Could This Be The Next YouTube KILLER?

When the new Google+ comments were first activated, I got really excited because of the tremendous potential I saw in it.

But that excitement was short lived.

Within a week, there has been so much backlash from the YouTube Community about the new commenting system, that I thought I’d better make a video about it.

Inside my video today, I talk about why I thought the new YouTube commenting system was good, but how all that was turned upside down shortly after.

Inside the video, I refer to YouTube user boogie2988 who made some VERY interesting points about the new Goole+ commenting system. Here’s his video:

Watch boogie2988’s video

Please make sure you leave your comment and join in the discussion. I would LOVE to hear YOUR own take on this one…

Gideon Shalwick

About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.


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103 Responses to Could This Be The Next YouTube KILLER?

  1. Gideon Shalwick

    Lots of people are furious about the new google+ comment system on YouTube.
    What do you think? Leave your comment below my latest video please :)

  2. Devansh Arora

    +Gideon Shalwick A really nice video ! I am actually planning to do a live
    hangout on this topic wid the public audience . what is ur opinion on it ?

  3. AktywnaMamaUk

    I think it’s rubbish. Now you can see what other people say on others
    videos. What if you not google user. Was bad enough to connect YouTube with
    Google. I have 4 emails acc with google. Private one, YouTube one, my other
    hobby bails. It’s annoying because it’s freezing out witch one account to
    use. Keep even worse problem on mobiles and tablets. And that links it’s
    rubbish. Why they can’t just do links as tweeter I mean to person YouTube
    Chanel yes but not on other pages

  4. ShabaHD

    The fact that they changed the way i view comments posted on my videos is
    really messed up, they are not sent to my youtube inbox anymore and i cant
    seem to find them anywhere on google plus, nor i understand one tiny bit
    the google plus site at all, i find it to be such an agressive change with
    more harm than good.

  5. Dave Dugdale

    If they allow the content creator the ability to turn off links and limit
    comments, it’s a good change.

  6. Game Squad

    Some People Love it ? LOL No !! No one Loves it

  7. Ryan Portsmouth

    #YouTube is too big for a feature like G+ Comments to kill it however in
    saying that YouTubers such as +boogie2988 may be pushed toward alternative
    service platforms such as +Vimeo reducing the overall popularity of

    +Gideon Shalwick I also got pretty excited over the possibilities but
    quickly noticed problems with the general population that doesn’t take G+

    I agree with +Dave Dugdale who I do follow on YouTube (thanks for the vids
    Dave and keep ’em coming) where content creators *need* the ability to turn
    off or configure these options.

    Personally, as a regular YouTube commentator and serious #GooglePlus user
    I really like some of the changes, being able to add G+ formatting, talking
    to specific people with the “+” symbol and hashtags. On the other hand
    there is a lot of crap being pushed around.

    Regarding the nasty link issues, Google has a register of links that it
    could check against before allowing that link to be posted, for example, if
    a site is known to have malware or is known to have porn then Google does
    have the ability to check this and not post it if the link is malicious or
    if the content is not appropriate for the rating of the video.

    *Finally* – is the length of this comment too long? I have thought about
    everything I want to say and raised each point but is it too long? Should I
    have summarised like I used to – or maybe picked just 1 main point to
    leverage? Maybe 1,000 characters would be a better limit?

  8. Artworknyc

    If they allow the content creator the ability to turn off links and limit
    comments, it’s a good change.

  9. Scott Scales

    Thanks +Gideon Shalwick, this video was very helpful.. I think giving
    people the ability to post unlimited text and links will create massive

  10. Douglas MacKrell

    Though I’m still getting the hang of the new YouTube comment system, I have
    already seen some benefit socially! When my friends with larger followings
    comment on my videos, they bring other people to both watch and comment on
    their comment. It’s netted me a lot of new viewers and subscribers that
    were outside of my social bubble and SEO reach!

  11. Glendon Cameron

    There is no way this is going to kill Youtube, if you are an internet
    marketer this is the best thing since free web traffic. The possibilities
    are endless as for negative elements of the internet that has been a
    problem for every web platform from day one.

    Are we going to shut down the internet because there are bad people doing
    bad things?

    Of course not!

    As with any issue created by new technology, innovation or change, a
    solution is produced at some point in the development chain. In time the
    adjustments and revisions will be made. Adapt or perish and Youtube will do

    I like the change and for me it has already proven beneficial, some of my
    older videos are getting a ton of comments and views which means the
    previous comments are now indexed in Google.

    Vimeo has been around a long time, I even have an account but it has no
    where near the traffic of Youtube and it has upload limitations that
    Youtube doesn’t I have over 250 hours of content on my channel hosted buy
    Youtube for FREE

    For those that ride out the hiccups and rough patches of change there is a
    ton of fortune on the other side of the deal.

  12. David Kyte

    I think it sucks


  13. Edwin Dueck

    So now everybody can see this, well I think it’s dumb, it just goes to show
    that some people don’t use their heads.

  14. Edwin Dueck

    I’m trying to see if this works, there is a check mark that you can uncheck
    for your Google+ comments.
    If you uncheck it will the comments stay on YouTube?

  15. Manualideas Fancylooks

    I like the new system, all I see are advantages… I guess I didn’t have
    the chance to experience the disadvantages yet… all I can imagine is that
    it will give us much more moderation work in our comment section…

  16. Joey Xoto

    Absolutely agree. It’s just clunky and annoying and pretty confusing.
    Yesterday I tried replying to comments on my videos and I was told I
    “didn’t have the right permissions”. Quite frustrated with the new system.
    Thumbs down.

  17. PregnancyChat

    I’m loving the new comment system. It adds more transparency, people can’t
    hide behind their fake usernames as easily. It will help separate those
    with real content and help weed out those spammers.

  18. Steven Washer

    Overall this commenting system has been a good development despite the
    grumblings. Change is inevitable, and I’m as bad as anyone when it comes to
    resistance. I want to say (with some trepidation) that if you’re getting a
    lot of spam comments, it could be that your message attracts them.

    Besides, if we constantly have to restrict ourselves to the lowest common
    denominators of society, we’d never make any progress at all.

  19. Jack Long

    Hey Gideon, Jack Long here from Learn Guitar Tunes (sending from my google
    + account and not my normal YT channel).

    Thanks for another awesome video, your posting of this video couldn’t be
    better timed to be honest. I HATE the new google + forceful thing, they
    are forcing everyone to become GOOGLE with everything they do just for the
    sake of making comments.

    My Google + page is more like my Facebook page, a personal page on me. My
    Youtube channel is my brand and my company (when my brand becomes a fully
    operational company). So YT keeps trying to force me to change my channel
    name to my G+, this is NOT good.

    Your points made on the spam and links in comments is very good point,
    perhaps YouTube should allow the owner of the video to grant permission for
    any comment that has a link embedded (similar to when someone leaves a
    video comment).

    Thanks again, I look forward to the responses on this.

    Speak soon, Jack.

  20. Tim West

    Terrific video as always. I must admit since the switch over my wife’s
    channel has had a significant drop in
    comments. I guess it’s wait and see how it all shakes out. Even the ability
    to review and delete Spam comments is broken at the time of this writing. I
    think we’re going to start encouraging comments on our website as well and
    will probably have to explain that you need a Google+ account to leave a
    comment. I think it’s a shame that Google did this. It’s an obvious heavy
    handed approach and grab into social media and I’m quite annoyed. At the
    end of the day, the money, traffic and leads that YouTube generates for us
    is significant so we will just grin and bare it :)
    Tim from Toronto
    p.s. I didn’t like the new YouTube layout this past Spring either when it
    came out and saw a drop and then bounce back of number of comments within a
    short period of time…perhaps this will happen this time too.

  21. WhatHeals

    The main concern you share is that people will share ‘junk’ on your video.
    It seems that the Google God’s, in their wisdom, were probably trying to
    avoid this by requiring a person to have a google+ profile. They gave
    greater freedom of expression, but linked it to their profile, which
    creates accountability. Hmmm Rights with Responsibility. Sounds like a
    reasonable idea….

  22. Tony Whitaker

    I found this video on Google+ because I saw that Dave Dugdale commented on
    it. Never would I have been able to find you, and your awesome videos (if
    it hadn’t been for Google and it’s new commenting system). I say it’s a
    good change. But then again the first time you bake a cake it’s not the
    greatest. It takes a few tries to perfect a cake… well in this case the
    new YouTube commenting system.

  23. Sergio Felix

    Hey Gideon, totally agree with you and boogie2988. The thing that actually
    gets me, is that if you’re YouTube/Google and you already know how people
    behave on the internet, it’s not like they didn’t see this one coming
    (movie scripts, nasty ascii graphics, endless popular name impersonating,
    spam links, etc)

    I agree on the side of things that linking both platforms can be a pretty
    robust change for either Google+ users or YouTube users and build bridges
    between the two but these issues should have been taken into consideration
    BEFORE rolling out these changes.

  24. ChristosDoulos

    The people at google/YouTube are not stupid. I’m guessing they already have
    a plan for addressing unwanted links in the comments area.

    Unfortunately, whatever that solution is may not work out as planned.
    Craigslist is going the other way. Recently they disallowed link tags in
    the Real Estate For Sale/Rent section. So before you could take a screencap
    of your YouTube video about your house for sale with the play button shown,
    paste it into Craigslist, wrap that image in a link tag and take people to
    the video on Youtube when they tried to “play” the image. The Craigslist
    change ended that.

    The workaround was to just put a raw link under the video play image as
    text links were still clickable and just give a call-to-action to click the
    link. Well the other day they smarties over at CL killed ALL live links.
    You can still type them in, but now people have to copy/paste them into
    their browser like it’s 1992 or something.

    My point is that the folks over at Craigslist must have had such a big
    problem when free reign was given for links that they made getting
    additional info about homes very hard. The problem was so pronounced that
    they were willing to sacrifice user experience to address it.

    Can YouTube succeed were Craigslist failed – or do they just THINK that
    they can control link spam when, in fact, they cannot?

  25. Bruce Hoag

    Let’s not forget that Google owns YouTube.

    What is Google’s goal? It’s to give those who use its search engine that
    best possible experience. They want people to get the very best content
    available the first time.

    We all know that YouTube is the second largest search engine. And since
    Google owns them, we can be sure that they will want the same thing.

    We also know that Google is hard at work creating algorithms to penalize
    those who abuse their search engines.

    So whatever limitations and drawbacks there are at the moment, you can be
    sure that those things will go away before long.

  26. Chris Thomas

    All this is presumably part of the strategy to combine different offers and
    tie customers to one brand, Google. As long as people can access YouTube
    without a Google+ account, that’s OK.

    Note that people really got annoyed (myself included) when Google’s Picasa
    photoalbums were moved to Google+ photos.

    The constant question I have is, do I want to have all my eggs in one
    basket (just Google or Just Microsoft) or would I prefer to have them
    spread, so that if one system fails/gets too annoying/becomes restrictive,
    the others are still there.

    Currently, the benefits just outweigh the disadvantages for me. I’ll see
    what the future brings.

  27. Simon Deacon

    Great video Gideon – thanks.

    I’m not sure that people who comment realise that, if they want a response,
    they need to give permission. I have a math channel and have been unable to
    respond to any questions from students. The message is that ‘I’m not
    allowed to comment on this post.’

    I would really like to help my students but can’t :-(

  28. BackyardWorkshop

    It’s bad enough I spend all day watching YouTube videos, now I’m going to
    spend all night reading the lengthy comments LOL seriously though – we had
    spam in comments before, so I like the new change and will just be even
    more quick to moderate comments – whiiiiiiich makes me come back to YouTube
    even more often… hmmm maybe this is all part of the plan πŸ˜‰

  29. LetsGoRoadTrippin

    I think the G+ integration is a good thing. There are definitely some
    problems with it, and you addressed the biggest ones. Keep in mind that
    all of Google’s services they deploy have issues at first, but the people
    who work for Google are pretty smart. These issues will get addressed and
    be fixed. Especially if they want this to be successful, and have more
    people happy. You can’t make everyone happy. I resisted the change, and I
    am still not happy to have been forced into the change, but I am a creator,
    and I want to continue to use YouTube as well as grow an audience. Change
    is not always fun, but it is inevitable :).

  30. Redpilldown

    β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ ]β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„ Bob is building an army.
    β–‚β–„β–…β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–…β–„β–ƒβ–‚ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Ilβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ]. /β–Œ Copy and Paste this all over
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  31. Carlton S. Campbell

    I think that this could be a very, very negative thing. A potential very
    bad thing if it becomes an ‘ABUSED’ thing as you asked. I believe that the
    heckler’s and the ‘jerks’ of the internet will abuse this new system to a
    very large extent. They ‘WILL’ cause great deal damage also harass and bait
    and have almost free rain to ‘Blitz’ anyone on any whim or grudge they may
    have. How about a drunk’en group of frat-boys or pedophiles or just plain
    bastards and assholes. I hope this will not hurt YouTube but I foresee many
    problems with them maintaining memberships and situations that will force
    members to ‘shut-down’ and leave YouTube. Possible legal issues? I feel
    that they must have ‘controls’ and safe guards in place to protect their
    membership and themselves. I personally like the concept and the new
    frontier. But, it could be a real ticking suitcase ‘atomic bomb’ that they
    may regret creating. I will stay loyal to YouTube. But, If I get burned I
    will never comment again. SAFEGUARDS !!! SAFEGUARDS !!! SAFEGUARDS !!!
    From the loony cyber-toons and the hecklers and bullies and ego maniacal
    computer-potatoes that never get dates or sexual fulfillment and have
    nothing better to do but create mayhem and harassment for the serious
    members and user’s of YouTube. Best Regards & My Thanks for your time and

  32. TheCoon

    You know that boogie2988 is doing this character Francis who is “raging”
    about all kinds of stuff…

  33. Keith Everett

    Gideon, I think you might actually get less spammy comments. If the person
    actually has to have a G+ account,wont they risk losing that account if
    they keep spamming people. Also, wont this get rid of “bots” being able to
    leave comments… just a thought. Great video BTW..

  34. AthomewithAngie

    I hate the fact I am being forced to use another platform just to have a
    youtube account and post comments, it’s not very streamlined and ordinarily
    I would have no interest in using google+. I like the fact they no longer
    limit the character spaces. With regards to clicking on links in comments,
    you have to be careful anywhere you do that on the internet. I don’t think
    anyone would hold it against the original video poster if they ended up
    somewhere they didn’t expect to be. I feel a bit weird about the real
    people in my life knowing how much youtube I actually watch, as well as how
    much I participate in commenting, liking etc. I don’t know why, and by
    using google+ it’s just getting a little too close to home. I am not sure
    of the purpose of google+, we have facebook and tbh I could live without
    that! :)

  35. Ron Barnhart

    I haven’t read all of the comments below, but the one thing I haven’t seen
    mentioned is that the change comes with a comment control tool that can
    eliminate or minimize the problems that we’re talking about. You can ban
    users, remove comments, add filters, and identify spam posts. I haven’t
    used this feature, so I don’t know how well it works. I also realize that
    if you have a lot of videos and a lot of viewers, that could cause a lot of
    extra work just to keep the comments clean and productive. But, I think
    that is the starting point for a solution. Perhaps Youtube needs to beef up
    the control tools or perhaps serious YouTubers will need an assistant to
    manage comments. If you have a well-visited blog, you would have basically
    the same problem to contend with. If you allow comments, then you will have
    to deal with the boneheads who pollute other people’s stuff.

  36. Marlene Hielema

    I also think it’s a barrier to regular (non-spammy) viewers leaving
    comments. My 74 year old mom is not going to open a G+ account to leave a
    comment or post a question on the videos she’s watching.

  37. Ian Mayman

    I’ve not seen the criticism myself or anything about the changes, but I
    suspect it is about anonymity. It means abusive comments that are often
    found on YouTube are more likely to be traced.

    As for the long comments, that won’t last long if people don’t respond to
    them, but pasted in documents aren’t good and should prove the necessity of
    the option for limiting characters, but it should only be an option. Links
    too should be relatively easy for Google to block, or perhaps allow links
    only from the producer of the video.

  38. Juho Tunkelo

    Well, it just seems like another (desperate?) move to make Google+ more
    relevant by pushing it into wherever they can. Can’t blame them for doing
    it, but I wonder if they’ve really thought this one through. It’s quite
    unpredictable, how people will be using this, pretty sure we’ll see further
    updates to the system before long…

  39. Kamil K. Wawrzyszko

    Hey, Gideon, no panic. Google are not stupid – they always provide top
    notch stuff, so it’s not working, they’ll fix it. And in life you always
    need to look for blessings and opportunities if you want to thrive – it
    will never be plain sailing all the time πŸ˜‰

  40. Jason Love

    I am interested in knowning, how this affects the culture of YouTube. Last
    year I used YouTube to promote a comic book I published through Kickstarter
    and because I was going around to people who were interested in Comic Books
    and asking for feedback, 75% never respondended, 8% gave general feedback,
    12% enthusiastically thanked me for sharing it, and 5% angrily called me a

    With this new system, I am not sure where to draw the line on sharing
    links, will I be called a spammer for promoting in someone else’s comments
    or is it okay as long as it relates to their video?

    Any thoughts?

  41. Minsooky

    I strongly dislike this recent change. Now I understand that not
    everything is going to run smoothly when you introduce something new like
    this, and that in some aspects the aim was to reduce troll comments, but
    imho the changes just make the trolling worse. Before the change, trolls
    could only post annoying text comments of a certain length, but now they
    can post a limitless amount of text, ASCII art (like swastikas, really
    classy), and links. It’s a nightmare. To make matters worse, people are
    more likely to avoid commenting if they have to jump through more hoops in
    order to comment…so I don’t really see the benefit of this in the short
    or long run. There has to be a better way to improve interactivity on
    Youtube than doing this.

  42. Jack Popjes

    In most areas of communication Less is More. Utube is now proving this by
    showing that More is Less.

  43. Ikechi Awazie

    I guess Youtube know what they are doing. Change is not easy because it
    comes with a price. As for links, i guess they will have to look into that.
    Google should not restrict its commenters to google+ but other social

  44. blacksouldown

    I hate it. I liked the linear format of the inbox it just seemed perfectly
    logical.. I could easily access it, reply to what I wanted and it would all
    be listed when I came back to it. Now there is a list of comments (with
    added adds from Google) which will only go back so far…unless I go to
    Google+ and then its listed under each video so I can’t tell which are more
    recent comments. I keep having to check the bell at the top for comments
    and then change the screen to go to the video to reply because of the way
    it is set out. And what is this nonsense by which you have to type in the
    name of the commenter with a plus added ..sometimes I have to do it
    sometimes the ‘reply’ tab shows up as normal and I don’t. When they first
    brought this change in I started looking at other video sharing sites…of
    all the changes they have introduced so far this has been the most
    irritating. And finally – I have a youtube account…I have a facebook
    account….I can connect them if I so want……I do not need, care about
    or want google+

  45. 07gogogooooooooo

    β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ ]β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„ Bob is building an army.
    β–‚β–„β–…β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–…β–„β–ƒβ–‚ ☻/︻╦╀─ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Ilβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ]. /β–Œ Copy and Paste this all over
    β—₯βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β—€.. / \ YouTube if you are with us

  46. Ron Hays

    I think that because there is so much talent out there that does “Abusive”
    that the more open the system is the more abuse will take place, I
    personally disconnected myself from Google +

  47. Susan Evans

    I think the owner of the channel should be able to leave a link in their
    own comment section, but their audience shouldn’t. This would remove all
    spam, because the owners won’t spam themselves!

  48. expertsuccessacademy

    Good or Bad? Doesn’t Matter! It’s how it is. It’s still a fantastic free
    platform and the smart players will learn to roll with it – like most
    events or matters in life!

  49. Gil Cox

    Like most things in life it looks as though it has good and bad points. At
    the moment the bad seems to outweigh the good. If links aren’t or can’t be
    monitored this can only be bad. Al imit on comment length has to be
    shortened considerably or no-one will read them at all. Google/ YouTube
    need to listen!

  50. LTTPUK

    If people have to login using their google+ account, then maybe they’ll
    behave better?

  51. BodyCastSculptor

    Thanks for the warning, Gideon. I had thought this could be good – as a
    professional body cast sculptor I was receiving quite a few sex based
    comments and disabled this function to avoid them. Had hoped the changes
    would help me to engage more with serious YouTubers and creative but
    realise that my channel would be targeted with links to dodgy sites!

  52. Matthew McLelland

    I’m sure somebody will figure out a way to make tons of money with this new
    Google+ commenting system and will then make an info product teaching the
    same and I’ll probably end up buying it!

    (I’m trying to decide if i should add some relevant links to this comment
    or just leave it be)

  53. Laura Lee Waldorf

    If there is a Youtube consequence for all who participate in irresponsible
    activities has a consequence unless they stay on their own category,
    not OK to share everywhere, always buyer beware

  54. 285XTREME

    My thought on the new comment system is that I don’t like it at all. & what
    you said about people leaving links to porn & malware, they can also lead
    to spam, phishing sites, & browser exploit as well. & second, if you ever
    wanted to comment, you have to enable third party cookies to do it. I don’t
    like that because third party cookies can track what you are doing.

  55. Anthony Paul

    On first view of your video my thoughts are that YouTube has adapted the
    Microsoft philosophy, “If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway”. Moving on, it
    seems to have an over abundance of negative effects… NOT good. It would
    seem that major improvements should be made before the negatives, now
    present, take over. This change wasn’t thought through to the extent it
    should have been.

  56. Online Income Startupβ„’

    At 230 views, this video already got 60 comments. So that seems like a good
    change indeed…

  57. John Charbonneau

    You make some valid comments and I share your concerns. It did not seem
    broken in the first place.

  58. CJ Grace

    At first I thought what a great idea, this must be good. Not only what you
    mention have I noticed is a bad thing, but so is the ability to reply. I
    have two channels, and someone just commented on my new channel. I received
    the comment notification in my email which is not connected with my new
    channel, and I ended up replying to myself! So far, I have not had any
    negative links. But I still think it could work out, if we had the ability
    to choose “mark as spam”, or, “violation of terms of service”. I really
    would have liked to keep all comments on YouTube with the ability to
    comment more. We’ll just see how it all turns out! Thanks for mentioning
    this issue Gideon, I thought I was loosing it!

  59. Philip Bodkin

    Gideon I think it’s simple… will it have an effect… certainly, but it
    will have it’s negative aspects and its positive useful aspects. The thing
    is, as with anything like this there will be abusers… both intentional
    abusers who will try to take advantage or make a quick buck and those who
    are just inexperienced or naive.

    That’s the thing with emerging technology, it has no rules and it’s up to
    the educated, responsible members of a community to set the pace and police
    the results.

  60. MartΓ­n Bonari

    First of all Google started the changes by introducing the new Hummingbird
    search engine… but they released it even one month before they even
    announced it. THAT WAS BAD ENOUGH. Then they changed YouTube and Google+
    integration, removed several features and added the ones you mentioned in
    your video. I understand YT wants us to use G+ but do they actually care
    what we – as users – think? THAT IS THE QUESTION. Greetings from Argentina!

  61. Paul Grout

    Hi Gideon, these are some extremely good points you have made about
    Youtube’s new commenting system. I tend not to press the button as soon as
    Youtube introduce something just to give it time to settle. So far I have
    been un-ticking the “share on Google+” button and have been finding the
    ability to add more information within the comments box really cool. I
    think it is a good move, however, we should always have an idea for how
    these new facilities actually work before we PUSH the BUTTON. I think that
    sharing links is a good idea although perhaps its would be an idea for
    Youtube to only allow the associated website links validated through the
    user’s youtube profile to only be accepted within the comments box. Nice
    one Gideon for letting us know about this.

  62. stubzTV

    the biggest oversight they made was to roll this out without the ability to
    thumbs up or flag comments. I don’t feel like they tested this feature.
    Usually they make new features beta and let early adopters opt-in this one
    didn’t get vetted with the early adopters. They’ll fix it I’m sure.

  63. Les Power

    Hey Gideon.
    You’ve explained this better than a couple of other people I have taken
    note of. I do agree with some of the other commenters here, it will
    probably end up somewhere as the “next shiny object”, but that’s cool, I
    won’t be enthusiastic about it yet, until I make sure of the market
    reaction and response. I would be most “miffed” if someone left a virus or
    Trojan or nasty URL in my comments. The problem is you have no control over
    any of that.
    Not sure yet.
    Thanks as usual,

  64. TreasuryRecruitment

    YouTube killer no. Silly change that means little except to try and
    increase ad revenue etc yep. Gideon in terms of video creation / coaching /
    expanding our video offering you have always been our ‘guru’ / video mentor
    however our website designer warned me 2 years ago that if we put any video
    on YouTube we don’t own the rights to it, THEY DO! And I think you have
    also mentioned this in the dim distant past.
    This is why we publish on YouTube but we separately pay to host ourselves
    through another hosted provider so we have independent publishing control
    I won’t say who through they are rich enough already. Basically it’s
    another revenue channel for YouTube, the channel has been ‘free’ for a long
    time and now they are simply wanting to further monetize their service.
    Cheers Gideon thanks for your amazing constructive output keep it up.

  65. Richlyista | Girl of the Forest

    Facebook allows unlimited length comments and full links. Thus far on
    Facebook there has been very little if any spam and no viral links to speak
    of. Facebook does have a pop-up notice for some links. Perhaps Facebook has
    a malware detection system in place and does have some sort of limit.

    So, it seems Youtube is going the way of Facebook, but perhaps the audience
    is a little different. Youtube is rife with trollers, spammers and
    anonymous identities, seemingly much more so than Facebook.

    Smartly, it might behoove Google to use a malware detection system for
    links and limit comments to, perhaps 3000 words or so, at least in the

    For the first time, I see Google+ as having promise. A forced hand was
    necessary, and most people will eventually acclimate well, albeit a little
    grumpily. New Youtubers will hardly notice anything, of course.

    But one thing I believe is important for Googlers to do, is manage their
    communities personally and consistently… just doing auto-posting will be
    a killer, if anything.

    What makes Facebook so extraordinary is the dedication with which admins
    and page managers is monitor and engage with their members constantly.
    THAT, in my humble opin, is priceless. That’s the social interaction we
    likely crave the most.. to KNOW what we say is truly being heard.

    PS: Just noticed – we can edit our comments here. Awesome!

    Thanks, love your videos.


    I hate it because I have 3 youtube channels 3 google plus accounts. I hate
    being pressured to use another social network acct. Facebook, Twitter,
    Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest its too much to handle. If i’m not going
    to active I rather not

  67. Robin Barnhart

    Gideon, I appreciate your thoughtful input and discussion on this YouTube
    change. I’m not techie enough to know how this disadvantages can be changed
    but I know that if enough people are concerned, YouTube will address it.
    Perhaps you have opened the path for this. πŸ˜‰ I don’t believe YouTube is
    going away … but they should address this or perhaps loose traction.
    Blessings, robin

  68. Sneakerheadb

    Great vid!

  69. Rohe Energie - Keine fruchtlosen DiΓ€ten mehr!

    Thanks for the important infos. :-)

  70. Frederick Fichman

    Two comments. Unlimited text in comments…put back a limit that will
    prevent novels or screenplays or endless rants. What the number is…I
    don’t know, but there must be some happy medium. Second…links. That is
    essential for me to be able to refer my followers to my websites. It is
    critical. Maybe YT can install a filter system that detects harmful sites
    and boots them out or flags them as harmful much like what McAfee does for
    bogus or dangerous sites.

    Now third, Gideon, you are top of this stuff…excellent, thank you. You
    are definitely a key resource for me and I appreciate your vids and your
    emails. You are dedicated to this business and it shows. Congrats and keep
    up the great work.

  71. omar souki

    these changes don’t bother me !! it’s okay , just be careful

  72. REDG2074

    Maybe youtube can let the account owner decide (as a setting) how many
    words can be left in the comments.. The url thing youtube must filter, but
    that should also be made available as an option that the account-owner can

    I think like that the responsibility is being laid at the youtubers.
    And maybe something like words that are filtered etc.

    BTW, Gideon, I love your production and everything I’ve learned a lot from
    your blogs and products,.. Keep up the good work!!


    You’re right, it is very important and disturbing. But unlikely to kill
    YouTube. Probablu will put limits or penalties for spammers

  74. tostoday

    The merging of the two social platforms, in theory at least, seemed like a
    cool idea.
    The commenting portion is challenging at best though. Now, on my
    smartphone, when I get an inbox notification I never know if replying will
    work like before. If anyone is interested, this podcast expresses my
    feelings perfectly Youtube Changes..Stop freaking out! Discussion

  75. vegasrenie

    Any comments (such as this one) that I make on YouTube don’t always have
    anything to do with Google+, which, if I wanted to, I could just go ahead
    and comment THERE! It’s a stupid setup and whoever came up with it should
    be slapped.

  76. Edgar Waring

    Good update Gideon! Thanks!

  77. Cory Tyler

    Love the background music you’ve got Gideon. I love the new comments
    feature, but that’s just me. I think it can really serve Youtubers who are
    building their channel and connections albeit on the Google Plus platform,
    but still.

  78. SaladoBSH

    Its to complicated. If they wanted the ability to place links and change
    the lenghts of comments and they could have done that by updating the old
    comment boxes.

  79. neophytefilms1268

    no it wont kill google simply because there is no fucking alternative. It
    there was I would say fuck you youtube and never look back

  80. Happy Trail Chihuahuas

    Another negative is that all comments are now hidden. When you click the
    link the video stop and takes you G+. So you can no longer scan comments
    and listen to a video at the same time. I have never been a fan of G+ and
    do not want to be sent there when I want to view videos and their comments.

  81. Around Tokyo

    Boogie had no idea how to change it either unfortunately. But basically,
    it is a good change, just not implemented well yet. Google/YouTube isn’t
    dumb, so I bet in a few weeks or months (more likely) we’ll see another
    interface rolled out. Just have to put up with it till then, and just
    don’t click on any links in a comment!

    Greetings from a fellow Sunshine Coaster living in Japan :)

  82. Grehund

    Limit characters, filter links, Default to Off on Share on Google+. They
    should have done ALL these things BEFORE releasing the changes into the
    wild. Very foolish. Personally, I’d like to keep my Google+ and YouTube
    accounts completely separate. Good video as always Gideon.

  83. Sarah Mavrinac

    i’m a pretty apathetic, low-key, conservative web user. from what i can
    see, i probably won’t leave comments now. i have to sign into google +
    which is a job i don’t want. AND and the comment will stay in my google
    + account. which i don’t want. why do i want the world to see all of my
    little explorations and experiments??? too bad.

  84. Ellffy Mc'Kenzie

    Thank you Gideon. I like the way you utter your opinion!

  85. PegLeg Mediax

    its not a big deal, why would it ruin youtube?

  86. Robert W

    Well we will have to see, I’ve linked my YouTube channel with my Google+
    site. Time will only tell.

  87. Planet Zuby

    I think it sucks personally. It’s more confusing and more conducive to spam.

    I don’t think comments were so broken that they needed a complete re-haul,
    perhaps just some light adjustments.

  88. Manie Amari

    In Google’s attempt to take away Facebook’s social network market share
    they have gambled by integrating G+ with YouTube. I think the cons out
    weight the pros and they should have given it more thought before making
    this change. Love the video Gideon.

  89. Gary Buckley

    I think that reputation management will do a lot of the monitoring of those
    who are taking advantage of a good thing,after all Google still has it’s
    reputation of swiftly removing violators of its policies as a whole.So we
    just have to be concerned about what we do as we make are comments and when
    Google+ programs it’s policy spiders we will be one step a head of the ones
    that are taking advantage of the relaxed policy now

  90. Pete Gregory

    Hey Gideon,
    Yeah, you’re right about the commenting. Like you say, there’s some good in
    it but I hope I know this is going to lean towards 300 word postings. That
    I could do without!

  91. Marty Smith

    “Is this going to kill Youtube?” Can you add any more drama to your title,
    LoL? Of course, WE ALL KNOW, it is NOT a Youtube killer. On the other hand,
    many of the features Google adds have been adopted, as is. I would not be
    betting on any quick changes in response to a few negative posts. Just like
    in a forum, the comments can be monitored, removed and flagged by the
    community. People with real G+ profiles are not going to be inclined to be

  92. Ethan Emilio

    momentum seems to have been swinging towards vimeo for some time. From
    popular youtubers to friends on my social media mentioning vimeo. Frankly,
    the only thing I care about is learning the new operating system and
    knowing it wont be as good as youtube’s. So, no matter what, youtube is
    going stay in its position for some time. I don’t think anyone’s channel
    will be affected to harshly either, so there is nothing to worry about.
    Your following will follow you.

  93. Thomas McKay

    Thanks for the reply. Both the content of your offerings and you personal
    presentation give your viewers give value and leave little room for

  94. Bryan Krauss

    There has been an official response from YouTube about the Google+ comments
    issues. Look up Youtuber: Unit Lost Google+ Comments – OFFICIAL YouTube
    Response. They read from a blog that received answer from You Tube in
    regards to this current issue and are looking to make corrections.

  95. Leanne Peard

    Well, +Gideon Shalwick I intend Not to write a movie script here …..
    I like the added features of the comments and can see the pros and cons…
    Will it kill +YouTube (I don’t think so) The public loves video and I am
    sure they will continue to watch, regardless of comments… (would be
    interesting to do a poll to see how many of the youtube viewers in general
    actually read the comments)

    Will it affect business owners and marketers using this tool? Absolutely
    What I see that we (marketers, teachers, trainers, educators and the like
    need to do know) and as if we already don’t have enough to do…
    Is the following:

    1. We all need to look at our reputation marketing… Take steps to make
    sure we are being notified first about any comments associated to our brand
    and services. This can be done by adding an alert to #googlealerts.
    2. We need to make sure that we are getting as many review and positive
    comments as possible, This can be done through outsourcing to an online
    reputation marketing company to assist keeping their business on page one
    of Google and Youtube (ps I happen to know a very good one πŸ˜‰
    3. We need to make sure that our comments are on approved only…

    What do we do about the linking to other not so appropriate sites… Well
    that will happen, how do we fix that? I am not sure, but willing to learn
    from others who may know what to do?
    What can YouTube do…. I am not sure…. Is it up to them, or is it up to
    us to protect our Digital footprint the best we can :)
    Cheers Leanne

  96. hanspetersdorf


  97. Scott Telle

    Good thoughts, Gideon. Nice to see someone giving a more rounded review of
    this new system. When searching about the new comment system I mostly get
    back angry videos file with profanity – not helpful.

    Also, I DID notice that when comments get long there is a “read more”
    option showing up. I like this.

  98. Cosmiclady54

    Not liking the idea AT ALL! Geeze can a girl have some modicum of privacy.
    I want to converse with who I want. NOT THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE…. I am afraid
    is the consequences litetally.

  99. Luiz Souza

    Some times this new comments system don’t let me answer the comments in my
    own videos. In my channel I always answer the comments because i do video
    tutorials that need integration between me and the viewers. I hope they
    solve this trouble.

  100. VitalyTV

    It seems that like any new technology there is a lot of problems, but if
    people keep screaming about it I’m sure Google will fix them don’t you
    think ?

  101. VideoSEO Ireland

    Interesting to see how much they want us to use G+. Google left it too late
    to break into the social media market, but I like it

  102. SomeOne Pro

    Nice videos bro and nice title

  103. Nulano

    The only problem I see with this change is the Bob spam.