The Next GAME CHANGER In Boosting Your YouTube Channel

More and more people are discovering the power of using video for their online business. In the online arena, you always have to be on the lookout for what is new and what works best to give your business an edge.

That’s why, inside today’s video I share three NEW powerful ways to boost your YouTube channel views, and one lucky video of your choice…

  • I share how you can brand your channel through YouTube’s newest feature, InVideo Programming, and increase the number of your subscribers;
  • I talk about why I call InVideo Programming the new GAME CHANGER for getting more views for any video of your choice (some really power ideas around this, trust me… and watch the video to see what I mean);
  • I also reveal how you can win one of five very cool prizes that I am giving away which will boost your videos and instantly give you credibility.

Go and watch the video now to find out how you can use this new YouTube feature to your advantage… and make sure you watch the video right until the end so you can participate in the little competition I am running where I give away a total of about $250 in cool prizes.

Chat soon!
Gideon Shalwick

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About Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick is a YouTube and video marketing expert, and has figured out how to get a TON of attention using online video (with one YouTube channel reaching 10 million views!), and today, he's built a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, and 60,000+ people on this very blog, where he shares some of his most powerful video marketing strategies.

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  1. Hello Gideon,

    Thanks for you’re post, is great. All my video blog is inspierd by you.

    I will give acces to some of my products if the’re putting “invideo” in on they’re videos.
    At my buisness i will pay some channels to promote my website.
    I will branded all my videos, with the logo, this is grea stuff.
    When i launch a product i will put on all my videos the link, and then i will share them in social media. I will get more traffic beacuse is more content shared.
    I will make a competition, if you’re doing a video with a link that is coming to me and you recommend it, you can win some stuff, like 1on1 coaching.

    ….. a lot of ideas.

    Thank you Gideon, have a nice weekend!

  2. Hey Gideon, great tips as always.

    With the featured video feature, someone could use that link/video to be a COMPETITIONS PAGE. So it could be a weekly, monthly, or daily competition of some kind that people can access from any video on your channel. Sort of like this competition you are doing here… ‘suggest your idea for…”

    ps: i could really use a splasheo so hope im in the running :)

  3. Ouuu! VERY COOL 😀 I’m going to check it out riiight now 😉 Be back soon!


  4. Yes, that’s nice… I would use that for promoting sales, displaying a coupon that points to a video for a current sale item. Of course the preview image for the video has to be spot on (red with sale text), but it could work to drive some huge traffic.

    Thanks for letting us know Gideon,

  5. Hi Gideon,

    Really great information! Always look forward to your videos when I need to be inspired to focus on video marketing.

  6. OH MY MERCY! I had this feature :) SO COOOL :) It’s called “InVideo Programming” I will TOTALLY be using this. Now to decide how… I will come back and leave a special comment on your video cause i REALLY want a Splasheo… i’ve been dreaming about having a Splasheo since i first saw Leslie with one!! 😀 You ROCK Gideon!! Thank you for sharing this info with us :)


  7. David Best

    This new button is a great idea and will work in very well with my new site I am just getting ready to release.

    My new site has to do with Online Fundraising. Any charity can come to the site and list their charity for free, the amount they would like to raise and members can then donate points to the charity. When the point level has been reached, that the charity set, the points are converted into cash and a check sent to the charity. The best part is that the members are not spending any of their own money for the donations.

    I am going to pick a different charity each day and build a Youtube Game show were the user has to answer some questions on the video the charity would provide, name and pics of several dogs, cat, birds, horses or what ever the charity is about. This could also be done using current hot videos on Youtube.

    The Youtube game ends with the member being send to a page were they pick their prize and donate to the charity of their choice. Again the member spends no money out of pocket and the charity gets funded.

    I could use this little tab and put it other Youtube pages and take Youtube members back to the main game page and have it link them to the current Youtube Game and all past Youtube games. This way the member can fund any charity they wish.

    The traffic and potential are through the roof.

  8. Hey Gideon, thanks for sharing this with us. I would have missed this new feature, but now it definitely fits in to my marketing plan for the next few months. I use my YouTube channel mathwithmrv (“Math Class with Terry V”) as a way to give away tons of free content … math videos. Then I promote my web site for live math tutoring and consulting ( … sorry about the shameless plug … please check it out and give me some feedback if appropriate.
    I am going to use this inVideo programming feature on my math videos and playlists soon to help with a new launch I’m planning: group math tutoring sessions, live, for college students. I’ll make a promo video, attach it to my others using this feature, and advertise this idea with special pricing, etc.
    I have to work out the details, but I think it will help get the word out to students in college needing a study hall or private math session for upcoming tests wherever they are in the USA.
    Thanks again for your great work. I’m excited to get this going soon. I’ll let you know how it goes. Terry V

  9. Great tip, Gideon,
    thank you,
    beside you have mentioned it is a good idea to post it on all videos with link to your featured video… “Reinforces” your main service (product)

  10. Cheryl Cadzow

    I am going to use the feature video insert to communicate future events that I’m planning. It is going to be great.

  11. it’s really cool and you know what you can even remove previously featured video once you think you got enough views to run on its own and then add another video to boost your views on that video and so on….. what an awesome feature.

  12. Hey Gideon, what an awesome little feature to have man and I’m really happy that I do have access to it! 😉

    As for ideas, I just have two:

    1. Place the welcome video on that channel if your channel has only a few subscribers (like mine) so people can get to know you better in a faster time.

    2. Copy the raw functionality of a wordpress blog, what I mean by that is you simple place the latest video there.

    For instance, my video channel is the only one I have ever uploaded videos so it has videos when I was just getting started and petrified of the camera.

    If somebody is watching one of those lousy videos and actually clicks on the insight video, then they can see how I’m doing right now and turn a laugh into an interested subscriber to our channel!

    I don’t know, I’m keeping it simple and I know they’ll be more great uses than this one but for me this one should work to get started. 😉

    Sergio Felix

  13. My tip for the feature video is to first of all have the “still image” from the video being a headline with call to action… maybe something like “Free $100 Amazon Gift Card – Click Here”. That should get lots of people clicking to see what that’s all about, and then have the video explaining a simple contest where you will choose one of your subscribers on a certain date of every month that wins a $100 gift card. This should increase your subscriber rate greatly, and will be a lot more effective than just asking people to subscribe after they finish a video.

  14. i would do all kinds of creative stuff,
    since its something new i wouldnt use
    to always sell something , i would
    create a cartoon bubble thing . like
    if i was thinking about something
    and i would do like a special video
    thanking my followers. another thing
    i would do and i dont know if its
    possible to move it around the screen
    but i would put on plain tshirt without
    anything and i would type something
    like” Got blog ” making it look like if it
    was silkscreen on the tshirt .

    GIDEON love your stuff and how
    many ideas can i submit

  15. Gideon,

    Thanks for the “heads up” on this feature. I’ve already changed out my avatar to implement the InVideo branding.

    How about featuring a video sales page? It’s like PPC for free as long as the sales page doesn’t cross any YouTube lines. Thnaks again.


  16. Thank you for your Email and your Video.
    I will use this feature to partner with others.
    E.g I will promote their channel for a month and then they will promote mine.
    More partners in the following months. Great tip.

  17. Stan Gore

    Two uses for the video promoter:
    1) Contests: Everyone clicks on a contest proposal. Drive viewers from the contest video to your squeeze page.
    2) If you consider your channel to be equivalent to your blog and your individual videos the equivalent of individual blog pages, you would normally assign your Introduction video as your Featured video. Now you have the ability to title the “pushed” video “START HERE” and make it your intro. video. This lets you assign another video – say your main sales video – as your featured video.

  18. This is a GREAT feature! I have put it to use already. Thanks for the notification about it. Wonder why YouTube did not tell me first?This will be fantastic for new products, events, etc. Also good for redirecting to other channels you have.

    I can see selling space to other vendors, like 1 week or a month at a time. This could be the start of another good revenue source. You could produce a custom video for promoting their product or video.

    By creating custom thumbnails for the featured video icon you can increase clicks. Because they are so easy to change you can easily test different icon ads to increase clicks and thereby sales, hopefully.

  19. Gideon, thanks for sharing these!
    These are 2 very interesting features.

    I’m pretty sure that the best way to use the InVideo Programming is to use it for contests.
    I think you can use it in a particular way to have wonderful results.

    You can say to your list that you are going to have a SPECIAL WEBINAR.
    In it you will share some UNIQUE information.
    To get access to that webinar people have to point for 1 day (or more) their InVideo boxes to your video (that speaks about the contest and the webinar).
    After they prove it to you, you will show them the page where they can register for the webinar (and collect email too).
    Two birds with one stone!

  20. Thanks Gideon….

    Just enabled this feature. Awesome!

    A couple of ideas to use this function would be to promote a next episode in a series of videos. Contest, promotion or the new release of a freshly created video. Doing a joint venture would be cool too. Going to a popular Youtube Channel (someone in your niche) and having them promote your video with this feature function. Of course you’d pay them and adverting fee to do so.

    next when your channel gets “huge” you can sell this spot for adverting revenue to monetize your channel even more… my thoughts!!!

  21. Thanks a lot for letting me know about this new feature, will definitely be of use in the future.
    On the video above you look like a lizard glued to a glass plate, ha ha. Thanks a lot and keep in touch, Hans

  22. Yet again another awesome video Gideon AND another video that helps ME… Thank you for these updates and tips to help with youtube.

    Please enter me into the competition, sounds like a cool prize.

    I have just uploaded my two little insect links, my logo top right and a video top left. It has made me look more professional already.

    I have also searched all the BIG players within my niche and NOT one of them are doing this yet so thanks for the quick tip on this new feature.

    I am going to use my insect video for a quick generic 1 minute video advertising my website and the FREE ebook I am giving away for people visiting my site.

    Thanks again Gideon,

    Jack Long
    Learn Guitar Tunes

  23. stocktonmiller110

    nice video…..oh and first

  24. MegaMegaTim


  25. Dr.Steve

    Thanks for the great tip. As your customer I know that you’re always you are informative and pleasant.

    My strategy would be to search the top ranking videos on youtube for my keyword and then approach them for affiliate marketing. I would ask them to promote my product by placing the optin video link on their videos and find a way to track the referral that comes from their channel. I would also give them full access to my promotional banners and affiliate materials and a 50% commission for promotion of my Modern Stress management online video training program which is a 12 week online membership site program. They get $150 for every sale they make… I think it’s a win win situation, in that their clients get rid off all the stress & enjoys better quality of life & energy and we both get to make good profits….

    Thanks and keep up the good work Gideon.

    P.S. By the way, it was your videos and training that finally got me started and got me to produce this program. You’ve been a very gentle & inspiring role model, you’re very soft spoken and yet very hard hitting when it comes to value. Keep it up.

  26. Vincent Torres

    “Insect video” doesn’t quite sound right, but I do like this especially the branding. The brand could easily be changed into a more subtle, yet professional watermark.

  27. DropshotJamie

    Anyone can get this feature all you need to do is put the videos thumbnail on the video during editing and the channel logo then just use the annotations to link people to your channel and video you want to promote :)

  28. Vincent Torres

    Even though watermarks are done for people with some sort of editing program not everyone has access or the know-how to place their personal icon so yeah, this is great for everyone!

  29. ChimeraGamingUSA

    I think big youtubers could use this new feature to make a lot more money. Can you imagine how much people could make if they sold their “featured video” slot per month or per a set view count? It’s a whole new business opportunity for youtubers. Everyone gets bigger from this new idea and this would cause growth to cause more growth. Which means more people getting partnerships, and selling their slots. This could exponentially grow the power of youtubers and help everyone grow their businesses

  30. ChimeraGamingUSA

    Also, great video. I had no idea this existed! This has gotten me very excited.

  31. jtwebman

    But they can’t change the video if you do it that way.

  32. Hi,
    Am I the only one who actually can’t see your logo or your featured video in this video ? I checked also directly in You Tube and nothing. I have no idea why…. Perhaps somebody can explain to me ?
    But I get the idea and yes, that would be a very cool feature.

    My husband and I are running a little dive operation specialized in Cenote Dives (cavern and cave diving) in The Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

    I would definitely approach travel agencies, or Riviera Mayas hotels, or other tours companies in the area , diving centers all over the world to promote my business.

    Still need to make our promoting video though !

    That said, what would be a reasonable price to pay for asking someone to feature my video in their own for 1 month or so ?

    Thanks Gideon for great info as usual.

    Have a nice day everybody !!!


  33. jtwebman

    The branding I already do on most of my videos on my channel unless I just upload directly from my phone or webcam. The in-video though that is huge. Some of the bigger YouTubers could make more money from putting other videos in there videos then from the ads but I wish you could play a portion of the video in each video as that draws more eyes then just the thumbnail.

  34. iMakHelper

    I think this is great because it allows “copyrighting” of videos. A lot of YouTube videos are shared across the web and having branding invideo allows people to make sure there stuff is being copyrighted.

    Also, just FYI I’m a new partner and I have access to “Invideo” so I think it’s all partners that have access to this feature. Thanks!

  35. DropshotJamie


  36. KimJCastleberry

    Yup, was playing with these earlier today after Zeman gave a shoutout that we had new toys.. err I mean tools! I like the way you used it with the custom thumbnail tool to make the link function very similar to an ad.

    I’d already considered using it for events as you mentioned. However, my primary approach is to look back at my featured video on my channel, reshoot that, and then get it a new slide. That can now be targeted to help drive traffic deeper into the channel and brand.

  37. WayneTully1

    You could create either a private video or an unlisted video and charge for access, which is then linked to a full series of unlisted or private videos delivering a course or something even more valuable…..this is huge….now what if you have several accounts with this feature enabled the possibilities are amazingly cool!

  38. ummm….what they said!
    Still thinking about the possibilities. I like the Part 1 to Part 2 idea. I think I would lead people to the website, perhaps my product page. Must think more about this…..hmmmm……

    and thanks btw, good stuff!

  39. BeastLifestyle

    This would be perfect to hold a contest or challenge for your viewers..for example a fitness challenge that is starting in 1 week, so getting people hyped up & prepared for this competition would get a lot more exposure since all your videos point to it & at the same time you have the ability to help a lot more people at once + get a lot more success stories.. also having the video go to a presell to your squeeze or a product launch is ideal (can give an intro discount & have more people see it)

  40. the only thing i dont understand is that with the inset video it seems to give me a starting time as 1:30 so what happens if my video is only 1 minute 40 does that mean the vid only gets a 10 second promo?
    can ui answer me on my email please?



  42. rine80012

    i will use tha lil video to let know my fans tha im goin to do a live show i got 1ooo subscribers and i think , i can get my lil video on they videos per one week tha way they can help me , and they subscribers can see mi lil video more views more subscribers more of everythig this is great , thanks for the info ,and you videos bro

  43. Anatipos tipos

    Good day
    I have 2 questions
    1) How can make your white banground ( is possible to speak in skype with white banground behind me ??)
    2) What system you use for microphone ? and how much cost ?

  44. Jacque T. Morris

    This feature is definitely helpful. On a weekly basis people could feature someone new on their video slot and charge for advertising space. I’m thinking like $25 per week or more for 7 day slot.

    This feature is also helpful in branding yourself, perhaps you could make a video that is very personal and that brands nothing but you.

    The third thing that I’m thinking is invite some of your niche parteners to feature you and you feature them for a week on your channel. Create a mastermind group and rotate partners each week, thereby helping all in the group to get more views, subscribers and exposure.

    By the way I have a YouTube mastermind Group….message me for more info. Limited #

  45. technotipDOTorg

    With InVideo Program we could highlight a social event and ask for support: Charity Event for example.
    OR if we’re doing something with a good cause, this feature would definitely help a lot. Because most people will start using it to promote their own stuffs with money making intention, but if you start providing more value with less money making thing in head, then your users would definitely give attention to all your InVideo snippet or the featured video as you called it :-)

  46. hi gideon
    how cool would it be to have an inset video of testimonials that show people actually using your product, showing how they use it and what they think about it.

    this way, you can demonstrate engagement and peer social proof for people to see at the same time they are watching your video.

    if these testimonial videos are kind of natural and “gee, is the mike on?” in tone, this could be extremely powerful in positioning you as the kind of responsive leader in your field that listens to really listens to people especially if you can respond to their questions or concerns in your video like an faq. and, if there are some objections, this would be a great way to address them and pave the way for a more successful product launch sale.


    hoong yee lee krakauer

  47. Mihaly Toth

    Thank You MASTER! It’s awesome!!!

  48. Mihaly Toth

    I already using this, thank you so much!

  49. ebogita

    Don’t forget about testimonials and reviews! Have this thumbnail go to a video of people reviewing your product and it’s much more effective than a bunch of quotes.

  50. I´d use this feature as follow : Making a video promoting the next video. If I have a video about 20 tips to lose weight.

    The promo video would tell the people that next week they will have the next 20 tips but they have to subscribe in order to be notified.

  51. VioTutorials

    thanks for updating us

  52. 12bran121

    Ya like if you do reviews you can link you other reviews Just saying your videos are awesome And my since I use your tricks I got more poplar!!!thanks for reading!

  53. Thanks for the heads up Gideo., this will also be great for doing channel swaps, so you partner up with other Youtubers in your niche and display each others promoted video in your inset area for a week. That way both will benefit from new traffic which should bring in new YT subscribers as well as new visitors to your site

  54. Stephen Shortt

    This is great… I tried embedding your video in my blog using the shortlink and the logo/featured video bit doesn’t work… That might be slightly limiting if people are looking at videos on sites rather than coming to YouTube to view them.

  55. Stephen Shortt

    It appears it’s a glitch on my wordpress, because it’s not loading any annotations either… Incredibly this works when you embed a video in Facebook so people can link straight to their page or other video… Fantastic find!

  56. George Huss


    Brilliant catch. Well done, you! And, thanks for sharing. Now how to make the most of the Invideo Programming feature? Time to start thinking.
    Thanks again!!

  57. promoteonlinevideos

    As this is so new I am sure there will be some internet marketers who will be coming up with some very highly leveraged strategies on how to maximize this new feature.

    Here’s a tip on how musicians can leverage this feature. They can ask their fans to add their latest video to ALL of the fan’s videos. Run a competition amongst the fans and have a small reward. e.g. free tickets, CDs, back-stage passes, etc. to those that do it best.

  58. mrhulot101

    I sell a book on Amazon Kindle and Amazon lets authors sell their ebooks for free for up to 5 days time every so often. i would make a video explaining about my book and letting viewers know when it would be available for a free download on amazon and then feature the video on all my youtube videos.

  59. Gideon Shalwick

    hehe – I need some work on my accent 😉

  60. WordzSpoken

    Idea: Contest- you make a video explaining what the prize is, the way to win said prize is the person who gets you the most subscribers from the “featured video” wins. the way to verify is when the person subscribes they leave a comment on the contest video with the name of the person who sent them to the channel. it would be helpful to have a nice mini prize for the people who get sent to you and subscribe also. ie if Gideon sends me the most subscribers I give him and those people something.

  61. falconslayer777

    I think one of the better ways to do it is to simply use it to link to your newest video. It allows someone who maybe watches and older video but would normally click off without looking at their newest content the ability to be like hey whats this and perhaps get hooked on some of the newer things that someone is doing which is likely to be better content in general as we all seem to improve over time.

  62. Marlene Hielema

    Gideon you are right about this – InView Programming is definitely a game changer! I just checked and it’s activated on my channel so I’ll be playing with this today. Woot!

    InView is great for people who don’t know how to add logos in editing software or for those who edit their videos right within YouTube itself.

    To start with, I will be using it to drive traffic to my other YouTube channel as it isn’t taking off as well as my main channel. So I’ll be renting out that space to myself :)

  63. OhnstadHomes

    This InView idea is a virtual goldmine. My YouTube Realtor Hosted Video Tours being produced and pushed through social media, would like to invite you to swap InVideos to promote each others business. Our company is called SnapCap Technologies. See OhnstadHomes channel to see examples of what we are doing for agents. Thanks for the great info! I am a fan.

  64. danielscott971

    hey first thanks i was wanting to know how they did that :) But I’m not not sure what this would do besides make people what to make good or better videos to promote and/or make them want to make a logo or some thing to get people to there channel and if they don’t know how to add it like you do now they can and they could make it take them to there other channel as well. but that’s it besides what you said great ideas by the way.

  65. ITSergioFelix

    Hey Gideon,

    1. Place the welcome video on that channel if your channel has only a few subscribers (like mine) so people can get to know you better in a faster time.

    2. Just place the latest video!

    For instance, my video channel has videos when I was just getting started and petrified of the camera, if somebody is watching one of those lousy videos and actually clicks on the insight video, then they can see how am I doing right now and turn a laugh into an interested subscriber to my channel!

  66. Melissa West

    Many thanks Gideon,
    I’ll be utilizing this right away! I am trying to break the one million views on YouTube for this year (almost at 800,000 today), and can see that this will help.
    1. I was thinking of doing a Webinar event and love the idea of using this new tool as a way to promote it.
    2. I have almost 150 One Hr.Yoga shows on YouTube, I’ll pick one of the beginner classes and promote that immediately and see if it has an impact.
    Very grateful for your video, timely and informative.TY! :)

  67. ThisJustZen

    Love these new features, G. I would use the logo feature to distinguish between the various spin-offs I’ve been thinking about doing for my show. Btw: My favorite new feature is the ability to upload a custom thumbnail image. It’s awesome, my audience retention is now solid throughout my vids b/c because people can see what they’re getting! Thanks for this video and the great news! Happy Happens, Cory

  68. Omar Alvarado

    I’ll post without looking at anyone else, so there may be repetition, in addition to competition!

    I would use the ‘inview video’ to promote different parts of my video course. So if I have a course that includes, say, 20 videos, I would inset a random preview clip of the course, which the viewer could watch, and then be shown how they can get access to the rest of the course.

  69. djkiller1807

    I like very much this new future!!!(Invideo Programming)
    I think that it’s very useful
    Thanks Gideon!

  70. TheIan123

    I’m thinking of using it in collaboration with other users. For example, for one week a trailer to their video’s and they do it for mine Therefor, each of our videos are introduced to a brand new base of consumers instead of those who already know me.

  71. Manie Amari

    Thanks for tips Gideon will be back with my suggestion shortly. Manie

  72. Mark Baker

    Gideon, Once again thank you for so much help. I changed my channel the moment I was done watching the video. As a biker, I do some fundraising efforts for various causes. This little feature will be so nice. On the next event I’ll make a video specifically for the fundraiser and specify that video as my “featured” video. I use my self as my “brand” so I just put my Youtube pic in there “go to my channel” feature. Thanks again. You have such a good heart.

  73. faheeta

    You could cross promote your YouTube channels that have a common thread. For example, if I have a channel on “how to save money”, I could make a video on how to save money working out. The inview channel would feature a video from my fitness channel.

  74. Sirlegna

    The invideo programming is interesting, but I see one need to make a video that is design for it. Being a lets play most of the time it looks like it will be distracting the helping, but I am think they way I am going to start using it as a direct call of action to click this video that might be getting less views or just been release other then looking on the suggested videos to find the next one.

  75. Sandrine Pelissier


  77. 4catsmusic

    I would use it promote a specific idea that I wanted everyone to know, like a special announcement. But normally I would use it as a video index that allowed the user to find any of my videos on one screen in an organized way. I’m not sure if YouTube has a menu system yet so someone can see all of someone’s videos in an organized way.

  78. martysgarden

    A very cool idea would be to rent a sponsored listing from another business to receive re-occuring income. You could even make their video for them and charge for that with the upsell linked video. What you charge would be up to you of course!

  79. ExpertVideoEmpire

    Hey Gideon, Here is one possibility for people who are monetizing their YouTube channel through YouTube ads and are receiving a ton of views. The channel owner could create a short video that more-less says “This space for rent” or “Feature your best video here” and go into cost/traffic demographic details. The channel owner could still keep YouTube monetization on, thus 2x-10x their channel income.

  80. ExpertVideoEmpire

    Another possibility is for the channel owner to do a search in a vertical market that shares the same demographic and simply offer the space for rent. If the channel has huge targeted traffic, possibly have an eBay auction for the space.

  81. Another great video Gideon

    Because I am just building up my YouTube channel I am going to use the branding logo to link to an “about me and my YouTube Channel” video.

    This will explain about what I am doing in helping people to boost their self esteem and feel better about themselves..

    I would also use this video to ask them to subscribe so they get notified of updates that will continue to help them get more out of their lives

    I hope this comment wins a prize because i have always wanted a Splasheo since i first saw them..

  82. 2152alirules

    Hey Gideon, a way you could use it is asking a popular youtuber that gets A LOT of views and paythem. Also you could ask a famous youtuber to put this kind of tuffon ebay. It’s not a bad job getting money for adds and ebay

  83. MarginalMedia

    Great video, very useful info. Thanks for sharing it;-)

  84. Mark Thomas

    Nice one Mr S.

    There’s a ton of great suggestions that are hard to top, but I’ll do my best.

    This could be useful for :

    1. Promoting charity events. Benevolent high profile YouTubers with a passion for a worthy cause could use this feature to promote it.

    2. Job Seekers: Employment agencies could have “Candidates of the Week” videos to highlight the attributes of a placement or have that candidate present themselves if they so wished.

    Anyway, thanks once again for keeping us in the YT loop.

  85. When you’re not sure what to feature, use your top viewed video. It’s number one for a reason.

  86. I was not aware of these new features.Thanks for pointing them out and for providing some possible uses. I don’t have a new ones to offer at this point, but I am looking forward to using the feature video to promote my webinars once I have them up and running.

  87. Kat

    Great Vid! I already got three intros during your crazy promo, so no need to enter my response (and it may be duplicated by others anyway). But what I’m going to use this for is to promote an introduction video that explains and orients the viewer to my channel and the theme of the videos/what they can find there. My channel (will) be about psychological topics and I need to intro the philosophy and get users excited about learning about the 6 aspects of psychological flexibility so that they want to watch the other videos/feel the need to find out more. Great work!

  88. radicalaccounting

    Now when I read how people are going to use it, I’ll never click on it because ads and hype are ruining the YouTube experience for me. If you have to clutter the screen, make it about, I’ve got an event, contest, video about something special, know of someone who explains this as well as I do, please click on this to follow this thread I’m offering you. If you’re going to advertise or cross advertise, you’re not my type of channel anyway.

  89. bizarremarketing

    I wish you could choose which videos you want these features to show up on – in doing some client videos I don’t think they would appreciate my branding and promoting one of my featured videos on their video.

    However, this would be a great way to promote my video marketing services by having an image that says “what your own custom video click here”

  90. MarginalMedia

    I have read the 55 comments written here so far and there are a few interesting ideas.
    However, there will be always people that perceive this new feature as some new spam interfiering with the main content of the video so my suggestion is to take advantage of it while the novelty is still fresh. It can be used as a tour across different channels; in any case keep it to the basics, just add another interesting image to your repertoire to get that extra click today, because tomorrow, who knows;-)

  91. Aus Candomedia

    That’s great feature you are sharing with us. I like the sound of ‘insect video’ cute:) I made 4 parts of videos for my magician friend and I really wanted to make close up insert video to show audience some very cool magic. How cool would that be if I known at the time:) Can you allow to use for other companies (affiliates) promotion? That will be a huge benefit for an affiliate business and who wouldn’t want to not to make Youtube video for that? Auscandomedia

  92. Sue Carney

    @Aus Candomedia

  93. Csilva

    Thanks for sharing this video. I’m looking for some idea.

  94. Hi Gideon,

    Thank you so much for the great advice! Right on! I’ve already added a featured video at the bottom right corner on my channel.

    As to an idea, of how this video feature could be used, I think a great way to use this feature is to implement an introductory video about yourself and what is it that you do, or what your YouTube channel is about, inviting viewers to subscribe to your Channel.

    Thank you again for your videos!

  95. The best use of Featured Video for a business with a YouTube Channel is to create a 30 second commercial and ask a similar size volume channel to air your commercial as their featured video – and use their Featured Channel on your channel. Your featured video will be seen by people who’ve never heard of you – and their video will be seen by people who’ve never heard of them. It’s about network gain instead of competiting in a popularity content. In fact, I’ll make this offer to Gideon Shalwick – I’ll air his featured video as the featured video on my channel. If he wants to reciprocate, great. If not, people who view his videos may be directed to see my channel.

  96. Glenn


    It occurs to me that such a video could be used very effectively in 2 particular contexts. Firstly, it could be used to facilitate an ‘About Us’ video that provides viewers with a ‘scope’ within which to determine the relevance of ‘Us’ to themselves. Secondly, if one’s YouTube channel is designed to facilitate a series of videos, the new feature could be used both to introduce the series and to guide the viewer to the first video in that series.

    As always, thanks for sharing.

  97. Vincent J

    This is a great idea. The very popular channels are already hip to the idea. I guess Youtube must have felt more people would want and could use the Feature video selection so they’ve made it possible for more. Those featured videos can go direct viewers, to a channel, another video, and I have seen some send me to other websites.

    Instead of always suggesting viewers to ‘click the link below in the description box’, the call to action can just appear in videos, which makes it more fun.

  98. InnerMindCreations

    You don’t even need to use it for the video, you could feature a video about all your social network info i.e. Facebook twitter or just your website instead of having all those likes filling up the description or covering your video

  99. JKNProductions1212

    I would use it to make money. I would sell people the right to promote their video in my video.

  100. The first thing that sprang to my mind was “paid” advertise on “viral” video…

    second thing was how could I advertise without spending money ? ….

    my two cents: create a “Secondary” Youtube channel , check Google trends, get Hot topic, make a video with correct keywords and Video SEO…
    get some 10Ks viewers

    if your niche is large enough* ( which, i can understand, is an oxymoron :-)
    I m pretty sure you ll get decent conversion out huge numbers….

    Note: for the english speaking coutry the only way is niche marketing for non-english speaking country it s still kinda “easy” to have a good SERP on high value keywords

    Example: If i make a “Local star Upskirt” video – i m sure i ll get 10Ks of views
    if my featured video is: Find a new Job, find a new lover, lose weight, get abs, and such i m sure i ll get enough click

    What i m doing right now after having seen this: on my book review channel, i m gonna feature the Kindle, which i get 10% of 79$ for each sell.

  101. TreasuryRecruitment

    Gideon, you’re right. I love the new InVideo feature, I saw your video and immediately activated on ours, had an email about it 2 hours later asking how one of my clients could do it on their channel as well.
    Linked to our Global Salary Survey of over 800 people – we’ve filmed a video explaining about taking part and we’re going to send this out as a “Video” invite to take part in our survey and then use the Featured Video slot to gain even more participants – I hope it works!

  102. Keller Coleman

    Gideon, I am using this feature. I’m jumping on it now before YouTube decides to change it and only grandfather in the people who utilize it. I love this new feature, not sure how to use suggestion how to use it. I think it does make any business owner stand out.

  103. I also think that when you add your branding image in the video, it would be wise to call the image as “keyword.jpg” … you never know….

  104. deanomac24

    As soon as I saw this feature in my settings I activated it right away. I set up my logo for my channel and also I’m using it to link previous vlogs. For someone like myself its a easy way to get my viewers to go to the previous vlog or to the next one. Rather then having to do complicated video editing. I actually gave a shoutout to splasheo in one of my vlogs.for my intro. :)

  105. Norm Lajoie

    Thanks for Sharing this…. Pretty Cool and Nice on YT part ! to have this ! Thanks again !

  106. This inset video feature on YouTube is a great idea. Thanks for sharing, Gideon. It seems to me this would be a fantastic opportunity to feature (video) testimonials highlighting clients who have come up with some of the most inventive/creative/successful/lucrative/fun/etc. ways to implement your product/service. This not only gives prospects an easy illustration to envision how they might benefit from what you have to offer, but also gives clients the spotlight in a way that gets them engaged in helping you to sell. You could even create a contest to spur more referrals (and views) from clients to ramp up for the features. Rotate them weekly every month (a new group could be selected each month) with the opportunity for the client to promote their business as part of the content) and everyone wins.

  107. Luiz Souza

    I’m a Brazilian Problogger in the last 6 years. Now I’m trying to do some popular videos in my Youtube Channel. Your tips are very interesting because I’m changing my plataform to one where you give very good tips. I activated this feature in my chanel and in the future I think that is possible realize sells outside Youtube using the Invideo programming to commercial videos I’ll make. Thanks for the tips !

  108. WinnerYoshi1

    Use it for promoting other YouTube channels in need of views :)

  109. Michelle Suslee

    I thought I commented on this the other day but don’t see it here so I will try again :)
    I love the possibilities that the inset video creates. I am in network marketing and building a down line and think this would be an awesome way to promote a team mates business. You help them build their biz and you benefit from their growth. Or you could use it to take people right to a site to purchase a product that you sell. Love it…thanks

  110. blackmanbeond07

    As a video way to promote your other site like facebook twitter younow live blog and other things like a charity you my bw involved in right later.

  111. Kevin Adeya

    Thanks Gideon. This feature is useful for marketing own videos & other partners videos. This will even create more youtube video successes.

  112. josephbison

    I have been testing it out for the last few days, cant seem to find youtube analytics statistics on this features effectiveness but have 3 possibilities I would consider how to use this.

    1. Drive traffic to videos you’re not ranking for on youtube search.

    2. Alternatively to your money video (A video were you get users to visit and subscribe to your site)

    3. Your latest video

    Please Reply to this comment & let me know which of the 3 options would you believe to be the most valuable to you.

  113. So YouTube is working on many new things now, good to see that.

  114. Mo Mastafa

    Awesome new concept. Thanks for sharing Gideon!

    I’m going to be using it to drive traffic from other peoples channels to my video where I build rapport first before using my own “invideo” to drive traffic to sqeeze pages! Love it!

  115. Theseenu12TV

    hi gideon pls help me how to get more views and subscribers pls man

  116. WinnerYoshi1

    You check your youtube analytics and see which video was most viewed recently and make that video be your linked video :)

  117. Samuel Stone

    You can use it to provide a free coaching video (no matter what field you are in) of great value and at the end include a CTA (call to action).

  118. theFNDCdotcom

    I just found out about the inset videos, and this is how I’m going to use it: Some of my content is evergreen, and some of it is event driven, like holidays. For each holiday or time of year that comes up, I can feature a video that corresponds to that time of year.

  119. vscorpianc

    Hi, thanks for explaining this I just noticed it and wasn’t sure how to use it. The branding sounds like a great way to help viewers remember you, I watched another video that had a subscribe message with the logo…this is a great idea. One thing I’ve learned is that not everyone who finds your YouTube video knows that they can subscribe or how to do it; I read this somewhere (can’t remember) but helping visitors is important. Just my two cents…again thanks for this info :)

  120. legoboydylan

    i like your accent :)

  121. Sunil Vinodh

    Hello i just subscribed yo your wonderful channel. And i have some questions to ask you,
    1. What about the old full youtube partner program(Which allows banners)

    2. If i become a partner by the method(monetization) that you have mentioned in your video, the will i be able to become partner(like the old users), you know so that i can create banners, adding thumbnails and some other additional stuffs for my video. Please answer me!

  122. Bader Muteb

    Hi Gideon
    I saw your rapid video bolgging videos
    i took them from my friend and i gave them back to my friend
    # 1 Question
    the videos were old , for exmple the video for youtube channel were old and youtube has changed
    i want to join you rapid video blogging but it’s closed now

  123. TheDmanzano

    Hi, Gideon. Just want to tell you thank you for your Rapid video blogging report. I found my nich and already downloaded the first 6 videos. I have a big question for you, I hope you can answer, I already have 7 people subscribe to my chanel but I cannot see their thumbnail pictures anymore. Why? Since you know more than most people I thought you can tell me what to do. Check out my chanel inglesamericano101 . Thank you. I watch your videos all the time.

  124. Neil Sinclair

    Hi Gideon even though I have missed the deadline for your competition, I have to say how great I think your videos are. I have subscribed to your course and I am half way through completing reviewing all your videos. I have a lot of work to do and once I have finished viewing all your videos I will be starting to change all my formats etc – Thanks for creating more abundance in this wonderful world.

    • I don’t know if this is possible but I would use a gif picture to announce a super product launch linked with a sailing funnel.
      Thanks for the share


  125. Orfegas

    i dont have this!why?

  126. deeflash

    thanks! I’ve been looking for how to do this now for a while! :-)

  127. TheWebDesignerX

    Use it to exchange views between your personal chanel and someone else’s channel so each one of you will get more viewers lets say that i have a gamming channel and someone else have a tech channel he will get a lot of views from the gamming world and i will get more viwers from the tech world , so its great for both of us

  128. LePlastiqueAlex

    How Do I Do That Effect To Make It Light Up When You Put You Cusor Over & It Like Shades Off When Your Not Pointing At It Like On This Video?

  129. David James

    Well, that’s pretty neat! I had just learned to put a website link on videos but this really extends the possibilities. Now I can put links to a website as well as links to videos!

  130. LostandFoundTravel

    Thanks. Great way for me to insta brand. Easy Sub Gideon! Thanks.

  131. FrostyTheBeerMan

    Hi Gideon, thanks for this video, I see the new features, but didn’t know exactly what they did. One concern…. with Youtube’s new algorithms, IF somebody clicks to see that “promoted” video, while say 1/4 the way through the video they were actually on, this will show Google that the viewer lost interest in the video they were originally watching … so it seems to be counterproductive. What are your thoughts on this ? Did I explain that correctly ? not sure if I did.

  132. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your
    blog? My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours
    and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you. Appreciate

    • Gideon Shalwick

      Sure go for it!

  133. RayTheVideoGuy

    InVideo programming is a slick feature. YouTube has been stepping up their game quite a bit as far as features go.

  134. RayTheVideoGuy

    According to YouTube themselves (search YouTube Playbook), they tell you straight up that if someone watches your video and clicks over to another of your videos, it can be good for your videos overall. They want you to send people back and forth through video and subscribe buttons, etc.

  135. RayTheVideoGuy

    It’s built into the InVideo programming, so YouTube does that for you.

  136. Need Chaos

    thank you

  137. Need A Chaos

    only for partner

  138. Daniel Nelson

    Hi, Gideon.

    So basically, it’s a bit like an advanced form of annotations, yes?

    I think the way you have you ” in-video ” example shown tucked into a corner is quite a good idea, as it is still quite clearly visible.

    What are your thoughts on multiple “in-video” usage, especially if a video (screen) is a static screen(just a background for music, etc)….?

    Keep up the nice work with your videos

  139. DaywatchOfficial

    Good thing I am a partner!

  140. Pedro Rodrigues

    Man, the first time I watched this video, I did exactly what I was told, and put the invideo stuff. Cool!!! A few days later, I noticed that the invideo thing was not there, was not happening as planned. Today, I watched your video again, to learn what I was doing wrong. Surprise: the invideo option disappeared in my channel. Is it common? Or am I just that unlucky?!?!?! Thank and congratulations for your videos;;; Another doubt: is it possible to do a white background just with my white wall?

  141. Cate Thorn

    That’s a cool feature and I use it to feature my videos. It is great being a Partner! Sub to my Channel Youtubers, collaborate, and let’s make our dreams come true!

  142. Cate Thorn

    Sub x Sub Youtubers!!! Thank you for the info Gideon! :)

  143. roheEnergie

    Amazing tip! Thank you. :-)

  144. cahart79

    Cool video iam a paranormal investigator come check out my channel

  145. Sunny Jones

    Videos amazing

  146. JavenHD

    i subbed.

  147. Mark's Garage

    thanks bud, just added branding to my videos!


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