TubeSlicer Review – Create STUNNING YouTube Thumbnails In Less Than A Minute!

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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78 Responses to TubeSlicer Review – Create STUNNING YouTube Thumbnails In Less Than A Minute!

  1. GumballFallsFan


  2. Cory Tyler

    This is a major piece of the video production pie! You always have great
    resources to share +Gideon Shalwick I will check out your link! Peace,

  3. TekhSquare

    I like the freedom of PhotoShop much better :(

    • Joey Kissimmee

      I agree with you, but here's the thing. Not everyone can afford Photoshop, not to mention know how to fully use it. Plus for most people who do have it really only use a few features. I've had PS for years and I only use like 10 features in it.

      I based YouTube Slicer on many of Photoshop's features. I added the features that I mostly use on PS. For those familiar with PS you'll find many similarities.

      I wanted to create something that was easy to use and easily accessible from anywhere and any pc or mac and easy to use.

    • TekhSquare

      Awesome! But now I wish I could even buy the YouTube Slicer as well, which actually I can't cuz I don't really have enough money to spend on some cool product like that :/
      But yes, if someone is looking forward to purchase some app for that purpose .. I can surely recommend it to anyone :)

  4. Suraj Sodha

    Brilliant, Thanks Gideon. Going to check this out and buy it !

  5. Ricardo Mendes

    Gideon that was another great one! Cheers man!

  6. Joey Kissimmee

    Awesome video Gideon. Really. You just put out the best production.

    I’ll be here for anyone who might have any questions whatsoever.

    Thanks everyone.

  7. Wayne Meador

    Thank you for sharing this +Ileane Smith and +Gideon Shalwick! I've been looking for a tool like this for a while and this seems to fit the bill. You did a great job explaining this software and giving the demo. I will have no issues with supporting your affiliat link and supporting the product, buying now. I look forward to getting to know +Joey Kissimmee as well.

  8. Joey Kissimmee

    Thanks +Ileane Smith you've always been a big supporter. And +Wayne Meador looking to get to know you as well. I'll be online all day so if you need any help with anything just hit me up.

  9. Joey Kissimmee

    CRAZY product value. I'm honestly jealous, in a good way 😉

  10. Let's Go Road Trippin

    That is great software for YouTubers to use. I already have software that
    I use that works VERY well, but it is more expensive. This software is
    definitely something I would use if I didn’t already have something else

  11. Joey Kissimmee

    Thanks +LetsGoRoadTrippin The key things for us when we were designing and developing this tool was to create a great tool that was easy to use and affordable.

  12. Let's Go Road Trippin

    +Joey Kissimmee It looks to me like you have done a great job.  I would definitely keep up the great work.  Being a former programmer, I wish I had come up with it.  😉

  13. S A Bokhari

    Hello Gideon, this is an awesome tool for youtube video uploader. I mean
    WOW! really cool stuff but as an introductory price, I would personally
    expect it to be around under $10, I mean $9.99, and I believe that would
    give the seller a huge boost in selling in average. This is my own thought.
    Don’t get it wrong. Thanks.

    By the way, thank you so much for showing my comments in your video, I’m
    really honoured and thrilled. Thank You. And also thank you for sharing all
    these amazing ideas. Cheers!

  14. EmpireRetro

    Nice video!! I can’t wait to see more :)

  15. Ileane Smith

    You're welcome +Wayne Meador you can reach out to me if you need help too. I'm pretty much snowed in today so I'll be around….

  16. Lasse Rouhiainen

    This will be great for your videos Suraj

  17. Lasse Rouhiainen

    Thanks for sharing this Gideon, getting this tool right now

  18. Around Tokyo

    Great video Gideon! Good to see that software and I will be getting it.
    Haven’t got your latest report yet, but will get it before the Xmas break.

  19. CJ Grace

    More awesome info Gideon. Thanks!

  20. Simin Osa

    Hi Gideon. I did just bye this peoduct, but I dont know how to start, I
    mean how to get to the startpage..

  21. Joey Kissimmee

    Hey +Simin Osa when you log in you should be automatically redirected to
    the slicer. Did you get all your login info? Let me know so we can get this
    working ASAP for you.

  22. GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis

    have you found any other software like this one?
    other thing i found tricky is that it says TRY and it does not let me try
    it .
    the site wants me to buy it right away and i would like to try it for 30
    days ,etc like a TRIAL VERSION if i like it i dont mind buying it

    pd: question: how do you do when you finish your video here apear all your
    videos in a grill



    Getting the software today Gid!!

    • Joey Kissimmee

      Excellent. Will try to get these all done by the next update 😉

  24. Joey Kissimmee

    I'm sorry but we don't offer a 30 day trial. However we do have a free lite version for you to try.

    It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the full version, but it does the trick.

  25. Evelyn Parham

    +Gideon Shalwick I’m using TubeSlicer too and I love it! I got a nice
    increase in the view counts on some of my older videos after I added a new
    thumbnail. It makes the video stand out on YouTube search and in Google
    search results as well.

    Thanks for sending those suggestions over to +Joey Kissimmee I know that he
    is going to be adding some more fonts soon. One of the fonts that I
    requested is Francois One, and Joey said it’s coming along with a lot more
    cool fonts and other feature updates.

  26. Stephen Shortt

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just create your own thumbnail in
    whatever program you use to create the transparency on your main image?
    Surely if you are able to do that most difficult part you can do all the
    rest without paying $80?

    • Joey Kissimmee

      +Stephen Shortt
      oh I see. That eraser tool is not our product. I wish it was. That actual tool can be found here:

      We're actually trying to develop a similar feature for the slicer. I've never seen a tool like Clipping Magic before. It's actually easier than Photoshop or Gimp.

      Our customers we're requesting a feature like this and since we didn't have it, we showed people how to do it with Clipping Magic.

      A lot easier than using Photoshop and it's perfect for those that don't have PS.

      Anyway, check out that tool. I'm sure you'll love it.

  27. SyaSuAilin

    How do we use the free lite version?

  28. Joey Kissimmee

    There's a video tutorial right on the top right hand side page.

  29. Joey Kissimmee

    That tool you're talking about only does just that, deletes sections of your image. That's the sole purpose of that tool, as our tool is to create thumbnail images.

  30. Stephen Shortt

    But what I mean is if you are able to use a tool that has the ability to cut out a background, it can probably do all the other bits and pieces you do too… I'm not knocking the product, just wondering if you have fired up your photo editor to cut out your talent from the screengrab, why not just add in the text and background in that?

  31. Alex Brune

    What is the song called that you used in this from incompitech?

  32. SyaSuAilin

    +Joey Kissimmee I cant see any video on the top right hand side of

  33. Ray Cunningham

    It is a great looking product and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have
    Photoshop or similar software. I do think it’s too expensive though to be
    honest. If it was under $50 I think it would be a winner.

  34. Joey Kissimmee

    Just wanted to add this tidbit of info on what we have planned for YouTube
    Slicer and about what some are saying here about pricing.

    Some are saying that the price is to high or not worth it. Well here’s the
    thing. Most of the cost goes into development and support. We’re
    consistently updating and making the Slicer better.

    This is not one of those one and done type products you see out there. Our
    Slicer brand dates back since Feb 2012 with our first Slicer for Facebook
    Timeline. So we’re here to stay for the long run.

    Right now as we speak we’re working on developing the YouTube Profile
    Slicer which ever current member will get access to as soon as it’s
    complete. No extra charge.

    That said, if you think the price is to high now, it will be even more when
    we do go live with the profile slicer.

    I’m not trying to do any type of scarcity or anything like that. I’m just
    saying that this is a top notch product that we developed that will truly
    help you with your YT Channel and we strongly believe that the current
    price point is undervalued and more than fair.

    Thanks you all for your honest feedback. We always appreciate it.

  35. Nizam Khan

    Thanks for the share lleane :)

  36. Ileane Smith

    +Nizam Khan My pleasure. 

  37. waplogue1

    why do you only have automatic captions now? :(

  38. Andrew Smith

    Is it Mac or Windows or Web based?

  39. Andrew Smith

    Also the price does seem on the high side in the world of apps. At $47 I’d
    be seriously tempted…

  40. Joey Kissimmee

    many people think the same of Photoshop. Now our app isn't even close to PS but from what it does and the constant upgrades and new features being added, we feel the price is right.

  41. waplogue1

    subtitles. he told in previous videos that subtitles help you appear more in the search engines. now i'd like to know if in his opinion  it's still worth it.

  42. waplogue1

    +Joey Kissimmee a nice feature would be for people to use their own fonts. like in the pixlr service(i added a christmas font in the windows folder) and then i used it online on and it worked. i suppose technically is not that easy? but it still seems to be managable. it would also be nice to have a trial period of the whole program. i tried the trial version but it only let me upload a picture and nothing more and to be honest, then i clicked out of it.peace

  43. NextGenGaming07

    Gideon can u recommend me a good dslr ( entry level) + a good microphone
    Help me please

  44. Gideon Shalwick

    hmmm… not sure about entry level dslr's… but I use the Canon 60D ( and it's fantastic! And I use the wireless Sony lapel mic (

  45. Gideon Shalwick

    those are affiliate links btw fyi :)

  46. Ash Almond

    Thanks so much for sharing Gideon. I’m trying to get heap more views with
    this custom thumbnails, this video really helps. THANK YOU.

  47. SoftwareCasa

    3×27 for something that any free graphics software does. Not sure how you
    can stand behind this.

  48. Gideon Shalwick

    You have to use it to appreciate it. The power is contained in it's simplicity. I would hate using overkill software like PhotoShop for something like this. 

  49. Melissa Olivero

    The BEST software for creating STUNNING YouTube Thumbnails in less than a
    minute! Check the description area for limited time bonuses. And you can
    grab the tool here:

  50. ahmad ali


  51. LivingForMondays

    Great video Gideo and a very nice tip – thanks for sharing 😀

  52. tom campbell

    Not for £80

  53. JB Glossinger

    Gideon you rock! Just grabbed a copy for my assistant – finally getting
    around to rocking video :)

  54. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey JB! AWESOME to hear you're getting into video again! Let me know if you need any help ok – you got my email right? If not, just ask +Michael Maidens :)

  55. Luis Rosario

    Great job Gideon!!!

  56. Alexander Herrera

    How do you get the image from tube slicer to show in the the actual youtube
    video thumbnail. NO VIDEO’S ON THIS in the members area?

  57. Dr Charles Parker

    Thanks Gid, outstanding tool, appreciated!

  58. LordPanda

    this is what RWJ used to use…

  59. Liberation

    Yea.. I will pay for something that i can easly do in GIMP for example
    which is free and better.

  60. Ambrosia Noire

    Sounds cool but not for 37 dollars just for thumbnails.

  61. infinitysky

    If you like gaming, then my channel is for you. I post iPhone Gameplays,
    Minecraft, and Xbox (i do have a capture card). I could us some advice on
    ways to make my videos better! If anyone could leave a comment, that would
    help a lot. Thank you.


  62. marty muke

    Don’t waste your money when there is Free online software at Pixlar

  63. James Simons

    So having a prompt when you try to close the website saying, “WAIT I HAVE
    a complete turn off… that’s like porn site tactics and it is tacky as
    F***. This is obviously regarding the tube slicer webpage from the point
    of view of an average american.

    • Saulo Carranza

      Hi! My name is Saulo. Sorry to write you by this way, but… I think you are the "simonz350" that I found in some forums and I need to ask you a question. Let me explain myself, I was searching – a lot -in the Internet trying to troubleshoot the problem that I have between my audio interface (mbox2 pro) and my computer (iMac late 2013), and I realize that you had exactly the same setup that I have (and of course … I have the same problem).

      I'm kind of desperate because I can not get rid of the kernel panic problem, so I wanted to ask you if you ever could fix that problem. I'm thinking seriously in selling my mbox because of this, but I really don't want to (I work with it, I'm an audio engineer).

      I hope you can answer me , here or to my mail saulo.carranza @ gmail . com. I will totally appreciate it. Thank you and have a good day.

  64. Ultra Bricks

    +Gideon Shalwick thanks a lot!!! i recently took youtube seriously, and you are a huge help!

  65. Mark Tetzner

    i swar to god this is amazing

  66. Stephen Shortt

    +Joey Kissimmee oh sorry, I thought you had to use fireworks or photoshop or something to create the transparent background before uploading it to your system… Then I figured if you had those programs why not do the whole thing in one go?

  67. Joey Kissimmee

    +Stephen Shortt
    yeah I totally agree. If you have PH, Fireworks, or Gimp and you know how to use them. then there's no reason to get my App.

    I really created the TubeSlicer for those that didn't have those tools.

  68. Joey Kissimmee

    it's web based so you can use it on any computer. We're also working on a table version 😉

  69. Joey Kissimmee

    Automatic captions? Not sure what you mean.

  70. Gideon Shalwick

    You can do it either when uploading your video, or when you go into the edit settings of your video afterwards. Look for the option where you can upload your own custom thumbnail…

  71. James Simons

    +Saulo Carranza Hey Saulo… I don't really know what to say about my problem except that it basically resolved itself.  I'm not sure if it was an OSX update or not.  My advice is to make sure you have the latest Avid Mbox2 Pro drivers installed, and make sure you disable any kind of sleep mode on your iMac.  So basically I know longer have been having a problem with random kernel panics like I was having before, unless I enable automatic sleep mode which is where the problems begin.  I'm not sure why the problem got better because I basically gave up and was willing to deal with random kernel panics every so often, but they seem to have gone away.  Again just make sure you have the latest drivers and don't let your computer go to sleep, I hope your problem works itself out!

  72. James Simons

    +Saulo Carranza I am also still using Mavericks… I generally wait to do major OSX upgrades until plug-in developers have caught up and bugs are worked out.  I am a Logic Pro X user… which is obviously native to Apple, I'm not sure if introducing another DAW would cause me to have problems because I pretty much exclusively use Logic at this point.

  73. Saulo Carranza

    +James Simons​ thank you for the answer! I'm working with the last version of the mbox 2 pro drivers, but I'm still with mavericks. Did you do the upgrade to Yosemite? (Or you mean the lastest mavericks update?) And one last question, which DAW do you use?