Why Creating Your Own Products Are Crucial To Your Success

Ever since I started creating my own products, life has been pretty sweet!

The more products I added to my repertoire, the bigger my business seemed to grow. So there is definitely a correlation between having great products, and how well your business grows.

Inside today’s product creation secrets video, I talk about a couple of unexpected benefits from having your own products. Benefits that I could only realize AFTER I created my own products.

As you watch today’s video, think about your own business and how well you have your own product strategy figured out. Make sure you watch right untill the end though, because I make an important announcement you don’t want to miss out on!

I’m Giving Stuff Away For FREE Again!

Actually… if you’re already reading this before getting to the end of the video (you naughty person!), I’m giving away access to a very exclusive interview internet guru Greg Jacobs had with me a while ago about video marketing. To be able to get a FREE copy of this interview, simply answer this question in the form of a comment below:

  • What is your NUMBER ONE biggest issue, pain or frustration with launching your own products or services online?

Important Deadline: Simply leave your answer as a comment below before Friday, Feb 11,2011, and I’ll make sure you get access to this powerful 1 hr long interview!

Until next time…

Gideon Shalwick

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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247 Responses to Why Creating Your Own Products Are Crucial To Your Success

  1. Time is usually the biggest frustration: How to reschedule to have that extra time. Thanxs for the great video!

  2. As we all are on this electronic carousel at different times, my biggest concern will come from someone that jumped on one month ago. Finding relevance in what I say. When you do not have a large enough sampling of readers to know if you are sending a message that others find interesting, I find that I must simply use my passion for the subject to continue.

    When you want to monetize you efforts, passion is not such a great asset to meet the mortgage….

  3. Creating the sales videos and the actual launch process is my biggest challenge. I can create the products and deliver them through my membership site pretty easily — it’s the stuff *before* they access that content that is my problem! 😉

    Love your work, Gideon.

  4. My biggest frustration is getting traffic to my website.

  5. Hi Gideon!

    I’m about to launch my own product precesely.
    I already have the sales page and the video sales, but I need people helping me promote it and make poeple aware of the product.

    Thank you!

  6. RedTalon

    I would love to be able to watch this video. Unfortunately, the company I work for has streaming blocked on it’s network because of bandwidth that streaming consumes. In the future could you provide a link to download the video, perhaps even a low-res version. Thanks.

  7. My biggest problem is dressing up my website. I’ve been playing with the theme’s css file but that seems to be over my head and I can’t afford to hire someone to do it for me.

  8. LuAnn Jones

    I’m currently in the stages of launching a vitamin product and my #1 concern is where do i start? i dont have a lot of money to waste on trial and error. that’s my #1 concern. i look forward to the info
    LuAnn Jones from Rocky Jones Fitness

  9. Creating the product and being sure that it has a HIGH value

  10. #1 frustration is getting good quality JV partners.

    I’ve successfully launched 4 products without big name JV partners simply because I have no desire to get into the …I’ll promote yours if you promote mine scenario.

    One well known marketer even said he wouldn’t promote my stuff because he didn’t promote anything that didn’t earn him at least $400 a sale!

  11. I think for me it’s where do I start to make it happen. I have so many great ideas but starting anything for me is a challenge. I think it has alot to do with being totally overwhelmed with the process.

  12. Number of hours in the day…

  13. John P

    I think my biggest problem with a product launch is getting affilaites and JV partners to promote it.

  14. Many thanks again Gideon for another excellent video.
    I always learn something new from you even when I think I know it all!
    Well done mate and keep up the great work

  15. Just getting started with e-commerce. Write a lot of sites for others.

    I’ve created new products and introductions for some of the biggest companies, like Kraft and Unilever. Time to do my own.

    I wrote a book, The Secrets of Successful Creative Advertising, which got great reviews and was recently named one of the top 25 marketing books of all time by http://www.brandstoke.com. I plan to record it and offer it on CD’s. I may then list it on Clickbank.

    You’re videos are always helpful. Thank you!


  16. Biggest frustration is not knowing what to create as a product for my niche market.

    • Rishab

      I second this.
      My niche is video games and I do not know what HIGH VALUE product could be created for this niche. And I would hate divert to any other niche than VIDEO GAMES!

  17. Hi Gideon,

    I’ve been leading a group of bloggers through a challenge and doing training webinars through it as a way to create my first product. I’ve recorded them and saved them, but my challenge is knowing what to do with them, as far as turning them into a product.

    I’ve thought about creating a wordpress blog/membership site to put them on that is password protected and nonindexed with the search engines. I am curious what you suggest as a platform for delivering the digital products? What other ideas do you suggest?

    I was also thinking of creating some resource lists, cheat sheets, and transcripts of the webinars to increase value for the product. All in all, there will be 8 blogging modules. So pricing is another big question I have. How do you determine the price for your products?

    Finally, do you recommend I use something like click bank to promote it for affiliate sales or setting up my own affiliate program somehow? This is my first product that I’ll be selling and although I feel like I have the content and creation figured out…it’s the technical details that have me a bit confused.

    Thanks so much,
    Heather Stephens

  18. Csaba

    Hi Gideon,

    Launching a product or service needs a good product or service. How do you develop your products? How do you know what does the market require?

    With kind regards,

  19. Hi Gideon – great vid and informative as usual. I am currently finding it difficult to get into the minds of the people on the list to find out what it is that they want. I guess I need to create a video like you did and ask?

    Thanks – Derek

  20. My biggest problem is gaining traffic and subscribers.

  21. Hi Gideon,

    I already have my product. There are approximately 800,000 monthly searches for my primary keyword phrase. My biggest challenge: How do I find out exactly who is searching that phrase and what they are REALLY looking for when they do?


  22. Alvin

    I’m new to Internet marketing and my biggest issue is my lack of credibility and track record. I mean, why would anyone trust an unknown? That’s exactly what I think when I’m looking at products being sold by unfamiliar marketers.

  23. It used to be time, but even when I lacked a lot of it I was still able to create some products. Now my number one issue is just making everything look good. I could really use a good graphic designer.

    If I were to do video marketing I would need a stunt double. I am just not very photogenic, and get very nervous on camera.

    It has taken me a number of years to finally make money online. I still have a lot of things I need to implement., but I feel like I am on the cusp of it all coming together to a point where my income is about to increase significantly.

  24. Excellent video Gideon. For myself I find that it is the technical side of building
    web site and email marketing list that I found frustrating. I have just completed
    a new 83 pageE-book product titled “Mastering Property Management skills:
    Your Key to Positive cash flow”. It will soon be available on my web site at=>
    http://www.BrianJCodyauthor.com This book is jammed packed with insightfull
    information on credit history, understanding fair housing and tenant selection
    process, rental leases, investment property selection, tenant rental eviction process, Lead Paint and property maintance issues, tax deductions

  25. Hey Gideon,fab video as usual thanks. I am afraid to create my own product because of I don’t really know what to creat and how to get it done effectively. I have afew ideas in mind but need help to put in reality.

    Hope you can give some incite.

  26. Hello Gideon,

    Great video, I have looked at many people who are doing similar things to you, but honestly nobody really impresses me. But you do. Thanks for sharing some of your information.

    The things which I find the most difficult would be gathering all the information together, and presenting it in a clear and precise manner.

  27. Santiago

    Time, as im a student and i have a job, it is really hard for me to find time to create, launch and monitor my own produtc. Ideas? – A lot

  28. Richard

    I understand the benefits of having my own product, but unfortunately I don’t consider myself expert, or knowledgeable, enough about any one thing to create a product that anyone would want to pay money for. I am struggling financially, so I’d be hard-pressed to pay anyone to create such a product for me. And bedsides, how do I prevent that person from promoting his/her own version of “my” product, once I pay them for it – even if I could afford to pay them?

  29. Jac

    How do you launch a product?

  30. jo

    I’m building an online-academy and filling it with all the videos I’m producing for it.
    But I also have customers in my video-agency, and they often wish more services and so the production gets bigger than once planed.

    So my time-schedule often dont work right and I cannot launch my membershipsite, because it’s not filled with all the information I planed…
    THX, jo.

  31. Dave Drew

    Hey Gideon,

    I haven’t heard from you in a while. Nice new layout on your site. I like it.

    Send more email notices about what’s going on in your neck of the woods. I’ve only received two emails in the last two months. You’re one person I look forward to hearing from.

    Anyway, it’s funny that you would be talking about product launches here and the benefits. I’m actually almost ready to launch three new products at the same time, and you’re on my list to contact about a JV partnership. I’d love to let the cat out of the bag now, but I can’t. I can only say these products will make a bloggers life so much easier with getting started, getting monetized and building an email list. All I can say for now, is you’re going to be blown away.

    Thank you for getting me more excited with this latest video. My wife really enjoyed it too.

    I’d like to tell you that I have issues with product launches, but I can only think of two things that I don’t really consider issues. One is not having enough time in the day to work on them. It’s a patience process. It’s been three long months working on them and getting everything ready.

    Since my products required hiring programmers, it was quite the process to find a decent programmer to produce what I needed. Once again, I had to be patient while going through five programmers before finding the right one who could actually do what they said.

    Basically, the only thing I can say is perseverance. Be patient and keep plugging away, no matter what. Don’t stop short of the finish line. You can’t hit that home run ball unless you’re in the game swinging. You’re going to strike out, just like the ball players, but keep in mine … the greatest home run hitters strike out more than other players.

    Keep a lookout for my email in about three weeks. I’ve got some amazing items coming.

    Gideon, thanks again for being you.

    Dave Drew

  32. Lea Sedan

    My nomber one problem about creating my oun product and share it to others is, i have n’t till a newsletter list,so people does not know me and about any of my own product, which i want to give them

  33. The biggest struggle for me is actually creating a product which provides enough value that the buyer will be blown away after their purchase. It isn’t hard to create a product, but if it isn’t worth the money the customer pays it won’t be a big money maker I assume.

    Off topic: Gideon, how do you get the background blurry with your videos so that you stand out more?

    • Hi Kevin,
      It’s called “depth of field” (shallow) and you’ll need to have a relatively advanced camera to achieve this look. It’s all about your zoom and aperture settings.
      Hope that helps!

  34. Greg

    My number one frustration and fear is how I manage my content, from ebook that I give away to my final high value product, but also my content on Facebook, emails, blog etc….

  35. Finding the time to do all of the necessary steps to build and launch the product.

  36. The main frustration for me is to discipline myself to finish the content creation process. I get on overwhelm considering all the dots and details along the way include the mechanics of product launch, list building,etc.

    Who ever said this is easy was either lying or it comes easy for them!

  37. I have a virtual product I started building but I find that it’s hard to find the motivation to keep chipping away at it until it’s finished. My interest jumps around so I work on the particular project I have motivation for at the moment. Then I move on to the next project that I have interest with. The current project I have the enthusiasm for is shooting more videos for my YouTube channel and website.

  38. How to target my product to the right customers, so they will buy! I can have the greatest product, but how do I find the right customers for it? ARHHHHH..

  39. My biggest frustration is having the confidence to complete that first paid product, launch it, learn from the experience then move on and launch another!

  40. Hi Gideon,

    Thanks for the video. I recently did an internal launch to my list with pre-launch videos, building buzz on my blog, etc. But when it came down to converting into buyers, I didn’t make as many sales as I wanted to. Feedback afterwards was that the price point was too high (even though it was heavily discounted $97 for a 12 weeks of fitness coaching). A lot of people looking for weight loss, still want something for free or very low cost.

    So I guess my biggest frustration would be how to communicate effectively the value of what they are getting so I can charge more (and convert more sales). And on the actual launch, I did a teleseminar, so I would like to learn how to effectively sell more from a teleseminar.


    Scott Colby

  41. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon
    By accident I’m probably the first person who is able to comment on the topic.
    My product /medical examinations/ needs just face to face meeting with my patient.

    The main problem is to gain enough traffic via website/other sources to gain a new customer. Once it’s done and sb is satisfied with my service it’s a word of mouth that matters.

    Darek Krasnicki

  42. My biggest challenge is attracting partners. I would LOVE a step-by-step template.

  43. [..YouTube..] Thanks for the video Gideon, great as usual (but i think lighter background would be better :) )
    Anyway, my biggest problem is making (and explaining) that unique part of the product that should make it stand above the competition.

  44. Pat

    A single product can come in different formats. Text, audio, video, workbook, collaboration community, etc. Deciding on how the product can be produced for sale and at the different price points is my #1 difficulty.

  45. Deb Thornberry

    Time! I believe I will need to step back and assess what will make me a passive income while working and move me to the next level. I have my hands in too many projects and none seem to hit the mark.

  46. [..YouTube..] Man you are awesome! I love your videos. As a matter of fact you inspired me to start a new project on Youtube called the “BoomSquadHD” (seriously you can check it out)!

    But anyways, keep up the good work. I haven’t even watched the whole video yet, and I know it’s going to be good. lol So this comment may not make any since but. You are still the best!

    Much love, Jerry

  47. hy Gideon, “discover” yr site just few days ago… Number one iussue? decide a strategy and than wish to change it on the way

  48. david

    Finding a niche that:
    1.) I’m excellent at, 2.) passionate about, and 3.) has the potential for sales with low competition…or making the mental leap to #3 and disregarding # 1 and #2 as too much philosophy for the biz world.

    Great way to get ideas that will help you define your next project!

  49. [..YouTube..] Sorry Gideon it’s me Jerry. I want to launch a clothing line for my our Squad. I was thinking about making T-shirts and stuff. But the number one reason I don’t have any products is because I don’t have the skills or the money to pay anybody for designs.

  50. BoomSquadHD

    Sorry Gideon it’s me Jerry. I want to launch a clothing line for my our
    Squad. I was thinking about making T-shirts and stuff. But the number one
    reason I don’t have any products is because I don’t have the skills or the
    money to pay anybody for designs.

  51. Hey gideon!

    Totally agree with you about having your own products. Here at
    Mojo Labs, we are cranking out some stuff for our launch with our automated mobile video software. It’s pretty ninja.

    The hardest part has already been done…which is developing a software that works, helps companies grow their business, and that is easy to use.

    We just got approved for Clickbank, which is cool.

    Now our biggest bottleneck, the thing that is frustrating me, and makes me want to pull out my hair right now is:

    1) Sales Copy!!
    OMG, I never thought it would be so hard to put this together! Luckily, I have some friends that are copy writers that were able to help us out! This is simply the most grueling, time draining process (but so critical to the success of a launch!)

    2) Getting Joint Venture partners.
    We have tons of local joint venture partners, but we are just getting into the international space. We have phenomenal success stories and happy clients, an awesome software program, amazing training, and now we are just trying to get it in front of people.

    So any insight as to how to do these things better, faster, easier is always welcome!!

    Cory Michael Sanchez
    If anyone has any feedback for our sales video…that would be awesome!
    password: cb

  52. Ernesto

    My obstacle is lack of knowledge of the process and sequence to create my product and then launch it successfully.
    Do you have a clue where I can go for DVDs to be made with copyright technology to avoid the piracy issue?

  53. Daniel Flare

    Hi Gideon,

    My greatest frustration is being an unknown in the market and not having enough credibility to springboard my product to success.


  54. Willard

    All of the comments above are great and I’d like to see your responses to most of them. To do so, however, you’d better set aside a week or two of 8-hour video presentations! Gideon, I want an e-book that details exactly what you do – in detail – to create and present your videos. I downloaded and read your “Rapid Video Blogging” ebook (which was tremendous and VERY informative) and you kept referring to details that you’d provide in your “course” but then I discovered that your course was apparently your coaching program and you closed it before I could scour your mind for those critical details! Whazzup, guy!!!!? Come on. No fair providing an ebook that captures our interest and then offing us when we do want more. So, if you really want to provide me with a solution for my number one frustration in bringing a product to market, publish the details that you offered in your course/coaching that are no longer available now. THAT would make all the difference for me. I really do appreciate all that you’ve shared already but that you have more than you’ve been willing to share and now aren’t is a real bummer!!

  55. Product creation. Actually coming up with a useful product that people want.

  56. Hi Gideon, Thanks My biggest frustration is not scheduling it into a system to just get it started.

  57. Great ideas Gideon! I am an affiliate, and creating my own product seems complicated. Any advice on choosing something to create?

  58. I guess the number one issue is how much time it takes to come up with a course, what topic to pick and the time to produce all the elements, if it is videos, making all those videos, and then the system to manage it. You have to do the launch stuff, they relationship building stuff, all the management of the backend. The Ed Dale 150 videos type courses are way beyond reason. What can be done in the 10-15 range, and then the management of it.

  59. Michael Clarke

    Hi Gideon,
    I have a question on how to organize the product launch on a domain. Should I put it on an existing word press blog–or should I have it jump off to a separate product-specific location?

  60. Geoff

    My main frustration has to do with finding the proper “value” (Sales Price) for something that I can do or make easily, myself. How do I know if it should be less or more?

  61. I would like to learn more about how to find and focus on pre-qualified clients so that my marketing is leveraged toward my ideal client. Thanks Gideon, I always learn something from you.

  62. Deborah

    Thanks, Gideon, for another great video. My biggest challenge is in promoting products. I haven’t found a way that isn’t “salesy.” My products offer parenting and education information, and I’m looking for an appropriate way to promote them. Looking forward to your future videos!

  63. Hi Gideon,

    my biggest problem is to translate the value of my product to my customers.
    Lauching is simply building a “Hype”, but how can I build this in my nische?
    What steps should I do?

    Thanks very much for your videos.


    Thomas from Germany

  64. [..YouTube..] Hey Gideon..
    Previous to FusionHQ my biggest obstacle was technical problems.. This has now gone away and many more issues – huge fan of Fusion!
    My Number 1 obstacle is having a clear – task oriented – launch plan. Everything from writing the copy, getting graphics done, managing members of lists etc.
    I would really like a set of case studies/plans to match so you could follow a specific bouncing ball.
    Cool I hope that helps, keep up the GREAT work and congratulations on your success!! Michael

  65. Laurice Edwards Heath

    Thanks Gideon-

    Great video! My greatest challenge is fine tuning the niche and focusing.

    Thank you!

  66. Greg

    Nice vid…thanks!

    Main frustration as a newbie is building a list. Secondary frustration is being able to identify which ONE of the many available online marketing systems is best for my needs…and will actually deliver what it promises!

  67. Lu

    Nice to see your now familiar face.. :)

    My issue or angst is never having enough money to be able to commit long term to buying some of the products that peeps sell..The one off I can do invariably… There is always a catch.. you have to sign up for a monthly amount every time.. and that puts me straight off..even tho, they promise a refund. if you change your mind. ( I have read of those who don’t get their money back).. so I am like .. enthused.. then disappointed.. that no one can give me the tools they have for a one off fee..and then you have those with mile long pages. or 2mile long pages. I have found myself unsubscribing and they were, even yesterday, they were ones who had offered me the monthly deal thing.. I so want to get myself started but .. seems impossible.. and not a little scary as you don’t know who is trust worthy and who isnt..

  68. Andrea

    Hey Gideon! Thanks for your great work, I have been following you for a while. My biggest frustration is that I am doing way too much for other people (their marketing) and no time for my own ideas and implementations!
    So shortly- its time. I know, lame excuse…
    Also to know the right information and steps on how to launch and make it successful helps…I have basic info and understanding but with the info overload and the “guru’s pitching one thing after another” it can get noisy and one does not know who to listen to and how it all works :)

  69. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon,
    I have to say I have taken advice from your previous videos and I love them.

    My problem is trying to find a “perfect balance” between giving good information and being just plain over the top flashy fluff when it comes to video presentations.

    Another obstacle (that has got in the way of my own youtube videos) is the sound of my voice. I’ve thought about writing a script and paying someone on fivver to read it out.

  70. [..YouTube..] Gideon you are so well spoken that whatever you say, sounds so good and right!
    Nicely done!

  71. Ricardo Mendes

    Gideon you are so well spoken that whatever you say, sounds so good and
    right! Nicely done!

  72. Hi Gideon, love your work and looking forward to diving into my Rapid Video Blogging course which you provided to me as one of your bonuses for a product I purchased through your affiliate link. That would have to be one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made.

    My NO 1 issue/problem I have is deciding and defining what product to create that I’d be proud of promoting and sharing. I suppose that comes down to narrowing down my niche and digging a little deeper. I feel I’m getting closer but haven’t quite nailed it yet. But boy o boy when I do there will be no stopping me.

    They say the first time is the hardest and then after that it become easier and I am so looking forward to when that’s how it is for me. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to so many of us. What a buzz that must be for you. I congratulate you and words can simply never speak highly enough of you. Thank you for being YOU and sharing all amazing things you DO!

  73. Well, believe it or not, in my case it is a combination of procastrination and deciding on what would be the right first product. I am mostly set on doing a report on pdf format, but by seeing what you are doing, Gideon, I am tempted to launch some kind of video product… ;-p

  74. [..YouTube..] As always quality hype free content

    We all harbour the same ambition but having a proven blue print to follow
    would be excellent like a membership site with coaching

  75. John

    marketing your products and services everywhere and convincing people to buy them !

  76. #1 Pain: Finding JV Partners to help me promote my product. I have several partners right now for my upcoming Facebook Power product http://fbpower.net but I know that if I had twice the partners I could potentially have twice the income, or more.



  77. [..YouTube..] The problem would be that the Viewers became so smart that they overpower the dealers…. Good video btw; Now, Free access :)

  78. just getN the thin done already

  79. My number one frustration is lacking the business mind to strategise my ideas and knowledge to create a structured unfolding.

  80. [..YouTube..] I had launched a software problem a couple of years ago the no 1 problem I had was getting the right kind of exposure at the right time back then we did not have social media and had to wait for big some IT tech news site to pickup our product to review, it was very late and by the time we got some decent exposure we had a competing product from a big name company after a few months we decided to pull the plug off as it was not worth our time and effort.

  81. alina

    thanks gideon for a great video! most everything i know about blogging i learned it all from you. become a blogger was and still is my fave course i have taken online in the past 5 years. all your videos are exceptional!!
    my biggest challenge … creating the poduct itself and then building a team of people to help support my product.

  82. [..YouTube..] My number one issue with product launches is getting enough people interested in the product before it launches to make it worth while. I have actually yet to release my first product (will be coming out next week) but I am nervous that I didn’t do a good enough job with getting people interested beforehand. I guess I’ll find out in a week when my product launches. Thank for another great video!

  83. My biggest challenge is being interesting.

    If you check out my video and offer me honest feedback, i will give you 87 pages of notes from Scott gallagher’s Marketing Local Business Online.

    It is by no means to replace the original course. on the contrary, the notes are designed for understanding of what’s invovled and implementation to generate some income.

    The smart individual will then buy the course when it’s available for expert understanding to improve their results and ROI.


  84. [..YouTube..] I’m working on a product launch right now with my brother. I have to say it’s more work than we thought, but we know it’s going to be worth it in the end. Great to hear you reiterate why it’s going to pay off for us in so many ways when we’re done. :-)

  85. [..YouTube..] A step by step blueprint would be a great benefit .I do think this would ease the pressure and give me the confidence to take the big step and…. launch.

  86. [..YouTube..] I couldn’t agree more… funny how I’ve been thinking a lot about this myself lately…

  87. Juho Tunkelo

    I couldn’t agree more… funny how I’ve been thinking a lot about this
    myself lately…

  88. [..YouTube..] Gideon, my largest frustration or problem is the lack of understanding both the product creation and product launch….basically, the “how to” of a successful product launch.

  89. Definitely the tech side. Everything from making the product look good to dealing with the actual launch, setting up pages etc. I can crank out the info but the rest bogs me down.

  90. [..YouTube..] Thank you. My frustration is more mental. I don’t want to appear that I’m pitching something else to my customers. I also want copy which doesn’t sound like the old sales pitch; I want something fresh and different from most sales copy I see online. I also don’t want to loose customers because they decide to drop from my email list because of “another product”. I want to know how to give them a solid quality intro to the product without giving away to much & not sounding scammy.
    Great video.

  91. Angus

    Getting everything organised

  92. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon,
    Great information. I have yet to launch my first product, but I have a detailed plan in place and I think it’s going to work! I’ll let you know. I’m waiting for a couple critical things to line up before I launch, but I’m excited for you to see it when I do, since your Rapid Video Blogging Report is what started the whole thing in my mind. Thanks again for all the great info.

  93. Jill Addison

    Hi Gideon, Great information. I have yet to launch my first product, but I
    have a detailed plan in place and I think it’s going to work! I’ll let you
    know. I’m waiting for a couple critical things to line up before I launch,
    but I’m excited for you to see it when I do, since your Rapid Video
    Blogging Report is what started the whole thing in my mind. Thanks again
    for all the great info.

  94. my number one problem is creating enough documentation and buzz around the product

  95. [..YouTube..] Great Video Gideon, My number one issue with product launch is getting people to see the product and if they want to pay for a high end product .

  96. [..YouTube..] Having the finances to create my first product ;-(

  97. Jeff Thrasher

    Having the finances to create my first product ;-(

  98. Just getting started on this business. Low cost lead generation is my biggest issue, yet it would appear the it’s more about implementation of technique than anything else. Your strategies are much appreciated.




  100. Coming up with a viable niche product idea and the time to put everything together.

  101. Suzanne

    Two major frustrations: Overwhelm — too much information that seems simple but then involves little complications that stop momentum — something as simple as getting wordpress plugins working properly, can get me sidetracked and discourages.
    Second, identifying a niche that is both narrow enough to attract an audience but not so narrow I run out of things to say about it and lose interest.

  102. I have a big dilemma whether I should do all my blogging and product promotion in English or in my native language, Slovene. Since Slovenia is a little country (near Italy) with only 2 million inhabitants, I wonder if the scale of the potentional customers is big enough to break through. Best regards from the sunny side of the Alps!

  103. [..YouTube..] Number 1 frustration is the cost of quality training in making great videos. I love what you are teaching, look forward to joining you.
    Sue S

  104. [..YouTube..] I keep thinking-is that really something New and Worth

  105. Valentin

    Great video! My biggest issue is the #1 thing I need to have like you already said in the video: traffic! I tryed to do several launches but failed as I didn’t have the traffic, no big lists to email to, no JV’s how could email and so on.. alone..

  106. [..YouTube..] Hi G, My number 1 frustration is finidng a Unique Product or Service which is marketable. I have a lot of ideas, they seem to be variations of things which have already been done a thousand times… :( Thanks for you videos!

  107. Dragon Helix

    Hi G, My number 1 frustration is finidng a Unique Product or Service which
    is marketable. I have a lot of ideas, they seem to be variations of things
    which have already been done a thousand times… :( Thanks for you videos!

  108. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon. My number 1 challenge is feeling that the creation, distribution and fulfillment of my own products, which in my case will be swag; t-shirts, etc. will be taken care of by a party who is exceptional at this.

    My no 1 video blogging question is, I post a “happy news” blog and in it I feature photos that I get from searching on google. Is that legal or do I need to place a url on each picture I use? and if so, is there a website or service out there that can do that task for me. :)

  109. Cory Tyler

    Hi Gideon. My number 1 challenge is feeling that the creation, distribution
    and fulfillment of my own products, which in my case will be swag;
    t-shirts, etc. will be taken care of by a party who is exceptional at this.
    My no 1 video blogging question is, I post a “happy news” blog and in it I
    feature photos that I get from searching on google. Is that legal or do I
    need to place a url on each picture I use? and if so, is there a website or
    service out there that can do that task for me. :)

  110. [..YouTube..] Getting the MONEY to fund everything.
    Professional lighting, sound with a teleprompter – $1000.
    Paying the outsourcers to create all the material – $1000.
    Paying for any of your products – $1000+
    Putting all the TIME to follow the product launch thoroughly to gain trust.
    OVER SATURATION in this internet marketers field will make selling my product more & more difficult as this is my 1st product.

    Hope users reading this understand the amount of work involved in this type of venture. 😛

  111. Biggest issue: Coming up with a product or service that brings residual income rather than ‘swapping hours for dollars’.

  112. [..YouTube..] Putting it all together or should I say outsourcing.

  113. LeadLeaperMedia

    Putting it all together or should I say outsourcing.

  114. Hi Gideon,

    My biggest frustration over the last two years were that i spent more time doing training courses than creating content (or products)

    I did create one eBook as a ethical bribe on one of my niche websites which is building a targeted and friendly list :-)

    A Clear Step-By-Step (checklist style) instructions for product creation would be nice to make sure you’re on track.

  115. Hi Gideon
    My fustration is how to market to capture the audience. And the technical side of how to create a lead page or squeeze page.

  116. My issue is finding the balance between promoting my products and spamming people. There seems to be a fine line, which I’m yet to figure out.

    Thanks, good video.

  117. Miguel

    Thanks Gideon
    My problem is that there is always one more video to watch. A video that will give me a short cut to fulfill my dreams. I think the name of the video is called procrastination. Just Do It is so difficult.

  118. [..YouTube..] Very interesting stuff Mr.Shalwick. I’m from Trinidad, West Indies. Will this work for me? I’m also interested in doing outsourced data entry. What should I do? thanks

  119. [..YouTube..] My number one challenge is driving traffic to my channel. Thanks for the great series. Jason

  120. Jane

    My biggest frustration is to stay focused in the whole product creation process.
    Everyday I find myself being distracted by many successful marketers trying to tempt newbies like me.

  121. [..YouTube..] Driving traffic to my site is the most important thing right now. Thanks for the videos.

  122. barbaraToney1

    Driving traffic to my site is the most important thing right now. Thanks
    for the videos.

  123. [..YouTube..] making desirable products and having a system for everything are the two biggest challenges since I am starting from zero

  124. I have my new product out and I’d say that my biggest frustrations have been:

    1) all the steps needed to get the product out
    2) getting JVs to mail
    3) getting traffic
    4) the amount of content that I needed to write for the auto-responders

    Thanks for your help!


  125. [..YouTube..] #1 BIGGEST issue is finishing what i start.. Just started learning about Internet Marketing about 6 months ago but i have a million ideas and my head wants to EXPLODE lol.. I’ve started a few things but haven’t finished, What’s your advice bud ?? BTW i love your videos and your help for all of us!

  126. [..YouTube..] Hey Gideon,
    Nice insights.
    Will be sharing two problems:
    1. Bringing quality traffic
    2. Making technology work- easily & effectively (exploring optimizepress and fusionHQ).

    Keep going. God bless you. :-)

  127. building a qualifed email list
    and retaining it

  128. building a qualified emaillist
    buidling rapport with them

    Dr sunderam

  129. [..YouTube..] Good to see you’re getting / giving good value from using webinars Gideon.
    • No. 1 Pain – Building the list
    • No. 2 Pain – Overdelivering value to potential JV partner lists to attract them back to our list

  130. HowToWebinar

    Good to see you’re getting / giving good value from using webinars Gideon.
    • No. 1 Pain – Building the list • No. 2 Pain – Overdelivering value to
    potential JV partner lists to attract them back to our list

  131. Mark H.


    My number one biggest issue in launching my own product is that I don’t have any significant experience or developed skill to create content in those areas that I am NOW interested in or passionate about… and those areas are highly competitive. I’m good at organizing and packaging info… but I’m not sure what info to organize. And I don’t personally know any experts in my areas of passion/interest yet.


  132. Gregory Pais

    For me it’s consistently identifying niches that I’m passionate about that others are wanting to solve problems about. I use various keyword tools but it all seems to get lost in the mix after a while.

  133. Finding someon to manage the technology – I am a technological Neanderthal, and recognise that I need help – I have the ideas, but need someone to do the nuts and bolts – so where do I find this person?

  134. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon. Omar from The Paradiddler here.

    Great timing for this video (for me, anyways)! I’m currently working on my product, and my biggest concerns would be:

    1) Getting through all the hype on the best way to do a product launch(!)
    2) Knowing when the right time is during the creation process to just do the product launch (does the product have to be ‘perfect’, or even complete?
    3) Determining how to package the product (ebook, webinar, forum access, etc.)


  135. For me Gideon the number one problem for me is really getting the right research to find the perfect niche to market to.

    Tons of courses out there, I have a couple of my own but nothing that really hits deep into the research and putting the right evergreen effect to it…

    I like Eben Pagan’s approach but feel it is very much the same as most out there with the exception of a finer presentation.

    I want for myself ans well as for my students a more refined process that turns out seriously high quality products.

    I loved your last course and look forward to this new one.

  136. [..YouTube..] Great info Gideon….As Usual….Once you make your first product, the others come easier and easier….

  137. [..YouTube..] I was like GengisTV, where in the beginning there is so much to do and accomplish! It is very daunting to be starting and having So many accounts to set up, articles to write, products to create and products to promote..!

    For myself, it helped figuring out a plan of action as to what was most important and needed doing first, and what are the little nitty-gritty things that can wait.

    I’m Stoked to be learning such valuable info from you Gideon and really take to heart all your recommendations-

  138. Al Dominguez

    This was a nice and very stimulating video.

    I am struggling with various dilemmas. First, I’m not sure how to identify the proper demographic groups interested in the products and services I want to promote. And second, I have no clue how to develop the appropriate promo campaign to present or promote the services.

    Interesting enough, I got interested in this type of promotion after watching another presentation you have in RapidVideoBlogging, where you describe your current home video studio setting. I hope to create a similar setting as yours shortly.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for all the great advice.


  139. [..YouTube..] Gideon, my number one pain for a product launch is simply not having something to offer.

  140. My biggest problem is self-discipline around finding the time. I am a pastor, spouse and parent. I have slowly learned enough of the technical side and process, but it is much more intensive than many online marketers lead you to believe. I have been working on getting a niche site up using Niche Profit Press, I love it and have no doubt that the system works, but it has taken me many months.

    Second, I really do need on-going education because the web is a constantly changing realm to do business in and I am becoming frustrated. Specifically, I am becoming frustrated because I am plugged into all of these great marketers lists, but none of them seem to have any diversity of price point below four figures. I would like to see one of you guys buck the system and offer some things periodically that are a couple of hundred bucks or really surprise me and offer something that is $75 dollars.

    In fact if you want to do something truly revolutionary, do a launch that promotes for three days are going to have all of your books, bonuses, etc, available in an online store and let people go in and shop for components in pieces…..affordable pieces, and then shut the thing down.

    A sales funnel for guys like me isn’t fifty free reports doled out over a couple of months and then one gargauntian purchase of two grand.

    I am writing this to you Gideon because I don’t think you are the average marketer a hundred percent sucked up into the game. You seem to march to your own drum slightly and feel much more down to earth. Thank you.

  141. Hi Gideon,

    My biggest problem is knowing how to best put together video to market myself as a coach. I have all the hardware and software – I just need a step by guide to put it all together.

    ps your videos are great !

  142. [..YouTube..] Great info and video. I’m very new to the online world and have many products and services I can offer because I’m a artist/graphic designer. My biggest problem is finding my niche and focusing on that target market.

    This is off topic but I would like to know what type of camera are you using and also are you using a lapel mic for your audio?


  143. [..YouTube..] Major pain is start up capitol for creation of product and marketing. Also, finding the best niche that will offer a great return on investment…mainly my time.

  144. Pat

    My biggest frustration is not having the web skills to make my sales page look professional. I am always having to rely on outsourced help which costs money and takes time.

  145. Finding a product that provides personal fulfilment in the process of creating it.

  146. [..YouTube..] My company makes affordable marketing videos. The key word is affordable. Most frustrating is the fact that those who need these products are usually so lacking in internet and marketing savvy that they are intimidated with anything having to do with the internet.

  147. Nanda Kishore

    My biggest challenge is to market the product successfully to target audience.

  148. [..YouTube..] I am new 2 internet marketing.What is the best way to create my product and start marketing?

  149. Hey Gideon,

    Super solid stuff as always and I couldn’t agree more- love your work and will keep watching for it.

    Dave J

  150. [..YouTube..] Hi Gideon,
    Your idea of “how to LAUNCH your own product” is a great idea!
    To my knowledge, there is nothing on the internet about “how to LAUNCH your own product & make a BIG EVENT out of it” as opposed to CREATING your own product…
    I have spent the last few months preparing free information products…for Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. All is under wraps. I do not have an email list and I am not known on the Internet.
    Now I desperately need a plan for the genie to come out of the bottle!

  151. Hi Gideon,
    Your idea of “how to LAUNCH your own product” is a great idea!
    To my knowledge, there is nothing on the internet about “how to LAUNCH your own product & make a BIG EVENT out of it” as opposed to CREATING your own product…
    I have spent the last few months preparing free information products…for Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. All is under wraps. I do not have an email list and I am not known on the Internet.
    Now I desperately need a plan for the genie to come out of the bottle!

  152. Erik

    Hi Gideon,

    My biggest issue is taking the first step. I’ve got the niche, read up on what to do but can’t seem have the courage to put my effort on the internet.

    • Nanda Kishore

      @ Erik – May be I could help you. Don’t worry, I am not trying to sell you something or offer some service. I can share my experience and give suggestions. If you are interested, you can reach me at dunlop9@gmail.com

  153. What a great idea to marry Product Launch Formula w/video. I really look forward to that one.

    The biggest challenge is getting all the “tech” pieces to work together. For example, getting a site that’s secure or finding a decent player that allows navigating to different videos or parts of a video.

    And lets not forget the almighty traffic dilemma.

    Great job. Looking forward to your stuff again.

  154. Hello, I am a composer / music arranger and have been selling my CD Albums and MP3 dowloads on CDBaby and Amazon etc for years, but I don’t sell much. I would like to know how to reach a nich Easy Listening music market. How do you go about selling CDs music in an overcrowded market. I have a page on CDBaby, but not my own website. Please advise. I like your video presentations.

  155. [..YouTube..] Dude… and I thought my videos were looking sweet. Your are @ the next level. Nice one and I love the camera you’re using. Might have you pick your brain about that. Keep up the super solid work.

  156. The number one issue I deal with regarding launches is getting started. Or otherwise referred to as “overwhelm”. There seem to be so many moving parts that I tend to slip into “analysis paralysis” and continually study about how to launch… instead of actually DOING a launch.

  157. Very interesting comments. It really helps put what we are all going through into perspective. There is a lot involved in creating and launching your product, and I think most of us find it overwhelming. In all honesty it is a lot to expect from one person. Who really has all those skills? For example you might be an awesome graphic designer, but terrible at writing sales letters. There are only two ways that I can see to do it.

    1) Partnerships with people you can work with and share your skills
    2) Outsourcing. Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

    But really you don’t even need your own product. You can get products with MRR and sell them as your own. That saves you a step. They usually come complete with websites. That leaves you with only one thing to do. Get traffic. Traffic is the key, and the one thing I believe everyone should focus on. With enough traffic you can write your own ticket.

    Here is a simple blueprint

    1) Get a site where you sell information products, or affiliate products.
    2) Have an opt-in so you can build your list and market to them.
    3) Drive traffic to that site.

    One mistake I think most of us make is spreading ourselves to thin, and expecting ourselves to do to much. All you need to have is 1 site, with 1 niche and drive traffic to that site until it is profitable. After that you can broaden your niche.

    Before all of that you have to find a niche that you can tackle

  158. William100751

    Grasping the concepts. along with your video instruction, in the backgroud
    over your left shoulder show a Flow Chart. Then talk about each piece.
    Don’t drill down at this point just overview. Now explain concept in simple
    5th grade language. Thanks

  159. [..YouTube..] To bring traffic. . without traffic I don’t have a product to sell.

  160. [..YouTube..] GIdeon,
    The number 1 frustration I have for launching my own product is having a product or service to launch in the first place. Maybe it will be easier to start out with affiliate products. Oh, I do have thousands of abstract and nature photos I’ve takin over the years. I guess looking or sounding professional would be my next fear. I need a site to put all these photos…. I want to have a product that will help others succeed as well as myself. As u can c, i need help!

  161. [..YouTube..] Aloha Gideon,
    I would love to launch my own product. My question is how does one figure out what topic to pick for the product. Everyone has good ideas but are they worthy of becoming a product that people would want to buy.

  162. Niocle

    My Biggest issue with launching my own product is deciding on the product.

  163. Motti

    The biggest problem to me is traffic !!

  164. daniele

    For me, by far, the main fear is … not be ready, having the feeling my product is not good enough yet. It becomes a paralysing excuse, leading to procrastination…

    Great video, learned a lot from your very soft way to ask actually something in return for good content.

  165. Hi Gideon, we met at the ASSASINATION in Thailand when you were interviewed by Greg Jacobs. I think that your method of video marketing is honest and workable, especially as you say if you have your own product. Luckily I do.
    However how would I make a product launch for a physical product (mines a natural skin balm made from crocodile oil). I do have more than 1000 email addresses from my opt in list on site.
    John Sweet (South Africa)

  166. My biggest thing is networking and I know that may sound strange to some people, but I feel strongly that I must improve in that area. I have a lot of ideas and info products that I know will work. I have learned a lot of stuff in the 2 years I’ve been online. I love it and really want to make a career out of it at some point. I understand how important your credibility online is to your overall success. I have been a blue collar worker my whole life and it has been culture shock for me online, but I love it and all it’s challenges. I’ve tried to network with people a few times and it’s been so-so and I think I may come on to strong or something.

  167. Thanks for the great Vid. The biggest frustration is knowing whether what you are putting out there is is being seen by the people you want to see it, especially with Social Media!!

    Thanks again.


  168. not having enough knowledge to create a product with good content

  169. Not having enough traphic therefore I dont make many sales.

  170. Kent

    Product creation is tricky for someone new to the game like me. I’m always second guessing myself (will people really want this?)

  171. Not nowing all the process to launch my own product from scratch.

  172. Great again Gideon! My #1 Question: “How do you use video to launch a SEMINAR tour?” which is a service and….not necessarily a product launch. Thank you. Please feel free to email me as well. Thank you my winning coach. :)

  173. Cj Small

    Great again Gideon! My #1 Question: “How do you use video to launch a
    SEMINAR tour?” which is a service and….not necessarily a product launch.
    Thank you. Please feel free to email me as well. Thank you my winning
    coach. :)

  174. The no.1 issue was finding the micro-niche within my topic and then creating a blueprint to successfully launch same.
    BTW, thank you for such a down-to-earth approach.

  175. The #1 Challenge is developing a good quality high converting product.
    Thank you and please feel free to email me.

  176. [..YouTube..] The #1 Challenge is developing a good quality high converting product.

  177. Gideon:
    I guess I have more then one frustration. I have the biggest fear of screwing up see I guess its because am a perfectionist. The other frustration is getting motavated to get the work done. I know that all of my problems are within myself and I need to create a way to work through them. Its just doing it and not think about it. Any way yes am a couple of months behind but I needed to put my two cents in lol… Take care my friend..
    Reg B.

  178. Reg Boczko

    Gideon: I guess I have more then one frustration. I have the biggest fear
    of screwing up see I guess its because am a perfectionist. The other
    frustration is getting motavated to get the work done. I know that all of
    my problems are within myself and I need to create a way to work through
    them. Its just doing it and not think about it. Any way yes am a couple of
    months behind but I needed to put my two cents in lol… Take care my
    friend.. Reg B.

  179. My biggest problem right now is locating the proper software to create my video offers. At this moment i want to edit my own simple home video recordings. Primarily, I’m doing business presentations in which enlarged copy is shown on the screen, over which the same words are spoken and displayed together with still pictures.


  180. Kobus de Wet

    Are you originally from South Africa?

  181. Right now, the biggest problem is understanding all the technical aspects of it (how to make an ebook, how to edit my videos, etc.) and also knowing how to make everything flow it a cohesive manner.

  182. Stoetry

    My number one frustration in launching my product is,
    packaging. How to take what I have and put in together in one package.

  183. Stoetry

    Thank you for what you are doing. I was understand the impression that I could not advertise on YouTube, now based on your video I can see that it is ok to promote my book. So starting tomorrow I will start my new YouTube vlog and promoting my cause.

  184. kace87

    Hey Gideon:

    Biggest Frustration for me would be, for being limited to only social networking sites (Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr and my personal mailing list). Would love to find a way to reach out to my niche using outside methods and without breaking the bank 😉

    Look foreword to hearing from you.

  185. Shireen2000

    Hi Gideon, I love your videos and your Podcasts… They’ve really helped me. I am 18yrs old and I love Graphic Design, I have designed some T Shirts on Photoshop and they are on Spreadshirt But I want to make a business but I don’t know where to start, Please help me.

  186. My biggest frustration with creating my own product is speed. Working full time, having a family and setting aside time to create a product and take it to market with speed is the biggest challenge.

  187. reggupton

    Creating the product is not (too) difficult. My biggest struggle/frustration is creating the sales copy video/letter.

    Your SSBGA model will help I am sure.

    Working on one at this moment.

  188. GideonShalwick

    ah cool – did you get access to my Sales Video Success Formula a few weeks ago? Just email me at support AT rapidvideoblogging DOOOT COOOM and we can set you up – it should help a lot!

  189. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  190. KinnunenTeemu

    The most frustrating thing in selling my own product is aboslutely the lack of trust. “There are plenty of free information out there, why should I PAY you?” I mean.. people don’t trust that I do have a great product that has high valuable information in it. I do have references and even a walkthrough video that shows exactly what is it all ’bout.

    Lack of trust. Maybe it’s a lack of traffic then – no idea.

  191. groundedrunner

    The most difficult thing in selling my own product is picking out the one or two unique features that are likely to be most important to the people I want to reach.
    Thanks for this Gideon!
    Good job.

  192. ParisMurray

    My number one biggest challenge in launching new products is overcoming the fear of failure. A close second would be the labor intensive nature of organizing my thoughts into an easy to understand, compelling ebook.


    Paris Murray

  193. sworrin11

    It is hard to find a Free service to sell digital goods. Already Paypal or somebody else is taking their commissions. If you wanna sell cheap products, you cannot get even 10% of your real price. I started to work with theContentBazaar com , they are really good at their job. It is not advertising, I believe that if they will get more sellers, the marketplace will be more crowd. They have very good distribution channels with face, twitter and 3 or 4 blogs. I advise you to check.

  194. janewilde4

    I’ve tried several of the services mentioned, and ended up using theContentBazaar. They don’t charge anything to list products. I don’t have to install any software. I started selling within 60 seconds and it was so easy. They have very good distribution channels with facebook, twitter and 3 or 4 blogs. I highly recommend theContentBazaar com

  195. yow411

    Other than the frustration of making what I have to offer unique, or fresh, there is the (seemingly) overwhelming technical part of it. HOW does one get set up to do business? Perhaps it’s not as difficult as it seems, but for me at this point, this is my greatest roadblock. Thanks for your terrific educational videos!

  196. For me it is the technical aspect. Getting a payment processor to work with a certain affiliate program to work with Paypal and a credit card processor…it gets a bit annoying. Get them all working in one product and you’ll have a winner!

  197. sabyslove

    my number one is starting out ,who to trust and the fear some one will still my product and take my ideas i cant live in fear i want to start making fashion decor products this is one reason i shear much how do i go about this and has it happed to you

  198. BamGottiFNC

    #1 pain is fear my Credit Score will effect

  199. MrForsund

    My no. 1 frustration is probably time, but some other frustrations include:
    – What system do I need for taking care of the purchasing / payment process?
    – Physical product vs. “on demand”
    – Free line… how much should I give away for free?

  200. Just learning internet business don’t know where to start

  201. lizobryan

    Just learning internet business don’t know where to start

  202. sendswift

    Mine is organizing my thoughts and fear that my product may not be good enough and wondering if it can really sustain me and my family (its one fear really 😉 )

  203. dimndsngr

    Mine is I don’t know how to create my own product, I loved your video

  204. johnelangan1

    I am certified & court recognized expert with plenty of content & passion for life-saving cause dealing with leading cause of death in world for all people between ages 10 – 24 (as recognized by U.N.). My #1 frustration is that I have information that can save lives and serious injuries but lack the financial and/or technical resources to access audiences. May God bless the world.

  205. barryhuddx

    The method that you are using in this video is an awesome marketing technique and so simple. Just ask people what they would want in a product. Then you offer a killer bonus where you gather an e-mail address. This is the beginning of a buyers list for a product that they ask for. I believe that you are designing a product that will automate or inform JV’s to make it easier to promote their products. Offer a tutorial on how to use the technique that you are using in this video.

  206. #1 problem? Doing the color graphics myself. 

  207. MiddleEastMilli

    #1 problem? Doing the color graphics myself.

  208. MiddleEastMilli

    Gideon, why do you look so clear in this video? What is it you do? And are you still using the same lighting configuration you spoke about before? Thank you.

  209. ronenhershcovich

    Amazing video! It’s pretty hard to build your own product but you have to take action and do it. if you don’t take action you’ll never be successful.


    Product Creation Gurus

  210. thesoundzone

    Trying to get the right amount of traffic to the product

  211. thunderbolt1409

    Hi Gideon, thanks for the great video. I enjoyed watching it,…. the number one frustration is finding affiliates and JV partners

  212. kenbok99

    The time it takes to write a book!

  213. Dave

    H Gideon,
    My number one frustration relating to launching my own products is time management, & Building a list

    sometimes I get overwhelmed with the number of tasks and don’t know where to start!

  214. Underground906

    This guy is pure quality.

  215. eddison dupree

    what type of products are sellable,I dont have a product

  216. CEOTalkRadio

    Gideon, Love the shallow depth of field you’ve achieved on this video. Really emphasizes you as a speaker. Well done!

  217. amwardak

    I would say getting through the paralysis from analysis is my #1 obstacle.

  218. johntwalker

    I am new (1 day old) and understand what this is all about is my biggest problem so far.

  219. IAMKOGI

    its hard to find the right mure to produce my products

  220. Learnguitartunes

    My number one issue/ problem for launching my own product is this: I am soon to launch my website selling products and only one product is ready to be purchased. My aim is to launch with four products, but do I… A) launch with one to start… or B) stall the launch and launch with the four products?

  221. NewMindSet2Success

    Hey Gideon i would say How can I get my product Professionally Reviewed B4 I
    plan Launching/Marketing it [PDF on writing Killer ads] with out it being Copied
    etc Thanks & Like your Style Great speaking Voice Cheers

  222. BregenzLens

    number one problem is content creation

  223. Jurgen DomBro

    Biggest problems you ask. Putting together a decent quality product that people have a need for that does solve a problem and 2nd the means to get it exposed out in the market place.

  224. Matthew Kempe

    Number one frustration…that it takes a long time in the beginning to create social awareness about your product.

  225. Anibal dejesus

    Getting the right tools to put everything together.

  226. Hermo Malaguit

    my greatest frustration in launching my new product is not being able to create a proper video infomercial to justify the time-saving and usefulness of sink magic. i need a person great in explaining help me create a viral video to convey the message out there that there is a faster and easier way to wash dishes by cutting the time in half. my new gadget is eco friendly, uses no electricity, re-uses water as you wash dishes!

  227. Hermo Malaguit

    if you have time, can you do me a favor? can you evaluate my new sinkmagic website and see how we can make it more streamline and info -friendly to customers.

  228. gruenfeld777

    check this out I found this last week and i’m on my way to creating my first ebook! store.payloadz.com/go?id=1378144

  229. Patrick Pierce

    don’t really know the proper tools

  230. Albi Collier

    writing copy… sales copy… need a pr person Im guessing…

  231. nina prado

    Si, las herramientas adecuadas y como utilizarlas …

  232. Jyotsna Ramachandran

    My biggest problem in launching a product is identifying the topic or area that my e-book or video is going to be about. Not sure if it should be relevant to my business or should it cater to a different set of clients.

  233. My biggest problem is dressing up my website. I’ve been playing with the theme’s css file but that seems to be over my head and I can’t afford to hire someone to do it for me.

  234. SocialMediaKing

    I am working on an awesome ebook but I don’t know how to make an exiting glitzy sales page. I have great writing skills from college essays and and I know proper formatting for books and stuff but can’t figure out the steps or sequence a sales page is supposed to go in because I know that’s very different has more to do with emotional and psychological triggers placed in the proper places. I know it’s a step one step two sequence but I don’t know the sequence. Please help.

  235. Clark Crookshanks

    Doing the tech work. I have no computer knowledge and it’s difficult and frustrating to learn for me.

  236. Clark Crookshanks

    Where is the interview?

  237. MeowMixCentral

    Managing all the tech stuff … Trusting a virtual assistant

  238. Bryan Jenks

    my #1 problem was figuring out what to create, it took a friend to point out how easily things can be made such as him and i (fitness professionals) talking and explaining concepts even just friendly chatter and offer it as free lead magnets, or as video courses of valuable material, but i still struggle with the creation aspect of the video content, i’ve all but given up on written content, im a video guy, it takes way too much out of me to write, especially ebooks.

  239. Cynthia Sobkowich

    My biggest frustration is trying to figure out what to create as a product that isn’t already out there. Creativity is extremely difficult sometimes.

  240. Arthur Fan

    My biggest frustration when launching my own product is to be able to find something I’m knowledgeable and passionate about that lots of people needs.

  241. Sneakerheadb

    Mine is just trying to get my name and company out there.

  242. Bob Riopel

    Greatest fear: Having a viable product and being able to fulfill.


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