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Why More Views Can Hurt You

One of the most popular questions I get is about how to get more views on YouTube. But over the years, I’ve realised that the focus on just getting more views can get […]

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Do THIS, Make More SALES! Recently one of my subscribers asked me how you actually build trust using a video content marketing strategy. It’s a fantastic question an inside today’s video I delve […]

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Content Marketing: An Awakening Giant?

I couldn’t help myself today – I was looking at these new graphs and it just hit me how BIG (potentially) this content marketing trend could really be. What I did, was look […]

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Content Marketing Is King AGAIN???

It’s funny how things come and go. One such funny thing is the trend of “content marketing”. Even though it’s been around for as long as the internet has been around for, all […]

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Effortless Sales Success Using Video

It’s not often that you discover a really nice little shortcut for making your business A LOT more successful. And I think I’ve just “stumbled” upon one such thing… Do this ONE thing […]

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How Silly Mistakes Can Make Your Videos Better

How Silly Mistakes Can Make Your Videos Better

It’s funny how a simple conversion can make you realize something quite profound! Recently, I had a chat to one of my students. During our chat, she mentioned something that came as a […]

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