistakes I’ve made, and rocket your progress toward ultimate success online!

All the best!

Gideon Shalwick

PS: If you’ve liked today’s video, please leave a comment as a sign of your appreciation. This is a live and interactive community of like-minded people, and your comments and questions count! So I am really looking forward hearing from you!

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187 Responses to Lesson 1 – How To Find Your Sweet Spot (Or Your Niche) On YouTube

  1. Great video lesson Gideon. Using your teachings featured in your Become A Blogger and Rapid Video Blogging lessons I have managed to build an online business to the point where just last month I made $1500 (my best month so far!)

    The hedgehog technique works. My area of passion is singing. My job is a singing teacher and thanks to you I have been able to create online video and audio programs to help people learn to sing.

    Thanks Gideon!

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Ian!

      Wow! Great stuff and congratulations!

      I would LOVE to feature you as one of my case studies. Would you be interested in something like this?

      If so, could you please email my manager Cee at support@rapidvideoblogging.com and she can set up a time for us to have a case study interview…

      Talk soon!


      • It would be a pleasure to do a case study interview. I’ll send Cee an email.

        Ian :)

        • Nice to see you here Ian! I guess great minds hang out in the right places! Great post Gideon! I’ve been watching a long time and never commented until now.

          • Ian Castle

            Hi Elgin! Fancy meeting you here :)

  2. Love it Gideon – love this concept as you know!

  3. Andrea

    Gideon, great information…..well presented! Read the ebook too and I appreciate all your guidance :) Love the hedgehog concept, never thought of it this way but so true….passion+skills+profit=success :) I am in the process of my new site, so I appreciate this info at the right time! Will spend time this week to get this right and create a profitable 2nd business! Thanks again…

  4. Been following you for a while + owner of your course. Have to say that your presentation skills and videos are second to none. How much practise did you do just for this video?

    If you ever wanted to enter another niche, consider effective presentation skills. Yes i know there are many big shots who are already doing it but you come across as someone who can relate more to those who who want great presentation skills but not necessarily the best.

    Don’t take this the wrong way. We are so busy chasing the 20% when there is 80% of the market (And 20% within that market) who want achieve THEIR best and not necessarily THE best.

    They want to have their career/business work around their lifestyle and aren’t too concerned about being millionaires. big bucks is just a by product.

    Happy to discuss this further. Just email me.

  5. The hedgehog concept is great.

    But, doesn’t it strike you that we need to appreciate the fox for not giving up on the first attempt?

    • Gideon Shalwick


      Ah yes, that is a great point! I think a big part of the wisdom is knowing how to transition from a fox to a hedgehog, and perhaps part of the secret there is not giving up!

      Thanks for the extra insight Adarsh!


  6. Thank you for the content.
    Easy to follow and implement. Looking forward to seeing your other videos:)

  7. Jon Fife

    Gideon, did not see link for work book. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find? Have played with youtube and my channel has just passed 20,000 views! Currently in college to learn e-commerce and stumbled upon your site to do a homework project. Good stuff. Thanks, JF

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Jon

      The link for the mini workbook for lesson 1 is just below the video on this page. It’s inside the resource box along with the other two resources…


  8. Gideon – What are you holding in your hand?

    Smiles! Diane

  9. Bill

    Great work once again Gideon, very inspirational!

  10. Gavin Weber

    Gideon – great stuff as always. I have been following you for a while and I am finally following my passion and starting my blog. Looking forward to the next video and thanks so much!! Gavin

  11. Gideon,

    Very good video and explanation of the Hedgehog Concept.
    I also think the Flywheel concept from the book also plays a huge part.
    Most people, including myself at times, often fall just short of the tipping point.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Oh yeah flywheel is huge too! It’s definitely harder at the beginning, but as you keep on pushing in the direction of your Hedgehog Concept, it does definitely become easier.

      All the best!


  12. Finding your passion is to me the most important part of internet marketing,Gideon you are so correct. I have built heaps of blogs on product reviews,some made some money others did not.Having followed you guys for a long time I went to a passion I love-Mini helicopters I fly at home-so built a site on a RC helicopter the Syma heli as have 11 of them and know everything about them,pros and cons.Made Youtube videos with passion-now my site is on first page of Google and I get 40 odd emails a day to help people learn the hobby of flying helis and planes-it has just gone burko in 4 months as all my posts are made with passion!! And I know my product-Gideon is so correct find your passion, you will find it so easy to write posts, make videos, and suddenly your blog takes off.
    I now buy products have a passion for before I build a review blog-The content is unique as coming from me not a spun article-Google seems to like me now,takes less than a month to get on 2nd page-videos can be done using Animoto.

    What am I saying-Gideon just gives great info, newbies hitting this site should join up for email coaching and advice-I would not be where I am now without Gideon’s help-My view is at some time you need to join some Gurus to learn and make a buck-nothing is free in life just “Fresh air” These guys help you all the way,sure they make some money,however money is like blood it has to circulate! hell talk to much-Cya all J

  13. Yo sorry me again-just received a email from a toy wholesaler that wants to buy my site for $3500-not to be rude but he can stick it-more important was that the site was built with love and passion-no not a flash looking blog just basic template for free-but in less than 6 months some one wants to give me some big dollars for the site-just imagine if you built sites on a passion and then flipped them!! Join Gideon to learn all about this concept and more-Sorry Gideon to take up your comment area- No more post for awhile-promise!! J

  14. Glenn

    Indeed this is a great way to position oneself onto the path of success. As always, Gideon, very well stated. Thanks.

  15. I’m your fan from the Polish. Thanks, that you repeat the launch. Good video, a lot of work, great effect. Polish marketers should take an example of how it should look like video. Regards.

  16. Gideon,

    Very nice. It’s really very good explanation.
    I like a lot how to teach us the way to find the Hedgehog Concept.


  17. Thanks Gideon great work.

  18. Hi Gedeon,
    I always love your wonderful advice, they are always very information and very useful. I really like the Hedgehog Concept. And the more I watch your video, the more I want to watch more. I just hope I can download the report because I couldn’t download your last report from your last video. I can’t wait for more!!!

    Awesome job,

  19. Subair

    Enjoyed your presentation Gideon, Thank you!

  20. Thanks Gideon, great video as ever. I have read Good to Great and its totally inspiring particularly if you already run a business. Makes you drill down into your vision. I love your work it picks me up every time and makes me think afresh about my perspective and my presentation. Good work and thank you.

  21. Hedgehog concept and the flywheel theory are great indeed. I know exactly what circle isn’t yet fully developed and withholds me from going to the next, most important, level.

    I also have to say one very hypocrite thing: Good To Great is an interesting book in my opinion but it’s also very boring. One of the most interesting parts is with the general who said that optimists are dying with broken hearts as they don’t face the hard facts.

    The thing where I have the biggest question mark is when I read all this studies about great companies and the comparison companies. I believe that it’s right to focus on just that one thing where you can be the best (in the world) in but as soon as I look at Virgin the theory is thorn apart in my opinion. I doubt that anybody would say Richard Branson’s Virgin isn’t a great company, even though they are not just focused on one thing. But of course, within their different businesses they focus just on that one business. OK, I stop here. Otherwise this comment gets much to long.

    Have a good one,

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Mario

      You’ve raised a very interesting point about Richard Branson. I have also thought about his approach quite a bit. Here is how I see it…

      For Richard, perhaps his Hedgehog is not one particular company, but more the creation of multiple companies. In other words, he is amazingly good at creating new companies and knowing how to make them profitable. So, it’s a quality unique to Richard, as apposed to his companies. Although, his respective companies may have their own Hedgehog Concepts that they focus on.

      In other words, one’s Hedgehog Concept may not be tied to just one business. For example, if you are passionate about the process of creation, and you develop a skill in creating and setting up new businesses and business systems, and the profit per x is profit per new company, that in itself is a pretty strong Hedgehog Concept, even though it’s not tied to just one particular business.

      Interesting ideas and a very valuable discussion indeed!

      Lets keep it up… anyone else wanna chip in?


      • Amen to that Mario!

        I am possibly the world’s expert at having a wide range of interests and passions that = procrastination!

        There are many typres of Entrepreneur – the ones that are great at multitasking and coming up with new business ideas like Richard Branson aren’t necessarily the best at keeping established businesses moving and growing ‘cos they bwould get bored by that part of it.

        That’s where self awareness is key so you can hire others to do the bits that aren’t naturally in your flow.

        Awesome content Gideon by the way!

  22. Bruce Langseth

    Excellent advice. It’s too early in the morning for something clever to write so let’s just say today my passion is sleep, my skill is pillow fluffing, and if I could get paid to power nap, today, I’d be the richest guy on YouTube.

    This is a good step number 1 for video blogging. To find and know oneself will not only help in creating a great video blog, it will help in every aspect of life from finance to romance.

    Have a good one.

    • There is a very good example of somebody who does absolutely nothing on Youtube and has millions of video views. Her name is Magibon and the only thing she does is staring into the camera, making the peace sign and waves her hand saying ‘good bye’. She was quite a hype for a while and the main reason was that she annoyed people by doing nothing.

  23. This is great you are doing these mini video course lessons.

    Currently setting up some ebooks to sell based around art and I think these lessons are really going to help me focus and achieve that…looking forward to the next video lessons.

    Cheers now!

  24. Duke Dillard

    Thank you Gideon, I’m enjoying these. Very helpful.
    I have some questions but I think you wil cover them in future videos. They relate to how to use a voice recorder that is separate from the video camera. I have not tried it yet but it seems like it will be hard to sync the words and mouth? I assume I’m missing something.
    Also, how do you choose the shirt you are wearing in these videos?

  25. Gideon,

    Thank you for the education! The workbook you provide is very helpful in getting my thoughts organized and giving me a direction.

    I look forward to the next piece.

    Thank you again,

  26. Ken Lee

    Very good stuff again Gideon – have been following you for quite some time now and you always produce quality material. Have not made any money yet with Internet Marketing but will keep going, one day I will strike gold and get that first sale.

  27. Hi Gideon,
    I love your videos and take notes on most of them. The two books you mention here sound like good ones to read if (?) when you think you need help zooming in on your sweet spot. I think I’ve put myself in the education slot, but didn’t know it until now. So thanks.

  28. Hi Gideon.
    thank you for this mini course. This is great!
    I really hope that I will finally find what I’m looking for in your next video
    and that would be, how to create the exactly same kind of video
    with clean white background, and text with effects on the side.
    I know it is possible to do using Power point and something like Camtasia
    but I really don’t know how…
    Love also all strategies you explain in your ebook… can’t wait to see the rest of
    your mini course.
    thank you

  29. Enjoy belonging to your list. This may be getting way ahead but I was really interested in what kind of lapel mic you were using and if it was a wired USB mic or maybe a wireless mic.

    Also curious about the screencast software you are using and what products you use to edit your video.

    Good Luck and keep up the good work.

  30. Hi Gideon, thank you for all you’re doing – it really helps! How do you make your transcript notes toggle like that in this blog post – above, where it says “Click Here to Read the Transcript” – that’s really cool!

    …and does Google index the text inside the transcript?

  31. Judi

    Hi Gideon,

    This video really helps us to understand your mindset and where you’re coming from. It also gives us a good idea of what you are expecting from us as well.

    Really Great Stuff…keep it coming!

    Kind regards

  32. Gideon, thank so much for your step by step video teaching lessons I am looking forward to the others since I am a visual individual. Your style is the answer to what I have been wanted to create for a teaching/training tool my unit.

  33. Very interesting. The Venn diagram was a very creative way of putting those three categories together. I can’t wait for the next lesson!

  34. Hey Gideon,

    I always turn green with envy when I see your videos! My question: how long does it take you from concept to finished result on a video of this superior quality sir?!

    Love Jo

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Jo

      Great to see you on here too!

      As to how long it takes, I did not time myself this time round (hehehe), but here’s how long I think each component took me…

      1. Mindmap of the content – 20 – 30 min
      2. Quick setup if needed – 5 min
      3. Recording – 15 min 30 seconds (however long the video is)
      4. Get everything ready for my editor – 10 min

      So, about an hour of my time up to this point.

      Then my video editor does his magic – not sure how long that takes – a few hrs perhaps?

      Then I would review the draft video after it’s edited, and suggest any changes – add another 15 – 30 of my time.

      And then upload and create the copy and blog post – add another 15 – 20 min of my time.

      So, all up for me, it’s around 1.5 – 2 hrs of my time.

      Of course for videos where it requires some more research, the mindmap stage may take longer. And if I were do do the editing myself (just basic stuff) it would probably add another 1 hr. But this gives you a rough overview :)


      • Jo- Great question! I was wondering that, too.
        Gideon- You are providing FANTASTIC content. The website alone is amazing. The RVB PDF alone is quite valuable. Your RVB mini-course alone is worth purchasing. When you put it all together, you are providing a HUGE service to your community and asking so little in return. Thank you for investing in all of us!


  35. Nicola

    Great concept, and as with all your videos, you make it really easy to understand, yes a natural teacher! The only thing I’m a bit stuck on is what you mean by using your videos to socialise, could give me some examples of what you mean?

  36. Gideon you really are a great presenter. I always enjoy watching your videos, and now, knowing about the hedgehog concept, I will put my energy into implementing them instead of doing the fox thing.
    One commenter mentioned Magibon. I checked it out – unbelievable that she gets millions of views for doing nothing on camera. I wonder how that happened that she got all those views. She has a well monetized website behind all this.

  37. Enjoyed your presentation Gideon, I was read the raport and I’m looking for my niche.
    Thx again.
    Greetings from Poland

  38. Joanna martin

    Haha! So what I need sir is the details of your editor I guess! Is he open for new clients? X

  39. Rob


    Excellent video as always! You make it seem so effortless. I am inspired and I am starting to put together an educational package for musicians. I can’t wait.

    Thanks again,

  40. Hey Gideon,

    I already have chosen my niche, it’s in guitar playing, been doing that for years (15+) taught formally, non formally and totally rocked in several genres lol.

    Anyway I was thinking of creating a membership site for guitar beginners and target the Iberoamerican marketplace (spanish speakers) mostly to avoid the English competition.

    My strategy would be this:

    Buy a membership site app (already chose one) create some content and divide it so I can drip content on a monthly basis.

    Create some buzz in YouTube for a while (give free classes on random subjects of guitar playing, cover a few songs and entertain as well) and SEO optimize every videos and point all my stuff at my membership site.

    Now my problem, I’m some sort of an IT guy and I do mind about my private content being downloaded or stolen (I would make sure I give more content non video at the membership site to force people to join one way or another so they can take full advantage of their lessons) so my questions would be these:

    1. Should I buy a pro account at some place like Vimeo or Easy Video Player V2 and manage my video streams from there in the membership site? (not very fond of Amazon services)

    2. What would you change from the strategy I just mentioned?

    I’m an action taker and I’m already very motivated (don’t need those fancy right mindset books) been at this Internet Marketing thing for 10 months (just gathering information mainly) so I think it’s time to turn this time investment into some green if you know what I mean!

    Any guidance is going to be well appreciated, thanks!


  41. Another great video Gideon. I personally know so many people who would love to create online presence (including myself) for themselves and don’t know where to start. This is excellent step by step process. Thank you and keep inspiring. P.S.: Thanks for recommending the work of Katie Freiling. I like the way you said it in your email. She is onto something unique.

  42. Ok, ok — the video was great!!! And I didn’t expect anything else considering I just got done reading through the free Rapid Video Blogging book.

    So, Gideon — Have you thought about my race offer????? 😉 I left it in a comment on one of the other videos.

    Anyway, I am ready to get started…. Where the hell can I sign up????? The link in the book takes me to a page that states that it is closed…..

    Well — When the student is ready (me) the teacher will appear (that’s you Gideon)!.!.! 😉

    Thanks for all your valuable information….. It is appreciated.


  43. abdelali

    The words exalt your place
    And you person doesn’t found them
    The big teacher be all time in his place
    My big respect for your excellent kowlege
    ”The Hedgehog Concept”is one from
    Your powerfull and light that keept
    Your world higher and far from the cheap
    I hope to contact you one day.

  44. abdelali

    The words exalt your place
    And your person doesn’t found them
    The big teacher be all time in his place
    My big respect for your excellent knowlege
    ”The Hedgehog Concept”is one from
    Your powerfull and light that keept
    Your world higher and far from the cheap
    I hope to contact you one day.

  45. Hi Gideon,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have two questions to you.

    1. Do you shoot your entire video in a single take?
    2. Is it possible to post a single video in youtube in more than one category?

    Looking forward to your reply!
    Sukesh Das

  46. hello Gideon do you use Flip camera to shoot your video ? and whats you holding in your hand ?
    thanks your are the best .

  47. Gideon,
    So, when is the Rapid Video Blogging course (full course) going to be available again for purchase?

    I am anxious to get started….


  48. Rik

    I don’t know if I missed it–but how do you get the cutout of yourself to appear alongside text? I’ve been using keynote with screenflow, but don’t see a way to just have text and images appear like that–

  49. Gideon,
    Your videos and lessons are closing the gaps I have about video blogging and the creation of courses.
    Thank you,

  50. Thanks Gideon, A great lesson – I look forward to more. Di

  51. You blew me away. So much information, and so easy to listen to. Thank you, can’t wait for the rest of the videos. I’m keeping the transcripts close at hand for reference. And I have a very talented 16-year-old who’s just dying to put all this into action.

  52. How did you get the picture on your video on the left side?


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Maurice

      My video editor did it for me this time round, but inside the software programs I recommend inside the next video, it’s pretty easy to add yourself.

      Coming up in the next lesson…


  53. Percy

    Gideon…..YOU are an inspiration to me and all of these people out there.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you I really loved the video I found my passion and skill now im just stuck with edition would you mind telling me what kind of video editor do you use?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Percy

      My video editor actually works on a PC and uses Adobe After Effects for his editing. But inside the next video I talk more about software options for PC and Mac…


  54. Tanai

    Great video – Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  55. Hi Gideon,

    After finishing this lesson I’ve finally been able to pull together all the fox-like ideas swirling around in my mind into one contained Hedgehog model.

    I read another comment above that mentioned the struggle between doing one thing compared to many things. Working in the performing arts industry requires both. While you are young and in training it is best to focus on only ONE major discipline as that is the best way to fully develop skill without distraction.

    But then you grow up and versatility is key. What I’ve done in my career so far is after developing skill in the finite area of classical ballet, I went on to other forms of dance which lead me to work within administrative positions and now into entrepreneurship.

    What I think makes me now able to manage multiple skill-sets is that I’ve applied every concept learned in my first area of expertise to all others, and as this happens it is easier for me to pick up new skills and see new ways of doing things.

    This while its great to have a plethora of skill in hand like a bag of arrows, recently I’ve had trouble developing focus. The hedgehog example and specifically how it applies to YouTube has enabled me see how my uniquely shaped skills can all be pulled under one roof. I think that is truly the key to be an expert at your ‘one’ thing because it will just be a culmination of all the other things you have attained.

    It only took watching this for me to see exactly how to move forward by connecting all the seemingly disconnected passions and skills I have into a profitable business.

    Thank you!

  56. Hi Gideon,
    Thank you so much for your awesome video and advice! I am excited about learning how to make my videos look as great as yours! Keep being amazing!

  57. Hi Gideon
    Awesome video, awesome content. I’ve spent the last 2.5 yrs being the fox jumping from idea to idea about what I could do online. Having skills and passions in areas as diverse as kahuna massage/energy healing/retail management/personal development has made it hard for me to knuckle down to one niche. The shiny new object syndrome also brushed over me numerous times.

    Thanks to you, I now know what to focus on when expanding my online presence and setting up my YouTube channel.

    You are an inspiration, and one of the rare IM who offer unique content in an easy to assimilate way.

    Thanks for being the gift you are.
    Cheers, Scott

  58. Elaine

    A gifted teacher is generosity itself in the form of a person capable of providing information in a clear, interesting and motivational manner that serves to guide another person along their own path to self-realization on whatever level that may be, and then stepping out of the way to allow the seeker to experience their own learning process and gain confidence as their skills increase. You are a gifted teacher, Gideon.

  59. Hi Gideon

    Unfortunately I am a fox who has to learn how to become a hedgehog.

    Thank you for an excellent video. Clean, crisp and informational.


  60. Jason

    hi gideon your videos are very valuable & informative thank you very much.

  61. Thanks Gideon, At last a no-nonsense guide to youtube exposure. This will help no end in my education on the right way to use social media to make big money for my expensive passion – yachting!

  62. Thanks Gideon,
    I feel quite solid in my hedgehog except for the “how to make a profit” part. In my field there are so many different options for this (I know, boo hoo:) but I want to make sure I go about this in the right way and have a clear plan. I have not finished reading the report but I’m hoping that this area is talked about in much more detail. Everything I watched and read so far from you talks about the importance of building email lists but then what? I guess I’m just looking for more details.



    • hahha, just finished reading the report. Question answered.



  63. Hi Gideon,
    I noticed that many very ordinary youtubes have hundreds of thousands of Views. I dont understand how such bad content can attract so many views.
    Can you answer why?
    And can I replicate it with good content?

  64. Hi Gideon,
    Great concept as usual, what I found really helpful was that you gave a work book and you clever man you, the links to the books .. 2 added values as well as the lesson and two strategies to increase you profit :) Well done Loved it Why didn’t I think of that LOL

  65. Gideon,
    You do have a way with the camera and educating. Your can tell that you have a genuine passion for people and sharing. You have inspired me to add my passion of entertaining as a clown-magician. I could focus on balloon animal sculpturing of over 50 different single balloon creations. My present website focuses on Secret Health, Wealth, Beauty, and Self-Improvement TIPS, which I have researched and care about, but my real passion is entertaining which I have been doing for over 40 years. Maybe I could add an affiliate link to your magician friend. open to ideas.

  66. Very interesting video! Here’s what I have so far:

    PASSION = creating art
    SKILL = animation, writing, music
    PROFIT = definitely!

    My method of creating content:


    I have downloaded your workbook and will see if it helps me refinement my “hedgehog concept”.

  67. Wendy Dashwood-Quick

    Hi Gideon
    Thanks for this – thanks for the reminder about the Hedgehog concept, about creating value, and having fun creating videos. I’m going to set up a new You Tube Channel for a new brand I am working on. I had completely forgotten about some videos I made last year that I can relaunch on the Channel so this has been very useful. Thanks Loads!!

  68. Jeannette

    Hi Gideon
    My name is Jeannette, I joined yesterday. I had no idea youtube videos could be monetized. I was shocked! Singing has been one of my greatest passion since i was a teenager. I used to sing in my father’s church choir in Haiti where I was born. I am not a professional singer, but I love singing so much that i’ve posted videos of me singing in my living room to youtube. I’ve been posting videos to youtube for fun since 2008.When you get a chance please check them out, username. jeniferex.

    Stay blessed!


  69. Loving the course and looking forward to making my own videos! Thanks so much Gideon!

  70. awesome stuff . love it.

  71. wow i knew what i need to do but now i really know. It makes a clearer message now i know the steps to take thank you so much gideon shalwick! Your are great at what you do and i am glad i have you to learn from thanks!!

  72. Toda is my first step, just watched Lesson 1 Video. I am very excited to do my homework and reading assignments in anticipation of Lesson 2. Great content and presentation Gideon.

  73. Hi Gideon,
    For some time I have wanted to start a blog but never really knew how to do it or what to post. A few days ago, on a wing and a prayer, I jumped straight in and created a blog and just posted some stuff I thought people might want to see. Then, miraculously, two days ago I discovered your and Yaro’s websites and guides and at last I have a path to follow. ‘Synchronicity’ I think it is called but whatever it is I can’t wait to put all your advice into practice. Look forward to the rest of the course. Thanks,

  74. suvef

    hi gideon, i like your lesson very much but i am new to online marketing and my area of interest is personal development but i dont know where to start with . Is there anything that you can help me to make money online from my passion. I like to give a lot of important informatiom to other people what i have learn so far. and i thing online marketing is the best way tseeo make money by helping other people. please give some advice…

  75. Hey man, thanks a lot for this mini course; yesterday I started doing video blogs and getting passionate about the video arena. I am blogging in Bangla (my native language) there are not much vids in youtube in my language so me being one for the first in that niche.

    I have many passions, one is design and my skill is web design. Will look forward for your next videos man!

  76. Rod

    Great work Gideon,
    I have just started my blog, and feel it may still be a bit broad, I think in the coming months I may have to make it more specialized but I believe it will grow with me. You education here is giving me the confidence to try out YouTube to widen my audience.
    Thank you.

  77. Thank you so much Gideon.
    Perfect timing in furthering my skills even further. I was wondering where to go next.
    I have been practicing with my blogging and now ready to try something new
    with adding Video to my text. Loving the lessons and excited to share my results
    as I work through the information.

    Again thank you so much


  78. Your message was brilliantly illustrated, the Hedge Hog Concept really drove the niche, passion and skill aspects home, and the proffit section of the equation blended seemlessly. Selecting the proper catagory helps to create valuable content for your audience. I’m looking ffoward to the next lesson!

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      There must be some kind of mistake here…

      My report is totally free – you must be referring to one of the video courses you paid for – and perhaps you never got access to it?

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    I’m at a critical juncture in life right now, having just left a 33 year career in the school photography industry as an AV Producer, Special Projects Facilitator, Systems Manager, Product Developer, Production Manager, and Training Program Developer. My core skills are writing, photography, video production, narration, project management, FileMaker Pro database solutions development, and educational training, so I identify completely with what you’re doing.

    My passion is helping other people “find their ways.” So now I have to find a target audience for whom to do that! While I’m searching for jobs, I’m also trying to figure out how to do something on my own that will support my family of five.

    Gideon, tumbling onto your course was serendipitous and very reassuring. I really enjoy your approach and impressions.

    • Steve Brunskill - Global Educators

      May be able to use your skills
      Give me an email reply please

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