How I Fell Off My Skateboard And What It Taught Me About Video Blogging

Recently, I made a pretty interesting re-discovery…

I suck at skateboarding!

Well… to be more exact, I suck at skateboarding when trying to skate in a way that I am not used to!

You see, a few days ago, I tried skating on my new longboard using the other side of my body. I normally have my left foot in front, so this time, I tried having my right foot in front!

Well… as predicted, I came off my longboard in a rather embarrassing way!


It did remind me about when I first started video blogging (vlogging). And it highlighted some SUPER important aspects any new video blogger should know about.

Inside today’s video, I mention the powerful concept of flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience – aff link), and how you ABSOLUTELY require it for success in video blogging.

Watch my video from today, and learn how you can prevent yourself from “falling off” your video blogging experience!

Gideon Shalwick

PS… Notice how stable this video is even when I skate and glide? Not many people will think that I am filming this myself using my iPhone and my nifty monopod, which I absolutely love. You can get one for yourself here – iStabilizer ISTMP01 Smartphone Monopod (aff link).

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Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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93 Responses to How I Fell Off My Skateboard And What It Taught Me About Video Blogging

  1. EpisisTune

    Your video never gets old

  2. VioTutorials

    awesome work. you are the youtube star. and you will make more stars from your videos.

  3. Korziphone

    Gideon, great video and examples! Inspiring stuff…

  4. LostandFoundTravel

    Genius vid. Csíkszentmihályi is totally hard to say. But this is DEAD ON great advice. You can apply his chart to everything. Work, relationships and yes blogging.

  5. Ricardo Mendes

    Gideon, what was your setup for audio and video in this episode? Lapel direct into the camera? Wired or wirelessly? What camera and lapel model? Cheers mate!!

  6. Gabe Johansson

    I used to skateboard for 6 years. I actually created a skate video filled with tricks back in 2004 and it was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2005. I reuploaded it in 06 after account issues, but its crazy to see how much my videos have improved and changed since then. And that I’m almost 10 years older lol

    I’m really liking the new video style and transitions! Also, if I can give any advice for longboarding, its… practice! Helpful, right? I only got really good by putting in hours per day.

  7. Onthebuses1000

    What video editing software do you use.

  8. munarong

    Very good tips. I like your outside vlogging style, it seems much more interesting than in the office and the camera angle/distance it works pretty well.

  9. Yaro Starak

    Yeah, skating video. Nice longboard, looks like a carving board too given how loose you have the trucks G!

  10. Gideon Shalwick

    hehe – I knew you’d like it Yaro! Yeah it’s great for carving. But I’m still a noob. Might have to come and get some tips from you 😉

  11. Leanne Bandte

    Awesome awesome awesome! Your course correcting so far has lead to a fantastic informative and visually entertaining piece. Great work Gideon! Excited and motivated thank you!

  12. Gideon Shalwick

    thanks Leanne! And WOW – you have the voice of an ANGEL! Watch your welcome vid on your channel :)

  13. Gideon Shalwick

    Thanks man! Yeah I’ll be experimenting (and course correcting) more with these kind of videos. They really are a lot of fun!

  14. Gideon Shalwick

    I just used ScreenFlow, and then some cool clips from Splasheo . com.

  15. Gideon Shalwick

    Thanks Gabe! Yeah practice does seem to work really well. Although I’ve found the “right” kind of practice helps even more… which relates to step 3 in my little video today :)

  16. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Ricardo – I show the exact equipment I used inside the previous video to this one. Just my iphone 5 with corded lapel mic and iStabilizer monopod :)

  17. Gideon Shalwick

    Thanks! Yeah Csíkszentmihályi is DA BOMB! Loved how he scientifically analysed FLOW in his amazing book. The man is a GENIUS!

  18. Gideon Shalwick

    Thanks so much! Which part did you like best?

  19. Gideon Shalwick

    Hehe cheers… although I think I have a long way to go still :) Gotta keep increasing the challenge level as skill level increases, in order to stay in focus :)

  20. Gideon Shalwick

    Oh thanks! Great to know :) Which part did you like best?

  21. Gabe Johansson

    @Gideon Shalwick of course! I literally maxed out the characters allowed in my last comment so I ran out of room for more details lol

  22. Onder Hassan

    Cool video Gideon. I have a question. I got a splasheo video made from you previously. I was wondering. Do you do more tailor made services? :)

  23. Susan Evans

    This video was encouraging to me because by looking at the chart, I realize that I’m in the “flow” state! I hadn’t actually thought of it that way before.

  24. Gideon Shalwick

    hehe – yeah I reckon YT could really increase the number of characters allowed for comments. Maybe they could get a few tips from FB 😉

  25. Gideon Shalwick

    Yes – Splasheo does have a FULL custom service. Although we only do it for special projects. Please email the team at support @ splasheo . com.

  26. Gideon Shalwick

    Awesomeness Susan! Now… the only thing to watch out for is that you skill level will keep on increasing as you go about your business. And to stay in flow, you will need to keep on increasing your challenge level as well. That’s how you become a world leader in any field :)

  27. Marty Ware

    Longboarding is great fun,,,i regularly go along the boardwalk on the Gold Coast beaches. My daughter rides her scooter,,,great way to keep fit when I am not surfing! thanks for the vid! Marty Ware

  28. Marty Ware

    Will we see a video on how you put all this together,,that would be very cool! Thanks Marty

  29. Gideon Shalwick

    Awesome stuff Marty! Yeah it sure if fun – it actually helps me think. Have had some great inspirations hit me while long boarding…

  30. Gideon Shalwick

    I am planning one yes… and if I get a TON of people asking for it, I will hurry up more 😉

  31. Phil Vandermeer

    I am very curious to know how you were holding the camera. Especially when you were on the long board..or what the camera was attached to. the camera movement seems very responsive to your breathing which makes me think it wasn’t just in your hand, but then again….just can’t tell.

  32. Gideon Shalwick

    it was just the iStabilizer monopod that I reviewed in my previous video on my channel – make sure you check it out!

  33. Gideon Shalwick

    But I will also make another video showing the “behind the scenes” of today’s video…

  34. Gideon Shalwick

    my latest video – how I fell off my skateboard and had a cool AHA moment
    about video blogging…

  35. Kieran McDonogh

    Ah you’re a legend Gideon – great explanation (and analogy with long boarding) on how to go from newbie to expert. Recaps I should be bringing my board across as I’m a skateboarder from way back. Love your work bud!

  36. Gideon Shalwick

    yeah man – DEFINITELY bring your board! great skating here :)

  37. Keller Coleman

    Gideon you are the best, I have learned a ton from you in 2 years. Keep up the good work.

  38. 12345mike6789

    love it

  39. Mollie Dove

    Cant wait to see how you did it Gideon

  40. Rickey Resch

    I’m amazed by how stable the camera is. There is three types of energy: flow, ridge and dispersal. I find when I’m in the flow I’m more productive and interested in what I’m doing than if it’s something not interesting. I’m an artist and I draw, and I get inspired by thoughts and my surroundings where I get lost in what I’m doing when I’m in “flow” where I loose time and it just flies.

  41. Jill Olsen

    Great report I’ve had it awhile probably time for a reread. Thanks for this video loved the setting and the 5 steps. It helped me to realize its time for some changes and new goals for my vlog.

  42. Gideon Shalwick

    Excellent stuff Keller! I’ll be creating more vids like this from now on…

  43. Gideon Shalwick

    Excellent! Which part was your fav?

  44. Gideon Shalwick

    yeah neither can I lol! it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be!

  45. Gideon Shalwick

    Ooh this sounds interesting Rickey! Tell me more about ridge and dispersal!

  46. Gideon Shalwick

    Excellent stuff Jill! Yeah, keep on setting new and higher challenges as your skill level catches up. That way you can stay in flow state.

  47. Annabel Candy

    Praying my videos may one day be as good as this. But it took me long enough to even work out how to leave a YouTube comment here so it’s going to be a steep learning curve. Lucky you’re a great teacher. Thanks for the inspiration. And if you do ever need a camera handler let me know :) It would be a fun project to come and see how you do it. But in the meantime I’ll be looking out for the next vid with the insider tips :)

  48. Colin Burr

    The principle are the same in business. Management Plan-Do-Check-Take Action the Accountant on the other hand Turns a Plan into a Budget..Management DO (sales) the Accountant takes the income and expenses and turns them into Financial reports Profit or Loss report (Your Performance) Cash flow report (the flow of money) and finally a Balance Sheet (What your result was) These reports give management a score sheet of their performance so the can correct their action or in fact change the plan.

  49. Energetic604

    You are a nice guy

  50. Michael Holdcroft

    This is exactly the kind of video I am planing to make. I liked the various techniques to give the story structure. Many thanks for the ideas Gideon.

  51. Learnguitartunes

    great video as always, really enjoying your ‘out door’ videos, keep it up Gideon.

  52. M Mc

    Hi Gideon, I read Csikszentmihalyi’s “Flow” about five years ago, and a few related books as well. I’m a teacher of an abstract subject (it requires math) so I’ve thought about flow a lot since then. Your description of how to develop flow is by far the clearest, most succinct, most helpful explanation of it that I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much! Best, M

  53. Paulo Bezerra

    Excellent job!

  54. Rick Montieth

    another solid video, Gideon. You do an excellent job of keeping our attention. when you were on your board how were you able to keep the camera steady? that was impressive.

  55. Melissa Beckwith

    Loved the new video, Gideon! Fun!!

  56. Melissa Beckwith

    Fun video on video blogging. Thanks Gideon!

  57. GolfGurls

    Gideon…. liked the video a lot… I’m tempted to buy a longboard!!! LOL. But do want to know how you shot this… what kind of contraption did you strap to your wife who was running alongside? Or is there some easy swing-around-gyroscope-determined independent thingy strapped to your board that you controlled with a little hand held device? Please, do a how-to video on this. Great fun to watch and learn. Thanks.

  58. Tomas Michaud

    Your presentation was really well organized. It made it easy to watch and understand. Thanks!

  59. Tyrone Shum

    Awesome. Lovin’ the new outdoor video look and feel. It’s so natural and so much more fun. Also have you heard of Flyboarding before? Check it out on Youtube, maybe it could be just as fun as long boarding. Thanks Gids.

  60. Rickey Resch

    If you have studied physics, everything is space or energy. Matter is simply a ridge of energy. An example of a dispersal is an explosion or an implosion. An atomic bomb is an example of both types of dispersal. The mind contains energy too and functions on the properties of it. When there is pain, there is mass,charge and unconsciousness. Mass has weight and can be measured by an electronic device. Charge is harmful energy in the mind. That’s the simplest explanation I can give.

  61. Frank Gatta

    Thank you

  62. Les Power

    No question my friend, you are the best at what you do. Would you assist me to properly set up my YouTube Chanel?
    Then we move on to the next step Huh?

  63. Jonathan Li

    Hi Gideon, thanks for your video blogging tips. Useful and will apply them today. :)

  64. onlinelifes

    I want do it like you do, thank you Gideon.

  65. JustinTeohOfficial

    Such a cool video Gideon! Absolutely loving your new setup

  66. Chris C. Ducker

    Love this clip, mate.

  67. Mary tinat

    I like this video.Thanks

  68. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Les – haven’t forgotten about you. Just had to clear a few things out. Will be in touch via email soon…

  69. That’s the first vlog I’ve seen from your site Gideon, and I can say that it’s great. Those steps for the flow that you’ve presented seriously aren’t complicated and are very achievable. You’ve laid them out so well that I’m now inspired to go back blogging. Aight, let’s keep improving. :)

  70. gabaktech

    10:10 u move too much the camera.
    how did u film urself from aside meanwhile u r skateboarding_


    Thanks Gideon for yet another fantastic video. Never seem to disappoint. Loved the connection you made between skateboarding and online video blogging. Would love a video about your set up for this video.

  72. JoanLoganeski

    There is nothing like watching a real person sharing there knowledge!!

  73. Cornelius Benton

    Anyone using the new YouTube channel setup? I was looking how ijustine has selected to use the new style. I hope Gideon does a review on the new channel setup.

  74. nusnusi

    hi Gideon i was looking for that FREE offer … and its not here yet:) sorry can’t pay YOU:) but we watching You in Poland:) good luck, bonne chance

  75. nusnusi

    oh I received link.:)
    Thank You

  76. Linda Garza

    Very informative. . . .I liked this video!!

  77. ThisJustZen

    Great vid, Gideon! Thanks for jumping out into nature. Great backdrop.

  78. 32dafunk

    Wow, such a great analogy you use with skateboarding. Having skated myself I could,nt agree more. You can feel ‘at one’ with what ever your doing when you get to that flow or zone state. Great stuff man! Btw, are those Sector Nine wheels? I think my brother in law has some on his long board!

  79. 305graffartist

    you are very interesting to listen to give good info

  80. Manssur Cassias

    Great video, great analogy, awesome quality of information… And it’s everything free! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and personal experience!

  81. Lindley Miras

    Hi Gideon,

    I like your videos. Who does your graphic designs and logo? I appreciate your recommendation.

  82. Marshall Hasz


    Not sure if you remember me but we actually talked about my site ( during one of your webinars!

  83. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Marshall – they are on their way… we are just waiting to collect everyone’s details. We’ll probably send them out in the next week or so…

  84. Marshall Hasz

    oh ok awesome, would you be interested in doing some work together? I teach people how to do product launches and use the same process as brendon burchard…im sure you are aware of how its working for him :) I also teach jeff walkers PLF formula. so hit me up and we can chat! my skype is “marshallhasz”

  85. Bro Hoe

    Hey GIDEON SHALWICK I was wondering if you could check out my channel, it would mean a lot thanks:).

  86. Bro Hoe

    Oh and could you let me know if you did thanks

  87. Bro Hoe

    hey gideon shalwick i subscribed to your channel and i wanted to know if you could check out my channel, because i need some feedback and help because i want to be better at youtube videos, Thanks:0

  88. Shahpour Shapournia

    Hey Gideon! may i ask how did you add that video (right bottom) to your video?

  89. Bro Hoe


  90. Awesome video gideon. i enjoyed the content analagies and the out doors background especially the sky n clouds…how did you hold the camera while you were skating

  91. Hi Gideon,
    I first heard about flow about 20 years ago ,like you said it’s a state that sportsmen and women can attain, but also musicians experience this when soloing or improvising for example.

    What you described with your skateboard is the same stuff that I’m going through with learning guitar. Only now after 10 years of training am I starting to play stuff without conscious thought.

    Hopefully video blogging has a much shorter learning curve, LOL – I’m hoping anyway. I found this video really inspiring and this is real actionable and golden advice to keep me on track. I really enjoyed the video.

  92. great video… i actually managed to catch myself on video whilst I was going down on my roller blades. the kids thought it was hilarious!

  93. Claude Taylor

    Outstanding video and YES, I would love to know how you made the video! Let me know when you post it please!