I’m Sorry… I Made A Big Mistake!

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We’re all human. And we all make mistakes.

But one great lesson I learned early on, was that it’s much better to learn from other people’s mistakes.  Before that though, I made some really BIG mistakes that has been very costly.

Inside today’s video I talk about a very common, yet very subtle mistake, I made with my very first product online. It would have been great if I knew about this subtle change in thinking BEFORE I created my product. But at least I did manage to learn my lesson. You’ll see what I mean inside the video.

I’m Giving Away A 16GB Apple iPod Nano!

As you watch the video, towards the start, you will see me talking about how you can win a 16GB Apple iPod Nano. And it’s really simple to enter to go into the draw to win. All you have to do, is follow these three easy steps:

  1. Watch the whole video, and discover the secret 3-word phrase that I reveal at random parts inside the video.
  2. Leave an intelligent comment that ads value below, using the secret phrase that I reveal inside the video.
  3. Click on the link below and optin for Jeff Walker’s latest FREE video on Product Launch Blunders (some revealing stuff in there!):

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And that’s it! That will enter you into the draw for winning that cute little iPod Nano!

DEADLINE: The deadline to enter for this is Friday, February 25th, 2011. So make sure you leave you comment before then, unless you want to miss out on the chance of winning!

That’s it for now… inside the next video, I will reveal the lucky winner!

Keeping visible…

Gideon Shalwick

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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97 Responses to I’m Sorry… I Made A Big Mistake!

  1. Hi Gideon!

    I always enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for posting this one, and for letting us know where you’ve been, what you suggest, and tips that we can use to walk a better path to success in our efforts.

    By setting such a great example, I am motivated to make 2011 the year where these words come true for me: Product Launches Rock!!!!

    I look forward to seeing what this year brings for me. It’s time. I need to take my content to the next level. Thanks for playing a part!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Ipod Nano, surely?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Oh darn, did I say iPad again? forgive me – been a long day!

  3. paul

    Hi Gideon,
    could i ask how do you phrase the question, how much would you be prepared to pay?

    how much would you be prepared to pay?
    then blank field

    or a range with tick boxes eg $27 – 47 or $47 – 97 etc

    then they might all tick the lowest hoping you won’t charge them too much!

    how do you handle this tricky question in a survey?


  4. I really like your style, Gideon, and the way you constantly try out new things and constantly inspire me :-) I’ve already learned so much from you and now I’m looking forward to the day – in the near future – when I can honestly say that MY product launches rock – weeeee :-)


  5. As always well done Gideon!
    You are so right about “needs” having little to do with “wants”
    And the thing that is also so easy to forget is that we as
    “product creators” are rarely the demographic for the product.
    It’s not how “we” feel, it should be about how the “customer”
    may feel. When “wants” and “focused products” collide,
    it produces “product launches..that. ROCK!

  6. oliver

    Hi Gideon

    I am about to open a blog based on videos exclusively. Earlier I also made a mistake of creating my product first. After discovering this fact I decided to give an awful lot of free conent first and, when establishing some trust, it is easier to collect the ideas tha audience have. As soon as it is done, it is easier to launch a relevant product, because yes, product launches rock. :)


    P.S.: I also know Jeff Walker’s stuff and it rocks too.

  7. Pablo

    I completely agree with you, and actually I believe Product Launches Rock so much that there is no other way to get a product out there on the online jungle without a proper one implemented. So, you got me in! I´ll be checking the PLF right now.
    Thank you! :)

  8. Keywords search, keywords search and more searches; that’s what will make your product launches rock!

    Of course posting in forums and asking people their opinion are also good points, thanks for sharing this information with us.

    All the very best and fingers crossed for the IPad Nano coming my way!!


  9. Charlotte Plott

    Gideon – the information you shared will assure that my product launches rock!

    Your style, ease of conversing, and information you share make your videos very enjoyable to watch. Thanks for sharing your skills. Good job!

  10. Ed

    What people want, what people want, what people want! I’m amazed how this message is consistently missed by marketers. How many product launches are done and the product is just hyped and never described and detailed so I know what it is I’m being asked to buy.
    Thanks for being real Gideon. I hope more people know that the intense competition that so many complain about is not real. Deliver what people want and you truly have little competition. Almost no one else is delivering to people what people want. Ain’t that Great! Opportunity !

  11. Hey Gideon,

    I think product launches rock as well.
    I see you have a mic in the background, is that the Blue Yeti? If it is, I would love to know what shock mount you found that works with it. I bought a Yeti and couldn’t find one for it. Let me know if it is. Thanks A Lot

    Jason Bartels

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Jason

      The mic in the background is a Rode Podcaster mic – you can buy the shock mount separately for it. Great USB mic!

      Gideon Shalwick

  12. Anne-Maria

    Thanks for your nice video Gideon! What you´re talking about is really basic as another commenter pointed out, but I must say you have a very clear, calm and pleasant way of conveying your message, unlike many other similar videos where surprisingly often the presenter just seems to be repeating some basic concepts with no real insight. That, and I really like your voice and accent 😀

    I have created my product in a specific niche after I realised that for some reason no one launches these types of products that there´s a clear need for me and many other people in my demographic. Now looking back, after all the hard work for my own little product, I gotta tell you the experiences I have had since I begun on this path totally rock!

  13. I haven’t done many product launches but I did the same thing that you did Gideon. My first product launch was a recipe book that I wrote for my list. I thought since the list was interested in raw foods that they would be interested in a book with recipes as well. Well when I launched it the product launch didn’t rock. I sold less than a dozen from a list of over 2000. I have since learned that I need to create a product that targets someone’s pain or needs and not just what I am interested in. I repeated this mistake a few times on a couple of other product launches. I know that using your information and other keys that I will have one that rocks some time this year.

    It takes a bit of research to create product launches that rock. Like you said in your video – ask, research, dig up information on what people are looking for – knowledge is power for you and the product that you are creating for your customers. Successful launches by many gurus rock because they did all this by themselves, with friends and affiliates to create the product.

    I have found that it is a product launch formula that is the key to success. It can be duplicated. Well that is just my two cents. I loved the video and it just reminds me what I need to do to be successful

    Thank you so much for all the valuable information that you give us for free Gideon.

  14. Hi Giddeon

    Thanks for the value adding video. I know that product launches that offer value in the form of content/videos prior to the release are great at building the buzz and generating good will from their audience (gotta love the power of reciprocity)!

    Using contests and challenges as part of a launch are also very clever marketing ideas and I love your way of keeping our attention on your videos (increasing your views-comments-length of time on your site-lowering your bounce rate etc.) Brilliant!

    I hope that by learning from Jeff Walker and you that my product launches rock too!

    Thanks for the value!

  15. I love your videos Gideon, they’re so crisp and clear and easy to understand. I’m a relative Newbie to IM just 6 months experience so I’ve always asumed that what people want is probably exactly what I want! The trouble is at this stage I still want it myself so I can’t yet give it to others! – lol
    Looking forward to the day that I too can say ‘Product Launches Rock!’
    Louise : )

  16. Tim

    Never easy to admit mistakes. Hopefully I can learn from yours to make sure my product launches rock! Such an important lesson too.

  17. Luciana

    Hi Gideon,

    After watching your video I’m really determined to make my first Product Launch Rock the world! :-)

  18. Hi Gideon,
    Thanks for your coaching on video blogging and caution on launching products. I’ve noticed that some product launches rock in the beginning but fail to deliver on their overblown promises. Other launches aren’t so spectacular but truly rock in providing value to customers. I prefer the simple, nonglitzy ones that deliver on promises.
    Thanks again.

  19. Aside from the fact that you’re very clever, very productive, very natural in front of the camera and just naturally adorable, your videos are usually packed with super content. You just showed me how to promote my affiliate products in a different way, add a contest, and get my new book into the hands of those who want it. Thank you again ‘man of wise knowlegde’. :-)


  20. I’m brainstorming for my first product launch and currently trying to build a list up in my niche. Product launches rock and I look forward to try and hit my goal of $50k in 2011 from my own products!

  21. Arjun Narain

    “It is the product not the packaging that matters”
    -Henry Ford

    Gideon, Another great video and this time it had a unique bend to it! (who doesn’t want the nano, a Lil’ flattery ain’t do no harm :P)
    Yes, I totally agree with your views expressed in the video, A need is always perceived as a duty, a restriction, a chains trapping a person. Something the person will have to yield to but will not wish too and we all know there are more pressing needs of a person than buying a product.
    But a want , It is different. We are inherently trained to run after our wants trying to fulfill them at every juncture of our lives. Don’t we all remember convincing our parents , when we were young, for that latest teenage fad.
    We are built in a way to give in to want no matter how crazy it might seem or how a valiant a defense prudence might pitch.
    And if a business owner is able to track this need then voila, you just cracked the code to the national treasure.

    Right now many and i mean MANY product launches fail, Not because the product was bad but simply because the product had only one fan.YOU!

    Tapping to the mass want is absolutely necessary , It is like the elixir of life, The ham of the burger (:P), Truly essential.
    And when you do achieve this you can say loudly and proudly ….product launches rock!!
    Till then (unless you follow Gideon’s amazing advice(flattery dose no. 2))
    you will continue to use your ‘vintage’ product strategies like a drunkard uses a lamp-post , for support rather than illumination.

    As for me,
    Product launches will always rock!!
    To your success,
    Arjun Narain

  22. Hi Gideon,

    As a novice online marketer I can say that the great ideas are usually simple. What an obvious thing – ask people what they want before even starting creating a product for them. Thank you for your tips Gideon. Product launches rock!

  23. Hi Gideon, I came across your blog through Yaro Starak and Pat Flynn’s blogs, loving the expertise you provide. I just made a ton of notes from this video which I’ll use this week to better-target my own products and services- so thank you! Product launches rock!!!

    I’ve personally found a quick email or phone call to current clients to ask them how they think I could improve my products or reach new markets has been a great source of input, but you have to think carefully about any self-serving requests. For example one client wanted to pay for his Online Marketing Platform (my product) on a small monthly payment instead of my usual arrangement because he has poor cashflow (common in his niche). I tried this out, but he’s missed every single payment since. So I either have to find a better way of offering monthly payments or try something new.

    Looking forward to trying out your suggestions this week :)

  24. Hey Gideon:

    Thanks for sharing your blunder. I know that it is not always easy to do this but it does help people like myself relate to you on a different, more personal level.

    You’re right it is so much easy to create and sell a Product that people want and not just what they need. Wants will always sell more than needs because of the way most people are wired to think. Afterall, at times we are all selfish and want for things.

    Finding out what people want, especially when starting out is a little time consuming but it is possible. People do want to find answers to their biggest pain or problem so youare 100% right that we need to find what those pains and problems are. Doing this will make it easy for you to sell your product(s) during the Launches.

    Creating and launching a product will be more successful when done on the Rock solid foundation of know what people want.

    This video has really shown me that Product Launches only Rock when done with the customer “wants” in mind.

    Great video!

    Take care,

    – Rick

  25. Hi Gideon.
    This year are many -launches- almost every day.
    How many really -rock- you?
    It is very hard to choose the good one -product-. There are many crap.
    Probably, marketers must change their strategies to promote.
    I want to see -product launches- thta really rock me!
    Carlos Alberto

  26. Product launches rock when you leverage the online video, you have the right contacts and JV brokers and you have a kick-ass product!

  27. Gideon–excellent distinction between wants and needs. In order to make product launches rock you have to discover people’s “wants” and then, if necessary, guide clients to their underlying “needs.”
    Many people want things that do not address their real needs…or they overstate them. We need automobile transportation. We want a Porche but we don’t need a Porche, we need a car.

  28. Hello Gideon,

    My greatest Pain is … finding the time to go through all the courses. I am a fulll time physical therapist- wife and mother of 2 young boys.
    My biggest problems is not having enough leads to sort through to build my downline.
    My frustration is trying to figure out what tactic/platform to use (out of the many) ie.. facebook, twitter, youtube, or blogging to integrate video (which I love).

    Thanks for your help,


    P.S. I bought the SMMM program from your link.. did you give out the bonus yet.. didn’t get the email? thanks again.

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Sandra

      Yes, we have sent out an email about the first 2 parts of 3 for the bonus. I have not scheduled the mastermind call yet, but access to the other two bonuses have been sent out. Have you checked your spam folder? If you still cant find it, can you please send us an email about it?

      Gideon Shalwick

  29. Rob

    Hi Gideon, As usual, your video did have a good suggestion using market search (surveys) before developing a product versus creating a product based on what we think our niche would buy. Based on my experience, what makes product launches rock is more than just asking your potential customers what they want. Often, people tell you what they want but once you offer it to them, they still will not buy it. The missing step in the development process, in my opinion, is creating a ‘prototype’ with different price points you can ‘test’ before you do your launch. Obviously, this is more work upfront but better to know you have the ‘right’ priced product in place before doing all the work of a launch. Keep up the good work !!

  30. Seven years ago while I was at the lowest point in my life I started a local women’s social club that grew to 150 members quickly because it offered a dozen different fun things to do each month as well as the opportunity to make new friends. After our ongoing success and having others ask how they could start a branch in their area, I am currently in the process of developing it as an online membership site and will be taking it global by mid-2011. I will be using videos and webinars as a big part of my prospecting as well as keeping all my members connected. And I’d like to thank you Gideon for all the great video tips you gave me in order to do this right!

    I have already been dreaming of the first product that I will offer on my new website and enjoyed Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Disasters video very much. It gives so much hope to us newbies to hear that even HE started out as clueless as we did. :) And l look forward to learning how to make all my future Product Launches Rock!

    All the Best!


  31. Nice idea Gideon and many are trying to ask at present.

    Trouble has been the answer to many surveys recently was ‘How do I get rid of all the emails I’m being bombarded with and how can I get anything done?’ Ok so there is a time management product there but it’s not a great answer. What it also shows is that as so many just delete emails. So the days when product launches rock big time for big ticket items in the IM market are looking a lot less than they used to do.

    On day three of Trey Smiths big ticket product launch it is rumoured that his top affilliate only had two sales. George Brown has fared a lot better with his low priced revamped product. For him product launches rock still. However, I wonder how many noticed that they may have signed up to a continuity program with it. A program that I’ve not found the terms and conditions for yet.

    So, it’s looking like if you want to make your product launches rock, keep out of the Internet Marketing sector, keep it reasonably priced – you will sell more anyway, and be totally upfront and honest with your potential customers.

    Good luck to all


  32. If product launches rock! – YOU rock so much more for providing great, useful, and easy to follow strategies and tips on a regular basis!

    Your content is great and I promote your information to people who are looking to produce videos for their blog.

    Have a super day – Theresa

  33. Hi Gideon: You seem so at home in front of the camera. Wish I was. I enjoyed the information and am hoping to have several product launches that rocks as well.


  34. Geo

    Well Gideon, you’ve done it again – what a great way to make sure people stick with you and hear (at least most of) what you’re saying! Kudos to you:

    There once was a dashing young lad
    Whose videos weren’t half bad
    He knocked off my socks
    When he said “Product Launches Rock”
    Listen to Gideon – and you will be glad!

    Now let’s get blogging!

  35. Well… if product launches rock (as in lean) toward satisfying a want then they can glisten like gold. On the other hand, if product launches rock toward a need they may fall flat like a black lump of coal. Therefore consistent with your story, while coal may satisfy a need, what people want is the shiny piece of gold. Why? Because it gives them a sense of value and intrinsically makes them feel better about themselves.

  36. I’ve been watching your videos for some time, and have gotten so much advice and great info from you. I’m currently writing an ebook, and I know when this product lauches, it will ROCK, because of all your great advice. Thank you so much Gideon!

  37. Levit Bront

    Hi Gideon, I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration

    for me, and I’m sure for others as well.
    I’ve learned so much from you in the last 4 months, since I

    discovered you, that I understood that I can also participate in

    this industry adding value to the world.
    I’ve no experience in online business, but You’ve inspired me to

    take action, and I begun to write, and soon I’ll be creating my

    own blog.
    As well as you, I believe in learning from mistakes, but of course

    I prefer learning from others’ mistakes 😉
    In this video I’ve learned a very, very powerful lesson and it

    came in the perfect timing. Now I know that “I’d better be careful

    not to assume that I know what my future audience need” in order to

    save time, energy and not get frustrated when creating my own

    Again, Gideon, Thanks for all these valuable lessons. God Bless


  38. Pat

    Hi Gideon.

    1st: I hope your NZ family/friends are safe and well.

    2nd: Your *** Product*** ***Launch*** videos ***ROCK!***

    My first product launch was an ebook for a need (geeks learning how to communicate with those not like them aka business people) …no market though (geeks don’t see the need). The ONLY person who purchase the ebook was a printer in India. So, I’m sure that book is now available free somewhere in India right now.

    I’m working on another product now. You had great ideas on who to ask (besides family and friends). Now let me learn from Jeff too.

    Thanks as always!

  39. miguel

    Hey Gideon, I have discovered that in order to be successful and make money online or offline for that matter is by listening and paying attention to them and by giveing people what they truly want.

    They will tell you what their Pain problem frustrations are when you probe and ask them. And when they tell you, you turn around and give it to them and they will gladly pay you for it.

  40. Hi Gideon,

    It’s so timely that this video arrived. I am just getting ready to launch something and all of the concurrent advice I’ve received is similar. One woman I admire put it this way…you have to give people what they want first in order to earn the trust to advise them on what they need. Thanks and I’m looking forward to havine my product launches rock!

  41. Paul Carlson


    I’ve read your free video blogging ebook and appreciate the solid information you have shared. Well put in pointing out that before launching a product, it helps to know what your audience needs first.

    On a side note, product launches can be tricky and even distracting when you are on the *receiving* end of a launch. Product launches rock, but don’t let them be the shiny new thing that delays you from taking action on what you have already learned. Especially considering how entertaining the recent launches have been, thanks to Andy Jenkins and his video marketing genius. 😉


  42. Well, sure Product Launches Rock! but you’re lucky this isn’t your product launch, because I’m sorry to say that you just stumbled on your own “big mistake” right on the video, both verbally and textually: ¿Friday February 22 2011? You seem like you need some vacations… ;-p

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Hey Danny

      Yeah sorry I got that wrong – it was a long day when I recorded it yesterday! But I did correct it with an annotation inside YouTube. The functionality for your account may be turned off perhaps? And I also changed the date on the actual blog post itself :)

      Thanks for pointing it out!

      All the best!

      Gideon Shalwick

      • I actually downloaded the flv file and saw the video offline, so that’s why I didn’t see any annotation. Anyway, a post about making mistakes without mistakes would just be mistake in itself, or wouldn’t it? XD

        • Gideon Shalwick

          Too right!


  43. How to make your product lauches rock?
    First of all -stop guessing or thinking what people need! You may be getting it wrong.
    Ask people what they want – ask, ask, ask!
    The tailor your product and marketing around what people want.
    When you have something people want – they will buy it…provided they know about it…so how d we get people to know about our great product Gideon? I bet J Walker would have some great ideas for us…
    Thanks for the great video!

  44. Hi Gideon,
    I have been watching you videos for quite some time now and I am very impressed with the advice you offer. This piece on Product Launches and learning from others mistakes is very good. I also recieve information from Jeff walker and loved his interview with the herb guy, that was a great story. I don not really have a product to launch but feel that there is a lot of valuable information for the golfer in my blog. So if and when I come up with a product I will remember that “Product Launches Rock”. Thanks for all of your insight.

  45. Gideon, your videos are always so informative and helpful, thank you for saying everything in such a clear, straight-forward way that we can all understand.
    Drawing attention to your mistake with the book only shows that you are just the same as us – imperfect!
    If I had a product, I would definitely be shouting “Product Launches Rock”!

  46. When Jeff launches a rock at his product, it bends and breaks… but when a marketer launches their product with his Product Launch Formula, they absolutely rock!

    Great advice about surveying your list and uncovering needs using forums and interviews. Some great ideas there, especially for people who may be having challenges getting responses from their surveys.

    Good work! 😉


  47. Hi gideon , i need to thank you because you Teach me how i built my wordpress blog , you are a clever teacher thank you.

  48. Ian

    Hi Gideon – Magic as always. Clear, concise vid, excellently presented again. Really enjoy your help and agree PRODUCT LUNCHES ROCK! … oops I meant launches. Hey man, we’re all only human ‘cept Jeff Walker the guru god of product launching!

  49. [..YouTube..] lol nice video

  50. Ashton Lanier

    lol nice video

  51. TheCuso

    Friday February 22? It’s 25! Anyway, really liked the concept of the video with the little giveaway there. Wonder where you got the inspiration for the “hidden words” thingie 😉

    Just wanted to say that your videos are cool but product launches rock!

    Ok your videos rock too, I said that…


  52. qabala

    You could have avoided those mistakes from the beginning by taking a basic course in sales. Even online in videos you must be able to grind on the pain that drives your customers to feel they need or want your product,
    This will make sure your product launches rock!

    Friday is actually going to be February 25, not February 22. In fact, your video wasn’t even uploaded until February 23.
    Is this a method of ensuring that nobody wins an Ipod from you?

  53. florituras

    Gideon you are always trying new things, awesome man…

    I wanted to point out that you don’t need to be a guru or a rockstar to make your product launches rock!

    Always keep that in mind “tubitiches”!!!

  54. GideonShalwick

    Oh oops – got the date wrong. I should have double checked! I’ve just created an annotation with the correction, and also updated the actual blog post on my blog.

    Thanks for pointing it out!

    Gideon Shalwick

  55. I love your tips and like how you used the video with your giveaway to make sure people watched for the duration of the video. Thats smart business and I like it and will use it myself when I get to that point.
    One thing I’ve learned in my time online is that in order to have a product launch that rocks, there are steps you must take along the way.
    If you fail to take those steps, your product launch won’t rock, but bomb!

  56. Alice

    It will not be long before I’ll try my hand at a blog.
    Videos are my next project.
    Indeed Product launches rock!

  57. lwj033

    product launches rock!

  58. Hi Gideon,
    You know what they say about the word – ASSUME – Making an Ass out of U and ME – so no big deal that you made a mistake because it was a valuable mistake and you would have never have done this video without your valuable mistake – It’s always so nice to hear what people want – live in your authentic truth and just ASK so you can have a successful Product Launch that will truly ROCK!!!!!
    In gratitude to you,

  59. Hi Gideon,
    I want reveal you my best strategy to find out what people REALLY want in each niche I go in. You will like to know that with this my personal very secret system I do not take care of what they need because i go straight to the core of my target audience and I am able to MAKE MUCH MORE MONEY :-) . Listen to me Great Gideon…

    I am very good in writing Squidoo lenses that get in the first three position in Google ranking. It’s amazing the power of Squidoo that so many people are completely ignoring. But fortunately for me it continuing to be my secret money-making-machine!!!

    Well, when I write I hit the most painful and frustrating problems that people have in each niche, and I assure to do this fundamental aspect inside each lens, using great compelling copywriting…

    And at the end of the len I put a link directed to a survey where I asked to each reader at least 20 specific questions. For example I ask the first cause of their problems, what did happen specifically, what they would like to receive, if they prefer to have the solution in a PDF report, a video series, an Mp3 series, how much they are willing to pay for the product/service i am going to release, the 3 main bonuses they would like to receive with the offer, if they would like to be inside a private or public member area or not, if they are willing to pay or not for a continuative monthly program, if they would like to receive follow up after the purchase in the number of 1,2,3 per week, if they would like to have an elite/high price service or product, what kind of payment system they prefer and the best delivering method they are looking for….

    It’s amazing how specifically people answer all the questions I list and in how very high percentage readers take the time to fill all the forms.

    And.. DRUM and ROLL please…. I went to create, – very easily – each time a specific product or service on what EXACTLY they want.

    It’s amazing Gideon how the text (as articles or Squidoo lenses), sometimes can be the very best solution for what many Internet marketers would like to achieve and unfortunately they never achieve for a lack of confidence, action and effective strategies.

    I tried several other methods, but frankly this one is the process where each time I get the best amount of specific answer and the best result in product creation, in building high real value, branding myself as a person really interested in them and in the best delivering method.

    So, with my secret process I go against what you say in your video that is better to ask only from 1 to 5 questions.

    For me it is totally different Great Gideon. The more specific I ask the more people are willing to answer and to reveal their sufferings, pains, frustrations and problems. It is like they open completely themselves to their secret diary or to their best friend, really! This is the feeling that I receive when I review all the survey answers.

    This is the very first time that I reveal this “Gold Nugget” so take my comment in high consideration… Great Gideon! What I am sharing today with you and your following is REAL HIGH VALUE, isn’t it true???

    All the Best to You and to Your Family Great Gideon,
    Alberto Facchielli
    from shining Italy :-)

    P.S. The phrase inside your video is ‘PRODUCT LAUNCHES ROCK’

    • Gideon Shalwick


      This is worth “GOLD”! I hope everyone else is taking notice of your comment too! I reckon there is definitely a place for asking more than 5 questions, especially if you have such a close connection to your audience!

      Thank you for your insights!

      Gideon Shalwick

  60. Mates1500

    Hey Gideon, what a nice video! I love them all, and all your strategies. I hope I will use those strategies soon too. I almost forgot to mention that your product launches really ROCK alot! Wishing you best luck with finding out more strategies, how to get easily money. :)

  61. rafidiisme

    product launches rock! … but only when they’e on time… the deadline is the 22nd but the vid wasn’t posted till the 23rd? I guess deadlines can rock too… when you have enough time to participate 😉

  62. [..YouTube..] @rafidiisme oh you did not see my correction with the annotation? I had a mistake in there – should be 25th!

  63. GideonShalwick

    oh you did not see my correction with the annotation? I had a mistake in there – should be 25th!

  64. josemariagil

    Hi Gideon! I´ve tried making surveys to my audience before I launch a new product, but most of the times, the reality is that people say something on the survey, but when I create the product they say they want, they don´t buy. Maybe is because I target the spanish-speaking crowd, which has less money to spend. Who knows.

    Anyway, keep the good work, You Rock! 😉

  65. rafidiisme

    oh sorry no I didn’t I didn’t see any anotation

  66. SFCouchman

    Great advice. Product Launches do Rock: there is that feeling of excitement having it out there for people to consume, but as you point out, selling what “you think” they need vs. what they want or what “they think” they need are not always the same thing.

    I’m hoping to launch a novel soon, and while the product is the product in that case, HOW I market it and to whom will help make or break it. So here’s hoping my product launches rock too! :)

  67. Frilleon

    So many YouTube users try to rock people with advice on product launches, website design, and advertising. Thankfully, you have mastered this skill.

    The production value of your videos has skyrocketed. Initially you employed great tactics within videos and blog to attract people; however, they were a bit too visible. Over the last few months you’ve crafted a smooth, spectacular experience for people to enjoy.

    You’ve perfected your method of delivery. I hope your future product launches rock!

  68. Chris

    Welcome to the information economy. Share your unique value to the world through Product Launches. Rock on as you help others gain valuable knowledge that will improve their lives or businesses 10 times what you charged for your product. Share your unique genius. Give first. That’s the secret.

  69. jerrylittlemars

    product launches rock, but fiverr .com rocks even more! I made over $300 is less than two weeks!
    (don’t believe me? check my profile! @ fiverr. com/ users/JerryLittlemars)
    btw I will still always love Gideon! He rocks too!

  70. Menelorn

    So very important to ask what people find frustrating & then set yourself apart by doing those things right! That’s what my independent GLBT press strives for with every book release. PRODUCT LAUNCHES ROCK! But they especially rock when you know you’re putting out a product that you can really be proud of with excellent editing, catchy cover art, and well-written stories!

    Thanks for the post, Gideon! I really related to you on this one!

  71. ThisJustZen

    Very informative, as usual Gideon! I don’t think it’s only a matter of finding out what it is people want but honestly asking ourselves, “Am I the perfect person to give it to him or her?” Product Launches that combine knowing what the peeps want and knowing I’m the best person to provide it, is the perfect storm! Cheers, Cory

  72. Theodor

    Hi Gideon,

    I summarize for myself what must be inside of a product . The real value when it contain pain/frustration/problem relief. In this case it is more appealing, going to the bottom of the customer’s want and make win-win situation. It is critical in creation the product launches that rock!

  73. leonardwbetts

    “Produce launches rock” can be taken a couple of different ways: as in “rock star”. Very successful – “THAT PRODUCT LAUNCH ROCKS DUDE!!!’. Or it may be like a rock in water: “That PRODUCT LAUNCH was like ROCKS thrown into a pond, they sank out of sight quickly.” Or “My PRODUCT LAUNCH of beautiful ROCKS put Granny to sleep as she ROCKED in her chair, LAUNCHED into the land of nod by my PRODUCT.” I know this last one is a bit of a stretch.
    I liked your video though, it was helpful.

  74. Deb Thornberry

    As always, I thank you for you willingness to share and your open honesty that when done correctly product launches rock and so do you!

  75. Stan

    Hey Gideon,

    I just love how everything you share with us out here always has value. Without fail! I think this is a basic principle of marketing, especially on the internet, that you emabrace and embody brilliantly. I’m grateful that I got to hear about you and got to do one of your courses – it was a great experience and I felt really supported and cared for by you. It feels like you are always there, eager to share what you know will benefit many people. Thanks.

    This video is no exception. I like it because at the same time as the surface message it is giving me the underneath fun message (which is also a serious one) that Product Launches Rock, especially if you take time to do the research and learn from the mistakes that others have made. These are really useful markers and save everyone re-inventing the wheel and help delineate the territory.

    I like your video a lot and appreciate being a part of your community.

    Warm regards,


  76. TheNACCVideos

    “Products are awesome,
    Especially when new.
    If you want to Rock,
    Then launch one too!”

  77. Harold Divernzon Polig

    Hey Gideon,

    You ROCK my world when you LAUNCH your PRODUCTS !

    Great tips all the way from Philippines ^^,

    Thanks !

  78. David Neff

    As always, great video and great content Gideon.
    I can’t wait to get my iPod Nano cause it’s a PRODUCT that LAUNCHES ROCK n’ roll to my ears!!
    Thanks for all of your valuable content and HIGH quality videos.

  79. 1AnnetteB

    hey Gideon,
    in my description box i list every single product that i use in my video (a pointer you made in a past video) by doing that it launches my views and that freakin rocks! cause i get subbies or comments that way! thanks

  80. crazychicks198

    Regular people launches there own products with a wrong assumption that they know what the people wants. Some Product launches will rock and others not but atleast try to make no mistake with your product launches so try to make them rock!

  81. Hi Gideon,

    I realize the contest is over but I still wanted to share a product launch blunder of my own and hopefully others can learn from my mistake. (plus I’d like to see if I can creatively use these words.)

    I started a website several years ago and I had this huge vision of creating my first product and making “millions”. I was still pretty new to social media and I assumed that any product launch using social media would be an instant success and I would strike it rich, but I quickly learned that even if you have a lot of Twitter followers it doesn’t mean that you have a lot of people that “know, like and trust” you.

    Social media is an amazing tool but it only effectively works if your followers have a connection with you of some sort. You can have the most amazing product in the world but your launch will mean nothing if no one connects with you well enough to buy the product from you in the first place.

    Spend a great deal of time building a huge connection with your followers by interacting with blog comments, email, video, giving away amazing content, and social media. After you have a strong friendship established between you and your viewers then you can rock out your product launches with confidence and know that they will be so much more effective.

    Take care man, love your videos.

  82. josejrosas

    hi, thanks for your useful videos. very clear english for us not native english speakers.

    Jose Rosas, colombia south america

  83. Great job Gideon! You seem to always tell it straight, and you give a lot of useful tips we can use to build our business.

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  86. xXTriCk2ShOtXx


  87. i made a mistake wasting my time watching you mr sir looool …. thank you

  88. abusamra47

    i made a mistake wasting my time watching you mr sir looool …. thank you

  89. Mark

    Hi Gideon,

    How do you do the effect in this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nFntUESeVo where the background is blurred and the forefront is clear?

    I assume you’re using some sort of DSLR vs standard HD video camera?

    I have a Nikon D5100, and if you’re using a DSLR like this, how are you getting your audio in?




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