Why LIVE Video Is Going To CRUSH Everything Else Online

This is totally exciting! I’m running my very first LIVE event for my YouTube channel next week! And to celebrate, I am giving away some incredible prizes!

Trust me, it’s been a mammoth effort to try and do it from little old Australia where I live – our internet here is just so incredibly bad! And finally after about 2 years of struggling with it, I am ready!

So, I am happy to announce that I will be hosting my very first public YouTube LIVE event next Tuesday at 7pm EDT (USA). Mark it in your calendar right now – it’s going to be epic – kinda like a season premiere… or something similar!

So… just to be clear… this is not a webinar, or even a Google+ Hangout…! It’s an actual genuine LIVE event using YouTube’s “LIVE” feature… not many people even know about this. It’s kinda special. You’ll see…

The topic?

“Why LIVE Video Is Going To CRUSH Everything Else Online”

Got a specific question about live video? You can go ahead and leave your comment in advance on this page already!

For each intelligent, and valuable comment, you go into a random draw for winning one of the prizes. I’ll announce everything on the actual call. But you can already go to the page and leave your question or comment there.

More info on this soon…

And no, there won’t be a pitch or anything like that on the call.

When you press the play button before the event starts, you should see a countdown timer for when the live event begins.

This is seriously going to be EPIC, and I can’t wait to share my latest findings with you. I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but it’s because I’ve been knee deep in some serious experimentation and some other VERY exciting things.

If this goes well, I might just run YouTube events on a regular basis… we’ll see. It all depends on how much you get involved really.

Ok, go check it out now…

Until then…

Gideon Shalwick

PS: Don’t forget to leave your intelligent comment (as in no silly, low value comments) already now to go into the random draw for some amazing prizes. More info on this soon…


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Sometimes I use music from incompetech. Here is their licence:

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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288 Responses to Why LIVE Video Is Going To CRUSH Everything Else Online

  1. KiddoStories

    Exciting! Looking forward to it :-)

  2. Gideon Shalwick

    Yes it should be very exciting indeed +KiddoStories! Looking forward to
    share some great info with everyone!

  3. herbert gooden

    I am hoping you record this love event. I have a prior engagement
    commitment. Will you afford us a look behind the scenes, on how to produce
    a live event? Thanks

  4. edenthedjguy

    What has been the easiest cash creating thing you ever did both for the
    short and long term in your business?

  5. Brandon Mcmillan

    Alright I can’t wait

  6. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Herbert – I LOVE that you are calling this a “love” event – excellent
    type lol! It really is so much fun and I can’t wait to share everything
    with you. And yes, it will all be recorded!

  7. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Eden – great question… I’ll add it to the list!

  8. Gideon Shalwick

    Brandon… it’s going to ROCK!!!

  9. Terry VanNoy

    Hi Gideon! I am looking forward to your live event; I can learn from your
    experience as I explore live teaching/tutoring events for my business.
    Thanks again! Terry V

  10. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Terry! Yes I am really looking fwd to the live event too – I can’t
    wait!!! I have some very interesting findings to share!

  11. Thiago Mello

    looking forward to see this event… I started to follow you a few days
    ago… thank you

  12. Gideon Shalwick

    Great stuff Thiago! It should be a really fun call!

  13. like fine wine

    Thank you for creating this great training. I am happy to read that it will
    be both live and recorded. Often, I watch a video more than once for the
    best learning and retention.

  14. Rob Salzberg

    Can’t wait to see what you are going to share with us Gideon

  15. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey “like fine wine” – you’re welcome! It should be a really fun event!

  16. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Rob – same here – I’m pretty excited!!!

  17. Robert Horn

    Gideon – looking forward to this one. I would like to know what it takes to
    produce a live event – pitfalls – tips & tricks – best time to do a live
    event, etc.

  18. Gideon Shalwick

    Ah yeah, great questions Robert – will add to the list!

  19. Don Daniels

    Hey Gideon. I’m looking forward to this! I’m sure you will tell us the pros
    and cons of YouTube LIVE – specifically I’d like to know the difference
    between it and Google hangouts. Thanks.

  20. JK Mikals

    “Live” video won’t make a difference to me. I might watch .5 (that’s POINT
    5) events live to every 100 I don’t. Being able to work with MY schedule
    instead of yours is important to me. Sorry.

  21. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Don – yes sure thing! To the untrained eye, one might not realise all
    the differences… but if you’re running a serious business… it’s
    massive! Will share more during the event!

  22. Gavin Routledge

    oooohhh… this looks REALLY interesting. Thanks for the invite! This could
    be very applicable to product launches – just as you’re doing!

  23. Gideon Shalwick

    No probs JK – live is not for everyone :)

  24. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Gavin – VERY true – in fact I just had that VERY same conversation with
    a product launch friend of mine last week! Although, I won’t be launching
    anything for this event – just having a bit of fun

  25. Roberto Gold Puente

    Hola Gideon listo para tu Presentacion

  26. Zafar Iqbal

    OK, this seems interesting, I havea feeling we’re gonna get alot of sales
    pitches about this over the next 6 months or so…but lets see how this
    could benefit my business

  27. Gideon Shalwick

    Roberto – non comprendo?

  28. Gideon Shalwick

    quite likely Zafar haha! the best thing about YouTube Live though is that
    it’s free! You need the right gear though…

  29. Melissa Feick

    I have done some live events on google hangout and one of my frustrations
    is not being able to use my hot video camera! I do not like the look of a
    webcam, even an external one. Thanks

  30. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Melissa – so yes, that is all fixable with YouTube live… although the
    best setup I have found so far, is actually very simple. Will show you
    exactly on the call!

  31. Sharon Beck

    I’m in California and I believe my time will be 4:00 pm. I hope I have this
    right because I want to be able to reach seniors all over the world and
    this may be the vehicle that will enable that. SB

  32. Tom Gerry

    Gideon is the leader once again. Kudos!

  33. Roberto Gold Puente

    Gidion ready for your conference on the 29th we will be there from Chile
    will be a pleasure for me I’m still on my youtube regards

  34. Maria Slaby

    Great! I’m excited to see how this differs from a google+ hangout as that
    has been my latest plan in the works….

  35. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Sharon – That sounds about right – I use worldtimebuddy

  36. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Tom! Thanks… but I really wanted to do this 2 years ago already. But
    the bad state of internet here has prevented me till now!

  37. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Roberto – GREAT stuff! It’s going to ROCK!

  38. Gideon Shalwick

    Google+ Hangouts is great Maria… but a bit limited 😉

  39. James Hullinger

    I work with agents all over the country and am looking forward to the

  40. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey James – Oh great stuff – I think there would be some fun things you
    could do with this!

  41. Roberto Gold Puente

    Gideon live on youtube of this can be done with a software or a tool for
    youtube? regards

  42. Gideon Shalwick

    Yes I’ll cover those Roberto!

  43. Daniel trussell

    Can’t wait! Will you cover technical requirements for doing our own live

  44. wim3355

    Dit is heel bijzonder, als het mogelijk is zal ik het zeker zien

  45. Pete Gregory

    I’ll be at the live event! I’ve also been paying attention to Youtubes live
    event possibilities and very interested to learn more about how it works.
    I’m interested to see how this works for you.

  46. Patricia Brun Torre

    Hi Gideon. Question: about screen sharing and being several speakers (for
    ex: interview or panel discussion)? what’s the difference with G+hangout?
    Thx, looking forward.

  47. Lyle H

    What are the benefits of using Youtube live vs Google hangouts? Is the
    interaction the same, like comments and so forth?

  48. Vladimir Suhadolnik

    Curious to learn about the tech requirements, audience capacity, and your
    prediction for whether YouTube Live and Google Hangouts will possibly
    co-exist independently or be integrated OR ???

  49. Ronnie Bincer

    Why do you think Live Events via YouTube are more valuable than Hangouts on
    Air? You have less opportunity for interaction, the landing page is harder
    to find, etc. I think live interaction is key.

  50. BackToMyGarden

    Congrats Gideon, if you’re not on the cutting edge you’re taking up too
    much space! Keep leading wisely, appreciate you.

  51. Zsolt Szalma

    Hi Gideon! I am looking forward to your live event. Although it will be 1
    a.m. in Hungary. :) One question: how does this differ from G Hangouts? And
    how can I run one? OK, two questions. :)

  52. jan blount

    Once again you have my curiosity peaked. And the timing is perfect cause I
    have recently been looking at various options …

  53. jan blount

    Question: Is this primarily for those folks doing a talking head style
    video ..would it work for a teaching/demoing an art process. Being stuck
    using a webcam kind of limits doing that style easily

  54. Tony W

    This is going to be interesting.

  55. Tony Fiorillo

    You might be on to something: it’s not even broadcasting yet and you have
    15 people watching the blank screen! Looking forward to learning more.

  56. Jeff Pierce

    Congrats Gideon on your first YT event. I hope you will be covering how to
    get your vids found and viewed.

  57. This is Fit Quickie Workouts

    Tuning in!

  58. Howard Lee Harkness

    LIVE video, eh? I’ll be watching mostly out of curiosity. I have done
    videos, mostly interviews, for a couple of my blogs, and I end up editing
    them. Usually only to remove the setup and the beginning of the teardown,
    but occasionally, I have a person on the interview who asks me to remove
    some personal information. That would be a problem for a LIVE presentation.
    So I’m not sure that would work for me.

  59. Crowdfunding Dojo

    Being somewhere with decent internet speeds, but an occasionally shaky
    connection, how are you mitigating the risk of something going horribly
    wrong with the internet connection side of things?

  60. Crowdfunding Dojo

    I’m also curious how you chose the time to broadcast. Did you look at peak
    interaction times on your channel, or choose it just to be 7pm EST? What
    about west coast US ppl still being at work?

  61. Crowdfunding Dojo

    I’d love to hear how you’re planning on dealing with the 60 second delay. I
    love the idea of live for Q & A but if people have to wait for 60 seconds
    for an answer, that’s kind of a problem, isn’t it?

  62. Crowdfunding Dojo

    Unlike alternatives, YT doesn’t have an email reminder system for upcoming
    events. Are you tracking clicks to target reminders, or sending them to
    your whole list? Curious about buy now links, too.

  63. Crowdfunding Dojo

    Also (yeah, I’ve been looking at this and wondering about a lot) is there
    any benefit to using this comment system instead of embedding on your site
    w Facebook comments or a Twitter hashtag chat?

  64. Crowdfunding Dojo

    What’s interesting about this though, is that by announcing so far in
    advance that you’re building on-page anticipation and community before it
    airs in a way you can’t on Hangouts.

  65. Crowdfunding Dojo

    Prizes for pre-broadcast interaction is also a very clever way of utilizing
    this difference to it’s fullest. I would have loved it if you enabled stats
    for this video, but can understand not doing it!

  66. Crowdfunding Dojo

    I’d also appreciate if you cover how to seamlessly integrate prerecorded
    material. I’m looking at using screenshare app, but my method seems clunky.

  67. Alexandre Marinho

    One big issue of this kind of event is the lack of feedback, as we can’t
    interact with others. I’d like to see how/if you overcome this issue.

  68. Crowdfunding Dojo

    @Alexandre – What kind of interaction do you mean? People can talk amongst
    themselves in the comments here, and – barring a small delay – the
    presenter can react to questions on the video.

  69. Crowdfunding Dojo

    Seems that there *is* a reminder function, but it only seems available from
    the video search page, not from here. Search for this vid title and click
    “reminder” to be reminded by email, YT app & G+.

  70. Paris Siopis

    i do not have a question. i’m curious and excited. i wish you the best of
    luck. AND YES i can know justify your youtube absence;-)

  71. Fabrice Courdesses

    Gideon! You are always at the cutting edge for video marketers…may the
    force be with you “live video event” Yoda 😉

  72. Deon Minnie

    This will be Epic Gideon ! Will it replace Google hangouts, or even webinar
    jam that have its own intergration problems. 2 years in the making will
    make this worth the wait.

  73. Stan Gore

    I’m under the impression that to use YouTube Live you require encoding
    software, whereas the encoding function occurs automatically within the
    browser for Hangouts. Which encoding software do you use?

  74. AustralianAppStore

    Thanks Gideon, I can’t wait for your event, like always it will no doubt be
    awesome. G’day to Ya

  75. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Stan – that’s correct – you need some extra encoding software for
    YouTube Live. The end result is a much higher quality video though. I’ll
    talk about my setup during the call :)

  76. Lance Gross

    I’d love to know the pros/cons of using YouTube vs other “live” events like
    Google Hangouts. ur timing as perfect as my headphone review channel is
    really picking up & so i’ll prob try this out! 😀

  77. Sylvs Reihana

    Wow can’t wait for this, I haven’t heard of this function so I’m excited to
    see how it goes. How do you keep in the loop with what’s happening, are you
    always researching new ways to video? Thanks.

  78. Gideon Shalwick

    Hah! How do I stay in the loop with what’s happening? I basically don’t
    sleep 😉

  79. Ron Hogue

    Multiple cameras – Would you recommend them for a live event? How would you
    manage them (what HW/SW allows you to choose what feed to use)?

  80. Ron Hogue

    Audio – Is there a separate audio feed? If so, how is it combined with
    video? Would you use a lapel or shotgun mic? How are you checking levels?


    Wow!!! The use of live video will change the way people and businesses
    market and advertise themselves forever!!!

  82. D Lancaster

    You’re right! Have not heard about this… New technology, it’s like
    hearing about that new flavor dipped ice-cream cone. Sounds really
    exciting, I’ll be there. ツ

  83. Daniel Looper

    is this really going to be live in 4 days 23 hours 5 min?

  84. Gideon Shalwick

    Yes – planning to run it 7pm EDT (USA)

  85. Gideon Shalwick

    Tuesday next week…

  86. Mike Smith

    I think live video is going to be a great tool for education. The one-many
    aspect would allow any kind of subject to be taught worldwide. Medicine,
    languages, the Arts just about any subject.

  87. Gideon Shalwick

    Hey Ronnie – it’s probably horses for courses… but I just like the
    increased level of control and quality you get with YouTube Live. Perhaps
    skating towards where the puck is going to be?

  88. D'Arcy Mayo

    Is there an option somewhere where scheduled live videos can be added to
    Google Calender? Or does the ‘Watch Later” button the way to go?

  89. Gideon Shalwick

    Hmmm not sure – that would be pretty cool!

  90. Julie Lewin

    Does it cost? What is difference between Live YouTube & Google Hangout? Can
    you record the Live event? Can you charge for Live events? Can it be
    private? Can you interact with viewers?

  91. ChreshFilms

    hey gideon bigfan

  92. ToGraphic4U

    Wow! I just, after a year, repaired my webcam! I was wondering if I could
    do anything Live via Youtube, and you bring this! I can’t miss it!!

  93. Gideon Shalwick

    It should be a lot of fun for sure! Fingers crossed my connection is solid!

  94. Susan Paget

    Hi Gideon — Thanks for this! I’ve got a Q re your mention of the challenge
    of broadcasting from Oz – I’m here too. Can you shed insight or tips for
    work arounds with broadcasting in slower locales?

  95. Crowdfunding Dojo

    Gideon – Do you have any backup plans for if your connection isn’t solid?
    That’s what I’d love to know how to mitigate against .

  96. Judy Langeveld

    Hey Gideon, I feel for you and your internet line. We in South Africa often
    get slowed down with similar issues. Have you alternatives just in case?

  97. cantero Gabby


  98. KupKakeKow

    HEEEEYYYY Wassup errbody

  99. Gordon Currie

    Looking forward to Gideon’s live event. Many of his techniques and
    suggestions have paid big dividends for my business. Best of all, I think
    he’s really genuine!

  100. Elle Tosolini

    I’m in Australia too Gideon and would love to know how to use YouTube to
    run live events. Surely it must be cheaper than the expensive options out

  101. Ferenc Fazekas

    Hey Gideon, I am excited to see the new opportunities with this function,
    and now understand why you were hiding in the bush lately. BEST OF LUCK

  102. J Lang

    Hello Gideon

  103. J Lang

    Hello Gideon. I happened to “stumble” upon the live video on the 22nd and
    played around. It would be great to your see what interesting nuggets you
    came up with custom settings, etc. See you then!!

  104. Rebecca Happy

    very much looking forward to what you have to say about live video
    streaming. +Derral Eves shared a bit with me a few months back. Great to
    see you so excited about the new changes and opportunities.

  105. Gideon Shalwick

    This should be fun… my first public LIVE event on YouTube!

  106. James Klobasa - Product Launch Manager

    Interesting… Happening now… http://buff.ly/1qJmpBG

  107. Jane Gardner

    you are live on my Google Stream – AWESOME!   Im re-sharing this after you are finished as few video influencers share their studio secrets.  Not too bad feed – it stopped for three seconds a couple times and i only have 6mbps speed with husband upstairs using the Wireless!  Hi, from Canada!

  108. Jane Gardner

    What a great idea for the Bamboo tablet – drawing live attached to the computer.  Awesome and of course, everyone has a laptop extra to be extra monitor – Great

  109. Jane Gardner

    Yes, I found you hanging and broadcasting in my Google stream! Good audio , couple of drops but who cares, you are all the way in Australia

  110. Adilson Andrade

    1 me

  111. Suzanne Franco

    yes pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Adam Bean

    Better get your entries in!

  113. Mohammed Sammy


  114. Monique Vee

    I want to be part of it

  115. Mohammed Sammy


  116. Henry Brown

    @Pastor Rick Wirecast for YouTube

  117. Chad Grooms

    Congrats Feng Shui and Prosper

  118. William Laakkonen

    Congrats Feng shui!

  119. Sharon Beck

    Yeah…another hour..

  120. Janice Dugas

    congrats Feng Shui :-)

  121. Official007

    I’m here!

  122. Colin Wiebe

    Congrats Stan

  123. Lisa K.

    is it going to be random?

  124. Alex Mazzeo

    Logitech Web Cam

  125. Robert Sacerich


  126. Lisa K.

    to choose the prize?

  127. Lisa K.

    cool, it is random, I’m psychi

  128. Vladimir Suhadolnik

    4968 is my lucky number!

  129. Serena Appiah


  130. Sharon Beck

    Congratulations Serina

  131. Tech Comm Tools

    Darned delay! Who won?!

  132. Janice Dugas

    congreats serena!!

  133. Mike Wolpert

    that didn’t sound like MIKE WOLPERT ?? did you mean to say …

  134. Terry VanNoy

    How would you recommend we embed the YT live event window on our blog and
    make it membership only?

  135. Tech Comm Tools

    Hmm, a browser refresh got me back in!

  136. genuine bloke

    Gideon , please next time just give more price “pick my brain for half hour!

  137. Mike Slabaugh

    Can you interview another person live? Like on Hangouts?

  138. Nick Miller

    How are you going to monetize besides ads?

  139. KaylaCelesteMusic

    Would singing on a live video be a good idea?

  140. P Giroux

    Congratulations winners!

  141. Tech Comm Tools

    @gbanis, thx. Is that using The Brain?

  142. Paul Dawidowicz

    4968 is 7

  143. Tesia Blackburn Acrylic Diva

    Gideon, I am stuck in the hinterlands with very low band width, what can
    you suggest to get the best youtube live stream with low bandwidth… DSL!

  144. Janice Dugas

    Thank you Gideon! Awesome session.Definitely will try it out! Merci

  145. Ken English

    Good show. Inspiring. Just activated Live Events in my account.

  146. Paul Dawidowicz

    thank you Gideon…great information

  147. Monique Vee

    Desktop presenter

  148. Susan Paget

    Thanks Gideon – fantastic info!

  149. Ken English

    Around 55 minutes for the video about equipment.

  150. jayeshdevofficial

    What kind of content can you stream live? What are the different

  151. Tech Comm Tools

    Thx Gideon, got to run!

  152. BurtyVlogs

    I might do a live vlog but lack i confidence what’s advice could u give me?

  153. Terry VanNoy

    Thanks Gideon! I appreciate this presentation. Gotta run … Terry

  154. Serena Appiah

    @BurtyVlogs – Could you practice with friends first?

  155. Adam Bean


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  157. George Banis

    Once again — those looking for the mindmap: bit.ly/gideon-webinar-2014

  158. George Banis

    (please excuse any spelling… it’s just my notes from the video)

  159. GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis

    QUESTION: why dont you use wordpress to make your website? also i found
    dificult to buy your products. It should be like neweeg.com ro ebay etc.
    Thxs for your videos

  160. JtheRed99

    Thanks George, much appreciated

  161. Serena Appiah

    @George – Super helpful!

  162. Kieran McDonogh

    @George Banis – any chance you can make it into a PDF? I don’t have a
    program to open up the file which appears to end in *.mup as the file

  163. Suzanne Franco

    thanks george

  164. Tesia Blackburn

    What do you recommend for live streaming from YT with very low bandwidth? I
    only have DSL!!! Any workarounds, etc.?

  165. Biba Pedron

    Congrats to the winners

  166. JtheRed99

    Kieran there is a png copy now as well

  167. Serena Appiah

    @Biba – Thanks!! I can’t believe I won!! :) YAY!

  168. Serena Appiah

    I like that Gideon has 27 draft emails. HA! :)

  169. Mike Slabaugh

    Gideon – What are your expectations for rankings from this method?

  170. George Banis

    @Kieran I also added a PNG image

  171. George Banis

    If you refresh it you should be able to see it

  172. George Banis

    the PDF turns out with very tiny letters because it tries to squeeze the
    entire mindmap in one printed page…

  173. Denise Marie

    Super job, George! No problems at this end reading it

  174. Jackie Tulos

    do these rank as well as hangouts?

  175. Pat Yancey

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    can you do overlay graphics? logo etc on over the picture?

  177. Kieran McDonogh

    Appreciate that @GeorgeBanis, thanks!

  178. CEU Espresso

    They use Ustream

  179. Serena Appiah

    Adobe Connect

  180. CEU Espresso

    CreativeLive uses UStream.

  181. Serena Appiah

    That’s the software my company uses to do live training and to have a
    virtual audience – Adobe Connect

  182. genuine bloke

    1000 ! thank you

  183. Mike Slabaugh

    Expectations for rankings from this method?

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    Is this 1,000?

  186. George Banis

    Gideon — thanks so much!

  187. Wayne Daniels

    Good Stuff!!

  188. Serena Appiah

    Thanks, Gideon! I have to get the kids in bed :) I emailed you about my
    prizes! THANK YOU!!! Bye, everyone!

  189. Sharon Beck

    Will you be creating a training around this?

  190. CEU Espresso

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  191. Wayne Daniels

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  192. Colin Wiebe

    Rickshaw and a Beer in San Diego soon?

  193. genuine bloke

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    @jackie I was wondering the same thing but i would guess they probably do

  195. Janice Dugas

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  196. Live Out Loud

    Awesome Gideon Your thinking is always Abundant !

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    I want more of this. So exciting

  199. Janice Dugas

    Excellent and awesome information on LIVE youtube streaming!

  200. Feng Shui and Prosper

    youtube live videos come up in search as long as the countdown timer has
    started, at least that’s what I’ve been told…

  201. Sharon Beck

    Please add me to your next one. I will be on the next call too.

  202. GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis

    QUESTION: can you add a link or links to the video details about all you
    use to make these live videos. THank you in advance

  203. Sharon Beck

    Gideon is one of the most giving trainers online. This is such great

  204. CEU Espresso

    With HOA there is a limit of 2 hours for editing in the cloud. Is there the
    same limit with YTL?

  205. Jackie Tulos

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  206. George Banis

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  208. Feng Shui and Prosper

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  209. Gina Kearney

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  210. Sharon Beck

    Wonderful free training.

  211. Gina Kearney
  212. Gillian Maxlow

    Well done Gideon – thoroughly enjoyed your LIVE video and you’ve inspired
    me to get started :-)

  213. Kieran McDonogh

    Great session Gideon. You’re on the cuttting edge of something MASSIVE.
    Ride it all the way in to shore brother!

  214. Gillian Maxlow

    If you missed the LIVE Youtube video training by Gideon Shalwick this
    morning, head on over to Youtube now to view the recorded footage. Great
    info – equipment you need, how to setup your studio, additional software
    you could use, even a snapshot on how to get started with LIVE video.
    Totally inspiring and so easy! Guess my LIVE video’s coming soon ….

  215. Lily Kerns

    In looking to see the replay, there is a message that the video is not
    available for mobile. Something for you to check on for the future…
    Thanks for the info!

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    You can also use Wirecast via Hangouts as well. However I personally have found OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to be better than Wirecast and it's also free (open source). However it doesn't currently iirc work for Hangouts but is fine for YouTube Live. Also Mac users will have to wait for the new in progress version of OBS Redux (there is currently an early Mac version named OBS multiplatform available). OBS is less processor intensive (same compared to Xsplit which is also popular though not free) which can be useful for a lot and has far more features than the free Wirecast for YouTube.

    A lot of the paid Wirecast features are also available using OBS (such as correcting mic delay), when the redux version finally gets released then I can't really see anyone getting Wirecast. Just to be clear I have no affiliation with any of these products, just a happy OBS user after trying both. Comparing OBS currently to the free Wirecast for YouTube and there is little contest imo. Though don't just take my word for it, check it out and use what works best for you!

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    Also for this type of video the Question and Answer app for Hangouts may have been more suitable to use, I recommend people look into it. Also last week or so there was a new Showcase app for Hangouts that looks very useful for promoting products / services / websites alongside your live video.

    One last point that springs to mind is that if possible you really want to use a wired Ethernet connection rather than WiFi when you are streaming.

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