SEO For Blogs Part 3 – The Secrets Behind Keyword Research Revealed

Ok, today is when things start getting really interesting with this interview. As part of SEO for your blog, David delves into the wonderful world of keyword research. I never quite knew how to do it the right way, and for what real purpose, but David demystifies all that today.

Inside today’s video, you will learn about:

  • How to find the right keywords that will actually convert into traffic
  • The difference between “buying phrases” and “browsing phrases” as David calls it…
  • What free tool to use for doing your keyword research (and how to use it the right way!)

As I said before, this is where the interview starts getting really interesting, and where you need to start watching carefully what David does on screen. This video, and the ones coming are truly revealing and you will learn a lot!

Talk soon!

Gideon Shalwick

Transcript For Today’s Video

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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13 Responses to SEO For Blogs Part 3 – The Secrets Behind Keyword Research Revealed

  1. Greg

    Hi Gideon,

    When I click on the link: I get the following message:

    ‘This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.’

    Any reason why?


  2. Greg

    My mistake Gideon!

    The link is in the transcript notes for this video post…but I have realised that it is just an example link and not an actual link.


    • Gideon Shalwick

      Ah ok makes sense now.

      Thanks for clearing that up…

      Gideon Shalwick

  3. Hey Gideon, It’s Todd again!

    I used your suggestion and am just beginning to have my sister transcribe my videos. She did one and it looks great.

    Quick question… how do you set it up as a link like you have it? The “Click here to read the transcript”?


  4. Thanks! That should help a lot!

  5. hallo

    i wanna ask about PR, Last month my PR 2 but now down to 1
    can u tell where is the problem..?


  6. Hi Gideon,

    Good video, some helpful tips in there. People tend to shy away from doing the proper keyword research, so its good to find a resource like this.


  7. Henry Sao

    I’ve heard Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it?

  8. comautube

    how to get more traffic from youtube auto comment


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