The “Shooting Star” Financial Model – Insights Into Freedom Series, Part 3

In the previous posts, I have been sharing my Insights Into Freedom Video Series where I talk about my personal and professional experiences, both good and bad, that have allowed me to reach the ultimate freedom that I am enjoying in my life now.

We all have models or systems that we follow. They may have been a product of our own experience, or a model we copied from someone else, or a system that came out of different other models.

Here in the third video of the series, I share about a financial model that I pursued in my younger years. I reveal why I call it a “Shooting Star” model and why it is not the best path to tread if you desire long-term financial freedom.

I’d be glad to hear about the models that you follow in your own personal life and business and how we can gain insights from your own experiences. Please leave your comments below; let’s interact.

Talk soon!

Gideon Shalwick

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13 Responses to The “Shooting Star” Financial Model – Insights Into Freedom Series, Part 3

  1. DamirAndIrina

    who is your video editor? i want to hire this guy :) awesome stuff

  2. coquilori

    Hi Gideon,
    Thanks for sharing your always valuable content.
    Could you please tell the specific software tool you used to compose this video?
    Many thanks.

  3. KookieDaze

    You are full of wisdom Master…thank you for posting and sharing valuable info. You’re sure to do Well if you listen to these videos..

  4. MeccaVideoPro

    good stuff,,, please put your notes at camera level I keep thinking your looking at my messy desk…;-)

  5. Gideon Shalwick

    I know I look a bit like Hitler here (hehehe, silly YouTube thumbnails),
    but it’s my latest video on my blog… leave a comment and spread to your

  6. Jon0fAllTrades

    great videos! I’m very surprised you aren’t getting a lot more views on all of them. Funny isn’t it that ‘how to get more views’ gets TONS of views, most people on aspire to be Shooting Stars!

  7. VideosYouCan

    Want to earn REAL money on YouTube!?
    Find out how in the ‘3 Step Success Formula’ report!
    Which includes the SECRET step NOBODY else you!

  8. It’s probably done with after effects from adobe. But Gideon will tell is it true or not : ). Another great video.


  9. So what is the best financial model?

    • Gideon Shalwick

      That’s still coming up later in the series…

  10. LatinoMusicCafe

    Gideon, I normally like your videos. Most of them have had something useful. But I don’t like this series of videos as I find them way too basic and not providing much of a takeaway. In my opinion, the videos you’ve done in the past have been much bettter (in terms of value).

  11. Gideon Shalwick

    Ok cool – thank you for your honest feedback – seems like this is quite polarizing kind of content, in the sense that people either love it or hate it hehehe!

  12. Gideon, The Freedom Series doesn’t have the same flavor as your other videos in terms of content and takeaway. I get the feeling you are exploring other topics and are not sure about it yourself. You seem to look down towards the ground a lot.

    What I like is the text portion of the posts. The depth of concept is there, but not the execution. It’s like you are not sure how much you want to share about yourself, so you are vague.