How Steve Jobs Changed My Life

I’m just about to finish going through the audio version of the Steve Jobs Biography. And there is just one word that sums it up for me.


Awesome on many levels… of which I cover two inside my video today.

Some of the content may be a little controversial, so I’d like to hear what you have to say about it – please leave your comment below.

Chat soon!

Gideon Shalwick

PS: You can get a copy of the Steve Jobs Biography here:

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50 Responses to How Steve Jobs Changed My Life

  1. [..YouTube..] Love your insight into his life Gideon. I totally understand the how people close to you want to pull you down to their level. We get it all the time, but the more I learn about why people do that the more I understand and keep going no matter what others say. When it comes to your video edit, I like the panning, but not the quick cuts back to wide angle….that my humble opinion though. I do like the way you show your back ground lights…nice. Cheers, Brent

  2. Brent Mail

    Love your insight into his life Gideon. I totally understand the how people
    close to you want to pull you down to their level. We get it all the time,
    but the more I learn about why people do that the more I understand and
    keep going no matter what others say. When it comes to your video edit, I
    like the panning, but not the quick cuts back to wide angle….that my
    humble opinion though. I do like the way you show your back ground
    lights…nice. Cheers, Brent

  3. [..YouTube..] Thanks Gordon! My entrepreneurial fire has been dampened somewhat by some external factors and I started to question my own path. Your video came right on time man..thanks for posting.

  4. bigmanshrinking1

    Thanks Gordon! My entrepreneurial fire has been dampened somewhat by some external factors and I started to question my own path. Your video came right on time man..thanks for posting.

  5. Casadosmongos

    Gideon – Chinese Wisdom says:
    “A man saying its impossible should not interrupt the man doing it.” Because he might just make it 😉

  6. reincarnage256

    you should watch this video


    he believe what he say but all people say it’s impossible
    but he stay cool


    Hi Gideon, I just finished reading it myself. It’s a great read with some really insightful bits of information. He is was true entrepreneur, who believed that you can achieve what you want to achieve. Nice video. Keep on sharing. Thanks Tim

  8. jerrylittlemars

    Why would anyone dislike this? Sure, I may not like Apple, but I still liked and respected Steve Jobs

  9. TheMattyMiller

    Cool Vid Gideon. I’m about 1/2 through the book myself. Reading it before bed, I gotta say, its a hefty read but wow its chock full of great take aways. Its ok to be awesome and unreasonable are 2 great nuggets to take away. Steve has impacted so many people on so many different levels that I don’t even know if awesome captures his impact fully. Is there even a word?

    Thnx for the message.

  10. Bluekillion

    Gideon from what I have seen from you & about you online, I would say that you are pretty awesome already.

    And that panning effect at the begining of the video – thats kinda awesome too.

  11. tubetrst

    For me the Steve Jobs book was an eye opener. For years, I’ve been told that Macs are better than PCs, but never told why. Mac users seem to have this superior attitude that says “we’re better than you and we know something you don’t” !

    Finally, I was enlightened as to what makes Apple so good. So much so, that as someone who runs their own IT business, I’m looking to make the switch later this year and transfer all my operations to Mac – I’m still building up the courage to bite the bullet!

  12. [..YouTube..] @jerrylittlemars Agreed, awesome products, great respect for Steve Jobs, but not very impressed with the company.

  13. joelwills

    Agreed, awesome products, great respect for Steve Jobs, but not very impressed with the company.

  14. corcorsmith77

    well said Gideon. its not others you have to convince that your awsome, its yourself. Thats the biggest hurdle of all.

  15. RichGamesForLearning

    I’m currently working on a PC (long story) but am a raving Mac fan and can’t wait to get back into mac. Thanks for the advice Gideon, I’m not usually into biography books but I would like to read about Steve Jobs.

  16. Edu DeAguiar

    Once again! Very nice!

  17. jtunkelo

    Good points. Easily the best biography of he last couple of years at least

  18. amidyousef

    I agree with You Mate.
    Steve Jobs Was Awesome.
    He demanded so much of himself and of others and got it.
    I love the iMAC. After 30 years of PC’s

  19. Amid Yousef

    My Friend +Gideon Shalwick from OZ (As they know it) Australia to you and
    me. Hi Gideon. Fantastic Video Buddy

  20. reggupton

    You insights are always inspiring and though provoking.

    I appreciate your thinking. Gideon.

    Thanks for what you do.

    Reg Gupton

  21. Fred

    Gideon your new setup is awesome :)

  22. Great video Gideon. I love your part about coming up with an amazing idea and having others negatively react to it and having that paralyze your progress. That reminds me of a Harvard Business Review article that asked “Should you trust your gut?” The answer of the piece was basically – that depends on what your gut is made of. If you have been running your business for more than 18 months or if you know your customer avatar or niche very well then you know what makes for an awesome solution to your customer and the opinion of others who are not your target market only matter so much.

    The other part of getting permission to be awesome I think has to do with not being afraid of being super successful. I think that every wants money and success but there is a funny dichotomy at least in the U.S. where if you start becoming really successful you realize that a LOT of people like to complain daily about their jobs, the media focuses on murders, and people like to focus on the negative because that is therapeutic to them. I think to become super successful you have to break out of those molds, get away from those people, stop watching mainstream media, read more books like the biography of Steve Jobs, and hangout with other really successful people. In short, don’t be ashamed that you have earned a good amount of money for yourself, or a free lifestyle.

    Keep producing the videos Gideon – they are great!

    – Richard

  23. Ana

    I just loved your video. So inspiring and so relevant for my personal moment!. I’m really doing “strange” things in terms of career right now in the hope of building a new one (internet-based, for sure!). And you are right, we can get a lot of ugly faces in the process… it’s good to get some inspiration to proceed now and then. Thanks!

  24. Sharon Beck

    Dear Gideon,

    I quit trying to make money with my hobby (video production) when I got my little part time job at Apple. Being a raving Mac fan after years of PC usage, and training at the Apple store, I applied for a job there and got it. And every time I walk into that store, I feel elevated. There’s just something about being in the Apple Community that is exhilarating.

    I am also listening to the audiobook and it is amazing to be on the inside of Apple, living with his creation of “Apple Retail”. His attention to detail is everywhere and I can almost feel his spirit infused in every line. And it is interesting to me to have lived near the mega-mansion Bill Gates built for himself in Washington, and now be back near Steve Jobs home which is in a normal neighborhood, without any security at all.

    Thank you for this post. It edified Steve Jobs and he deserves it. He proved that thought is creative. And that’s something we all need to remember. That and “If he could do it…so can I”. Awesomeness is attainable by all of us. It just take the courage of our convictions.

    Sharon Beck

  25. Martin T.

    Yes, Gideon. Both of the things you say are true.

    BUT…there’s a third.

    While you DO have to stand firm in having a Awesome Vision,
    and you DO have to know when to refuse compromise In That Vision…
    …you DO Have To Know WHEN and HOW to take good advice.


    Steven P. Jobs died last year from a cancer that he could have had properly treated. Had he accepted good, intelligent counsel and elected to have the surgery when it was first detected, he would – most probably – STILL BE ALIVE NOW. There were other times in his life that he took good advice – WHY not then?

    That is both scary AND tragic. As a hard-core Apple fan/user, I have to say this…I still literally weep.

    – All the best to you in your awesome work!

  26. MrForsund

    Great as always! Just a little technical question; is the “pan” effect (moving camera) obtained manually while filming, or in the post production?

  27. Hey Gideon,

    Well I think you’re awesome with what you do on your blogs and your trainings as well, my friend.

    I have also been reading the Walter Isaacson’s biography book on Steve Jobs (haven’t finish it yet) and being an IT guy myself, I’m literally blown away by how Steve conducted himself and his out of the box thought process.

    Accepting that we can be awesome at what we do, is not normally what we are taught in school. I used to laugh at myself a lot as a protecting strategy (to not be criticized) when I finally realized that’s not the way to go.

    Still, I’m trying to find out my inner self and it was very cool to watch this video from you addressing that topic of being awesome ourselves.

    Thanks man and have a great day! 😉


    PS. So far, I have this idea that Steve was a bit unnecessarily rude towards his parents (both biological and adoptive) but that’s just my opinion so far, I still have to finish reading the book so I can have my own informed thought about it.

  28. Thanks Gideon, We should not be afraid to be our awesome selves. We should not be afraid to be persistently unreasonable to carry out our vision. This is just what I needed to hear today.

  29. jessie

    HI Gideon,

    Liked this content very much! Although not fan of Steve Jobs (too corporate for me).

    Yes, being different has always been difficult to “be” in this world. Seems everyone claims to want to be different but, then they do everything like everyone else does :-(. Think fads like wild hair color, piercings and tattoos.

    Oh, well. When you can’t be different you can always look different.
    But it makes life rather pc, dull and plain (yawn)…

  30. KatrinaPeluso

    Thank you…I so resonated with this message today

  31. LuckyLoveLovesYou

    love audiobooks myself! [i’m an member]

  32. LuckyLoveLovesYou

    “we are here to create awesomeness” awesome !

  33. “awsome” is my least favourite cliche in the English language. It’s overused and misused so much to the point of inducing an involuntary cringe every time I hear it.
    In the true meaning of the word, yes, maybe it applies to Steve Jobs, but can’t people (Ed Dale included) use a less worn-out adjective?
    Like all the people interviewed on the BBC who start a sentence with “Absolutely,…”
    Too many sheep.

  34. Gidday Gideon, Thanks for this vid. I loved the audiobook. It is content and personality rich and provides a great insight into the philosophy of the man and his company.

    In a way its not just Apple and Pixar that are Steve’s legacy. Nor is it just the computers, devices and new use of the letter ‘i’. So much of what we do and how we do it is as a result of Steve’s philosophy, design sense and drive and the brilliance of Apple employees (i.e. Bill Atkinson). I would argue that the very way we navigate our world has largely been shaped by Steve and his people.

    Perhaps its ‘we’ that are his greatest, lasting legacy.

  35. johnenlima

    After reading Steve Jobs bio, I cannot help him but admire him. I am switching to MAC after donkey years with PC- simplicity, aesthetic, and ease of use. Rereading his book again- many lessons to learn!

  36. madjak30

    I just came to that conclusion myself…it’s okay to chase the dream…I’m not an entrepreneur, I work for a large corporation…but I have decided that I can make a difference and have some of the answers to correct issues that I see…so I am pushing to the front, my first step was today and being interviewed for a new position within the company…during the interview they asked where I see myself in 5yrs…I pointed at my new boss and said I hope you have opportunity, ’cause I want your job!

  37. Iain

    Hmmm. Nothing wrong with being extraordinary and nothing wrong with being singleminded about following a goal but I’d say you’ve bought in uncritically to the Steve Jobs selfmarketing message. SJ was an interesting and capable person but he was essentially a shrewd business person who knew how to use the capabilities of others to achieve corporate success. He wasn’t particularly a visionary, he certainly wasn’t a guru, he certainly wasn’t personally responsible for changing the face of personal or mobile computing but he was superb at persuading people to buy pretty good, nicely designed, capable and usable products at ridiculous prices and then to spread the faith.

    If that were all I wouldn’t particularly care one way or the other but what condemns Apple and Steve Jobs utterly for me is their cynical disregard for other human beings where profit is involved, specifically the exploitation of the Chinese workers at Foxconn and elsewhere who made or make the Apple components and products. At least Bill Gates uses his vast wealth to try to do something about disease and famine in the developing world; Jobs hoarded his wealth and declined to change his exploitative business practices and that makes him simply contemptible in my view.

  38. Dezisgrammie

    Heay Gideon! I’m a new subscriber and I always look forward to seeing your videos. I got the Steve Jobs biography for Christmas and it’s in my reading cue, can’t wait. Thanks for the take-aways in the meantime. By the way, just an observation, I notice that you zoom in and out in your clips occasionally and I’m not sure how others feel but to me its a little distracting. Thanks for all you do & offer!

  39. jimle22

    Hi Gideon, I just finished reading the Steve Jobs book. It took me a while but yea, I got the same impression. He pissed a lot of people off along the way and didn’t have a giving personality but he GOT THINGS DONE! He had little tolerance for what he called “B” players (slackers) and did try to distort or create his own reality. He had an awesome life and revolutionized several major industries. If you listen to other peoples criticism and let it get to you it will squash all your dreams.

  40. FanningJonathan

    Thanks for posting this – great insight! Young aspiring entrepreneurs always bring up Steve Jobs. Have been learning a lot from your videos.
    Are you really in Valley Cottage, NY? Would love to share some of your videos and perhaps interview you for our Entrepreneur Adventure students.
    We’re in Nyack, NY.

  41. EvesPotOfGold

    Nice video.thanks

  42. Hey Gideon,

    Great videos, I appreciate them very much and this one on Steve Jobs is well done and obviously very personal to you. Well done!

    I notice that you’ve been changing your music intros around a lot on your vids lately, it’s cool to see that you’re experimenting with the best sound to go along with your informative vids.

    Look forward to seeing more!


  43. You did a great job with your tribute, Gideon. One thing is for sure, Steve Jobs made a big difference in the technology of our day. IT will be interesting to see who steps up to the plate as an innovator for the next generation.

  44. Me too, where is the final version :-)

  45. TheSeekerOfKnowledge

    Being unreasonnable is one thing, treating employees like dirt is another thing, Steve Jobs was a true visionnary but a genuine asshole too.

  46. dinosdinou

    hey Gideon, thank you very much for the tip about the Jobs book is also in audio format(didnt know that). I am a very lazy person in reading books, and this book is one that i want very much reading. The audio version makes it really easy for me, cause, i like you, drive to work every day, 2 hours on going and 2 hours back home. So the audio solution is great. thank you

  47. The Biography of Steve Jobs is Truly a great story, and in particular the fact that the book was so honest and actually portrait Steve as being a fairly evil person from times to times, I found that great.

    Just a short comment on listening to Audio Biographies. I do that myself a lot and it is one of the greatest ways to maximize the output of ones traveling time.

  48. anita khatra

    u gotta think like him smoke some shit bro

  49. Mark Tyson

    Great way to start the day. Thanks Gideon, Steve was certainly one of a kind.

  50. jake gray

    im 8 and i mack games