Are You Making These 3 Editing Mistakes?

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Want to learn how to create awesome looking videos?

This video is for you! Inside, I talk about 3 BIG mistakes a lot of video marketers and creators make when creating their own videos.

These mistakes are SOOO easy to spot… but they are also SOOO easy to fix! But if you’re making these mistakes for editing your videos, make sure you watch today’s video to make sure you stop making them!

Also, I talk about an amazing new course called ScreenFlow Hero by Jules Watkins – it’s a truly awesome course that I HIGHLY recommend for everyone doing video marketing, and who are using a Mac (the ScreenFlow software only works on Mac).

If you want to find out more, please visit this page:

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Until next time!

Gideon Shalwick


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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.


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  1. Gideon Shalwick
  2. David Jenyns
  3. Gideon Shalwick

    you’re very welcome EmpireRetro!

  4. Gideon Shalwick

    For this one, I used my trusted Canon 60D and a wireless Sony lapel mic set.

  5. Gideon Shalwick

    haha – great spotting Jack! those pencils are schaweeet little things!

  6. Gideon Shalwick

    yeah I’m exactly the same way Amy! I’ve tried the teleprompter several
    times over my years online… and I always return to just using a solid
    structure, and bullet points to flesh it out. works great! I wonder if it’s
    a personality based thing? Eg… maybe extroverts prefer talking “off the
    cuff” with bullet points, and introverts prefer using word for word
    scripts. thoughts?

  7. Gideon Shalwick

    I actually had quite a few more outtakes for this shoot, but I did not want
    to bore you guys lol! but I guess that is what is so great about video
    editing… you can just cut all those mistakes out!

  8. GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis

    what about the numbers ( reseters segueways) you used? how do you make
    those kind of things? thxs

  9. Gideon Shalwick

    Ah – I got those from Splasheo – I forgot to mention them inside this
    video! Just google them (my other company).

  10. Wemakepies

    Dont you own splasheo?

  11. Gideon Shalwick

    Yes I do :)

  12. לימור בנרון לוי רפלקסולוגיה

    Great one! Thanks for the reminder – I was just sitting down to do some
    editing :) Leemore

  13. Mazon99

    Good job :)

  14. Gideon Shalwick

    Oh why thank you!

  15. Красимир Кривчев

    exellent advicess, thanks

  16. Edmund Pelgen

    Love your work man.

  17. Sold With Video

    Great video, Great tips, Great job Gideon! BTW, loved the bloopers!

  18. Charleston Lifestyle Guide

    I love Splasheo!

  19. Gideon Shalwick

    I love you for loving Splasheo :)

  20. Gideon Shalwick

    Haha thanks Brandon!

  21. Gideon Shalwick

    Thanks Edmund! Looking forward to see your talking head videos soon!

  22. Gideon Shalwick

    You’re very welcome… erm… mr unpronounceable name 😉

  23. EddiesuperM

    Make a video on how your username should be called.

  24. conkabfc

    What editing software are you actually using

  25. Michael Holdcroft

    Nice to see I’m not the only one who loses track of what they want to say
    😉 Good on you Gideon!

  26. ToojaysTV

    Great video again Gideon. Am following your videos with interest and trying
    to implement your tips and hints…any feedback would be appreciated!
    Especially on our latest Presentation skills video..
    – by the way your a natural presenter..editing or not..very easy to listen
    to! Look forward to watching the next video.

  27. Gideon Shalwick

    Really loving the ScreenFlow Hero course – it’s helping me A LOT to make my
    videos rock – see here: (aff link)

  28. Live From Long Island

    I Found You! YES!
    Heard you on Michael Stelzner’s show …I’m good to go now!